• ‘Duterte in full control of drug war’ – Palace


    MALACAÑANG on Friday dismissed an opinion piece in the British newspaper The Guardian that President Rodrigo Duterte’s aggressive war against illegal drugs was “out of control” and that he needed to be stopped.

    “President Rodrigo Duterte is in full control of the drug war,” Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said, as he dismissed the recommendation by the author that the international community impose “economic sanctions” on the Philippines.

    Robert Muggah, research director of the Igarapé Institute and SecDev Foundation, wrote that Duterte was “upending the country’s (Philippines) international image” because of his deadly war on illicit drug sale.

    “On the one hand, he has undermined the prospect of a serious and evidence-based strategy to prevent drug abuse problems,” said Muggah.

    “His (Duterte) dragnet collapses users of a wide range of drugs with devastating effect, including violating basic human rights. This king of impunity cannot be tolerated,” he added.

    Aside from economic sanctions on the Philippines, Muggah said foreign governments could withdraw their assistance to the country “if no change of direction materializes.”

    But the Palace official said the recommendations were “unnecessary.”

    “The Guardian’s call for economic sanctions by foreign countries on the Philippines is uncalled for. Threats of withdrawal of development aid and other forms of assistance are totally unfounded,” Andanar said.

    “The President remains undaunted as he will never compromise the dignity of the nation for foreign aid. There is an enormous drug problem in the Philippines and he is trying his best to keep the country from becoming a narco-state,” he added.

    Andanar also cited polls that showed trust in the President remained high.

    “We hope that other countries will treat the Philippines as a sovereign nation and with mutual respect,” the Palace official said.


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    1. Who are you , an evil terminator , or an evil protector ?
      They say incessantly , “what about the innocents , the children , the disable , the elderly who fell as collateral victims to the drug war…”. So goes the litany of those who have professed love for their own kind.

      We may use as a backdrop the pleading of Abraham to The Lord so that we could see the difference between the thinking of this revered patriarch to the thinking of men who surround us today.

      When Abraham learned about The Lord’s impending destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah—he asked The Lord one peculiar question , “Lord , what if there are fifty righteous persons here , will you destroy the city ?”
      The Lord answered , “for the sake of fifty righteous persons , I will not destroy it “—
      He continue asking The Lord bringing down the number to ten : if there are ten righteous persons here , will you destroy it?”
      The Lord answered for the last time , “for the sake of ten righteous persons , I will not destroy it”.
      Biblical history has it : Sodom and Gomorrah were razed down to the ground , a grim reminder that no one living there was righteous.

      Take note , Abraham was pleading for the lives of the righteous in contrast to the people now who are pleading for the lives of children , PWD’s , the elderly and the common people.
      Remember these same group of people , we now have in abundance were also the same category of people living there in those damned cities of old.

      But Abraham did not plead for them and instead plead for nobody but the righteous only. God protect the righteous not the common people. He is certainly not concerned about the ordinary common people , by ordinary , i mean the unchosen of the world. He love the righteous only.

      This difference in the thinking of Abraham and the thinking of men today is also the difference between the angels who protect the righteous , and the devils who love to protect the evil who are as abundant as the sand of the seashore.

      Now do you want to be an evil protector like those human rights defenders ? or , do you want to be an evil terminator like The Lord?

      Duterte is an evil terminator , whereas , human rights advocates are evil protectors!
      Inculcate in your mind—EVIL HAS NO HUMAN RIGHTS the reason why the end of the world is coming upon them and designed for them!