• Duterte gains, ties with Poe


    DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is slowly gaining momentum in the latest pre-election survey conducted by Pulse Asia, trailing Sen. Grace Poe by only one percentage point.

    This is the first time that Poe and Duterte tied since the campaign period started.

    The survey, commissioned by ABS-CBN, was held from March 8 to 13, after the Supreme Court upheld Poe’s candidacy for President.

    The survey involved 4,000 registered voters with biometrics.

    It has a margin of error of +/- 1.5 percent.

    Poe got the “votes” of 26 percent of the respondents while Duterte got 25 percent.
    Vice President Jejomar Binay, standard-bearer of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), got 22 percent while Liberal Party (LP) presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd remained at fourth place with 20 percent.

    Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago got three percent.

    Poe thanked her supporters and vowed to continue informing voters what she can do if elected President.

    Rico Quicho, Binay’s spokesman, said the latest survey results were no cause for worry because the candidates remained tied.

    “The presidential race continues to be tight. If you look at the margin of error, [all are statistical[ly]tie[d],” he noted.

    “Ang hamon sa amin ay paigtingin pa ang pag-ikot sa iba’t-ibang lalawigan at ipagpatuloy ang pakikipag-usap sa ating mga kababayan. Natutuwa kami sa talagang mainit na pagtanggap sa ating Vice President kahit saan s’ya magpunta. Hindi natitinag ang matibay na suporta at pagtitiwala ng mga core groups at supporters ni Vice President at lalo pang magpupursigi ang mga ito upang palakasin ang kandidatura ni Vice President [The challenge for us is to continue visiting various provinces. We are happy because people warmly welcomed the Vice President in those places he visited. The support given by core groups remains and his supporters will continue to work to strengthen his candidacy],” Quicho said.

    Poe, Duterte and Binay were statistically tied in the National Capital Region (NCR or Metro Manila) but Poe took Luzon at 34 percent while Binay got 26 percent.

    On the other hand, Roxas took the Visayas (36 percent) while Duterte was the runaway winner in Mindanao (46 percent).


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    1. James Mcpherson on

      As with politics in America, nobody really knows the platform and processes the candidates will undertake if elected. We the people get what we tolerate and we have tolerated no specifics for many years. The rich will get richer and poor will have more babies.

    2. Duterte has the brand of leadership than Poe. Let us pity the country if we will have again another leader who is not decisive. What will happen to us?

    3. vic a. endriga on

      Some people are simply daydreaming. Popularity rating is one thing. Converting popularity rating into actual votes come May 9 is another and difficult thing to do. When the machinery of presidential bets with organized political chapters go full swing, both Poe and Duterte will be breathing dust. Both don’t have candidates in every city and town to marshal a battalion of watchers for every clustered precinct.In the first place, independent Poe won’t be entitled to watchers and Duterte’s PDP Laban is neither administration or dominant opposition. In the end, it will be Binay versus Roxas.

    4. Robertley Barrameda on

      In the next presidential debate, I hope the presidentialbes be asked on what he or she will do regarding the SAF 44 and DAP cases if elected president? Will he or she will just forget about them and move forward or he or she will conduct future investigation? Want to hear their plans.

    5. Pinoy at Pinay, Duterte ang pag-asa ng Bayan. Huwag maniwala sa leadership ni pooh, I mean Poe. Binay, I don’t know about those accusation. Roxas, no way Jose. That spoiled rich kid, forget it. Santiago would be a good choice but she is sick. She is not as fierce and full of fight that she once was. Duterte is your hope to lead our country to a better place. Get rid of the corrupt officials and drug dealers at kayo ay giginhawa. This is your chance. Vote for Duterte.

    6. Wala ka kasi pera pambili! magtrabaho ka kasi hindi yung nagkakamot ka buong araw sa itlog mo. NAIVE ka nga talaga!

    7. Let us not forget that the Philippines was once the land and the pearl of the orient seas one of the shinning South East Asian Nation before the 2nd World War. Chinese women’s from Hongkong goes to Manila to be housemaids and then Marcos and his copy cat followers you know who’s reverse the trend Filipinas goes to Hongkong and become housemaids are we getting backwark? That is what CORRUPTION does to us FILIPINOS a cancer that drives us out to poverty and lost our SELF ESTEEM. A Disgrace to our DIGNITY AND WELL BEING we bring and shame ourselves to the WORLD. When are we going to wake up and bring our lost Self Esteem walking any part in this world with our heads pointing high and not ashamed, because we are a new breed of FILIPINOS with DIGNITY and be respected as EQUAL because we are free of graft and corruption. Are we just contented just be what we are known right now or are we capable and eager to change? That choices are yours

    8. Kayong mga FLIPS wala na kayong magawa kundi pumili ng mga kurakot at magnanakaw at magreckamo HIRAP ang buhay PATI si Erap hindi ninyo mapakawalan at lagi sa bulsa ninyo, oh nandiyan naman si Nog-Nog laging handa pumasok sa bulsa ninyo! Ala kong ganyan ang mangya-yari, patok ang PALPAK na palaging sinasabi ni Nog-Nog. Hintay lang kayo mga FLIPS pag nakapasok si Dakilang Nog-Nog sa bulsa ninyo ay PALPAK ang abutin ninyo lahat!

    9. D ako maniwala nga c duterte pumapangalawa lng kay grace. C duterte na ang numero uno ngayon.

    10. much better than Binay on the lead but that’s a close gap. I would want Poe to be President instead of Duterte. Hope her numbers will rise again and she’ll win on election day.

      Poe’s leadership is what we need. Duterte for DILG maybe

    11. If one cares to analyze this report, Rody Duterte could be way ahead of the others, why, because for sure ABS-CBN – Pulse Asia only concentrated their survey along the metro area not the entire nation, really.

      • That proves you are really INOCENT beyond doubt your NAIVE anslysis is behind comprehension to make it a realily. It’s a “WAG” ( wild ass guess) that is if I may!

      • Ely Amigo Mio your choice no other way than to revive the 20 year Marcos mio martial law and president for life, a rule that has been rejected by the EDSA march by the populace, which was the case of divine intervension that lead and driven Ferdie out of the country wearing his Imelda 3,000 shoes, but how could Imelda have 3,000 shoes since she only have two feet, the left and the right??? wouldn’t that she should have given some of those to PINAY’S that were bare footed?? and can’t afford to have a pair of shoes? What a shame and a scandal in the family!