Duterte firm on Marcos burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani


Regardless of how some Filipinos judge the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ regime, President Rodrigo Duterte reiterated that the former President and soldier deserves a hero’s burial.

Duterte made the statement as the Marcos family began preparations for the burial, reportedly set on Sept. 18, at the Libingan ng ga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery) in Taguig.

In Davao City early Sunday, Duterte admitted that the move would not sit well with some people who don’t believe Marcos deserves to be treated as a hero, but the President said the former strongman was entitled to the honor.

“If other Filipinos oppose it, fine. Hold demonstrations, go ahead. You can use the streets for a month,” he said.

Marcos’ remains have been kept in a refrigerated crypt in his home province of Ilocos Norte since the family’s return from exile in Hawaii in the early 1990s.

A burial for Marcos on his 99th birth anniversary on September 11 would be “okay” for Duterte.

“If that’s what the family wants, so be it,” the President said.

Duterte first promised to give Marcos a hero’s burial in February while campaigning in Ilocos Norte. Duterte won Ilocos Norte, getting more than 100,000 votes during the May 9 polls.

Former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., thanked President Duterte.

“We are deeply grateful to President Rody Duterte for allowing the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani this September,” Marcos said in a Facebook post.

On Twitter, he said: “On behalf of my family, we thank the President for the kind & healing gesture.”

In anticipation of a formal order from the President, the Marcos family has begun preparations for the burial, said Col. Benjamin Hao, Army spokesman,

The Libingan ng mga Bayani is a property of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Army is the unit tasked to manage the operations and maintenance of the military cemetery.

“A representative of the Marcos family went to the site,” Hao said. “Actually they were on the site and they already covered their preferred site. But there is no directive yet,” he added.

The visit was in coordination with the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, the administrator of National Shrines including the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Marcos Jr. said Duterte’s pronouncement could end decades of division over the Marcos regime.

But two Liberal Party senators on Sunday disagreed and said the Marcos burial at the Libingan would cause further division.

Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon said this would “reopen the wounds of the past that up to now, were not completely healed.”

Senator Francis Pangilinan said the decision of the President would teach children to “honor murderers and plunderers.”

“Burying a murderer and a thief in the Libingan ng mga Bayani is not moving on…It is not going to heal the nation nor will it unite us…it will only deeply divide us,” Pangilinan posted on his Facebook page.


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  1. Francis pangilinan or Mr noted seems to be sinless individual. Look before the mirror and ask that guy in front of you, francis, and ask him “are you real or otherwise”?

  2. Iggy Padilla on

    Lahat kayo na against sa pagpapalibing kay President Marcos sa Libingan ng mga Bayani ay mga ipokrito, nagmamalinis na akala mo walang kasalanan. Kung ano man ang nagawang kasalanan ni Marcos ay Diyos na ang bahalang manghusga. Ang Diyos nga nagpapatawad, tao pa kaya!

  3. yung mga govt officials na ayaw or against the burial of marcos sa LNMB means sila mismo hindi maka move on. itong dalawang senador na ito nag start na sila MAG BRAINWASH by giving their opinions. siempre susunod na dyan ang mga yellow ribbon.
    please make our LIFE SIMPLIFIED. sabi sa dasal na OUR FATHER, GOD forgives if you forgive your enemies..

  4. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Marcos cannot be classified as a hero in any way, shape or form. Libingan ng mga Bayani is a burial place of Philippine heroes that sacrificed their life for the people and the country, not the other way around. Marcos made people sacrificed in every imaginable ways during Martial law, killed or jailed his political opponents, made Central Bank of the Philippines as his personal or family bank, and spent Filipino monies in an unlimited ways, and it took years for the Filipino people to recover. The real Filipino heroes that was already buried there might get up and start walking away because their sacred place has been contaminated by having Marcos in there.

    Street demonstrations might not be the only problem the Marcos’ might encounter at this time. Nobody can predict that in later months or years, militant groups might bury several sticks of dynamite and several pounds of C4, and blow up the whole burial place, until no more cadaver can be found. Another method is to have a vehicle full of explosive be driven remotely and detonate precisely at Marcos’ tomb. This is how the people would express their hatred to the late dictator. It is also true that burying Marcos in the said cemetery will only create deeper wounds and divisions of Filipino People. All these destruction and demolition jobs can be done easily, and can be contracted as well, if the price is right. Filipinos are unpredictable, most of the times.

