Duterte has other ‘hidden assets’

    Enough!  Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte seems exhausted from a barrage of questions from reporters on Friday about his alleged other undeclared assets apart from the P211 million in a bank account at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). The BPI account was also exposed by Sen. AntonioTrillanes 4th.   PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte seems exhausted from a barrage of questions from reporters on Friday about his alleged other undeclared assets apart from the P211 million in a bank account at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). The BPI account was also exposed by Sen. AntonioTrillanes 4th. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte also has several undeclared property assets aside from his unreported millions of pesos in bank deposits, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th told the public on Friday.

    In an interview with reporters covering the Senate on Friday, Trillanes claimed that some of Duterte’s assets are in the country, which the mayor failed to declare in his Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth, or SALN.

    Trillanes also told GMA news program 24 Oras that the Duterte family owns 41 property assets, including 34 in Davao City, one in San Juan City (Metro Manila), two in Dipolog City, one in Cagayan de Oro City, one in Paranaque City (also in Metro Manila), one in Quezon City and one in Davao del Norte.

    The senator said he was verifying some of the other information that has come up to make sure all the allegedly hidden riches really belong to Duterte before releasing to the public the outcome of his research on the matter.

    He estimated Duterte’s joint accounts with daughter Sara at about P2.4 billion under three bank accounts.

    Trillanes earlier exposed Duterte’s alleged P211 million undeclared bank account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas Branch in Pasig City (Metro Manila) but the mayor denied the allegation, calling it “garbage.”

    It exists Shown is the bank deposit slip attesting to the existence of an account of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Photo was posted on the Facebook account of  Ellen Tordesillas of Malaya.

    It exists Shown is the bank deposit slip attesting to the existence of an account of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Photo was posted on the Facebook account of Ellen Tordesillas of Malaya.

    The senator listed nine transactions made under that account, a joint account of the mayor and his daughter and former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

    Rodrigo Duterte later admitted the existence of such bank account but insisted that it did not contain millions of pesos as alleged.

    Trillanes also claimed having obtained information about Duterte’s supposed 17 other bank accounts also held jointly with Sara in separate banks.

    These include seven joint accounts also at BPI Julia Vargas Branch, nine at BPI Greenhills and one at Banco de Oro in Davao City.

    The accounts were held by Duterte from 2006 to 2015.

    But instead of answering the issue directly, the mayor’s camp challenged Trillanes to execute an affidavit and reveal where and when he got his information and why he released it.

    Duterte has expressed willingness to open his bank accounts but only if Trillanes signed an affidavit.

    The senator, however, rejected the challenge, insisting he would not reveal his source.
    He said that the mayor should stop trying to divert the issue and just tell the truth about the bank account.

    On Duterte agreeing to open his account at BPI Julia Vargas Branch through his representative, lawyer Salvador Panelo, in order to show how much deposit it contained, Trillanes said the opening of account should include the transaction history of the account.

    “Just to be clear, the opening of the account should not be limited to the current account balance alone. It should also include the transaction history for the past nine years,” the senator said.

    Trillanes said what he demands is important because if Duterte has already withdrawn the money before Monday, then the total amount of transactions would not be reflected in the current account balance.

    Not all bank accounts equal

    Not all of Duterte’s bank accounts were created equal, the camp of Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd said also on Friday.

    They said the mayor maintains a dollar account with BPI–an account that cannot be scrutinized under any circumstances under the country’s existing Foreign Currency Deposit law.

    The existence of Duterte’s dollar account was tested by the Roxas camp, which deposited $10 (about P460) into the dollar account provided by Trillanes. Roxas camp later showed the transaction record of the deposit it made.

    “I have additional information. Today, $10 was deposited in one of these accounts and we have confirmed that this account is under the name of Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Sara Duterte,” Roxas said.

    Under the Foreign Currency Deposit law, all foreign currency deposits are considered to be of an absolutely confidential nature and, except upon the written permission of the depositors, in no instance shall such foreign currency deposits be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office whether judicial or administrative or private.

    Further, the law states, “Foreign currency deposits shall be exempt from attachment, garnishment or any other order or process of any court, legislative body, government agency or any administrative body whatsoever.”

    Duterte was earlier quoted as saying he had no dollar account.

