• Duterte dares scribes to boycott him, warns could dig up dirt on them


    PRESIDENT-elect Rodrigo Duterte has dared journalists to boycott his news conferences and even warned to dig up dirt on them, saying he could have his own website done and use this to “attack” media people during his term as the Philippines’ chief executive.

    “I will not stop,” he told reporters in a news conference held Thursday evening in Davao City in southern Philippines. “I can spend the whole six years of my presidency attacking you. … Just don’t f*** with me.”

    Duterte, who is going to take his oath as the country’s 16th President on June 30 following a landslide victory in the May 9 elections, added, “I can have my own website and attack you. I can research about your children and your life.”

    He was reacting to calls for him to apologize over his statement Tuesday justifying the murders of journalists who had used their profession to attack alleged unscrupulous politicians, businessmen and other known personalities in exchange for money.

    Belittling calls for journalists not to cover his news conferences until he issues an apology, the tough-talking mayor of Davao City who took the elections by storm on his anti-crime platform, said: “I don’t want publicity. You know that. … I don’t care if there’s no one covering me.”

    Duterte said he owes no one an apology for citing the example of Juan Pala, Jr., the broadcast journalist who had endlessly criticized him on air and got killed in Davao City in 2003, and whose death has remained unsolved.

    “No apologies,” he said adamantly. “Bullshit. I’m saying this without excuses, no apologies. You like to hear it, fine. So be it. That’s the truth.”

    He also criticized the media practitioners for thinking too much of themselves and considering their profession as being of “purity,” although it is riddled with corruption.

    “Do not ever think I am here to beautify a journalist,” he said. “That’s not my business.” CATHERINE S. VALENTE



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    1. media in the philippines are indeed corrupt.. pero yung namatay sa kamay ng ampatuan ibang istorya yun.. nagiging one sided na pag iisip ng mga pilipino ngayon, masyado na sila na humaling kay duterte na kahit ano sabihin at gawin nya ay lagi tama.. at ito ay nakakatakot.

    2. Allen Llamar on

      Well said… this is how ABS CBN, inquirer and among others and Jounalists included destroy the past Presidents particularly Mrs. Arroyo.

      Making up stories even with little or no evidence strong or weak. Feeding people with countless lies, and some humour mongers, tsismosos/.tsismosas back stubbers consider what they hear in the media and politicians as an evidence already. Spread what they hear like wild fire.

      Then on Sunday sitting in thier churches like saints…what a shame… Some day we when it`s their turn to be under six feet the ground will be answerable to the judge above for every lies in our mouth we spread around.

      • Hindi naman siguro galing sa pagiging AC-DC kun bakit nagkaron ng bahay sa Forbes Park si Mr. Noli o paano nagkaroon ng Mercedes nuon si Aling Kho Reena. Malilinis sila sa ABS-CBN at di nila kailangan tumanggap ng envelop upang magbalita. Di na kasi uso ang envelop ngayon – wire transfer na. Di ba nga ang daming balita nuon laban kay Mr. Renato at kay Mr. Jojo ang Inquirer na di naman napatunayan pero journalists daw ang tawag sa mga nagsusulat ng balita nila.

    3. Joshua Schneider on

      Wow… finally the journalists getting some of their own medicine. What a novel idea.

    4. Well said, President Duterte. I watched the entire press conference, live. A lot of the journalists have deliberately twisted the story and the news are being written out of context. Duterte’s guts to dare shows he isn’t covering anything.

    5. President Duterte, sir, you have stated your business…not to beautify journalists!