Duterte faces raps over killings


Rudy Duterte

The Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Laban (PDP) on Friday accused the Aquino administration of launching a black propaganda campaign against its standard- bearer Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, ostensibly with a view to discrediting him ahead of the May 2016 elections.

Peter Laviña, Duterte’s spokesman, claimed that allies of President Benigno Aquino 3rd are already preparing to file charges against Duterte for his supposed role and involvement in extra-judicial killings as mayor of Davao City.

“The charges reportedly stemmed from affidavits executed by a ranking police officer and supposed self-confessed gunmen,” Laviña said in a statement.

“We view this development with serious cause for concern,” he added.

Laviña tagged supposed legal action as a desperate move by administration bets “who are threatened by the surge in the popularity and voter preference for Duterte whose numbers continue to rise in all surveys.”

“There is no doubt in our mind that momentum is on our side. This ploy to resurrect the worn-out allegations against the mayor is a vain and desperate attempt to stop that momentum,” he said.

Laviña questioned the timing of the charges that will be filed and pointed out that the case could have been filed earlier when Duterte was not yet running in the May 9 polls.

“Certainly, they had all the opportunity, time, resources and wherewithal to file those charges when Duterte was a virtual non-entity in national politics. More so when he was not yet a declared presidential candidate. But now that he is on the heels of being elected the first President from the South, a Mindanaoan [native of southern Mindanao]with strong Visayan roots, in more than 50 years, his opponents are training their guns on him to arrest his irreversible march to victory,” he said.

“We deplore these dirty tricks. We abhor these under-handed tactics. We will resist this vain plot to pin him down because of his strong stand against crime and corruption. We warn them of the repercussions of such diabolical plan. The people will not be swayed by these black propaganda and amateurish schemes,” Lavina added.

Duterte earlier candidly admitted that he has killed many criminals during his stint as mayor of Davao City.

But in a recent presidential debate, the tough-talking mayor insisted that he never engaged in extra-judicial killings, but admitted, “If I become President, it would be bloody because we will order the killing of all criminals, ang mga durugista [drug addicts]at drug lords.”

He did not apologize for having killed criminals, but qualified that when he goes after criminals, “I do it in accordance with the rule of law. I will kill, I will continue to kill criminals.”

If elected President, Duterte said, “I will use the military and the police to go after the criminality and drugs flooding the country.”

Malacañang denied that the Aquino administration is behind a rumored case to be filed against Duterte.

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Jr. said the administration does not use black propaganda against those running against its standard-bearer.

“Walang proyekto ang gobyerno na siraan si Mayor Duterte o sino mang kandidato [The government has no project to smear Mayor Duterte or any other candidate],” Coloma told reporters in a text message.


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  1. opinionated na pinoy on

    Rody Duterte deserve to be elected President of the Republic because of his accomplishments as a public servant, from Prosecutor to Mayor of a drug infested city. He was very successful in getting convictions on criminals and was able to turn the whole city around. He is also taking care of himself and staying healthy by having three (3) wives and one (1) lady friend, and this is allowed practice in the Muslim World. He already gave warnings to corrupt politicians, drug smugglers, and all the criminals in our society shall pay the price. He is accused of Judicial killings and having a death squad that cannot be proven in any court of law. All these allegations are circumstantial and in the Philippines, an accused killer must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Law abiding politicians and citizens should not have problems with Duterte as the President of the Republic.

  2. If you want real change for the better vote all the way Duterte for president. Has proven record of good governance. He is a men of action which what the country needs today. He meant what he said and manifest it in action. Give a change to federalism form of government. It will not only not only fast tract the development of Visayas and Mindanao but it eventually resolved the Mindanao crisis.

    If you want to maintain the status quo and belief in the Daan Matuwid program of the current administration Vote for Roxas.

    If you want ” hope” vote for Poe.

    If you don’t belief Senator Trellanes, et al allegations against Binay, vote for Binay for president.

    If you want Marcos to be the president of the Republic of the Philipines vote for Mariam.

    The future of the Philipines lies in your hands. Vote wisely.

    Good luck!

  3. How do you kill criminals in accordance with law? Duterte is trying to twist the law to justify the extra judicial killings he bragged about. Where is the due process? He just incriminated himself. Minus the ” alleged EJK ” he is the best candidate. He is a unifier. The NPA, MNLF are supporting him.