    “Again, he lied. Time’s up, Mayor Duterte. Tell the truth. He said he is willing to sign a waiver [of his rights under the Bank Secrecy Law]. Now, he is saying that he should be charged first before he makes a waiver. Does he have word of honor?” Roxas said.

    Under the law, bank account holders have absolute right to secrecy as to the details of their deposits in Philippine peso, except under four circumstances: upon written permission of the depositor; in cases of impeachment; upon order of a competent court in bribery or dereliction of duty cases of public officials or unexplained wealth such as plunder; and in cases where the money is the subject matter of litigation.

    Meanwhile, spokesman Paola Alvarez of PDP-Laban, Duterte’s political party, slammed the mayor’s rivals, whom she said have found it fashionable to sign bank waivers.

    “When Mayor Duterte and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano signed a bank waiver and challenged their rivals to do the same, no single candidate heeded their call. Now that Mayor Duterte is leading the presidential elections and is on the brink of victory, they not only joined Sen. Trillanes’ ridiculous accusations, they are now signing bank waivers left and right. It is downright hypocritical,” she said.


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    1. Tanungin nyo na lang personally ang mga kaibigan nyo na taga BPI ng MATAUHAN KYO! Sorry to comment this way but you deserve the truth

    2. Sampu kaming botante sa pamilya namin. Dati lahat kami kay duterte. Pero lumalabas ngayon na puro kasinungalingan itong si duterte. Si grace or mar na lang ang pinag pipilian namin. Minus10 na sa amin si duterte. Fake pala sya.

    3. Juan T. Delacruz on

      “Dirty and Evil” is how people of the world describe Politics in the Philippines. Candidates no longer talk about their platforms, but personally attacking and questioning each other’s integrity. In this particular case, Duterte has been pulling away from surveys, and most likely, he will win the election. His opponents that have worked hard, have shared their visions and promises to the voters, did not yield as much as they wanted to, (because of survey results) and now, all their sights are on Duterte. The only antidote on his popularity is huge amount of money to buy votes.

    4. Eric Castillo on

      Yan na nga ba ang sinasasabi ko, lolokohin na naman tayo ng isang DUTERTE, e sino ang biktima e di tayo, pati kami damay kung sakali dahi sa kabobohan ng maka-Duterte….. hays

    5. What goes around comes around. If proven guilty, this is the time for him to be the first 21th Hero of the Phillipines. Submit himself to be shot as he wishes rather than be shot by Chinese military in spratly.

    6. bakit c digong lng ang naglabas ng pera nya mga ibang kandidato kaya maglabas din para mag kaalaman na kahit c trillanes dapat ilabas nya pera nya para malaman ng taong bayan kung magkano na naipon niya bilang isang senador

    7. Kaya pala galit sa corruption si Duterte eh dahil sya pala ay CORRUPT. Paki-explain po ninyo kung saan ang tagong yaman ninyo.

      Tutuo na naman pala ang kasabihan…ANG MAGNANAKAW AY GALIT SA KAPUWA MAGNANAKAW.

      SALUDO kami syo TRILLANES.

    8. Murderer, Womanizer, Liar…… the next president of RP is a skunk!…. if this devil incarnate wins, don’t we deserve him?

    9. Si Duterte atras sulong: Wala daw nakatagong hidden wealth tapos inamin meron pala. Sabi din ni Duterte meron nga syang ibang bank account pero walang milyon, tapos ngayon inamin mahigit P200 milyon pala. How can Filipinos believe Duterte that he will fight corruption in government when he’s the corrupt. Si Duterte at Binay kailangan magsama sa kalaboso. Duterte must aso be investigated for his claim that he mercillesly killed criminals. Baka si Duterte ay leader pa ng Abu Sayaff o NPA, parang sa pelikula na ang tumatakbong mataas na opisyl ay siya palang Kriminal. Nakatatawa at nakaka-awa ang Pilipinas kapag itong gagong si Duterte ang ipinanalo ng aking mga kababayan! Ngayon lumalabas hanggang 2 billion pa. Duterte for president?

