Duterte: ‘I’m no Assad’

DEFIANT President Rodrigo Duterte delivers a speech at the Libingan ng mga Bayani to mark National Heroes’ Day, rejecting claims he could be charged in international courts for crimes against humanity over his deadly war against drugs. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

DEFIANT President Rodrigo Duterte delivers a speech at the Libingan ng mga Bayani to mark National Heroes’ Day, rejecting claims he could be charged in international courts for crimes against humanity over his deadly war against drugs. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Monday brushed aside the possibility of being hauled into international courts over mounting deaths in his war against illegal drugs, daring his critics to send him to jail for it.

But Duterte, in his National Heroes’ Day speech, pointed out that he should not be compared with the murderous Islamic State or Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, both  accused of various atrocities and crimes against humanity.

“Did I kill a child? Did I drop bombs like Assad and those other idiots? Did I burn women who refuse to have sex?” the President said at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig.

“I will take full legal responsibility. I will be happy to join them in prison. I will not ask for a special room. I’d just ask for a bed, foam, and something to read. Do not scare me with [these cases of]genocide,” he said.

Duterte again argued that his war against the illegal drug trade would be for the “law-abiding, God-fearing citizens to be comfortable, period, that they are not molested, their children can walk the streets and come home safe and sound.”

Last week, the Philippine National Police told a Senate investigation 756 drug suspects have been killed in police operations nationwide. A total of 1,160 deaths were also recorded “outside police operations,” likely perpetrated by vigilantes or drug syndicates out to cover their tracks.

On August 18, UN special rapporteurs Agnes Callamard and Dainius Pūras called on the Philippine government to stop the wave of killings of people linked to illegal drugs, saying that going after drug traders won’t exempt “state actors” from international legal obligations.

Callamard said Duterte’s supposed directives to kill drug suspects and drug users who don’t surrender were “irresponsible in the extreme and amount to incitement to violence and killing, a crime under international law.”
“It is effectively a license to kill,” she said.

Duterte ignored the rapporteurs’ warning against encouraging impunity, and threatened to put a P2-million bounty on policemen involved in the illegal drug trade.

He even urged law enforcers to rat on their colleagues.

“I consider the fight against drugs a war. I am declaring war. It has infected every nook and corner of this country, involving generals, mayors, governors, barangay (village) captains, and so many of the ‘ninjas’ [as]we call them … these are the police who are into it,” Duterte said in Taguig.

“I might be inclined to place a reward on their head, the members of the police who are protecting the drug syndicates in this country. I am placing, per head, P2 million,” he said.

Duterte pointed out that there are now 3.6 million drug dependents in the country based on data from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. These drug dependents are not mere “users” given their sheer number, he claimed.

“You can just imagine a country with three million addicts and they say they are just users. My God! If you are a user, you are [also a]pusher. You have to [establish]connect[ion][with]somebody to finance the [drug]fix,” he claimed.

Duterte was unfazed by the killings and said his intensified anti-drug campaign won’t spare anybody, including the poor.

“They (critics) would want to make it appear that just because this guy is poor, therefore, he should not be made accountable to law but placed in a hospital,” he said.

“In this planet, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you see drugs as a viable livelihood, there will always be a drawback,” the President said.


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  1. I hope America stops spreading bad news about Duterte and the Philippines. Live in the country as a local-not as an expat and you will understand that this time is the best time for us living jn our country in terms of peace and order.

    American newspapers:
    1.)highligt the extra judicial killings in the phils
    2.) focus on bad stories about our country-stories that create impressions that our country is being led by a terror president, and for the whole word to see our country needs assistance from the US because there’s a “civil war” coming or some insurgencies coming. Filipinos do not like war. That’s not in our psyche. So for the US or other am selling countries- pls do not hope too much that Philippines will be a good buyer of your Guns or military items because we do not like war. What we have in our Psyche is the fact that we grew up in a country where you can bribe just anyone just to get things done and this practice is happening from the lowest vendor up to the former Presidents. It is only now that rapid changes have been made. Only when Mr Duterte was elected.

    So for American or other foreign journalists, I dare all of you to live with as a local-live like a Filipino not as an expat- not just writing your stories far from new York, or Washington.you live with us and do what normal Filipinos do and you will understand that Mr Duterte’s action is effective for us Filipinos. You do not fliy in Manila just to make a report because there was an incident you heard of and post it online to make a scoop and then leave after. Isn’t it true that you don’t stay long in the Phils bec of kidnappings. Foreign journalists should be more happy because it will be more safer here now than before. Do not use your country or economy as a yardstick because we are different from you.

  2. Guillermo Hernandez on

    The DUDirty is correct in saying that he is not Assad.

    He is , of course, an IDI AMIN ! !

