Duterte govt adopts 25-yr anti-poverty plan


THE Duterte administration has formally adopted the 25-year long-term vision to eliminate poverty, dubbed “Ambisyon 2040,” as a guide for development planning in the country, with the signing of Executive Order (EO) 5 on Wednesday.

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) made the announcement during a Senate budget hearing on Thursday.

“EO No 5 is essentially adopting the Ambisyon as an anchor for development planning between now and 2040,” NEDA Deputy Director General Rosemarie Edillon told reporters at the sidelines of the budget hearing.

Ambisyon Natin 2040 envisions that by 2040, Filipinos will enjoy a stable and comfortable lifestyle, have enough for their daily needs and unexpected expenses, and are able to plan and prepare for their own and their children’s futures.

Moreover, each family will have a home, and will be free to go where they want, protected and enabled by a clean, efficient, and fair government.

“By 2040, the Philippines shall be a prosperous, predominantly middle-class society where no one is poor; our people shall live long and healthy lives, be smart and innovative, and shall live in a high-trust society,” the EO stated.

Under the long-term plan, the Philippine government aims to triple real per capita income and eradicate hunger and poverty by 2040, if not sooner.

“An appropriate set of milestones shall be identified to guide the successive medium-term development plans,” the order stated.

Ambisyon Natin 2040 will encompass the four Philippine Development Plans (PDP) to be crafted and implemented until 2040, to ensure sustainability and consistency of strategies, policies, programs and projects across political administrations.

“We have identified a roadmap getting there, what should be a base camp for the first PDP, the second, the third, the fourth. When the next PDP planners meet, then they take a look at that and they can craft more ambitious targets,” Edillon explained.


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  1. Where is that plan, how to do it? if it takes so much time even just to schedule the next discussion, what will be the outcome? with the slothful progress of all government undertakings, plans and activities so far, the chances are that nothing real will happen, aside from a lot of b.s. wishful motherhood statements, and self serving statements and empty proclamations.

    Without a drastic change in the government system, without forcibly removing the existing stranglehold by the oligarchs and the shady chinese of the philippine economy, nothing will ever change.

    The more practical and sensible thing to do, leveraging on the strong support of the people, is to implement a complete, wholistic, disciplined and efficient way of doing things, cost cutting and austerity measures, remove all the unproductive and corrupt elements, promote productive values and knowledge and skills. Forget about dreams but instead develop competent plans, promptly execute, lots of work, sweat, honest productive labors with discipline and efficiency, and discipline again, and the outcome will speak for itself – no need to sell slaves and prostitutes, or beg from outside, for our country to survive.