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    1. At least he did what he can do and what he thought which is good for the country, much much more better than Abnoy who did nothing about the drug problems with in his 6 years term. Never talked about economic progress, first peace and order and eliminate bad eggs (criminals), corrupt government officials and then economic progress will follow.

    2. Always opening his mouth with disregard to the implications that his statements would bring the country, this is President Duterte at his best. The Philippines cannot afford to have a leader whose qualification is only that of a drug and crime buster. It seemed Duterte’s tunneled vision is focus on one thing and one thing only- to kill criminals, drug addicts and drug pushers. From what once labeled as the ‘Sick Man of Asia’, Duterte may instead be dragging his country down to becoming the ‘Dying Man of Asia’. Duterte cannot keep on ignoring the growing concerns by local and International Right Groups, the United States, the United Nations, the European Nations, and now, the Jewish community about things he’d said and done which ‘endangers’ the Philippines and further isolates and alienates it from its friends, neighbors, and the world.(

    3. At the same time the government is constructing rehabs for drug addicts.
      Not long ago..PDuterte said “Abu Sayyaf are not criminals”
      at the same time the AFP are planning to destroy them in sulu..
      actions speak louder than words