• Duterte denies he wants martial law to extend term


    President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday denied claims that he wants to declare martial law to extend his term in office.

    In his speech before the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the President stressed he has no ambition to prolong his stay in power.

    “Those in Manila, who are thinking about Martial Law, lengthening your stay. That’s b***s***…Am I exceedingly happy being the President of the Philippines? I will answer you: I do not need the position at this time of my life. ‘Di ko na kailangan,” Duterte said, as he criticized the constitutional provisions on declaration of martial law.

    “You know this martial law provisions to defend the country, sinira ng Cory [Aquino] administration, because of their hangover sa martial law,” the President added.

    Duterte said he would place the entire country under martial law only when it is needed to “protect and preserve the safety of the people.”

    “I have to protect the Filipino people, and I tell you now, if I have to declare Martial Law, I will declare it,” the President said.

    “I will declare Martial Law to preserve my nation. The right to preserve one’s life and my country transcends everything else,” he added.


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    1. arnando flores on

      It is logical for duterte to impose martial law since he will need it to survive after the killing of many small time victims in his alleged war against drugs. He must protect himself and his allies on the pretext that the country needs martial law in order to survive. He has to kill more just to stay in power.

    2. In order for a dictator to effect martial law the military must be on his side. Assuming for the sake of argument that that DU30 declared martial law with the support of the military, the question is how far the military will support him. By nature, there is what you call “changing circumstances.” Even if DU 30 does not declare martial law, as long as the military obey him, as long as Congress and the Supreme Court give him a blanket check to DU30, that is already akin to more than martial law! One way to test the Supreme Court is to find out the result of Marcos protest against Leni on the vice presidency. Congress is already tested to be the followers of DU30. The military also follow DU30. Let us see the effect 2 years from now if the Philippines will be better off. The hindrance for the Philippines to be better off is the conflict on SCS. China being SWAPANG, New America will not allow it. The other problem the BASTOS president of North Korea. If North Korea hits America, for sure that BASTOS president will also his America’s allies including the Philippines. KAYA MAS MABUTI PA BANATAN NA NG AMERICA ANG MGA SAGABAL SA DEMOKRASYA, while it is not too late. Obama could done this, but his leadership is weakling.

    3. It is not hyperbole , it is , in truth , biblical. Sowing fear and terror in the hearts of evil men is the doing of The Lord. The Lord sow REIGN OF TERROR among the sinners to make them submit and be as dumb as donkeys.

      That is how God treat the sinners and the reprobates. To the holy he show them that he is holy , to the evil he show them that he is a terror to evil. What a man sow is what he gets from The Lord.

      If you are dealing with LAWLESS CRIMINALS , show them no mercy—destroy them without the law as they themselves are living against the law.
      If so much terror and fear could reign over the hearts and minds of these hardened criminals , then you can bring them down to their knees.

    4. What if one of your own relatives is murdered or raped by the police or a politician? Do you realize that it is now impossible to do anything about it? “Rule of law” exists for a reason. You are now all living in a country where police and politicians are free to decide how they want to treat you. You have no protection against murder, kidnapping or rape by a public official. If you complain you will most probably be killed.

      Duterte is doing his best to make it possible to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, dissolve the Congress and declare Martial Law. He will then be free to assume both legislative and executive powers, enabling him to arrest (and probably murder) all his political opponents and close down all media outlets.

      Once Martial law is declared (and it soon will be) every single person who ever spoke out against this psycho will have a target on their back. Whole families will be extinguished. Soldiers will be going from street to street, hauling people out and murdering them. If you can leave you should not stay a minute longer than is required to get your whole family to safety. Do not think of the cost; the lives of your children are far more precious than any money or property you may lose.
      = = = = = = = =

      You exaggerate the situation in the Philippines. It has not become a police state. The ones who are so scared are the
      drug lords and their dealers. Yes, there innocent casualties, which we hope and we PRAY should be prevented b y more
      efficient police operations.
      The war on drugs is necessary. The Philippine future is now a question mark because every middle-middle class neighborhood and ALL lower middle class and ALL poor neighborhoods have a drug dealer with his drug user-pushers operating in every street including streets near schools.
      It’s unfortunate that the Human Rights activists are functioning like allies of the drug lords.