`Duterte does not respect rule of law’


As the elections draw nearer, the business community is on edge mainly because of the pronouncements of presidential frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte that he will abolish Congress and establish a revolutionary government, threats that business leaders fear will drive away investors.

Makati Business Club (MBC) Chairman Ramon del Rosario said Duterte’s plan of putting up a revolutionary government and killing criminals shows his lack of respect for the rule of law.

“There is lack of respect for the rule of law, which is the foundation upon which confidence is built. And when confidence is built, investments will come that will create jobs, which is the way to inclusive growth. Without it, we cannot move forward,” del Rosario noted at the forum of the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines (EJAP) and ING Bank.

“We have to figure out what kind of leader we want,” he said.

Henry Schumacher, vice president for external affairs of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), said if the rule of law is set aside, investors “will delay their expansion plans, and [new players]may not want to come here.”

Schumacher and del Rosario said the next administration should appoint “credible, responsible and competent” Cabinet members who will support and propel the country’s economic growth, work to increase foreign direct investments (FDIs) and improve the agriculture sector.

The Philippines has been a “laggard” in FDIs, recording only $6.2 billion in 2014, compared to the $25.9 billion, $10.6 billion, $12.7 billion, and $67 billion of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, respectively, in the same year.

Modern-day tyrant
Malacañang also slammed Duterte’s plan of forming a revolutionary government, saying such measure, besides being a violation of the Constitution, will spawn chaos.

The Palace called Duterte, the mayor of Davao City, a “modern-day tyrant.”

“A revolutionary government may only be possible when the existing constitutional framework no longer operates. This is what happened in the aftermath of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution,” Palace Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. told The Manila Times.

“Today, we have a strong and vibrant democracy, thanks to our people’s solidarity and commitment to freedom,” he said.

Last week, Duterte said he plans to form a revolutionary government because the 1987 Charter could no longer address the country’s problems.

The mayor is a staunch proponent of federalism and has espoused this even before he joined the presidential race.

Duterte claimed that once he gets the full backing of the people, the military and the police organizations will have no other choice but to “follow.”

“I will revolt from the inside,” he warned.

But Coloma and renowned political analyst Ramon Casiple warned that such plan may have dire consequences and will likely lead to “instability.”

“We trust that the Filipino people will reject the resurgence of any modern-day tyrant who trivializes the importance of the Constitution and the rule of law,” the Malacanang official said of Duterte.

Casiple, the executive director of the Institute for Political Reforms, explained that the declaration of a “revolutionary government” under the scenario at present would be “unconstitutional.”

Earlier, Coloma urged the people to “think seriously and be concerned” with Duterte’s pronouncements.

Don’t gamble
Administration presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd also warned voters not to gamble their future by electing Duterte.

Roxas made the warning after Duterte admitted receiving two lots and two sports utility vehicles from Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the Kingdom of God.

“Let us not gamble on someone who doesn’t even have a plan on how he will be able to execute his platforms for the country. Our rivals are hiding wealth this early, and cannot even answer the source of such wealth. Dirty mouth, dirty hands. I appeal to you: Let’s not gamble on uncertainty,” he said, alluding to Duterte’s bank accounts that the mayor initially denied but later admitted that such accounts exist.

Roxas pointed out that the Anti-Corrupt and Graft Practices Act bans government officials from requesting or receiving gifts.

“We are deciding on an impactful issue. Our future, the future of our children is at stake. Every candidate will resort to sweet talk, but the voters can always depend on our unblemished character. You know me for the last 20 years and my reputation is untainted. Leni, on the other hand, has always been sincere,” he said, referring to his running mate Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo.

Roxas scored Duterte, a lawyer, for skirting the law.

“Why is it so hard to know the truth about him? It’s simple. He lied and he does not want the public prying into his wealth. The public trust is very important here. The problem with Mayor Duterte is that he would only follow the law if it is convenient for him. Otherwise, he will violate the law and kill people,” he said.


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  1. There no longer is Rule of Law and this has been the prevalent situation since Aquino and his ruling party came to power. Why would they raise alarms over Duterte’s intention to reform the structure and processes of government to bring in more participation by the people? This is hypocrisy of the highest order coming from the people who have raised plunder to heightened levels and brought incompetence in governance to the depths of ignominy.

  2. Malacanang itself doesnt respect the RULE OF THE LAW, even in our Judiciary system, he spoil it. This president is a HALF CRACK MAD AND TOTALLY DISASTER. He spoiled every government agencies, ie. SSS, MIA, BOC, etc. He doesnt care, he cares about only himself , the MAKATI business club and the rest of his relatives, friends, families to enrich themselves..Tama na ang panguuto ninyo sa mga mamayan, puro lang kayo papel sa batas, pero hindi namn kayo sumusunod sa batas, at ang batas na ginagawa ninyo ay pabor sa mayayaman and not for the Filipino people..Ngayon sasabihin ninyo respect the Rule of Law????

  3. Juan T. Delacruz on

    You only print comments that agree on what was written in this article? I have written a comment in support of Duterte, but you idiots did not print it. This article is a one sided story, and is this how this prestigious media operate? Are the writers have the option not to print comments that do not agree with their articles? I don’t think that this comment will be printed either, but I am letting you know what I think as a reader.

