• Duterte: Federalism to avert Minda bloodshed


    ILIGAN CITY: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte has appealed for calm amid the tension that threatens the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

    Speaking during the 45th commencement exercises of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Duterte last Tuesday expressed concern over statements made earlier by a member of the government peace panel who warned of the possibility of violence breaking out once again should Congress fail to pass the BBL.

    He said this is one reason why he has been actively campaigning for the shift to a federal form of government as this could be Mindanao’s last card to avert bloodshed in the South.
    The Davao City mayor left a “very good” impression in this city.

    A motorcade from the Iligan City National High School grounds where his helicopter landed took him to the venue of the graduation ceremony.

    On hand to greet him upon his arrival were school officials, members of the Iligan Fury Motor Club and the Samporna clan, which considers Duterte a distant relative.

    The 5,000-capacity MSU-IIT gym was packed to the rafters by 1,612 graduates and their
    families and friends. The door had to be shut by security personnel after Duterte’s entrance was delayed by the usual throng of admirers.

    He was greeted with a standing ovation after he was introduced by MSU-IIT chancellor Sukarno Tanggol, one of the country’s foremost scholars and himself an expert and author on federalism.

    Tanggol disclosed that when the announcement that Duterte was the commencement speaker was posted on Facebook, it instantly generated “more than 1,000 likes and more than a hundred shares.”

    The chancellor revealed that a daughter of a faculty member herself had unwittingly rode on a taxi driven by the mayor on one of his fabled nocturnal pastime, which is going after criminals.

    “[Duterte] is a legend, a hero and an idol,” Tanggol described Duterte in his introduction.

    The audience stayed on in spite of the sweltering heat throughout the solemn ceremony.

    Duterte did not read his prepared speech and instead spoke extemporaneously when he traced the history of the conflict in Mindanao.

    The audience, a mixture of Moslems and Christians, listened attentively as Duterte presented his argument that the Mamasapano incident had its roots in the 1521 arrival of Ferdinand Magellan and the subsequent subjugation of the Philippines.

    At the end of his 38-minute address, the entire graduating class rose as one to applaud the mayor who was uncharacteristically garbed in a toga.

    Duterte was treated to a late lunch at the Office of the Chancellor where he was again besieged by admirers waiting to have their selfies and groupies with him.

    He next proceeded to the College of Engineering amphitheater to speak at a federalism forum arranged by the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte-National Executive Committee Iligan chapter headed by former Mayor Franklin Quijano.

    Before Duterte’s turn, Tanggol gave excerpts of his book on federalism although he admitted he had to make it very brief because Duterte had to fly back to Davao.

    Acknowledging the persistent calls for him to run, Duterte urged his audience to look to Manila first because there are enough materials there.

    “[Vice President Jejomar] Binay, good. [Sen. Grace] Poe, good. [Secretary Manuel] Roxas [2nd], good. [Sen. Alan Peter] Cayetano, good,” he started off.

    Like in his previous sorties, the audience stayed silent, waiting for the clincher.
    “But if you’re not satisfied, look South. Duterte, very good.”


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    1. Magandang pakinggan but what will happen when it is applied to reality? Wag kayong basta basta magpaagos sa mga sinasabi ng iba, make sure first if it is feasible… kaya ba? dapat ba? sapat ba? Iba ang ideas sa pratice… those two are very different. Don’t be swayed by words, pag-aralan mo rin… not because it sounds good eh it’s actually good na agad.. Asses it first! So please lang Duterte… not now… di ka nakakatulong eh

    2. Amor Dela Cruz on


      • Robert Z Tañedo on

        Please be informed that Federalism is a system of government also a Democratic Form which we desire to have from the present Unitary System.

      • current system isn’t good enough. Federal system is it good.
        look at now.every single of us saying that corruption is so easy to do it and also very difficult and hard to find who is involve from it.

        duterte has a massive point. federalism is GOOD for the Philippines. there is no one person can be save our country. except if we change our stupid governance system.

        You guys must be understand and feel whats happening our country today. federalism it is all about hope and change. not for someone else.

    3. Robert Z Tañedo on

      I have high hope that FEDERALISM could help avert the bloodshed in Mindanao. Upholding the Rule of Law and the satisfaction the people then have with fair and equitable share of their own resources to attain development and progress in the place leads an economic boom that makes the people busy thinking only of doing something good beneficial for the place and more particularly to them.

    4. ernesto albay on

      If Mr Duterte is saying federalism is a solution to avert bloodshed in MINDANAO probably not true. When he ruled Davao City do the PEOPLE respect the LAW, probably yes, so he ruled the city with the RULE of LAW. The only problem in MINDANAO is the PERSON or goverment representative that govern the respective area do not implement the RULE OF LAW. Should they implement the RULE OF LAW then the ILLEGAL position of FIREARMS did not prosper.

      Now let us make Mr. DUTERTE to run the province of MAGUINDANAO and let us see if he will implement the RULE OF LAW, do you think we will have these rebels or TERRORIST in the area. DO we need federalism for him rule or govern. JUST ASKING ONLY>>>

      • no every cities and provinces in mindanao they always follow the Rule Of Law. obviously if your not follow the Law like committing crime you go to jail, one thing is- the police must working on it like if there is some sort of crime in city the PNP SAF AFP that there job. and then the in-charge of the government representative on that certain provinces has not implementing the Rule law or do corruption – National Government will be taking over on that problem like DOJ, COA, etc/////// everything must be connected.

        now REbel And Terrorist is another story
        The Rebel like NPA,MILF,MNLF a breakaway BIFF
        all of the group has a PRINCIPLE with a Rule of Law, if the local gov. nat’l gov. doing not so well, they smashing pumpkin simply means! ,” they are not A gangster in the street or a drug-lord in the city.” they dont like corrupt cities and fool politician.= all they want FAIR Budget to the city, not National Gov. Imperialism.

        Terrorist is Everywhere even Europe USA CHINA they are also victims by terrorist.

        people in Mindanao or all entire Philippines were Dealing with the REBELS GROUPs -THE rebels has a principle
        the Principle build because our current system is not working Good. lack of Support by Nat’l gov, like benefits,health,school. etc/////

        Federal system is good one for the new story

    5. Aguinaldo Doctrine should be abolished from the Constitution and the CORRUPT POLITICIANS should be punished no matter he/she will get voted for any future elections.

    6. Mayor Duterte pwede man sab nimo irevive ang Mindanao Independent Movement kuyog sa atong mga igsuon nga Muslim kay sa tinuod lang ang Mindanao kong naa lay isog ug sincere leader sama nimo molambo gyud ang Mindanao. Kayang kaya mag independent ang Mindanao from Luzon.

    7. Mayor Duterte sa 2016 pag puyo na sa Malacañang. Tagai dayon ug priority ang federalism. Once there is peace in Mindanao progress will follow. What is lacking are sincere government officials. Ang mga opisyales sa gobyerno didto sa Mindanao kinahanglan ang government funds ibutang gayod sa mga proyekto dili nila ibulsa aron molambo ang Mindanao. Ma monitor kini easily under federalism ma pinpoint dayon kinsay maayo mo manage sa ilang state. Molambo ang Mindanao mao nga sige na Mayor Duterte dagan na pagka presidente sa 2016.

    8. Mabuhay ka Mayor Rody Duterte kaya’t huwag ka ng magpatumpik-tumpik pa. Nasa likuran mo ang karamihang tao ng Pilipinas. Kaya pagdating ng 2016 National Election – you are there at magbubunyi ang sambayanan dahil ang pet idea mo na Federalsm is all we want for the country. God bless and more power to you. Please don’t fail our expectation. Thank you.