Duterte charged at CHR


Several women’s groups filed a complaint against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Wednesday for violating Republic Act 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women.

The Women Against Duterte movement, composed of a coalition of women’s rights advocates, environmental and worker’s groups led by Ana Maria Nemenzo of Woman Health Philippines, Jean Enriquez of World March of Women, Judy Pasimio of Katutubong Lilak and Josua Mata of Sentro filed the complaint.

According to the groups, Duterte’s disrespect of women during his speeches have been well-documented.

They cited an uproar caused by the mayor’s statements about the rape and killing of Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill.

“To make the rape of a woman who was later killed a laughing matter, and to treat women as playthings to be taken advantaged of constitute an affront to us and all women,” the groups said.

“As a public official, an incumbent mayor of Davao City, and now seeking to win the highest position of the land, Mr. Duterte is expected to be an exemplar of a respectable, law-abiding citizen. Instead, he arrogantly flaunts his power over these women and diminishes their worth as human beings,” they added.

CHR Chairman Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon personally received the complaint.
The commission, he said, will ask Duterte to reply to the complaint.

The groups noted that they are not supporting any particular candidate but they just wanted to point out that Duterte’s statements encourage a culture of rape and disrespect of women.

The CHR also expressed grave concern over the mayor’s trivialization of rape in his statements.

Officials of the commission said it is their role to investigate and make Duterte accountable for his statements.

“As monitor of the State’s compliance with Cedaw, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, it is the commission’s role to monitor how the State and State actors perform the obligation of condemning discrimination against women in all its forms and in pursuing all appropriate means and without delay a policy of eliminating discrimination against women,” the CHR said in a statement.

“At the onset, and prior to the formal consideration of the case as filed, the commission reiterates its previous issuances on the trivialization of rape. It reiterates that rape and accounts of rape should never be trivialized and dismissed. Rape is one of the gravest forms of violence against women; it is an act of violence and aggression that is gender- specific in character which hurts, humiliates, subjugates and degrades women. Trivializing rape and considering accounts of rape as ‘mere jests’ contribute to rape culture and to the perpetration of violence against women,” it added.

The commission said it is the state’s obligation under Cedaw and the Magna Carta of Women to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and to observe “due diligence” in respecting, protecting and fulfilling women’s human rights to non-discrimination and to the enjoyment of equality.

“Candidates, most especially those seeking the highest office in the land, are reminded to be cautious in making statements that wittingly or unwittingly undermine the rights of women,” the CHR added.

An official of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) also joined the widespread condemnation of Duterte.

Commissioner Rowena Guanzon also on Wednesday said Duterte’s pun about the rape and murder of Hamill was inappropriate and inhuman.

“And Rodrigo Duterte, a presidential candidate, makes a disgusting ‘joke’ about it, talking about rape and murder victim Jacqueline Hamill, an Austrialian missionary, who was taken hostage in Davao City prison, as if she was not a human being,” Guanzon pointed out.

The commissioner said as chairman of the Comelec’s Gender and Development Committee, she will propose a Code of Conduct for candidates and will push for reforms in election rules to emphasize gender sensitivity and gender equality.


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  1. Grieving Mother: Mr. President, ginahasa at pinugotan ng ulo yung aking anak na babae, please tulungan mo po kaming makamit ang justisya.
    President DUDIRTY: May litrato ka ba ng anak mo? Patingin. Wow ang ganda pala, sayang. SAYANG at naunahan na naman ako ng mga p____ng ina na mga ito. Patayin ang mga iyan, dapat hindi inu-unahan ang presidente. Ilabas ang UZI ko!!!

    Please do not let this happen. Do NOT vote for DUDIRTY (Duterte)

  2. DIGONG had similar attitude to the Yellow noytard government…moronic. Hindi dapat magtaka , dahil they were the same of this current president…Walang moralidad…

    • Duterte for Mayor on

      shunga lang? lol sakop ba ng pinas ISIS? shunga shunga talaga mga dutertards

  3. Are these complaints can be grounds for DISQUALIFICATION?

    NO! Then better shut up, our DU30 already made a statement of apology, unlike your Aquino, a disgrace to filipinos who is so whimsy to SAF44 massacre, Yolanda funds, MRT-LRT derailing management, Kidapawan massacre, Hacienda Luisita massacre and the Manila hostage crisis.

    PI yan si Noynoy… Palpak at Inutile

    When my Mayor becomes a President… Let’s see how these corrupt politicians and criminals succumb in Bilibid while waiting for their death sentence.

  4. I can understand the outrage and revulsion of these women’s groups, as well as Commissioner Guanzon’s. If something like this happened in the USA, Canada or the UK, the candidate would be forced to resign immediately. But in the Philippines, this will not happen, so long as Mayor Duterte’s political party’s top dogs such as Senators Koko Pimentel, and Alan Cayetano (the Mayor’s VP running mate) have not withdrawn their support. For them, an apology will suffice, and the beat goes on!