  3. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    29 August 2016

    At this point it is safe to say that Der Fuhrer Rodrigo Duterte and his “Berdugo” Police chief General “Bato” de la Rosa are running amok,engaged in the megalomanic EXTRA-JUDICIAL killing of those engaged in the Narco business one way or the other, whether as suppliers or consumers.
    Both of them obviously are trampling on the Constitution with its Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, and even the UN Declaration of Human Rights to which CIVILIZED nations adhere punctiliously.
    If both of these magalomaniacs are not stopped in time, it is possible that the Philippines will become another “Killing Field!”
    That is, if Der Fuhrer Duterte is not hailed to account for his genocidal exploits before the International Court of Justice.

  4. Philippines is a sick country because of corruptions from all levels of government. Briberies from drug moneys to all government officials who pretend to be civil servants but in reality they are civil vampires, they sucked the blood of the the nation’s treasury and the received bribes from the drug lords. Then who do you think to stop them all? Who do you think have the balls to rectify all these messes in our government. Only President Duterte have the guts to do it whether by hook or by crook. We need special surgeon to remove this cancer of our society and that is Doctor Duterte is the man who can do that.

  5. Yes, Mr. President – you are not Assad & it’s unfair to compare you with him. But your directives (TV, print, radio) to kill illegal drugs users, pushers, re sellers are considered a crime against humanity under our International Law, thus, the International Criminal Court/Commission of Human Rights are subtly & slowly building up a criminal case against you. In due time, you will be hurled to this court to answer for your misdeeds.

  6. Duterte is right in his contestation, that he is no Assad, all these accusations against him by the west and its mogul controlled media, which all have links with American oligarchs, are fabricating accusations of various atrocities and crime against humanity simply because they need to bring down Duterte, who is anti-elite and pro-Filipino poor. A very good documentary can be viewed on youtube, which is titled ‘People who control America?’, tells how American oligarchs finance war internationally.

    America or rather the powers-that-be of America is ‘putting up a false flag’ on Duterte to destroy our country and keep it from developing into a strong nation. Filipinos should make a stand and defend the president against external threat, and pursue its own national programs, which benefits the country as a whole.

  7. Ignacio Balbutin on

    The UN should be not interfere in the internal affair of the country. Here we say a good leader cleaning his country from drugs, crime and corruption and then u are complaining. Why are u not complaining with the countless killings rapes, robbery and murders of innocent civilians. For the first time we have now a country that is peaceful, we can walk now anywhere without being afraid of being robbed and killed. Those killed are those fought who fought it out with the police in a buy bust operation or are being killed by the drug lords themselves. Don’t be so stupid. Come and see the Philippines now, don’t just complain from far away country

  8. Mr Duterte, fix the umemployment problem in the country. Provide jobs for the poor and everyone who wants a decent job so they do not have to sell illegal drugs to live!! That should be your main concern together with getting rid of the drug menace.

    • Dear Mr Raul,

      1.) No jobs are being created because foreign investors are afraid to invest here in the Philippines.
      2.) children in very poor areas in Mindanao are being radicalized because of poverty. Give each child there an android cp and a government wifi access and their attention will be diverted from war into new technology and development. Children are sponge-you feed them war ideas they grow up with violent thoughts. You tell them govmt doesn’t help them, they grow hostile.
      3.) once there is peace and order, I urge Mr Duterte to invite investors to build factories in a each province: say one call center in Jaro Leyte- and prioritize the employment of ONLY LOCALS in that municipality. People clamor in Manila looking for job, renting, leaving families in their provinces. Manila becomes overly congested and yet Philippines has lots of areas to be developed in rural areas. If there are local jobs in their provinces locals would go back to their provinces for employment. But before that investors should be confident to invest and take risk- how ? Only if there are enough manpower in the area who are disciplined and definitely NOT war-minded and of course- not DRUG ADDICTS.

  9. Trillanes Delima , Drilon and the rest of the trapo who had accepted the bribe from BSAquino III using the illegal PDAF are your critics President Duterte. They are all eager to put you behind bars cause their power is cutoff and they can no longer continue their hidden agenda, “The corruption” Roxas behind the scene along with Leni Robredo are rabbid in their campaign to get rid of you so Leni will take your place as President ” para maituloy nila ang naantalang ambition of power” be careful who you trust . Filipinos gave you the mandate to clean the corrupt politician, knowing your the only hope who will change their life for the better, especially the poor.may the Lord protect you 24/7

    • Aces & i wonder where you get your information from, or is it you just think that. I say get rid of this bank secrecy law & you will see millions upon millions of pesos in peoples accounts that they cant explain, some of that will be drugs money. Now at least aquino started this attack on corruption & has 3 senators linked to it, What you do have to understand is nobody is above the law. If duerte was convicted of crimes & sent to jail, see he asks for a bed & foam ( a mattress ) & books, well why not give all that to other criminals as if you were in jail thats exactly what you would be, a criminal.