  4. I like to see Pnoy , Roxas, Abad and their corrupt friends and family jailed for good. Enough of this bs.

  5. Rosauro Feliciano on

    The more the oppositionists want to pin down Duterte, the more the people will go to his defense and the more his popularity will increase rapidly.

  6. Rosauro Feliciano on

    Let us all vote Mayor Duterte for President because he is the only candidates among the five candidate who is not running for sentimentality, not a corruption-tainted candidate, and not a wishy-washy candidate. He is determined to transform the whole country into a peaceful country free from criminal activities.

  7. Poe and Roxas are of the same feather. See, Poe goes scott-free and wasn’t disqualified, and both Duterte and Binay are both faced with legal issues. They don’t want Duterte because it is very evident he is changing the political climate, and which no elite, no capitalist, no conservative, no pro-status quo does not like to happen. Whoever sits as next president if he succeeds in destroying Duterte, will regret it all because I could only foresee that this “atat-na-atat” president will be shamefully ousted by a revolution. Why do I foresee a revolution? It is because Duterte has radically changed the hearts and minds of the nation.– passionately.

  8. Go ahead……they can .file any case against duterte….it will boomerang back to those who started it and the consequence of it will bring more votes to duterte.

  9. Jaime M. Avila on

    Whatever charges or issues maybe thrown to Presidential Candidate Duterte will never change our views and trust on him. Our votes for Duterte/Cayetano will go for them. Because we do believe their program and platform of government is the best for the Filipino people. We need Team Duterte/Cayetano for a total change of systems in the government.

  10. Fred Pescador on

    They failed to DQ Grace Poe and they want to DQ Binay and Duterte before the election…these “yellows”are so desperate to put Roxas in the palace…what a blood sucking people.

  11. Why is our government like this? Knowing that their “manok” have no chance of winning the presidential election, lahat na posible gawin para just to win eh ginagawa na.
    – Binay, one year na tinitira thru Senate, ngayon sa Ombudsman na. Eh yong main witness eh sugarol sa casino ngayong idedemanda na tungkol sa boyscout land issue dahil sinungaling.
    – ngayon si Duterte naman.
    All timing very very very bad and very very obvious.
    Poe? If ever, she will only be a president by name. It will be those she will pick to be around her, that will run her government. And who knows, WHO ARE THOSE? And it is very obvious too na she is the plan B of PNoy.

    Mariam is my pick so no bias in me. Kahit kulelat or no chance of winning, kanya pa rin vote ko dahil hindi ko maatim ibigay kay Binay, Duterte, Poe or ever Mar. Nakakainis lang kasi marumi ang playing – sana play fair lang.

  12. noelsalaysay on

    The government should file falsification of Grace Poe’s birth certificate where it states that the biological mother is Susan Sonora and the biological father is Fernando Poe,Jr
    One wonders why the 9 Supreme Court Justices glossed over this material misrepresentation.

  13. Duterte’s feet of clay starts to crumble. He has already admitted before the media and to the knowledge of many about the extra judicial killing he has bragged about. Now that the arm of the law also believes in him and run after him. What will he do or even his ranks of political minders? After admitting to the ill act and gaining thousand of publicity mileage, what will he say? “Joke only.?” That is the ultimate in sadistic and foul political play.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Your statements are yours but you ascribe them to Duterte who said “HE HAD KILLED CRIMINALS “in accordance with law”… If criminals resisting arrests engage persons in authority to a gun battle, then what would these persons in authority do “in accordance with law”? Duh !!!

  14. florendo abad on

    Lets start a revolution and hang the head of Aquino and his cohorts in Edsa to suppress the Aquino and Cojuanco family.

  15. The Liberal Party will jail Binay and Duterte so that Roxas or Poe will win, if either Roxas or Poe win then Aquino and his Liberal Party don’t have to worry about being charged for any of the scandals of the past 6 years.
    As a added bonus if Roxas or Poe are elected the budget will continue to go directly to the dynasty families like it has done since Aquino was elected.

    Rolling out the paid liars to deny they have anything to do with every scandal seems to work for some reason, why anyone with a brain believes anything the Liberal Party and their paid lying spokespeople said is a mystery to me.