• Duterte gives drug pushers 48 hours


    “I am giving you 48 hours. Kapag nakita ko kayo, ipapatay ko kayo [If I see you, I will have you killed]. Believe me,” Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warned on Monday during a conference with officials of government law enforcement and security agencies.

    The warning came a month after the Davao City Police Office launched its latest anti-illegal drug campaign called Oplan Katok, a spinoff from the previous campaigns called Oplan TokHang (Toktok Hangyo) and Oplan Katok Druga.

    Oplan Katok includes posting of stickers and posters on all establishments, government vehicles, police stations and their patrol cars, public utility vehicles, and in all residential, commercial, industrial buildings in the city.

    Since January, the Davao City Police Office has arrested 670 drug users and pushers from January to August this year and filed 591 drug cases in court. Records show that the DCPO also confiscated P17.1 million worth of shabu.

    On Monday’s conference, the mayor has ordered the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency to give him the list of people involved in the illegal drug trade in Davao areas known as lairs of prohibited drug operators.

    But drug suspects were still given a choice—to get out and leave the city.

    “Alam ko ang mga bahay ninyo. Mag-file kayo ng kaso? Panggukdon tamo [I know where you live. Do you plan to file a case? I will run after you],” he said.

    The 48 hours started 5 p.m. on Monday.

    Several years ago, Duterte has been blamed for the deaths of suspected drug pushers and members of gangs, including minors, in Davao City. He was also tagged as the brains behind the shadowy Davao Death Squad.

    The Commission on Human Rights has conducted an investigation of the killings. No case was filed against Duterte.


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    1. let’s see how he handle the big time pushers… bk naman small time lang ang kaya… assess the situation of your people… bk naman walang mahanap n trabaho kaya napipilitan silang kumapit sa patalim…

    2. nothing and no one can make a valid honest change but duterte. In our current condition now, money talks and the drug lords know they cannot buy duterte. Duterte, the good and honest people are behind you, we must make a change now.