      • Do not be blind to the bad side of people because of foolish pride. Yes it is heartbreaking to be disappointed by your chosen candidate, but don’t turn a blind eye to the truth. We all have ugliness inside us, and politicians are no exception

    10. Gerlon Concepcion on

      Let’s give a true Filipino’s a half chance. This election not merely for Duterte. This is a fight of all Filipinos who are begging for change in our current system of government. If there were issues against the mayor, it has to be discussed in a proper venue “The court” other than that all political propaganda’s that are circulating over TV, print and social media are just tactics in order to confuse the voters. Again, the alleged ill gotten wealth issues against duterte as many had said as the beginning of his downfall..but nevertheless to those people who are rallying behind his candidacy will remain Loyal to him up to the time of judgement day May 9, 2016 Presidential election.

      • REALLY, wake-up bro nahalikan ka ba ni digong, nahawa ka sa DU30 FEVER? digong is ALSO CORRUPT ….aside from many other filthy things….pasalamat kami may nag-expose ng issue…. di pa huli ang lahat….pwede ka pa magbago…. katulad ng marami na akala nila e nahanap n nila ang kanilang light n shining armor…tsk tsk tsk

    11. bakit nakafocus kayong lahat kay duterte.
      your making him more famous, why not campaign your own in a good way.
      yung walang kang sinisiraan para ikaw ang maging malinis.
      wag ganon men . .

    12. You guys easily gets tickled by rumors that you make sensational to support your bet binay! It is so embarrassing for journalists to jump into conclusions and publicize the article about trillanes and post a photo of duterte as if he is on a 3rd degree. Hey, he was never bothered by trillanes’ allegations, let us see who laughs best. Trillanes has zero credibility, he is a man paid for hire by anyone with money. Duterte is not that stupid to maintain millions of money in a bank account under his real name and in the philipines and run for president. at least give him credit for being a lawyer, I am not a lawyer but if I have that money and I am a politician, I will have it deposited in the cayman islands. Stoop a little more guys, but no chance for your bet to win. Better buy a large bottle of aspirin for relief post elections.

    13. Alam nyo mga anti “Mayor Duterte”, ito lang ang katanungan ko sa inyo mga olol at tanga! Malinis ba ang presidente mo? hindi ba siya magnanakaw? hindi ba sila pumapatay ng walang dahilan? For sure, worst than ever ang mga hinahangaan niyo mga tanga. Go Mayor! ah hindi pala “OUR PRESIDENT”

      • Elegia Ecarma on

        Lahat na yata nang masamang gawain nasa kanya na. Babaero, tag mura, mamamatay tao, sinungaling, bastos, at corrupt. Ganyan ba ang presidenteng gusto nyo. Huwag naman po, sana kung kayo lang ang magtiis iyong bumoto e kaso kasali kami na ayaw sa kanya. Kawawa naman ang mga batang isisilang pa. Please mag isip isip naman kayo. Huwag na idolo- idolo. Mang imbestiga!

    14. All of you guys are correct. I what will happen to our country if a president of our country will always talks of killings, cuss words and even 5-6 loan sharks of the indian people. If that will be the case many foreign investors will not invest in this country. You cannot find statehood statement on du30. If that so happen there will be chaos a civil war is not far fetch. Revolution as d30 followers are echoing if they are cheated as quiboloy id echoing, a preacher of god echoing that statement. God save this country.

    15. Duterte was able to fool the electorate .The Mayor supporters are so delusional to believe that he is the messaiah. The savior sent from heaven to fix the nations problems. Apparently the mayor is part of the problem.

    16. BILYON BILYON ang ginastos namin ni kay Mar at POEjuanco!! Kahit ano mangyari hindi kailangan manalo si DUTiRTi!! LUGI KAMI!!!

    17. There are so many desperate people around rooting to their chosen presidential candidates that will never be the president of Philippines. Corrupt, incompetent leaders they want to occupy the highest office in the land but they know by themselves that aspiring candidates are inutil to deliver the people’s needs. Why should we believe on Trillanes? who is he in the senate? execute an affidavit and Duterte will comply to his demands. Who is Mar Roxas? he is incompetent and pretentious leader. We can justify it by his actions and performance in government.

