• Duterte claims bishop keeps a mistress


    President Rodrigo Duterte turned his ire on the Catholic Church Monday, calling members of the clergy “sons of whores” and accusing Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla of keeping a mistress just like him.

    In his speech during his visit at Camp Abendan in Zamboanga City, Duterte said he was “appalled” by the priests and bishops who complain about the number of persons killed in the administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.

    He stressed that “paranoia” led to the killing of drug suspects by the police.

    “It’s paranoia, invariably they are harmed, they will kill you, kaya kung sabihin mo na abuso ko lang to (so if you say I am abusive) why should I kill my countrymen?” Duterte said.

    He then claimed that Capalla also had an illicit affair.

    “Kaya ito si Capalla, bishop namin doon, pareho man kami may mga kabit din. Sila obispo, ako mayor. Mga pari putang-ina, bwisit, mga pamoral moral (This Capalla, our bishop, we’re just the same we both have mistresses. They’re bishops, I was a mayor. Those priests, sons of whores, they keep preaching morality),” he said.

    “Why wouldn’t I cuss? We have a big problem! If I stop [the anti-drug campaign], the next generation will be lost,” the President added.

    Duterte’s statement came after Capalla expressed concern over the rising death toll in the government’s war on drugs and urged the President to “listen to the people.”

    “Everybody that I know is worried about it. From my point of view, I think it’s the question of violence, getting it into a spiral and it seems intensifying. Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it and right is right even if nobody is doing it,” said Capalla, who is also a co-convenor of the Bishops-Ulama conference, a group that promotes cooperation between Muslims and Christians.

    “I would like to ask him to listen to the people, to the poor people who are also suffering, he is the one who loves them and will do everything for them, they have something to say about what’s happening, not just to the experts,” he said.

    But Duterte said he does not believe that the police tolerates extrajudicial killings.

    “I lose two policemen a day all over the country. And I take time to go there, not only to condole with the family but also to show my solidarity with you because the expectation of the people is really that we can stop this problem on time. Ladies and gentlemen, may I tell you now, this is an ongoing and recurring problem which will never be stopped by anyone. We can only slow it down,” he said.

    Duterte has lashed out at the Catholic Church in the past, calling it as the “most hypocritical institution.” CATHERINE S. VALENTE


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    1. After Pareng Digong let loose his quip about “both of them having mistresses”, I am sure this will be the last “critique” we shall hear from the “good” archbishop of Davao… unless he is foolish enough to taunt Digong into naming the mistress and the children she has by him, before nationwide television and published by the main broadsheets and sidewalk tabloids, thereby becoming the laughing stock of “the only Catholic country in Asia”.

    2. The Rome Statute defines murder or persecution that is knowingly “committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack against any civilian population” as a crime against humanity. The wide-scale extrajudicial killings carried out under Duterte’s orders meet that definition. Duterte and many of his entourage will soon stand trial in the International Court of The Hague for the unlawful murder of many thousands of civilians.

      An elected government should not declare war and militarize against its own people. Historically, the use of deadly force to address/prohibit peaceful, consensual transactions between adults, such as gambling, prostitution, drug/alcohol use/sales, has only ever produced negative results. Such a violent crusade against civilians invariably evolves into a full-blown civil war.

      Dear people of the Philippines:

      It is now obvious (at least to the rest of humanity) that you have foolishly elected a psychotic despot for president. This means that you no longer have due process, constitutionally protected rights or fair trials in a public forum. Suspicion or rumor is now all that’s required to terminate the life of any citizen with a state-sanctioned death squad.

      Nowhere on this planet has any nation ever had success with the policy of drug prohibition. Many of your villages, towns and cities will be turned into killing fields. Hundreds of thousands of you may now die. Your most precious institutions and possessions will be destroyed—but the drugs, the corruption and the violence will still be there and the world will finally realize how dangerous and utterly destructive prohibition really is.

      You are actually in the process of destroying your own society and nothing can change your fate. Every one of you is now vulnerable to deadly attack; world-wide drug prohibition has finally reached its inevitable conclusion.

      Thank you for helping to teach the world this powerful lesson with the blood of your own families!

    3. Simple as ABC. Tax CBCP, the catholic church and require all priest to file income tax. Show them what seperation of church and state means… TAX THEM. gusto kasi nila tayong gawing vatican na uto uto mga tao dahil sa relihyon

    4. Before accusing Pres. Duterte of concentrating all his efforts in the drug problem, it is wise for those who plan to criticize to inquire and perform a research if the other problems of the country are not addressed. The would-be critic should ask the Cabinet Members or the Department Heads in charge of education, agrarian reform, social work, dilg and others before they open their mouths, It will save them any bad exchange of opinions.

    5. …after solving the drug menace, it would be easy to face on more ardent problem like poverty which require focus…once peace and order is all over the country, economic agendas and actions shall take place…investors will come in troves, manufacturers will set their production here and businessmen will surely put their money in the Phils., it’s like a domino effect that would give employment to the Filipinos who will no longer seek job abroad and leave their family here to fend themselves….DU30 is in the right track and priority…to those whose main purpose is to give negative reaction & comment to the elected president, this is my advise, pls. pack your things and leave the country and migrate to the country of your choice … the Philippines don’t need the so called modern “makapili” whose loyalty is with the americans…

    6. We need to give President DU30 time to accomplish his golden promise to obliterate the use of the menacing drugs plaguing the country. However, it is his mouth that impedes his benevolent objective for the young generation of Pinoys. Probably if there are no interference from around here and there, good words and phrases would come out his mouth. So – why not allow him to serve his term to end? He who laughs last, laughs the loudest.

    7. To President Duterte, you have sent your message to all of us. There is no need to repeat the message multiple times. The momentum is to kill. By the time your 6 years are up, there may be 3 million dead addicts. so let us look at another project. Help the poor Pilipinos eat and have a decent home.bthat is harder because data shows there are 30 million on the poverty line.