Duterte claims bishop keeps a mistress

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte turned his ire on the Catholic Church Monday, calling members of the clergy “sons of whores” and accusing Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla of keeping a mistress just like him.

In his speech during his visit at Camp Abendan in Zamboanga City, Duterte said he was “appalled” by the priests and bishops who complain about the number of persons killed in the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.

He stressed that “paranoia” led to the killing of drug suspects by the police.

“It’s paranoia, invariably they are harmed, they will kill you, kaya kung sabihin mo na abuso ko lang to (so if you say I am abusive) why should I kill my countrymen?” Duterte said.

He then claimed that Capalla also had an illicit affair.

“Kaya ito si Capalla, bishop namin doon, pareho man kami may mga kabit din. Sila obispo, ako mayor. Mga pari putang-ina, bwisit, mga pamoral moral (This Capalla, our bishop, we’re just the same we both have mistresses. They’re bishops, I was a mayor. Those priests, sons of whores, they keep preaching morality),” he said.

“Why wouldn’t I cuss? We have a big problem! If I stop [the anti-drug campaign], the next generation will be lost,” the President added.

Duterte’s statement came after Capalla expressed concern over the rising death toll in the government’s war on drugs and urged the President to “listen to the people.”

“Everybody that I know is worried about it. From my point of view, I think it’s the question of violence, getting it into a spiral and it seems intensifying. Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it and right is right even if nobody is doing it,” said Capalla, who is also a co-convenor of the Bishops-Ulama conference, a group that promotes cooperation between Muslims and Christians.

“I would like to ask him to listen to the people, to the poor people who are also suffering, he is the one who loves them and will do everything for them, they have something to say about what’s happening, not just to the experts,” he said.

But Duterte said he does not believe that the police tolerates extrajudicial killings.

“I lose two policemen a day all over the country. And I take time to go there, not only to condole with the family but also to show my solidarity with you because the expectation of the people is really that we can stop this problem on time. Ladies and gentlemen, may I tell you now, this is an ongoing and recurring problem which will never be stopped by anyone. We can only slow it down,” he said.

Duterte has lashed out at the Catholic Church in the past, calling it as the “most hypocritical institution.”


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  1. Our problem now is what are we going to do w/ a President who is sick & continues to be sick w/ “ANTI-SOCIAL NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER” otherwise known as “Psychopathy”. According to actress Agot Isidro & confirmed by Dr. Natividad Dayan, HitlerDU30 is psychotic as evidenced by this numerous MISPLACED & DISTORTED behavior (cussing words ptgina @#!$%^&*?). Shall we just sit down & remain silent while he is damaging the image of our country? If it is to be, it is up to us !!

  2. Let us give a chance to our President to solve the Drug and Corruption problems in his own way.

    “We have the right to kill anyone we want and the rest of the world has to respect our right to violate the rights of others.”

    If you have ignorant citizens, You’re going to get ignorant leaders.

  3. I now belong to my BF’ s Church| but I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. I decided to be with my boyfriend in his Owned Church in 2011, for the reason that Catholic Parishes {St. Anthony Shrine at Bustillos & UST} have denied me of joining their community as Lector/ Commentator even when I have been one from San Roques de Sampaloc Parish in at least 6-7 years.

    I am now happy in my BF’ s Church for I have become the best that I can ever be| and my Life is so great, thanking my God.

    But I still think not all priests are bad. I would like to mention my family friend, the late Fr. Lucio Gutierrez, OP| he has been good to the entire Gallo-Pardo Family: true moral support/ Spiritual Guidance and sincere friendship.

    I had a Professor at the Graduate School in UST on a Philosophy: Critical Thinking Subject| he has educated me well, and I thank him for I became one great thinker because of his lectured methods about the subject-he is I think a Priest or was supposed to be a priest.

    Thus, even if I am now a non-Cathollic because I do belong to CEF Spiritual Community: I say, not all Catholics are bad. My mother is a Roman Catholic| and I want Jesus Christ to bring her to Heaven.

  4. Koko Celebredo on

    Archbishop and his family with his mistress now in hot seat. Sorry Katoliko rin ako, but I never approve of the church playing GOD in persecuting people. Kasam na rin kayong mga sumasamba sa bawat sabihin ng mga pari.

    When the Roman Catholic Church continues to intervenese with the state, I think it i about time to tax the Catholic Church.

  5. drug addicts and drug lords are mostly Catholics. The church is not effectively preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to their flock. If they do these people will have the fear of the Lord. It is maybe because the Catholic Leaders are preaching a false gospel.

  6. They are self righteous/modern day Pharisees. They easily find fault in others but to themselves they don`t ….

  7. Ignacio Balbutin on

    your war on drug is not feasible anymore knowing that you are beholden to the greatest duglords the Chinese. you are killing people because of drugs but u are also beholden to China who flooded us with drugs

  8. Patrick Campbell on

    The Catholic Church is the most Charitable institution in the world bar none.So let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.Just because we all have faults doesn’t disallow us from giving advice sometimes.

