Duterte congratulates Trump


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday congratulated Donald Trump on his election as the 45th president of the United States, with the Filipino leader looking forward to working with his fellow populist to enhance bilateral relations.

    TRIUMPHANT Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (right) claims victory, with running mate Mike Pence (left) beside him, on election night at the Hilton Midtown in New York. The billionaire property mogul won the US presidency, trouncing Hillary Clinton following a bitter campaign. AFP PHOTO BY TIMOTHY A. CLARY

    TRIUMPHANT Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (right) claims victory, with running mate Mike Pence (left) beside him, on election night at the Hilton Midtown in New York. The billionaire property mogul won the US presidency, trouncing Hillary Clinton following a bitter campaign. AFP PHOTO BY TIMOTHY A. CLARY

    “President Rodrigo Roa Duterte wishes to extend his warm congratulations to Mr. Donald Trump on his recent electoral victory as President of the United States of America,” Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said in a statement.

    “The United States presidential election is a testament to the enduring traditions of its democratic system and the American way of life. The two-party system gives American voters freedom of choice based on party platforms, not just on personalities,” he added.

    The Palace official said Duterte wished Trump “success” in the next four years as America’s new Chief Executive.

    Trump will replace President Barack Obama, who had been the object of Duterte’s tirades in response to Washington’s criticism of the Philippine government’s anti-drug campaign.

    Duterte had refused to weigh in on the US elections but said in a recent television interview that the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would make a good president, and Trump was a “good candidate.”

    In October, Trump used Duterte’s decision to restrict joint exercises between the US and Philippine militaries against Obama, claiming it was evidence of the US’ diminished stature overseas brought about by weak foreign policy under Obama and Clinton who had served as secretary of State.

    Trump noted that the Philippines and the US shared a long history and that the Philippines is an “important” and “strategic” location.

    Andanar said Duterte “looks forward to working with the incoming administration for enhanced Philippines-US relations anchored on mutual respect, mutual benefit and shared commitment to democratic ideals and the rule of law.”

    ‘Chance for change’

    Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. said Trump’s victory was an opportunity to turn the page.

    “The election of Trump signals an opportunity for change that can result in a stronger RP-US relationship,” he said in a text message.

    Analysts however cautioned that a Donald Trump presidency would bring more uncertainty to the already souring ties between Washington and Manila.

    “Relying on his campaign pronouncements, then the Philippines will have to deal with a president who is very much into a position that sees that Philippines as a freeloader,” Ramon Casiple, executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reforms, said.

    Trump has promised to get tough on companies who send jobs abroad and to strictly enforce immigration laws.
    Such policies could hurt the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), two pillars in the Philippine economy.

    “Trump says he wants to focus more on the US regaining its leadership, getting jobs back into the US … he wants to be more focused on the US rather than on the US reaching out to other countries,” Jose Cuisia Jr., former Philippine ambassador to Washington, said.

    “If the next president is someone who does not appreciate [the US relationship with the Philippines], then of course, it’s going to be detrimental to our interest,” he added.

    Richard Javad Heydarian, a political science professor at De La Salle University, said “there’s a tremendous amount of risk in having someone as volatile and mercurial as Donald Trump.”

    “Donald Trump is the new isolationist, therefore he will just care about business and not intervene around the world,” he said.

    Relationship will continue

    US Embassy officials however stressed that Manila and Washington’s longstanding alliance would continue.

    “We can’t say what will be the policy of the next administration. But what we can say with great confidence is that our relationship, over the years, over the decades has been extremely strong, extremely close. We’ve been partners, we’ve been allies and we’ve been friends…We’ve gone a lot together, we’ve worked in so many years in many areas of cooperation,” said Michael Klecheski, deputy chief of mission.

    The two countries inked a Mutual Defense Treaty in 1951, a Visiting Forces Agreement in 1998 and an Enhance Defense Cooperation Agreement in 2014, allowing yearly joint military exercises that Duterte wants to restrict.

    Klecheski said the new administration would like to continue the military deals, but said these should be done in a cooperative manner.

    Emma Nagy, the US Embassy’s deputy press attaché, said the US would continue to take steps to keep US-Philippine relations as warm and cooperative as before.

    “We will continue to honor our alliance commitments, and we expect the Philippines to do the same. We will work closely with the government of the Philippines to address any concerns they may have,” she said.

    “We have full confidence in the strong ties that connect our peoples and countries, including record levels of trade, investment, and remittances. We continue to focus on our broad relationship with the Philippines, and will work together in the many areas of mutual interest to improve the livelihoods of the Philippine people and uphold our shared democratic values,” she added.


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    1. Yonkers, New York
      10 November 2016

      Here is compelling proof that Duterte’s mind is addled!

