Duterte faces impeach rap


AN opposition lawmaker on Thursday filed the first impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte over thousands of supposedly drug-related killings, summary executions in Davao City when he was city mayor, as well as graft and corruption, charges immediately belittled by administration officials and congressional allies.

NO MUTINY THIS TIME Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano shows his impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday. The ex-Marine who joined the failed 2003 Oakwood rebellion against the Arroyo administration is now going through the constitutional route of ousting presidents. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

The impeachment complaint was lodged less than a year since the President assumed power by Rep. Gary Alejano of Magdalo party-list. The ex-Marine who joined the failed 2003 Oakwood rebellion against the Arroyo administration is now going through the constitutional route of ousting presidents.

“The President should be impeached due to culpable violation of the Constitution, bribery, betrayal of public trust graft and corruption and other high crimes,” Alejano told reporters.

Alejano’s impeachment complaint accused Duterte of being behind the supposed 7,000 deaths of drug suspects and the Davao Death Squad’s execution of 1,400 individuals; hiding wealth of as much as P2.2 billion from his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth; and hiring 11,000 ghost employees when he was Davao City mayor.

“We are scared, but we can’t let this prevail over our mandate to serve the people,” Alejano said.

Impeaching the President is a long and very political process.

Under the Constitution, a verified impeachment complaint, meaning a complaint endorsed by a House member (in this case, Alejano) would have to be included in the House of Representatives’ order of business within 10 session days and referred to the proper committee within three session days thereafter.

Alejano’s impeachment complaint won’t get anywhere until May 7, when Congress resumes sessions after a Lenten break.

In the event that Alejano’s impeachment complaint is referred to the House justice committee, the panel will determine if the complaint is sufficient in form and substance, by a majority vote of its members.

If approved, the House justice panel will have to come up with a report to be submitted to House leaders within 60 session days. The complaint must reach the plenary within 10 session days after the House leaders receive the House justice panel’s report.

At least one-third of the 292 House members, or 98 lawmakers, need to vote in favor of the impeachment complaint to subject Duterte to an impeachment trial before the Senate.

For Rep. Karlo Nograles of Davao City, the impeachment complaint filed by Alejano lacks the proper form and substance.

“It does not have any proper grounds to merit an impeachment because it is based solely on conjectures, supposition, hearsay and wild imagination. Their allegations are baseless and have no evidence. They said it themselves that this is an uphill battle. By conceding the fight immediately even before the first shot is fired, clearly they know they have nothing against the President,” Nograles, chairman of the House appropriations panel, said.

“This is a shotgun approach. They are pushing their luck,” Nograles added.

‘Dramatic and coordinated’

Duterte’s legal lieutenants belittled the impeachment complaint, with Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd maintaining that the President committed no impeachable offense and would not be impeached.

“The impeachment complaint has no factual and legal basis. The allegations in the complaint are not anchored on concrete or solid evidence that would support findings of any of the enumerated grounds for impeachment. Mere allegations without proof are not evidence,” he said.

For Solicitor General Jose Calida, those who want to impeach the president “must be dreaming.”

“They are not even in the league of Don Quixote. Impeachment won’t fly. It will crash like a rudderless plane flown by witless pilots,” Calida said in a text message.

Aguirre claimed the move was part of a destabilization plot against the Duterte government.
Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella likewise said the impeachment complaint was part of “dramatic” and “coordinated” efforts to destabilize the administration.

He noted that the complaint came on the heels of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo’s video message that was scheduled to be played before the 60th annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna, Austria.

“First and foremost, no treason, betrayal of trust, bribery, graft and corruption, high crime and culpable violation of Constitution has been committed. We reiterated that the so-called extrajudicial [killings]are not state-sponsored and the President has made sure that he will not turn a blind eye to all uniformed personnel who violate and abuse their power,” Abella told reporters.

“It just seems rather dramatic that everything seems to be so coordinated at this stage with acts of trying to discredit the administration and trying to throw it in doubt,” he added.

‘No compelling reason’

Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito said an impeachment case is the last thing the country needs. “There is no compelling reason to file an impeachment complaint against the President at this time,” Ejercito said.
Other senators had a different view.

Senator Panfilo Lacson, a member of the Senate majority bloc, said the Magdalo group should not be criticized for filing the impeachment complaint.

He said he preferred that the group chose a constitutional way of removing a sitting president instead of resorting to extra-constitutional means like the 2003 mutiny against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“It is the constitutional way of booting out a sitting president, so Magdalo party-list should not be criticized, much less mocked, for filing the impeachment complaint,” Lacson said.

Liberal Party President Sen. Francis Pangilinan called for respect for the impeachment process.
“We swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution and as such we must respect our constitutional processes whether we agree with it or not, whether we like the outcome or not,” he added.



