• Duterte flayed for rape joke


    DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte drew heavy flak from three of his rivals for the presidency for jesting about the rape and murder of an Australian lay missionary in a Davao prison in 1989.

    The criticisms came after the circulation of a video of the mayor speaking before a crowd, recounting that he was able to take a look at the corpse of the Australian woman.

    “[S]ayang. Ang napasok sa isip ko, ni-rape nila, pinagpilahan nila lahat doon [What a pity. What came to my mind is that they took turns raping the victim],” Duterte said.

    He, however, followed the statement with, “Nagalit ako kasi ni-rape? Oo. Isa rin ‘yun. Pero napakaganda. Dapat, ang mayor muna ang mauna [I was furious because she was raped? Yes. That is one [of the reasons]. But [she]was very beautiful. The mayor should have been the first].”

    Shocked by Duterte’s statement, Sen. Grace Poe said rape is not a laughing matter and no one deserves to be raped and abused.

    “It is distasteful and unacceptable, and reflects his disrespect for women. Rape is a crime and no laughing matter. We should all be outraged at abuses against women,” she added.

    Poe noted that while some people may seem impressed with Duterte’s nonchalance and tough talk, he should be reminded that, at all times, women, men and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community should be treated with dignity and respect.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay also fumed at Duterte, calling the mayor “a crazy maniac” who does not respect women and does not deserve to be President.”

    In a statement issued on Sunday, Binay said, “Hindi nakakatawa ang rape at murder ng isang babae [The rape and murder of a woman is not funny].”

    “Mister Duterte, wala ka bang ina? Wala ka bang anak na babae [Mister Duterte, don’t you have a mother? Don’t you have a daughter?] Your statement is simply revolting. Nothing can justify such callous remarks,” he added.

    “Nanghinayang ka na hindi mo na-rape ang Australian lay minister. Pinagyabang mo na minolestya mo ang inyong kasambahay [You regret that you weren’t able to rape the Australian lay minister. You boast that you molested your household help]. You are a crazy maniac who doesn’t respect women and doesn’t deserve to be President,” Binay said.

    The Vice President, the standard-bearer of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), signed a covenant with women’s groups in Zamboanga City on Saturday as he stressed that women should be respected and that life is sacred.

    There, he also took a swipe at Duterte.

    “Mayroong isang kandidato diyan, ang tingin sa kababaihan, puros katulong lamang. Ang tingin ng kandidatong pagkapresidenteng ito — machong macho kasi pero saksakan ng yabang — bukod sa pinagyayabang ‘yong pagpatay sa kapwa tao, itong kandidatong ito, walang respeto sa babae [There is one candidate who views women merely as household helps. This presidential candidate —he is very macho but full of arrogance — brags about killing fellow human beings and has no respect for women],” Binay said.

    “Pakaingatan ho ninyo, pag-isipan ninyo, kung iboboto ninyo ang isang kandidato na walang respeto sa kababaihan [Take care, think thoroughly if you will vote for a candidate who has no respect for women],” he added.

    Former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas referred to Duterte as a “scumbag” for making a joke out of the tragedy that befell the Australian missionary.

    “Ang babae ay may karapatan, hindi pinaglalaruan. Hindi ito [rape]katatawanan, kahayupan ito [Women have rights, and they should not be made the butt of jokes. Rape is not a joke. It is an inhuman act],” Roxas said.

    “Rape is a serious problem. Anyone who laughs at the ultimate assault on the dignity of women should not be allowed to wield power,” he added.

    Not fit for President
    Malacañang also denounced Duterte, saying his “immature” remarks proved that he is not fit to be President.

    “His statement, recorded on videotape, reveals that since he first served as Davao City mayor [he was elected for the 1988-1992 term], he has not matured nor evolved, and that his offer to serve as President truly deserves serious scrutiny. He makes fun of, and trivializes the rape and killing of a female missionary from a foreign land who was part of a team made up mostly of women and who were doing their part in reforming convicted prison inmates,’ Palace Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said.

    The official quoted an old article published by the Chicago Tribune on August 16, 1989 about the murder of Jacqueline Hamill, then 36.

    Coloma said Duterte’s statement on Hamill’s case reveals his character.