      With his congratulatory message to President-elect DONALD TRUMP, he seems to forget that in his 18-21 October 2016 state visit to China, genuflecting before his new Communist master Chinese President XI JINPING, he declared that “I’VE JUST REALIGNED MYSELF WITH YOUR IDEOLOGICAL FLOW”–meaning, clearly, that he had just converted the Philippines into a Communist state.

      And to pin that down and at the same time prove that he is a serious GEOSTRATEGIC THINKER AND MILITARY GENIUS, he added: “WE AGAINST THE WORLD–CHINA, PHILIPPINES, AND RUSSIA!”

      Three against the world. Against the USA, the 27 members of the NATO, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and possibly also India and South Korea!

      Somebody on Trump’s staff will have to bring him up on what Duterte said before Xi Jinping: Under ranting Little Tyrant Duterte, the Philippines is now an ENEMY of the United States of America. If he expects Trump to thank him for his congratulatory message, that would be another proof of Duterte’s psychotic mind.


    2. Just got back from the Philippines, I can’t wait to have a president that won’t play games with DU30, it’s really sad to see all the killings and other issues going on, this was the first trip where I honestly did not feel 100% safe, I had a few stupid people called me a POS American and flipped me the finger, the corruption and the same sad stories. As an American who is married over 10 years to a filipina I usually go there one a year with my wife, we have sponsored children to go to college and have been very generous with helping the less fortunate, I love the Philippines and hope that things get better for this country. I Am convinced that DU30 wants a divorce from America, but they still want us to pay alimony. Finally with kidnapping and stuff there will be a lot less tourism due to fear of robbery/ holdup ect.

    3. Ex US Pres. G. Bush Sr. pledged his Republican support to Democrat Hillary. Why? Because Trump they admit is “un-inducted” meaning not a member of the Illuminati club, aka skull and bones, bohemian grove, bilderberg, CFR and all the other satanic secret societies. Most of America’s ordinary Americans are not evil, its their top political leadership that is.

      I suspect that’s the reason Du30 is warming to President Trump.

    4. With the kind of stupid president you have (cursing all different personalities like Obama, the Pope, EU, UN), wait for a while and hope that Pres. Trump will pull out all the BPO businesses in the Philippines. There are a lot of HS as well as college students who can easily handle the jobs of call center agents in he U.S.. Other countries in Europe and Latin America can also be a good place to relocate these call center business from the Philippines. I used to complain about some Filipino call center agents of COMCAST because they don’t know the procedures on how to deal with customers. Filipinos act like they are Duterte. Agot Isidro is totally correct, the Philippines is not a super power country. It is still a poor, corrupt and developing country who tries to copy everything about the U.S.

      • Businesses come and go NOT because of who is the president and who says what but because of the Bottomline. Yes! Its about money. And where else can you find a place like the Philippines? Talented, skilled and culturally close to the west than any other country.

      • By your name AD DOBO already portray mental dysfunction… the only piece you have is your right to express what you think. But too bad you are displaying very demoralising approach.

        And you are a Filipino also. So you are also hurting your self as well. (if you are Filipino)

      • any business can go anywhere if it deems profitable for them, and no one can prevent them from living if they wish. they come to ph to do business and for profit not for charity. they will stay if money is good, they will leave if proft is not there. the benefits do not go in one direction only, it’s always a two way traffics. businessmen will go to hell if money is there, regardless lucifer is one of their employees. if i were you i would learn how to tone down my arrogance towards others. perhaps, that would make this planet an ideal place to live where people look at themselves co-equal, no superior and inferior race. try to look at yourself infront of a mirror, it might help….
        now trump is on top, i wish he is true to his promise that he will keep all americans inside america only. i’m 1000% sure this planet will not stop evolving, and perhaps for a better world regardless of one’s skin color….

      • I am an American who is proud of his country and I spend many months each your in the Philippines with my many friends. I also consider the Philippines my ‘second’ country and love the Filipino people. Please understand that I am also ashamed of how, in our long history past, America at past times did not treat the Philippines respectfully — specifically after 1898 for the Philippine American War and after Manila was destroyed in 1945. Some bad mistakes have been made. But I am most proud of how we have worked together and supported each other in most times for over 100 years. Our blood has been mingled on battlefields defending freedom of the people and in joining familes.

        All of these things being said, you and others better pay attention to the facts: Both the Filipino and American PEOPLE have recently spoken in both our democracies to elect both of these men because each pledged to listen tot the PEOPLE first and attack evil corruption and criminality.

        Now it is time to give them our loyalty and some time for them to demonstrate their promises.

        May God bless and guide both President Duterte and President Trump FOR THE PEOPLE of our countries and for the world!

    5. I thought President Duterte was tired of being a kissass of Americans. But I guess if they are billionaires, in US dollars, he makes an exception.