• Duterte gives shoot-to-kill order vs ‘narco-politicians’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has issued a shoot-to-kill order against “narco-politicians” who resist arrest.

    The President is expected to announce the names of “narco-politicians” anytime Friday.

    In a statement, Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said Duterte’s order is 
”congruent” with his policy of maintaining  peace and order in the country.

    However, Abella clarified that the shoot-on-sight order that the President had issued against the narco-politicians would only be in case they resist arrest by authorities.

    “He has given due and ample notice that the clear and present danger of drugs engulfing the nation will be addressed and law enforcers will neutralize those who resist or endanger the lives of arresting officers,” Abella said.

    Earlier,  Duterte demanded Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. and his son, Kerwin, to surrender on the grounds of drug trafficking and coddling drug pushers.

    The elder Espinosa has already surrendered, while Kerwin remains at large.

    In Davao City, Duterte said he would answer for government forces involved in shooting incidents in compliance with his order.

    “For as long as it is done in the performance of the duty by the police and soldiers, that’s my responsibility, that is my official and personal guarantee,” the President said.

    “If there are police involved in an encounter, do not investigate them anymore, that is my order,” he added.


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    1. It’s now or never. I sell Ice Candy for a living. Should I worry about Digong’s way of running the country? Nagbabanat ako ng buto para mamuhay nang marangal tapos yung iba gusto easy money? Sir Pres, please…. ubusin nyo na po lahat sila.

    2. arthur keefe on

      I have criticized the President on the grounds that those so far caught in his shoot to kill policy for drug users/pushers are only poor young men. He is now correcting that inequality by extending his murderous policy to the rich and powerful too, so I should be pleased, but far from it.
      If the policy is wrong, and indeed illegal, in the first place, it should be aborted immediately, not extended to other groups.
      It is very concerning that he has now given the police complete immunity from any review of their actions. I keep reading of people killed when resisting arrest, when the details do not confirm that was the case. Avoiding the time and hassle of prosecution following an arrest, plus the problem of massively overcrowded prisons, provide huge incentives to deliver a corpse rather than a suspect. Then there is the cash bonus for a kill. What a country!

    3. Duterte,
      Is one hell of a person to safe a lot of young children from drug & prostitutions
      Keep up your good Sir.

    4. Tama. Mas madaming mabuting pulis kesa masama. They will be revealed as time passes by… meantime, support the fight against narcos. Only duterhas the political will and care for law abiding citizens