    “It speaks volumes not just about his utter lack of respect for women, which was already well-known even before he launched his candidacy. He does not respect nor care for the sensitivities of the countries with whom the Philippines maintains cordial and cooperative relations. Indeed, he has confirmed by word and deed why those who oppose his candidacy have expressed utmost concern about his lack of fitness for the presidency,” he added.



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    1. ELENO D. NARVASA on

      Kahit na hindi pa sinabi yun ni DUTERTE kayong mga hindi gustong bomoto sa kanya ay hindi talaga siya bobotohan. But we have decided to VOTE FOR DUTERTE, anong magagawa niyo?

    2. Naku desentening kandidato mayroon ba dyan buti pa si Mayor nag narrate lang sa totoong pangyayari sabay joke pero yung tatlo na yan naku yung isa kung magnakaw ng kaban ng bayan halos uubos na huwag ninyong iboto yan,Ito namang isa kunwari nag mamarunong kaya tingnan nyo sa kanyang karunungan palpak ang MRT/LRT, tanim bala,Yolanda funds unaccounted for,etsapwera ng boss nya sa palpak na operation ng Mamasapano dahil walang tiwala sa kanya, at iton namang isa magaling daw saan kaya galing ang galing nya na wala pang karanasan pag papatakbo ng governo lalo na sa executive brance of goverment zero experience nagpapapili rin huwag din iboto ang mga epocrito at plastic na mga ito.Duterte for real change 2916.

      • Teranishi Sugi on

        If you are a responsible Filipino, you have to do your homework– do a little research on hard data, not “tsismis”, open your ears to what comes out of the candidates’ mouth (from the abundance of the heart comes words), pray to God for clarity of your mind, and lastly, think before you vote.

    3. eltee mulawin on

      >>> ano naman PALUSOT ng kaniyang Vice Presidential candidate Alan Cayetano sasabihin para ipagtanggol ang kagaguhan ng kaniyang Presidential candidate?

      Sa sinabi ni Duterte na biro lamang o joke lamang ang kaniyang nasabi. Eh paano naman kung may magbiro at sabihin din sa kaniyang anak na babae o kamag-anak ang ganoong pangungusap at ito ay ma-appload sa Youtube, ano kaya ang maging reactions niya?

    4. Duterte certainly does not condone rape. His comments are considered the worst mistake Duterte ever made by his opponents, or they would not have gone back to dig up a 27 year video on Duterte. Well if these comments are the worst thing Duterte has ever done, then I will still vote for Duterte.

    5. Plain and simple. It would be easier to TELL Duterte to just STOP telling impromptu Jokes like that THAN it would BE to TELL Grace Poe, that she LIED to the Filipino People, or Roxas to become man of ACTION instead of Missing In Action, or to tell Binay to Stop butchering People’s money. How many times do somebody heard of when a beautiful celebrity admits SHE has a boyfriend. Other men would crack a joke, “Naunahan ako”, unless of course they are NOT MEN.

    6. Sa mahabang panahon ang Pilipinas ay pinatakbo ng mga taong sa tingin natin ay mga disente at kagalang-galang. Subalit umangat ba ang kabuhayan natin, lalo na ng mga mahihirap? Naging ligtas ba tayo sa mga krimen sa daan? Nabawasan ba ang mga magnanakaw sa gogyerno? Ang sagot dyan ay HINDI sapagkat ang mga tao sa gobierno ay walang malasakit sa ating lahat. Pagpapayaman lang ang inatupag nila. Walang pinagiba dyan si Binay, Roxas at Poe. Mga ganid na walang nasa isip kung hindi ang magpayaman. Si Duterte pa rin ang iboboto ko sapagkat ang tingin ko siya ay higit na disente sa puso kaysa sa kanilang lahat!

    7. alexis agustin on

      There is always a room for improvement and a window of learning. Of course, he needs to verbalize what he thinks and feels. He is definitely accustomed to say it in introspective manner. Otherwise, he would keep it in silence. Every politician has the right to expresse their opinions. But there are other politicians who would use it as an “attack” or “destruction” to pull down the person who is on top. I would still vote for Duterte. I am a Filipino and Duterte is my president.