    18. This only shows that Duterte is old LIAR, CORRUPT and he is trying to fool our country and Filipino. He is not for the President position, Now he is in Mayor, Vice Mayor and Congressman position and to thick he have this stolen money and property, what more if he became President. He threaten to shut down the Congress to avoid impeachment just like MARCOS did. So sad if we will wait for that scenario were in we can do something on May 9 to avoid this to happen. NO NO NO to Duterte

    19. Hey, Trillanes, bakit ngayon mo lang ibinulgar ang alleged “hidden wealth” ni Dodirty? Siguro kuntento ka na ang suhol ni Pinoy sa iyo para para ilabas sa media ang ang laman ng papel na bigay ng AMLC, gaya ng ginawa ninyo kay Binay. Magkano ba Mr. Trillanes, mas malaki ba kaysa yung suhol na tinanggap mo noong impeachment trial ni CJ Corona? Ang galing mo, man!

    20. Then its better to vote mirriam and bbm…the only opposition candidates….the rest are rubbish….

    21. if all the politicians and candidates are corrupt then we may as well vote for Bong Bong Marcos. mas matalino pa. In the Philippines its the mastery of the crooks and not honesty who wins and respected. lol.

    22. Ronto Caniada on

      The public would like to know how much Mr. Dutarte annual salary. As a Mayor I am pretty much sure that he is not making good salary. So, my question is where in the world all these money come from.
      Mr. Cayetano stay away from the mayor. During the Senate hearing for Mr. Binay, you were part of the committee and you know very well that now Mr. Dutarte he is in the same category now . Resign now for the better for you your family specially the Filipinos voted for you and believing in you and one of the best Senator in the Philippine.

    23. Our laws regarding the dollar deposit are really perpetrated by corrupt leaders. They stole our pesos, buy the dollars and walah make the deposit that no one can investigate- what the fckng laws we have, para sa mga inutil?
      But we have lots of educated and smart, Senators and Supreme court justices that blessed this fckg. laws

    24. Even if his hidden assets include the Manila International Airport, the Manila Hotel and several bridges, the people will vote for Duterte, because look at who is doing the expose Trillanes, noynoy’s aquino hitman. The yellow LP and oligarch want to stop him for fear of loosing the status quo that they are enjoying with this government.

      • Estaban who will do the exposure kaya mo? Pasalamat tayo sa nga concerned citizens na nagbigay ng hidden wealth ni Duterte kay Trillanes dahil sya tested na. If you are a public servant or planning to aspire for elected position you’ve got to be transparent. NABUKING SI DIGONG PERIOD. WHY NOT SIGN A WAIVER PARA TAPOS NA ITONG BRUHAHA. WE UNDECIDED VOTERS CAN WEIGH IN WHOM TO VOTE THIS COMING MAY 9.

    25. Guillermo Hernadez on

      QUESTION : Is there a Philippine government official, i.e., whether they are in the
      Executive,Judicial,Legislative and even the Military, who is N O T
      ANSWER. : It is worst than looking for a needle in a haystack ! !
      Our politicians, most prominently those who are members of family
      political families, are in the government to protect their OWN
      INTERESTS. Public service is furthest from their minds….enriching
      and yielding power while in office is the name of the same. As one
      politician of long ago boasted ; ” What are we in power for ! ”

      In addition to what you mentioned in this article, please ask that sociopath mayor of
      Davao City who owns the largest taxi fleet in the city , the ferry monopoly plying
      the Samal Island-Sasa route, plus other more high profile businesses. I am certain
      he reply would be something like this ” Putang Ina mo….ano ang pakialam
      ninyo ! “. Ooopppsss ….. End of interview, watch your back for the DDS.

      • bakit sya ba ang may-ari? niregalohan lang sya ng isang taxi unit kasi kadalasan nagro-roving sya sa gabi bilang taxi driver to check the situation….

        hwag masyadong tsismoso ha, kasi mas lalong walang maniniwala sa inyo.

        and hindi sinabi ni duterte na naghihikahos pa rin sya…review mo yng proclamation rally nya sa tondo…he takes pride in being born poor although he admits that he is not that poor now.

      • tama nga putang ina nga ang dapat sabihin sa iyo. so what kung sa kanya na lahat pati davao. basta hindi niya ninakaw sa pera ng tao katulad ng mga ibang senator diyan. Duterte na kahit pa anong sinasabi niyo. Ipa impeached siya. May supporta siya ng ibang senador at ibang congresista. Let us have another marcos minus martial law. yes!