  9. Mga Hindot na Catholic church at mga pari, puro kayo pakialam wla naman kayo ginagawa para tumulong, sarili nyo ngang simbahan hindi nyo mapaayos o mapa pinturahan ng hindi nag papa raffle o humihingi ng donation sa mayayaman at mga poltiko. Puro pa kayo immoral. umayos kayo. Yung ibang religion tahimik lang pero tumutulong sa problema ng bayan. kayo puro puna ang alam.

  10. The President is right in this issue. Why would the Church condone a government official who open the doors and planted seed for drug problem in the country. Sinners are welcome by God as long as they are remorseful but De Lima is never admitted and sought forgiveness. She is a good liar and the Church is providing her shelter and protection. Who is not angry with that! The Church has lost its morality and leadership. Enough of this hypocrisy!

  11. matinong pinoy on

    The rest of the world might be wondering where is the separation of religion and state? In the Philippines, there is no such thing, and as a matter of fact, the Roman Catholic Church gets involved in politics. As for a retired Bishop having an illicit affair, it is not unusual, and we need to understand that priests and nuns are human beings also, and they need to have sex whenever they can.

  12. “I would like to ask him to listen to the people, to the poor people who are also suffering, he is the one who loves them and will do everything for them, they have something to say about what’s happening, not just to the experts” Bishop Capalla say to Pres.Du30. For your info Bishop Capalla this is what the President Duterte are doing, to stop the illegal drugs to kill the pusher and the drug lord,as the president said hulihin ang mga pusher,user at drug lords, ang problema lumalaban kaya napapatay, yung iba pinapapatay na ng mga drug lords para hindi na sila maikanta us simple us that! MAHIRAP BANG INTINDIHIN YAN?

  13. Whether the Archbishop has a girlfriend or not is not germane to the argument that people are being killed without due process of law. Is the President above the law?

  14. This is what Jesus had taught us, “Let anyone of you who has no sin be the first one to throw a stone” Sad to say, we should not be allowed to be used by political groups, calling on our perceived moral ascendancy to render judgement based on hearsay and media pronouncements. You will risk having your credibility questioned.

  15. This is too much. Unprofessional, disgusting, careless and no respect to anybody. Has evil taken the highest
    position of the Land?

    • Too much for what? Can you define evil? Do you think that you are holier than anybody else? How can you treat drug addicts, corrupt officials, criminals, adulterer and rapist priests with professionalism when they dont even know that word? I think you should wake up ..

    • No Sir ! … The highest position is occupied by someone who is trying to GET RID OF ALL THE EVILS ON THE LAND , so that the YOUTH (who are THE HOPE OF THE NATION) would be free to savor and enjoy the natural beauty and richness of the “THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEAS” once again … not by any FOREIGN MAN !

  16. I wish the Catholic leaders are not blinded by their dislike of Duterte’s way of doing things. Just because they don’t like his methods, they will throw all reason to the wind and harbour alleged drug protector De Lima and pronouncing her innocent against all evidences. Im a Catholic too but we have Caesar’s laws to follow as well. Let JUSTICE take its course! We have interfered too much by allowing mob rule in the guise of people power. Tama na and let us put faith in the Constitution of our country. God will always be with us.

    • You are judgmental when you said De lIma is drug protector.kasi wala pa namang kaso nakasampa sa kanya. In the same situation, you do not want that the priests be judgmental towards Duterte’s style on his war on drug.Duterte is judgmental in his own way, and you are too. What’s the diffrrence between you and Duterte? Pag kayo ang nahusgahan galit kayo, pag kayo ang nanghusga OK Lang? kayo na lang ba lagi TAMA at ang opinion ng iba mali? We are still in a democracy. You make your opinion I make mind, Sana Respetuhan lang tayo.

    • I am a Catholic too (and would remain a Roman Catholic) but I strongly abhor the activities of these Priests and Nuns who are meddling with the affairs of the Government . Instead of fomenting hatred against the President , they should (instead) keep on encouraging all the faithful to pray to the Lord to guide our Government Officials in steering our Country towards the right direction .
      Does the “Separation of the Church and the State” not observed anymore???

      Let us give a chance to our President to solve the Drug and Corruption problems in his own way.

      Criticizing without offering an alternative solution, amounts to nothing.

    • De Lima and pronouncing her innocent against all evidences

      Apparently you don’t know the difference between evidence and accusations.

      put faith in the Constitution of our country.
      According to the constitution people are innocent until convicted in a court of law.

      God will always be with us.
      Might want to review the 10 commandments if you are going to pretend to be religious.