  4. Duterte is the modern Julius Caesar ” I came I saw I cursed and I conquered malacanang palace ! ” Caesar Duterte promised that the senate will be razed to the ground to get rid of Brutus Thrillanus and his co-conspirators lurking around the corner with daggers drawn and money bags open handy. Caesar Duterte will not tolerate any corrupt and mutinous officials or subjects or else he will unleash his wrath to the fullest that they surely feel the pain ! ha ha ha

  5. Romeo Tuazon on

    Alama Lin, Duterte released 8 Chinese drug lords in 2005. He said its Chinese New Year and wanted to appease China. Also his multiple bank accounts, unreasonable statements and apparent disregard for the rule of law. 227 million undeclared assets and 2.4 billions pesos transactions and you said he will clean up the street and we will have peace. Go ahead and vote for another dictator. I only hope that God may open the eyes of our kababayan to vote for the right person. Lord we repent our our sins and help us elect the right person whose heart is right with you.

  6. cans someone please remind this person that he was using the government’s military trucks for campaign purposes… wasn’t that a more serious offense ???
    Don’t all candidates receive sponsoships (aka donations gifts) for campaign purposes anyway???
    what a hypocrite, this Man—- MAR ROXAS.

  7. obedience to the law and discipline are the prime movers for change …….. killing criminals shows lack of respect of the law….so what should be done with criminals who kill innocent citizens ? Respect the law by hiring a clever criminal lawyer who can set the criminal free to continue his trade of menacing our society?

  8. To the writers of this column, Yes a public trust is very important to every public servant and I agree. I may ask you this, How come you are supporting a presidential candidate that cannot be trusted with people’s money? Bayaran din ba kayo? just asking.

  9. tony de leon on

    kadalasan eh wala naman rule of law sa atin eh. most of the politicians and leaders are corrupt and crooks. look at Duterte now. we all thought he was honest now we are finding he is no different with the rest of the thieves. sanamagan.

  10. Even if it is an election season, I believe that the institution of government is sitll functioning. Hence, with the admission of Mr. Dee Gong of receipt of gifts which is tantamount to graft, the election season should not be a bar for the DOJ to conduct an investigation and subpoena Mr. Dee Gong to explain his side on his acceptance of “gifts”. Why are small fries being investigated and indicted when you have here someone who has publicly acknowledged receipt of gifts? What is the Ombudsman doing? The election season can never be a rationale for the suspension of the operation of government.

  11. A shameless pork barrel face is a fit for not having respect a law. Duterte is an iron man to clean up the street to become peaceful and to protect innocent people against execution.

    • alvintsamaria68@yahoo.com on

      Time to think….maybe twice or better yet three times…..before voting….the man is sounding more & more of a trapo….he hide under the legal system when it was he himself confirmed the existence of BPI account….he should have face up to Trillanes but shield under the legal system….THE MAN IS LIKE A SHEEP IN A WOLFS’ CLOTHING………friend sit back and think….two or three times…before before voting….still there is time ……

  12. Duterte the big joke will make the philippines the biggest joke in the world! Walang kaprogram program of government but only to kill and form a revolutionary govt with the COMMUNIST! GUMISING KAYO mga kabayan, IPAPAHAMAK TAYO NG UNGAS NA TO. Obvious na masyado para magpagago pa more dito sa gagong yan!

  13. What is worrisome is if duterte wins there maybe bloody revolution in this country. That’s why he must not win

    • Or a consolidated opposition consisting of big businesses, political parties, radical movements, and underground rebels may plan an assassination. Prayers never fail us.

    • David Michael Meyer on

      Surely this is red flag –How can we allow this person to keep running –Even now ;what he saying is so inflammatory /…Why are there not steps to see that he cannot say —god forbid do any of this sort of thing ..his whole rhetoric,should preclude him for being in this race
      David M Meyer

    • There is no doubt that there will be a military takeover. Trillanes stated this in his speech. It can be a bloody civil war like what is happening in Syria. The whole country is destroyed. Only God can save us. There are millions of Duterte supporters. It is a battle of good and evil. Anybody that takes a person life is evil.

  14. Who respect rule of lawS nowadays. Did Supreme Court follow the constitution? No..(remember Poe). Did congress follow, hell no (remember Corona’s impeachment). Ombudsman, of course, they think they are above the law (many times they did it and even they did not honor the TROs.). How about AMLC, Bangko Sentral BPI (where else did Trillanes got his information.. but AMLC did not catch $81 million wire transfer..he.he.he)? Malacañang not only broke the laws but also violated the chain of command (SAF 44). Almost all Departments broke the laws. Only Duterte can fix all these diseases. You have to break the laws in order to cure our corrupted system.

  15. Duterte kills and murder everybody even the ants and cockroaches are no exception, wild Nog-Nog Duterte charcoal colored skin was over burned in the gates of HELL. A CORRUPTION KING and only Binay can match his Kurakot records Ahoy!

    • Accusation and allegations….what more? bring it on and do your best and try to destroy the reputation of a good leader if you can. Can you show any proof? if you don,’t have any just shut the F**ck up! Yung nagnakaw ng Yolanda funds at merong unliquidated 7 Billion pesos sa DILG eh tameme kayo? May Corruption King ka pang sinasabi…sabihin mo yan sa presidente mong panot.

    • Romeo Tuazon on

      True indeed. The bad part about it is we have voters who are blind and will not use their conscience. They just vote because of outrageous promises or because the person is popular, makasama lang sa agos ok na.

  16. Swearing an oath of office requires a clear statement and signature he will uphold the laws and constitution of this country.

    With a clear intent to disregard those safeguards he is committing perjury.

    The constitution basically saves us from ourselves and is the beauty of its context. No man may go against the laws of this nation or abuse the rights of others.