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  1. Roy Guerrero on

    Remember that De5 is detained and will soon face trial, and while the corruption or other irregularities in government are being unmasked/investigated; in my opinion, the coordinated actions of VP and Magdalo group were meant to derail or distract:

    1) De5’s trial; obviously, more bigger names will be squealed;
    2) BIR/BOC corruption investigation involving Mighty Corp. et al.
    3) continued anti-drug operations and mining closures.
    4) etc.

    Business interests of oligarchs, drug lords are bleeding profusely and by all means they want these bleeding stopped. Furthermore, Yellows/LP of the previous administration who have dirts in their closets will soon be uncovered by continued investigations of the present administration. While PRDD is not yet 1 year in his office, a lot of anomalies have already been discovered; how much more in the remaining years of his office.

    All the above distractions created by the Yellows/LP is all about protecting the interests of oligarchs, drug lords – their benefactors; likewise, to the Yellows currently being investigated. And with the #NagaLeaks unearthed, VP (and her family) wanted to come out clean. Try pa more!


  2. We should probably feel sorry for Congress having to deal with another version of the Senate’s Trillanes.

  3. It is interesting to see how many of this politician who are using the EJK to fight the war on drug is actually involved in drugs or drug money.

    These politicians never raise a finger when children are feed drugs so they can be used in prostitutions. Yet they are so quick to raise all hell just to fight the war on drugs. If it is not so obvious, what else it is ?

    For as long as these narco politicians is in power, the Philippines will continue its downward spiral.

    Meth is a very addictive drugs and it is very difficult to recover from its addiction. It also effect the brain physically. You would be thinking that this politician would be promoting educating children in school about the effect of this drug so they don’t ever touch it.

    Well, it is easy to control addict to vote for you since they have little time to think of anything else but how to sustain their addiction.

    What a sad country.

    And even going to Europe to asked fo help. Europe has no moral capital to imposed anything to any government. They are the ones who gave the world WW1 and World War 2. Even in some of the wars going on in the world, it is a proxy battle for them.

    Europe has loss its relevance since World War 2. If cannot even depends its own backward causing the US to share a big burden of the cost to maintained NATO.

  4. just a politics, next retaliation will be case against trillanes and graft case against noynoy,

  5. naka smile pa si Sir eh he is going against the millions of Filipinos who voted for President Duterte.

    this is a clear overthrow of the will of the Filipinos– na ayaw na sa mga yellows!!!!!

    dapat sya ang ma impeach– ilan ba ang boto ng party list na yan comapred sa PRES. DIGONG?

  6. There is a scheme by the CBCP not to go with the police in taking action against illegal drugs. Not to show up with the police means that they can accuse anything of all things they dislike about the government. I believe the CBCP has always a hand in all the destabilization process now as what happened before with Marcos and Estrada. I believe this is one of them. Enter Gary Alejandro.

    If these Yellows succeeded again in toppling the present administration, then I will fight back to see the light where there will be a real separation of the church and the state. For what reason we should live without freedom ruled by the pretentious hypocrite oligarchs and the friars making much money from us ordinary Filipinos, corrupting everyone, and conditioning everybody’s mind that the masses are no good but to stay low. We saw this already in the person of Jim Paredes actions taunting the youngsters at EDSA as he thought he was the only rightful person to stand on the shrine and ordering anyone present around him to heed his orders to go away. No, they should not come back into the rulership because they think that they are the only sons of God as thought by the high-end Catholic Schools. No, they had their chance to make a change but failed miserably from the time they toppled down FM. No, I don’t like a neighbor who is an addict and a potential criminal and a criminal who makes a living in selling illegal drugs. No, I don’t want to live in a rudderless country that is going nowhere headed by a visionless Yellow President being advised by hypocrite bishops who are collecting money weekly and then, investing this money by buying stocks and bonds to make more money astronomically. No, not in a country manipulated by the Americans and being judged by International Courts; where is our identity? Our country would be very weak. No, I shall not kneel down before a foreign master! Remember our heroes who died in the hands of backstabbing traitors, mga makapili, and now in the present, in the person of Triallanes, De Lima, Robredo, Socrates, Pnoy, Inquirer, Philstar, Manila Bulletin, GMA, ABS-CBN, Interaksyon, and others, and their lieutenants.

    • Duterte awakened the sleeping giant ,The mining company run by the liberals. They will used power of money to removed a good government..


    Someone has to do it. Its the right thing to do. Its just about time. Who knows?

  8. “We are scared, but we can’t let this prevail over our mandate to serve the people,” Alejano said.

    Just another lie from partisan politicians seeking by hook or by crook to oust the one man blocking their path to power. If they were so concerned about serving the people perhaps they would do something about making the rule of law the rule and not the exception. Perhaps they would get about reforming the justice system so that the citizens did not have to file private cases in order to prosecute criminals. Perhaps they could do something about changing the culture that makes being a lawyer a deadly occupation in the Philippines!


    But they won’t. They won’t ever put the good of the country above their political partisanship. In 100 years they will be dead but the Philippines will live on and will it be any better due to the Yellow Party’s legacy? I think not!.