• Duterte hits Alcalas for drug trafficking


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has tagged the Alcala clan of Quezon, whose ranks include former President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s Agriculture secretary Proceso Alcala, as among the most influential personalities involved in the illegal drug trade.

    Duterte said he was convinced the Alcalas were involved in the illegal drug trade and took advantage of their political connections.

    “In Quezon, the Alcalas, publicly I will tell you, that’s true,” Duterte said before Philippine Air Force personnel at Villamor Air Base in Pasay City on Tuesday evening.

    Last month, Cerilo “Athel” Alcala and son Sajid turned themselves in to the police to clear their names after being tagged as Quezon’s top drug suspects in a police watchlist.

    Cerilo is the brother of Quezon Rep. Vicente Alcala and of former agriculture chief Proceso Alcala.

    On Sunday, Cerilo’s wife Maria Fe and daughter Toni Ann were arrested in a buy-bust in the family’s house in Tayabas.

    The President said he won’t let the Alcalas off the hook.

    “Let them be, I said, so I can time it well. Because if they find out too soon, we won’t get anything out of them because of their connections: a mayor here, a governor,” Duterte said.

    “And to think if I didn’t become President, you would never be able to go after them,” he added. “They are surrounded by bodyguards, police, hoodlums. Even the police are scared.”

    Duterte has tagged a number of politicians, including Sen. Leila de Lima and a long list of mayors, governors and congressmen, of being involved in the illegal drug business in the country.

    In his speech, Duterte said he will release another “thick” list of alleged drug personalities, which went through “final validation.”

    “I have the third round and final round. Validation, it’s being done,” the President said.


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    1. Do something with the economy…do not focus too much on drugs wars which you Duterte will never Win..wake up now,,,, look. At. Countries like Mexico, Columbia, Brazil…..it has been years they are figthing drugs, you said 6 months,, you Lose..

    2. In the Philippines, drug-trafficking is a high class society’s affair.

      Dear Mr Duterte, bring the rascals to the street. Punish them in the manner you know best.

      These rascals do not deserve mercy or respect.

      They have destroyed families and the society.

    3. The anomalies of Ex Pres Pnoy is now showing. Taxes unpaid by friends of Pnoy, Casinos not paing corporate taxes, drugs all over the country. Pnoy is responsible. He created this very big mess. Pnoy always blames Arroyo. Look what he left behind. Drugs, riding in tandems, not paing taxes, traffic, unfinished road construction. I knew this will happen because Pnoy did not do anything when he was a congressman and senator. Let us not vote for a candidate because his mother died. Now thounsands are dying due to drugs.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Mother and son did nothing except playing the “blame game”. P-Noy should be made to answer for their mischief and inefficiency and selfishness. God bless the Philippines.

      • The mother and son of the Aquino presidencies, capitalized on the EDSA revolution, this revolution is about corruptions and human rights violations, from the Marcos Martial law years. This bloodless revolution by the people became a joke, there was no changes during these two terms. corruptions and human right violations was alive and well during these two terms. Shame, shame.

    4. Being one of Mr. Duterte’s supporter I think our President should focus not only drugs buts other avenues like uplift the Filipino livelihood. From that also drugs will be erdicated or contained. Some of our countrymen resorts to used or sale drugs because of the lack of chances to survive due to unemployment.
      I agree also we need to have independent country and not influence by other countries like United States. But this time we need them. We are a very weak country because may be of rampant corruptions. Mr. President, more than hundred million Filipinos depending on you now. Please don’t frustrate us and now you are the President it is your chance now to change the Filipino well being and be proud to be called Filipino all over the world. And I feel you are the only President who can change it
      Daghang Salamat and Mabuhay

      • “Being one of Mr. Duterte’s supporter I think our President should focus not only drugs buts other avenues like uplift the Filipino livelihood.”

        his economic team is working silently. don’t worry..

      • “I agree also we need to have independent country and not influence by other countries like United States. But this time we need them. We are a very weak country because may be of rampant corruptions.” – Iyan nga ang mahirap eh, nanggagamit tayo pero mas ginagamit tayo. Umpisa na nga pagbabago, ang dating andiayn naman si uncle para gabayan tayo at tulungan sa laban, walang forever diyan at dapat me sarili tayong tumindig gamit ang mga sariling paa. Puro basura nga lang ibinibigay sa atin. Mga basura na iyong mga ibinibigya sa atin.. mas mahal pa ang pag dispose ng mga old cutters. So hindi na sila nagkaproblema at gumastos sa pagdispose ng old cutters, kumita pa sila. Tayong mga uto uto naman eh sige tuwang tuwa naman tayo.

        Kung talagang bigay, dapat lahat kung ano ang nasa loob ng mga “bigay”.. kaya namang bumili ng Pilipinas kung gusto, kaso nakaasa na lang kasi tayo sa mga Kano.

    5. After that maybe they can do something about the Napoles list since De Lima only arrested 3 opposition senators from the list of hundreds of rep’s and past and current senators who stole billions from the pork barrel fund.

    6. I am a foreigner, a Canadian who was married to a lovely filipina who passed away a few years back. We visited the Philippines a number of times dating back to martial law days.I read the Philippine newspapers daily and congratulate the Philippine people in electing President R Duterte. Dating back to Marcos days President Duterte has exemplified all the qualities of being the best President your country has had in a great many years. His stand on the drug trade is most commendable and courageous and a dire necessity to get the country on a firm footing.Your nation should be very proud to have such a leader.

      • thanks..and oh yes..we are very proud of our President…it’s only those yellows, drug lords/peddlers/addicts/protectors, PDI columnist/writers, UN and CHR don’t like him…