• Duterte House allies want death for child criminals


    IF a bill filed by allies of President Rodrigo Duterte in Congress gets passed into law, even children convicted of heinous crimes will be hanged.

    Davao del Norte Pantaleon Alvarez of PDP Laban and Capiz Rep. Frednil Castro of the National Unity Party filed two bills that seek to restore death penalty on heinous crimes and lower the age of criminal liability to nine from 15.

    In the still unnumbered bill on restoring the death penalty, Alvarez and Castro identified heinous crimes as plunder, drug trafficking and car theft.

    As for lowering the age of criminal liability, the lawmakers said adult criminals knowingly and purposely make use of young children to commit crimes such as drug trafficking, aware that they cannot be held criminally liable.

    “While the intent of the law may be highly laudable, it has had the opposite effect of pampering youthful offenders who commit crimes knowing they can get away with it,” the authors said in a statement.

    “Criminal justice system has had to make do with penal laws that are perceived to be less than dissuasive. There is evidently a need to reinvigorate the war against criminality by revising a deterrent coupled by its consistent, persistent and determined implementation,” they added.

    Duterte has earlier said that death penalty is not for deterring crime, but to make someone pay for the sin he or she committed.

    “The imposition of the death penalty for heinous crimes and the mode of its implementation—both subjects of repealed laws, are crucial components of an effective dispensation of both reformative and retributive justice,” the lawmakers said.


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    1. Frank A. Tucker on

      In the event this heinous bill even passes legislation the PH WILL be sanctioned — period! No ‘ifs, ands, or buts!

    2. anonymouse88 on

      As for lowering the age of criminal liability, the lawmakers said adult criminals knowingly and purposely make use of young children to commit crimes such as drug trafficking, aware that they cannot be held criminally liable.

      >> If a person (young or old) can already tell between right and wrong and still chooses to do wrong, then the person ought to be punished by the law. The age is an extenuating circumstance: it doesn’t make a bad action good.

      >> The law and punishment must apply to all: justice is blind, whether young, middle-aged, or old.

    3. Want to set a example ?

      Arrest the pork barrel thieves that Aquino and De Lima didn’t.
      There are hundreds of names provided by Napoles of senate and house members who gave their pork barrel allocation in exchange for kickbacks.

      NoyNoy and his lapdog De Lima only arrested 3 opposition senators and allowed the liberal party and their allies to escape charges and let them keep the kickbacks.

      Clean your own house before anything else.

    4. Matino na Pinoy on

      Representatives Alvarez and Castro are not in their right frame of minds by suggesting 9 years olds are eligible for death penalties when they commit heinous crimes such as drug trafficking. Did these two morons questioned themselves why these 9 years olds are willing to sell, deliver, or involved in drug trafficking? Most of these children and young people such as 15 years olds understand that the consequences of their actions are severe, and yet they are still doing it or willing to do it. They are hungry and they need money to buy food for their families. Did these two MORONS ever crossed into their LITTLE minds that these are children, came from the poorest of the poor? They will do anything and everything for survival and killing them is not going to make difference. Some of them may be thankful for putting an end to their miseries. I have better suggestion that these two dickheads can consider:

      Congressmen Alvarez and Castro should convince the administration to POUR money into the economy, building infrastructures, such as roads, highways, bridges, dams, government buildings, anything and everything for the government. This will create millions of jobs. The implementation and management of these projects and activities will be much better comparing to any previous administrations because of DU30.

    5. Children criminals , became criminals because their parents did not show any good example and failed to teach them the difference of doing right from wrong. Parents are considered irresponsible if they dont consider planning and recognize that they can afford or not to raise and provide for them. Filipinos have sufferred much from long-standing poverty caused by corruption in the gov’t. .This President is right to limit the number of children.,, with the reform of this new President Filipinos lives will be expected to live better and earn reasonable income to be able to provide for their children needs and education , Children are not mature enough to face the consequences of their bad action and therefore they shld be given the chance by rehabilitation first , punishing them by hanging or death penalty while they are still children is uncalled for .and unjust. many rehabilitative treatment shld be instituted first and foremost.

    6. Maria Farhi on

      Duterte must create jobs, not kill poverty stricken Pinoys who are the most vulnerable easily tempted to commit crimes just so they could eat. Simple thinking Duterte wants the easy way out , justifying it as eliminating crime (which is unattainable) based on his narrow thinking. There is really no challenge in his strategy, he is using the barrel of a gun to solve economic problems.