    26. I think it’s the other way around. The supposedly waiver signed by your Duterte and Cayetano last March was just for a show, a sham and mere publicity stunt. Cayetano even has the gall to say that this document alone is sufficient to open their bank accounts. Well, it was not sufficient as the bank would not accept it. When cornered by Trillanes, your Duterte has conditions to open his accounts. Eat your words Duterte and Cayetano.. They are liars and a fraud…

      • yung waiver ba ni mar legally valid? hindi yun valid kasi check the fine prints at kung lawyer ka malalaman mo na ang daming butas nun…bakt mar roxas ba talaga ang totoong pangalan nya?

      • meron, pero since hindi ka sumusunod sa mga reports sa kanya, hindi mo alam. pero hindi sya nag declare ng official list.

      • liar and fraud? maaari pa si cayetano at trillanes, poe, mar roxas leni robredo but duterte no! alam na ng buong madla kung sino siya without him hiding it. he is an open book ika nga kasama pati personal niyang buhay at siyempre pati iniingatan niyang yaman. ang mga tao ng davao lalo mga taong nagtitiktik sa buhay ng may buhay ay alm na nila ang mga yamn ni duterte. alamin nila kung saan galing ang yaman niya kung ninakaw niya o galing sa gawaing tulad ng ipinapatong kay Binay. DUTERTE TAYO!

    27. how sad how this other presidentiables ganging up to duterte because there are now few days left before voting. (-___-) they want all the people to concentrate on this issue rather than their platforms. how fuck up is this country? and ironically, this other presidentiable already spend 1 BILLION PESOS each on TV ads. few millions is nothing compared to Yolanda funds, makati funds, and Cojuangco funds. how fuck up is this country?! the worst most filipinos are ignorant and easily accept BIAS media TWISTED reports.

      • Umamin na nga e, dumidepensa ka pa. Bayaan inbestigahan ang duming bumalik sa kanyang mukha. Mabaho ito kaya dapat linisin. Trillanes is a corruption buster of our time kaya’t sasagasaan niya maski sino. Brilliant move. Bring it on. Marami nang nagagalit sa tama at pilit na ipinaglalaban ang mali. So, the need for Trillanes is just a big necessity for the present time. magaling na Senador.

    28. Very very odd how this lawyer keeps calling up his legal council when he is on the spot yet murders victims at his own discretion without trial or due process.

      Yes i DID say murders victims and know that because he broadcast it on television to the entire nation!

      Did you hear it too? Did it sink into your skull?

      The leading presidential candidate has admitted to murdering 1700 people… hello did you hear that?

      Look up “serial killers” on Wiki…top guy has 1000 or so…from Russia. Our guy Deterte has 1700 we know about. He is not a world leader only a mayor so guys like Pol Pot or Hitler wouldn’t fit that list but by global standards he would rate the #1 serial killer on the planet.

      Quite interesting looking at their preferences. Most are sexual and most either young girls or boys. Generally they stick to a strict criteria. Ted Bundy for instance preferred girls 19-20, blonde hair parted in the middle. Not all are sexual as some killers are clinically impotent. Some kill only fat people of very specific criteria. Fact is the FBI is pursuing killers that prey upon the homeless and downtrodden. Burning the alive as they sleep in alleys.

      My point is this nation is so out of touch with the real world they are naive to the fact they have a self professed serial killer running for President and his criteria of victim is poor criminals. Just so happens nobody likes crime so he plays on that as a justification like some perverted Robin Hood.

      I dare this news media,,,call up the FBI in the USA and ask if they consider Duterte a serial killer and if he was to step on their soil they would arrest him.

      And this nation wants him as President…too funny and too pathetic.

    29. Kaya pala nakapag-girl friend ng marami dahil sa pera niya at mukha niyang demonyo at baril na palaging nakatutok sa mga babae. Duterte has been bragging around that he has a lot of girlfriends but in reality it is because of his money derived from corruption, drugs (his son and daughter are the materminds) all forms of smuggling in Davao, revolutionary taxes from the NPAs, ASG and MNLF. Be careful with this madman for the Philippines under him will also be under the NPAs. God forbid that Duterte becomes the president of the Philippines for this person will be worst than Idi Amin.

      • before you leap, look if the hole is deep! you have no idea who duterte is you have done nothing to the country and he offered his life. maybe you are just reading the bible of the yellowtards.