  5. Tignan naten kung tatagal at uubra kayong mga rallyista kay Duterte! Magtrabaho kase kayo para maka move on na kayo kay Marcos. 30 years ago na yon. Umayos kayo!

  6. Rizalito David on

    Ones heroism lives in the hearts of men for whom ones life was dedicated, offered and sacrificed. Marcos’ heroism, if indeed he was one, will not lose its significance even if he is not buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Perhaps it is not yet time to place him there. The wounds that his regime had inflicted in the hearts of many remain unhealed. When the generations of the wounded and pained may have passed on then perhaps those who have neither the memory of pain nor the passion for dedicated life would be more forgiving and have Marcos’ remains laid to rest to a hero’s relevance. To do so now, with the kind of insistence manifested, Mr. Duterte will only do Marcos a disservice. His significance as a soldier, a president and a hero will certainly be diminished or perhaps even entirely negated. This is not the time. The wounds have not healed.

    • What wrongs inflicted that never healed? You mean, the lies that the yellows have created & divided the Nation for thirty long years while they enrich themselves at the expense of country & people. Read greed & betrayal, or Economic Intelligence Review, so you would know the truth that has long been twisted by the yellow cults disguise behind their Demoncracy. At any rate,
      there were only few of you, who are opposing FM’ burial for the simple reason that his burial at the LNB will forever cement the evil, vile, greedy & yellow corrupts claim to the illegitmacy este legitimacy of their Demoncracy & they will have no more excuse to use FM at every opportunity as a scapegoat for their plundering ways. Enough said.

    • Prinze Fisher on

      So, si Ninoy ba ang dapat mong tawaging hero? Traydor sa kapakanan ng Pilipinas at wala namang nagawa o naitulong man lang? Itigil na ang pagiging kritiko sa mga bagay na kulang ang ating kaalaman sapagkat ito’y nagbibigay ng maling landasin sa mga sumusunod na henerasyon.

  7. Kunyari pa etong dalawa nagmamalinis, Mabuti nagsalita si Napoles at na expose ang mga plunderer na mga Senador at Congressmen , na ngayon ay nagmamalinis .dapat disqualified kayo malibing sa LibingaN
    Ng mga Bayani

  8. Aren’t these two were recipients of illegal DAP as exposed by Jinggoy both blinded by money both corrupt who has not done anything to help the poor but enrich themselves do not deserve what Marcos deserve to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani

  9. These 2 senators are not the one who don’t want to unite the nation and the long awaited prosperity of the nation is over due because of hatred, may I ask these two senators are you perfect and you ever commit a mistake since you served in your present position? Don’t be hypocrite and besides that the President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s prerogative whose the majority of electorate chosen him to lead our Country and leading our nation a 360 degrees change, these two senators who part of the previous administration they let Our young Filipinos addicted in illegal drugs and now they have the guts to tell to us that by allowing PFEM in libingan Ng bayani will divide us, let see and observe on 18 Sept. God bless Philippines.

  10. Maribel A. Calanda on

    I really do not care of what those two yellow senators are saying. Go to the streets for all you want and you will do a great disservice to your countrymen. There are still millions of Filipinos who love, admire and honor the great President Ferdinand Marcos. Hey Pangilinan and Drilon, you will not be remembered by the Filipino people after you step out of the political limelight. You were not even able to accomplish half of the achievements of President Marcos and yet you spoke with so much divisiveness and hatred for him Anyway you belong to just a few hundred thousands who may disagree with the hero’s burial but I belong to the millions of Filipinos particularly the Ilocanos who waited for this to happen, after almost 3 decades. Viva El Presidente Marcos

  11. Senator Pangilinan can file a murder charge at the court of any jurisdiction in the Philippines, but the good Senator decided to just open his mouth and not do anything. Please continue to shut up or file charges as necessary against President Marcos. The family does not have any conviction yet in any court of law in the country called the Philippines.

  12. girlie bebbeb on

    In the New Testament, It is written ” If you cannot forgive, why should I forgive you? “. Two wrongs don’t make it right. Drillion and Pangilinan must not have read their bible, unless they are both pagans or hypocrite.

  13. yang dalawang yan ang hilig magdakdak. e ano sino ba kayo? malinis ba kayo? sino ang hero niyo si Ninoy? bwa hah hah. nagpapatawa ba kayo? nagmamalinis pa kayo.