    The filing of charges is really just an empty gesture. The accusers or complainants have no legal standing as they had not been directly involved or directly affected by the Mayor’s remarks. However, if they are really so offended and shocked, then they must do more than file charges as the case will just languish in the CHR for a long long time and become stale. These women’s groups, if they do so choose, can exert all efforts to ensure that the Mayor does not become President. As they say, go out and vote!

  5. chr anong ginawa nyo sa laglag bala victim. bago lang si lola na 75 yrs old -pwd pa naka dtained sa police stn. anong ginawa nyo….

  6. naasan itong mga ito na yung pari mismo nang rape na mga bata……anong ginawa nila tamimi dahil holy si pader…… alin mas masama ng rape or yung joke

  7. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Duterte will deny about his being disrespectful to women, and he would then issue a statement that “he loves women of all shapes, sizes, and forms”. He would then add that his 3 wives and 1 lady friend, whom he have sex on alternate basis, are the testaments how much he love women. Duterte himself, and his political allies and friends can convince women voters that he will completely change once elected as the President. Couple of days ago, he issued an apology about his behavior on women, and promised to protect women once elected.

  8. If they have enough evidence to convict the Mayor, filed charges in a Court of Law. Otherwise, they can just shut up and let the Mayor clean up the government of scalawags, rapist and criminals.

  9. A human rights abused all over the world especially feminine. In this case happened in Davao City is just to mentioned a bad experience but not a serious at all like South Africa.

  10. The uproar by anti-duterte personalities is expected. People can see the motive behind this desperate move. This harassment will not have any effect on duterte as the people dont see malice in that comment.

    • Wala akong napipisil na kandidato pero .Tanong ko lang tama ba ang ginawa niya o mali just answer me yes or no ? Kung sa palagay mo tama ang ginawa niya so be it wala na tayong magagawa gaya nga nang sabi niya he is the master of himself.
      May kasabihan nga saan ba kadalasan nahuhuli ang isda di ba sa bibig.Wala namang makakaalam sa story noon kung di niya sinabi so sino ang dapat sisihin yung mga tao ba na nakarinig ng sinabi niya o yung nagsalita.Sa maniwala ka o hindi nagtanong tanong ako sa ulat na yun sa nangyari sa Davao di nila alam bakit ? pero dahil sa di tamang pag gamit ng dila marami ang nadadamay at nalungkot lalo na sa panig ng mga kababaihan at sa pamilya mismo.PEACE TO ALL

  11. Kong sa survey tumataas si Duterte, Hindi ko akalain na karamihan nang mga pinoy wala nang MORALIDAD. Kong mayroon kang hustong pag iisip sino ba ang boboto sa taong walang moralidad, garapal. sinongaling, inutil. Mga Pilipino maawa naman kayo sa sarili ninyo.Ano ang dumapo sa utak ninyo at nagka ganito kayoPati na siBMarcos Enrile, RevAstrada lahat magnanakino considera pa. Mahiya naman kayo sa sarili ninyo.

    • Hoy gising! Saang planeta ka ba galing? Why ask the poor Filipino people about morality! Bakit di mo i rephrase ang question mo.”daang matuwid nasaan ang inyong MORALIDAD”.

  12. Rape is rape. Sorry. But joke is joke. Too bad Commission on Humor Rights don’t exist. It seems kumikitid na ang reasoning ng iilan nating kabayan, kayo po ang hahatak pababa sa ating kapwa Pilipino. Dinadagdagan nyo ng kuwento ang isyu para tumugma sa iniisip nyo’ng kalokohan. And worst, araw-araw nyo inuulit ang issue eh wala namang nagbago sa kwento.

    Does Du30 feel sorry for making that comment?
    – Yes, he said sorry for everyone who may have been hurt.

    Would he ask for apology?
    – No. To ask it is to admit that he indeed being pervert. “Gago, naunahan pa ako” is a common joke we use on ANY circumstances. Unfortunate for Duterte he used it on a rape scenario.

    Du30 is a rapist.
    – Pag sinabi mo bang “ang sarap lunurin ni Binay sa kumukulong mantika” does it make you a killer? Or at least hinting to be one?

    Du30 “gutter language” -insulting the poor
    – Mga Pinoy daw tamad. Alam natin na may katotohanan dun kahit marami rin naman sa atin ang masisipag. Mejo insulting, peroalam naman natin ang totoo eh.

    Did we learn our lesson?
    – Hell, no. Ilang celebrity sex scandals na ang nagdaan, we should have learned by now that SHARING THE VIDEO IS NOT A LESSON LEARNED. Ang nangyayari, everyday another story is written up about the issue, nothing new, just the exact words by du30, the english translation, and the youtube link. Instead of going back to what happened which can’t be undone, should’nt we be moving forward by now into stating facts on the rape problem in the Philippines?

    “Du30 arrogantly flaunts power and diminishes women’s worth”
    – Whatever happened to Du30’s support on women’s rights and welfare in Davao? All went down the drain because of this misinterpreted “naunahan pa ako” joke template? Really CHR??? PLEASE!