    8. Isn’t that. Maj Calida of the Drug Enforcement Administration of the PNP that propelled Duterte to Notoriety Known as the Creator of the Alsa Masa in Davao City.
      And One of his hencemen hail from Laminusa, Siasi Sulu. Known as the Rizal Alih of Davao City. Where there any Human Rights Violations as far with the Alliances of these Group??? Are the fitness of his Presidential ambition is under a cloud of suspicion?? Will his Macho figure among the masses will Guarantee a better Philippines. Or Grace Poe really the one could lead a good example. We can’t get specialist in every region that can help shape the Country for advancement like the the Singaporean done. No actors nor Political Dynasty or Clan one after the other will rule the Country to their own advantage. A New Inexperience leader can gather support of adviser how to best propel the country. Rather with Politician who have a have a family history running a Political Dynasty with their own blood relatives or cronies opportunist that wanted to corrupt the Government and its People. Like the Marcoses and the Binays or others are known too Nationwide. Pls. Change the Course now and vote wisely. Hopefully the Philippine will rise like the Singapore.

    9. I definitely think Duterte’s comment is inappropriate and unbecoming of a gentleman. But will that stop me from voting him? No. Why? Because those flaws can be corrected. He would just need a coach.

      What this shows is that unlike his other competitors, he really does not have the machinery that supports his candidacy unlike -the others who have marketing arms to “package and sell” them. His flaws can be corrected.

      What is difficult to change are those politicos who cannot detach themselves from political favors. They are so deeply committed to their patrons that once elected, only their patrons, relatives and friends and all who supported them will get the benefits and probably the big returns on their investment. The poor will still be forgotten. Traffic will still be a nightmare, drugs and smuggling will still fluorish, and corruption still unabated.

      Unlike his other opponent/s, he does not have a program, whether illegal or unconstitutional that is deeply entenched into the system that needs to be “continued at all cost”… Or else, their glory days of milking our treasury will be over.

      Unlike his opponents, he does not have anyone to protect from going to jail because of some violations and crime committed while he was in office!

      I would still prefer one who can really lead, implement laws, instill discipline, work for the people’s welfare and make things work, use the nation’s “brainpower” for the common good. Remember, this same mayor, with all his faults was able to improve and make Davao , what it is today! Despite all his flaws, he still has a much better track record for performance and achievements than most if not all his opponents.

      • Makababoy, ang isda ay nahuhuli dahil sa bibig.Kong ano ang lumabas sa bibig niya iyon ay nasa sub-concious niya.Iyon talaga ang character niya.No amount of coaching will change that, it will just deceive people from knowing his real character. No duterte.

    10. I thought I have already forgiven Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for cursing the Pope. Sensing that Senator MDS has a nil chance of making it, I am thinking of shifting my vote to him. And why not? Mayor Rodrigo Duterte epitomizes the dreams of every Filipino for their beloved country. Unfortunately, his statement regarding the rape of Australian missionary worker doesn’t inspire confidence in his presidency. I now have to reconsider my first option come what may.

      • I am an ofw and I voted for Santiago-Marcos. Why do you believe that she has no chance when the election isn’t over yet? Are you affected by the paid surveys? Vote who you think will deliver for the country and do not be fooled by surveys that are paid and are meant to mislead.

    11. Unluckily his joke is unacceptable, politicians either make jokes or promise something that they cannot deliver later on. Administration officials and all other presidential candidates get agitated and jump into criticizing him. But did all the other candidates running for high position look on themselves on the mirror to see whom they are. All of them have deceptive faces with worst public records, some are thief, some are puppet, some cannot be trusted, some are incompetent, some are running to save a friend.

    12. Here is now a clear example of that Filipino Talangka mentality where those still struggling would bring down another countryman who is almost making it to the top!

      With Duterte having been recently reported to have topped survey polls among Presidential candidates, an old storyline had been ingenuously injected to the Filipino electorate as a means to counter his rising lead.

      Allow this representation to clear some shadowy issues on what transpired during that fateful day involving the death of an Australian lay worker sometime in August 1989.

      While serving as Chief Information Oficer of DILG Region XI (Southeastern Mindanao), together with then DILG Regional Director Wendel Avisado, we rushed to the then Davao Metrodiscom Headquarters as soon as the news broke out of a hostage taking incident involving a group of inmates.

