• Duterte defends Alvarez: ‘Who isn’t entitled to happiness?’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday defended Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, whose extramarital affair was revealed last week amid a feud with Davao del Norte Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr.

    Echoing Alvarez, Duterte dismissed the flak that went the way of the House speaker, saying extramarital affairs were common among politicians.

    “Sino ba’ng walang kaligayahan [Who isn’t entitled to happiness?] Ask these lawmakers, how many of them have two, three or four wives? Ask them!” Duterte said in Cagayan de Oro where he visited wounded soldiers.

    “As for gays, how many men do they have? Making a big deal out of it is such a hypocrisy,” he added.

    Duterte, whose marriage to Elizabeth Zimmerman was annulled by a civil court in 2000, has also made no bones about his own extramarital affairs.

    He famously quipped that he brought two wives during his Malacañang oath-taking on June 30 last year – Zimmerman and his current partner Honeylet Avanceña, with whom he has a 12-year-old daughter, Kitty.

    Pre-empting possible cases against him, Alvarez, a lawyer, said last week: “If they will seek my disbarment because of a girlfriend, then go ahead, file a complaint. Well, we might run out of lawyers here. Sino ba’ng walang girlfriend? [Who doesn’t have a girlfriend]?”

    The House speaker, who has four children with wife Emelita Apostol-Alvarez, made the admission as he sought to keep the focus on the graft complaint he had filed against Floirendo over a land deal involving the latter’s banana firm Tagum Agricultural Development Corp.

    Alvarez’s affair with a certain Jennifer Maliwanag Vicencio was outed by Floirendo’s partner, Cathy Binag, who claimed that the graft case was the result of a personal feud between the pro-Duterte lawmakers.

    Binag reportedly had a fight with Vicencio during the Masskara Festival in Bacolod City last year.

    Floirendo, himself estranged from his wife Margarita Moran, the 1973 Miss Universe, is Duterte’s top campaign donor, contributing P75 million to the President’s 2016 campaign.

    The President did not say if he was willing to be the peacemaker, but clarified that Alvarez and Floirendo were at odds not because of their women.

    “The women are in a bad atmosphere but they are fighting not because of them. It’s a man,” Duterte said, without elaborating.


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    1. I don’t agree with you D30. Kaya maraming magnanakaw at corrupt na politico, generals, pulis, justices dahil sa mag kabit nila…. saan nila kinukuha ang mga panglamon ng mga anak at kabit nila kundi sa pondo ng mga tax ng taong bayan. Dapat sa kanila ay patayin at kung ako ang asawa ng mga ito sila ay lalasonin ko at papatayin bago nila ako saktan….. ang kakapal ng mga pagmumukha nila….

    2. Do you ever wonder why the country is packed with so many corrupt politicians? Well, wonder no more for they need money to sustain their numerous paramours. If they are proud and bold to cross the line of morality then dipping in the country’s resource to finance their escapade does not need a whole lot of self-control.

    3. The country has gone to the dogs when politicians like Alvarez can openly admit their indiscretions with hubris and the president acquiesced with glee.

    4. Focus on the priorities of nation building.

      It is a concern but not the priority. Filipinos being a weak race is prone to such basic immorality, so is the rest of our 100million people. Procreating the next generations of hopeless beings, future criminals and lowlifes.

      Now we are among the lowest form of humans, thieves, traitors, prostitutes who prey on our people for our personal gain and comfort without the ability to earn an honest living. How can we even talk about such things as morality – it an English term, but the act or deed itself is beyond our ability to practice in reality, in silence and in earning an honest living. Ask the top billionaires, the GRO’s, the senate and congress, judiciary, even some of the clergy.

      Our priority in nation building aside from the pressing peace and order problem and relentless assault from the smugglers, miners, oligarchs, cartels, billionaire-crooks is to remove the additional nuisance: like the immoral media spinners, trillanes and the losing lp, meddling foreign devils. At same time try to work on our faults, frailties, discipline, livelihood, before trying to rise up to higher level of human traits.

      • meddling foreign devils

        Fun Fact: The telco’s that own the internet services are foreign owned.

        The power companies are foreign owned
        The water companies are foreign owned
        Many of the media outlets (newspapers and television

        Indonesian Anthoni Salim owns:
        Maynilad Water Services

        The company operating the longest toll road system in the country, the infrastructure firm that is constructing the country’s expressways and light-rail systems, and the nation’s largest gold mining company, Philex Mining.

        The Philippines economy has been quietly taken over by an Indonesian, and billions of dollars are being siphoned out of the country from super-profits from the public utilities.

        Ever wonder why services are so expensive and the service so bad ?

        The people that own it don’t live in the Philippines.

    5. Per Virgin Mary in the apparition in Fatima, most people will go to hell because of sin of the flesh. You are looking at revelations right now. Most politicians and policemen are committing adultery. I am 100 positive that all of them will go to hell. I know my God. He is merciful and just.

    6. Politicians and policemen commit adultery to the Max. They do not fear the Lord God. They think these young girls love them. A 59 year old Alvarez thinks he is macho saying he has 8 to 9 children. They will meet each other in hell. There is a God that will judge us.

    7. how many of them have two, three or four wives?

      The lawmakers are in violation of the law and the church and they think its fine cause it makes them happy.

      Adultery is good according to government officials.
      Bunch of hypocrites.

      Some news organization should expose all of them.

      No wonder the congress won’t pass a divorce law.