• Duterte charms national TV


    DAVAO CITY Mayor Rodrigo Duterte charmed national prime-time TV on Sunday night after he showed his soft side that contrasted his notorious macho image during an interview with comedian Vice Ganda.

    On Twitter, he became the top-trending topic in the Philippines and the second in the world with netizens adulating his ‘game face’ and willingness to participate in some of the things that they thought he would not do, including dancing to latest dance hits and singing in front of the camera.

    Many quoted him on Twitter. Among the most popular was his statement about life and death–“You only live once. If it is good enough, then once is enough.”

    He also said that people “die several times in a lifetime–heartaches, etc…”
    Duterte flirted with Vice, saying he is a “reformed” gay.

    “Vice, huwag kang pumorma nang ganoon. Bakla ako noon…” he said.

    During the show, the mayor also disclosed a little about himself–even about his wife and his current girlfriends and his sex life.

    Vice asked him about the number of people that he has killed and the mayor refused to answer, saying, “if I’ll open further, I will go to prison.”

    The entire interview was a merry mix of a lot of things that, according to a Duterte follower, exposed the mayor’s depth as a person and as a leader.

    The Davao City mayor said he is supportive of gay unions.

    “It is good,” he added. “Everyone deserves to be happy.”

    Duterte assailed discrimination against gays.

    In Davao City, a local legislation was passed against discrimination.
    “I am against bullying of gays,” he said.

    Powerful family?
    He was also asked whether his family is the most powerful in Davao City. “Hindi naman [Not really],” he said, laughing.

    Duterte’s daughter, Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, became infamous after she punched a court sheriff several years ago when she was the mayor of Davao City.

    His eldest son, Paolo, is the current vice mayor.

    “Matapang po ba talaga kayo [Are you really a tough guy]?” Vice asked him.

    “I am just doing my job,” Duterte replied.

    He denied he is running for President in 2016.

    “It does not appeal to me… hindi ako tatakbo [I won’t run],” Duterte said.


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    1. Nikki Charles Villegas on

      Mr Mayor Duterte, please for the sake of our country we need someone like you to lead our country. It’s been too late for our country, we need someone who can bring light to reality. I see Davao, a very progressive city. And i think it could be possible for the whole country.

      Please run for president, you have a big chance.. OFW, businessman and ordinary people will surely vote for you.