      Arriving at the scene, Mayor Duterte together with the Metrodiscom Chief Supt Calida and other Police and City officials were mapping out courses of action as the incident was unfurling. Suddenly, there was a commotion inside the detention area where the group of Felipe Pogoy and his group of inmates were holding a group of hostages including the Australian lay worker, Jacquiline Hamill.

      A few minutes later, the body of a lifeless boy was brought out. Mayor Duterte knelt down on the victim and I could attest that his eyes welled as he was staring at the dead boy. When he got up, immediately nodded to the then RSAF Commander Ronald de la Rosa. The RSAF team with only handguns discretely entered a prison back door opening. A minute later few shots were heard from inside the detention center. The surprised inmate hostage takers tried exiting the center through the front entrance using the Australian lay worker as the lead hostage shield. In the confusion, short bursts of automatic fire was heard presumably originating from a perimeter police defense position. As the brief rescue settled, the foreigner lay worker was among those caught in the crossfire.

      Mayor Duterte and Col Calida were both furious on the unauthorized involvement of some police elements. The RSAF team could have done the rescue without harming any of the hostages. It was later learned that most of the team were also members of the Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA) – Davao.

      Mayor Duterte did more “highly news worthy” actions relating to the Pogoy case especially in bringing the hostage taker inmates all the way from the Davao Penal Colony in Davao Province to the Davao City Hall where he offered himself as a hostage in exchange for the group of hostages the inmates were holding. I can bear witness as I was standing nearby with him and then Rep. Jess Dureza leading the actual negotiations. Why? I was directly communicating with the then DILG Secretary Luis Santos of what was happening in the course of the negotiations. Finally Mayor Duterte was able to free the hostages and have the inmates transferred to the then Metrodiscom Detention Center.

      No doubt, Mayor Duterte is far more worthy of the Presidency!

      • I’m a believer of Mayor Duterte’s aspirations for our country. However, I’m deeply saddened by his latest remarks. Then again, when I read your comment, I’m trying to find a silver lining of your story.

        With that, if I may, could you tell me why rape and murder were mentioned in the news whereas in your story, the woman died from gunshot wounds.

        Confused DU30 Believer

      • alvintsamaria68@yahoo.com on

        KAIBIGAN…..kahit ano ang sabihin mo….mali pa rin ang gawing joke yung rape…..maling mali po yun..wag na ninyong bigyan ng logic……mali kahit saang angulo tignan….isa yan sa traits para makilala ang pagka-tao mo…..

    13. It’s time to seriously re-examine our Christianity!!! Sayang na lang ang pagka-Kristiyano nating mga Filipinos kung mala-demonyo naman ang pag-iisip ng ihahalal nating pangulo ng ating bansa. Nasa bandang huli pa naman palagi ang pagsisisi. Can we really afford to go through the same shit all over again or even worse for another six (6) long years? Isip isip pa more mga kabayan.

      Mukhang sira na nga ang ulo niya. Joke pa more!!! Sabi niya, “Napaka Ganda. Dapat Mayor ang Mauna”. Pati ba naman iyong patay na ay pinagnanasaan pa at gustong siya ang dapat na nauna? Maysakit ba siya. Ginagawa niyang joke ang rape? Rape is not a joke. It is a serious crime. Wala talaga siyang respeto sa kababaihan. What a mentally sick person? Those who will support his candidacy are equally sick like him.

      • Hindi lang si Duterte ang makasalanan. Talagang questionable ang pagka Christiano natin. Unang una, yung mga politiko natin, they claim to be Christians pero garapal sa pagnanakaw, pang aabuso sa kapangyarihan, lantaran sa pagsisinungaling, binabaluktot ang batas, kinukupkop ang mga criminal, o pinapatakas ang mga kaibigang kriminal, hindi patas ang pagtrato sa kapwa, pinababayaan ang mga smuggler, drug lord, mga corrupt, etc. lahat yan, equal sa pagkakasalanan. Walang labis, walang kulang. Sa mata ng Diyos pareho silang kasalanan and yet, boto tayo ng boto…yun lang, hindi exclusive kay Duterte ang pagka makasalanan.

