• Duterte, in China, announces ‘separation’ from US


    BEIJING: Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte declared his “separation” from longstanding ally the United States in Beijing on Thursday, as he rebalances his country’s diplomacy towards China.

    “I announce my separation from the United States,” he said to applause at a meeting in the Chinese capital.

    His comments came after he met his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People on Tiananmen Square, with the two men pledging to enhance trust and friendship, while playing down a maritime dispute.

    The two leaders—Duterte donning a suit and tie for the occasion—strode side-by-side down the red carpet inspecting an honor guard, with children cheering.

    Xi called the two countries “neighbors across the sea” with “no reason for hostility or confrontation”, the official Xinhua news agency said.

    Duterte is in China for a four-day trip seen as confirming his tilt away from Washington and towards Beijing’s sphere of influence—and its deep pockets.

    Under Duterte’s predecessor Benigno Aquino 3rd the two countries were at loggerheads over the South China Sea—where Beijing has built a series of artificial islands—but since taking office in June the new head of state has changed course.

    The two leaders held “extensive” and “amicable” official talks and oversaw the signing of 13 bilateral cooperation documents on business, infrastructure, and agriculture, among other fields, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, without giving details.

    In a statement, the foreign ministry cited Xi as telling Duterte their emotional foundation of friendly good neighborliness was unchanged, and difficult topics of discussion “could be shelved temporarily.”

    Duterte called the meeting “historic”, it added.

    Duterte’s visit to Beijing capped a series of recent declarations blasting the US and President Barack Obama.

    Addressing the Filipino community in Beijing Wednesday, the firebrand leader said the Philippines had gained little from its long alliance with the US, its former colonial ruler.

    “Your stay in my country was for your own benefit. So time to say goodbye, my friend,” he said, as if addressing the US.

    He also repeated his denunciation of Obama as a “son of a whore.”

    ‘Candid and friendly’

    China, he said earlier, was “good.” “It has never invaded a piece of my country all these generations.”

    Duterte has also suspended joint US-Philippine patrols in the strategically vital South China Sea, and has threatened an end to joint military exercises.

    The South China Sea is of intense interest to Washington and it has repeatedly spoken out on the various territorial disputes between China and its neighbors over the waters.

    Tensions have risen between the US and China over Washington’s so-called “pivot” to the Asia-Pacific, a move that Beijing says is intended to contain it.

    In 2012, China seized control of Scarborough Shoal, a fishing ground in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.

    In a case brought by Aquino, the Philippines won a resounding victory at an international tribunal earlier this year over Beijing’s extensive territorial maritime claims in the area, infuriating the Asian giant.

    But Duterte, who took office in June shortly before the tribunal ruling, has made a point of not flaunting the outcome.

    Asked whether the leaders had discussed the South China Sea, the foreign ministry’s Hua said they had a “candid and friendly exchange of views on how to resolve relevant disputes.”

    Their meeting represented a “return to the right track of dialogue and consultation” she said, adding China was willing to make “relevant arrangements” to cooperate on fishery issues. AFP



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    1. To all Bloggers,
      Why are you all scared if the US abandon the Philippines as if this is the end of the Filipino people. I am wondering how corrupt Filipino discipline are. DU30 is the sitting President and you can’t do something about it except support or not support him. The positive and the negatives you put in you comments reflects the lack of understanding we as a nation. To be a self reliant and have a patriotic mentality we must do our share in a little way by helping each other to contribute for the progress we all aspire for even without the outside help of others whether it is US or China etc. Now we see the real we as an American Boy/Girl (AMBOY) that leans always to the white skinned,pointed nose and blue eyes caucasian with no ifs and buts just to make ourselves a good and subservient pets of Uncle Sam. No wonder as a nation we don’t go forward without the blessing of this Patron. Up to now some want the status quo or no movement or no realigning to other nations even trade and commerce which US has only the monopoly on us . This individuals who always portray themselves as the alternatives and pious people to save this country are the ones who already abandons this country. Let us unite for the greater good of us and avoid the TALANGKA MENTALITY which degrades our sense of personality.

    2. According to news reports in the United States, the US government has not received any notice to end relations with the Philippines. Maybe Duterte is trying to impress Chinese leaders that he is a bold leader? I have no idea, because he makes no sense. I think he is angry that the US and UN asked him to obey international law regarding his campaign of killing suspected drug dealers. He may also be angry that the US called him out for his outrageous statements during the election. Whatever the reasons, I think he is a dangerous threat to peace and stability. He makes statements without thinking and has no ability for rational thought.

    3. Exala Rodolfo. Jr. on

      I had said this before this man is Dangerous to his country and People. What would happen if Us takes out their Embassies in the Philippines where will we have to go, to get a Us Visa. With all due respect Mr. Duterte how will you pay back all the money we owe to the US?

    4. “China was good. It has never invaded a piece of my country all these generations.” – Duterte

      And what do you call the annexation of Scarborough Shoal? How about driving away Filipino fishermen?

      This is TREASON! A coward-lunatic, totally subservient to China! SHAME!

    5. start by canceling many pacman fight in the us lent him fight in china no more dollars to the philippines bring all asetts home time to get rid all us ties let the chips fall hope the phillippine people like living under china rules an dont come crying when you are back living with the people that have an the ones that dont have anything an never will back to a two class socity be like the phillippines no forgenor can own property so no forgenor from the . you y phillippine should be allowed to own property in the us You want us out then dont pick an choose what you want to keep get all your shit from china

    6. There are always consequences to all your actions President Duterte. I hope that we Pilipinos will not be drag to a downward spiral of events. You have pushed the cards that the one being push will not tolerate your actions. I guess you are blinded by the power of the presidency. You will be sorry. It s like the Parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

    7. Time for us to close our call centre and terminate employment of our 2384 Cebu based staff.

      We will not support Duterte who is a Communist dictator and puppet of China who mocks the USA and it’s people.

      Only hitting the Philippine economy financially may make the Philippine people wake up how bad he is and o something for themselves.

      Have no doubts Duterte will make sure he has his own personal finances looked after by his new China friends.

      Scarborough is Philippine owned Not China’s or Duterte’s.

      • He said he will go hungry first for the sake of the Pilipino people. The biggest liar and people believe him. I still remember this corrupt married guy who promised another married women a condo unit if she will have sex with him. The married woman believe him and she agreed to have sex with him. At the end , the guy did not give her the condo.