• Duterte: Drug war not based on fabricated records


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte insisted that the anti-drug operations of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are all above board, saying that he has never ordered the PNP to kill criminals.

    The President, in a speech during the celebration of the 56th anniversary of the Philippine Constitution Association, underscored that the administration was not after killing people.

    “Now, there are some countries, which are insulting us, [asking us]to open our records to them. Who are you to do that? If you don’t believe our records, then go out and find something else to do. We do not fabricate,” Duterte said.

    The President’s comments came four days after the country rejected 154 of the 257 recommendations by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which seeks to improve the country’s human rights record. The UNHRC’s recommendations centered on investigating the extrajudicial killings due to the drug war, as well as scrapping moves to restore death penalty and lowering the age of criminal liability from 15 to nine years old.

    “You say that we are killing our own countrymen? For what reason? Find me one, even one officer or a patrolman, find me one that would say that I ordered them to execute criminals and you will have my resignation tomorrow,” Duterte added.

    Duterte claimed that the police have conducted at least 70,000 anti-drug operations and that 200 police and soldiers were killed in action.

    The President then dared critics of his drug war to provide proof that he has ordered government troops to kill criminals and execute an affidavit stating that his children are involved in smuggling.

    “I’m challenging the opposition. If it is true in an affidavit form, or if you say that my children are into this kind of smuggling… I told you, I will not hesitate in enforcing the law,” Duterte said.

    “I was a prosecutor, I was doing trial work for eight years. I know what due process means. I know what is due should be given to the citizens. And lastly, I do not want killing [of]innocent people,” Duterte added.



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