        Kung sa tingin mo, hindi rape ang tawag sa paulit ulit na nakawan ang taong bayan para ipamudmod at ipangsuhol gamit ng Unconstitutional DAP and PDAF… Yung ipabulsa mo sa mga kaibigan mo ang dapat para sa serbisyo ng mga nagbabayad ng buwis… Saan ka nakakita na 6 na buwan na, wala pang plaka? Kundi, tinakbo na pera mo. Distorted talaga utak natin. Hindi tayo kinikilabutan na lantaran tayong niloloko at pinagsasamantalahan!

      • Jose Samilin on

        Very good, JRaffyO, you can fully comprehend the heart and mind perfectly of then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and the mystery of man, then you are god (sic) a fake God. Ang galing mo naman!! Huwag pansinin si JRaffyO, iboto lang nyo ang tunay na may kakayahan, si Mayor Duterte.

    14. Nang mag-joke si Ramon Bautista sa mga hipon sa Davao na-ban sya agad sa Davao. Now it is the ladies and women’s turn to ban and declare Duterte persona no grata for making rape a joke. Kawalan ito ng respeto sa mga kababaihan. Rape is not a joke. It is a serious crime. Dapat ay i-ban din natin si Duterte sa pagka President dahil sa rape joke nya. Hindi siya karapatdapat na maging pangulo ng ating mahal na bansa. A presidential candidate who doesn’t respect women definitely doesn’t deserve to become president of our beloved country Philippines.

    15. I have noted that The Manila Times only banners or reports anything bad about Mayor Duterte.

      FYI, his latest remarks on the rape of an Australian woman was a narrative and not a jest or a joke.Too bad the people laughed about it.


      • You are a brainwashed bobotante.Narrative ba iyong sinasabi niyang dapat
        siya ang nauna. Kong ganoon di lalong delikado dahil sigurado na palang totoo ang lumabas sa bibig niya.

      • Tanong ko lang po sa inyo ? tama ba ang ginawa niya yes or no ? at kung sakaling nangyari sa pamilya ninyo ang ginahasa ang anak ninyo at pilit na ninyo itong kinalimutan tapos may magbibiro na sabihin ito ano kaya ang mararamdaman mo ?kahihioyan ng isang Pilip[ino kahihiyan din nating lahat at gaya nga ng sinabi ng Australian Embassy wag gawing biro ang bagay na ito sa inyo po ano naman ang sa palagay ninyo?
        Sabi ng iba ganon daw talaga sa mga bisaya sa kanilang pag gamit ng mga salita na mi mis interpret lang daw kaming mga tagalog ang tanong ko lang wala siya sa Visaya nang sabihin niya ang mga katagang iyon karamihan tagalog ang nakikinig sa kanya at sa Maynila niya ito sinabi. PEACE TO ALL

      • Tanong ko lang po sa inyo ? tama ba ang ginawa niya yes or no? at kung sakaling nangyari sa pamilya ninyo ang ginahasa ang anak ninyo at pilit na ninyo itong kinalimutan tapos may magbibiro na sabihin ito ano kaya ang mararamdaman mo ?kahihioyan ng isang Pilip[ino kahihiyan din nating lahat at gaya nga ng sinabi ng Australian Embassy wag gawing biro ang bagay na ito sa inyo po ano naman ang sa palagay ninyo?
        Sabi ng iba ganon daw talaga sa mga bisaya sa kanilang pag gamit ng mga salita na mi mis interpret lang daw kaming mga tagalog ang tanong ko lang wala siya sa Visaya nang sabihin niya ang mga katagang iyon karamihan tagalog ang nakikinig sa kanya at sa Maynila niya ito sinabi. PEACE TO ALL

    16. Josemakabayan on

      Habang tumatagal ang kampanya lumalabas ang tunay na pagkatao ng mga lisyang kandidato.
      Panawagan sa lahat kilatisin mabuti pagkatao ng mga kandidato? Baka sila ay nakasmaskara lang na parang bida pero sa likod nito sila pala sa tunay na buhay ay isang Halimaw????

    17. My God! For these insensitive and inappropriate remarks alone, Mayor Duterte should not even have been considered as fit to be a presidential candidate. “Nakakahiya talaga itong taong ito”! Did he really study at Ateneo High School in Davao and`San Beda College in Manila? These institutions are both run and managed by religious orders; yet It is apparent that their religious environment had no effect on his character. His remarks about the poor victim from Australia who had been raped and murdered border on necrophilia!