Duterte is like religion


Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte is like religion, as Karl Marx described it: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions.”

Rather than a sigh, though, Duterte’s is a howl, a rage, his putangina the new version of Heneral Luna’s punyeta. It is a rage against the continued failure of the legal system to protect the oppressed and deliver justice to all, the hypocrisy of organized religion, its nature as the great brainwasher of the oppressed, keeping them at bay without the force of arms.

 Duterte, in fighting form, without the magazine, of course.

Duterte, in fighting form, without the magazine, of course.

I would have thought Duterte had also screamed against the economic elite: “Putanginang mga bilyonaryong iyan, payaman na lang ng payaman at walang pakialam sa bayan.” Actually, and strangely, he hasn’t said that.  Or, maybe it’s just because it is the season of campaign fund-raising.

He’s sympathetic to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (he supports the Bangsamoro Basic Law) and the New People’s Army as he shares the anger of those two organizations against oppression through the centuries.

A surprising revelation to me is that he reads history: “We were subjugated for 400 years, repressed, at tiniis natin ‘yun mga Pilipino. Then we were given over to the Americans by the Treaty of Paris when Spain lost the American-Spanish War. And we had another set of rulers. Masakit ‘yun. masakit ‘yun. Maybe the younger generation has not really felt the dimensions of being a subjugated people.”

More than its use to denigrate somebody, Duterte’s putangina bursts out as a reflex expression of explosive anger mixed with on-the-brink exasperation over a desperate situation. (It’s a Tagalog term imported into the Cebuano Visayan by the people of Davao, and is seldom directed against a person but rather, blurted out over an extremely bad, serious or dangerous situation.)

It expresses anger that explodes after one had queued up for an hour just to get on the MRT-3, it breaks down between the stations. I said it again and again in 2012 when 20 of the 23 senators voted to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona from office on very flimsy grounds, in complete servility to President Aquino’s assault on an independent branch of government. I said it when it was disclosed that the senators were paid hundreds of millions of pesos in pork barrel and DAP funds for their vote.

I said it again and again when I saw a photo of one of the SAF 44 fallen,  already lying on the ground yet still fired upon point blank by a Muslim insurgent, and later, a photo of Aquino in Zamboanga City probably at around the same hour, pretending nothing was happening in Mamasapano.

Bursts out of your mouth

More recently, the word just came bursting out of your mouth when you realized you’ve been trapped in monstrous traffic for five hours because Aquino’s APEC team had failed to plan well ahead of time so that the multi-nation summit could have been hosted properly elsewhere than the congested metropolis. When Aquino claimed that the tanim-bala extortion racket – which even international news agencies such as CNN and BBC picked up – was just sensationalized by the press.

I say the word every time Aquino boasts of GDP growth under his term, since he has contributed nothing, nothing to that growth. And at the thought that he even impeded it by scrimping on public expenditures, while he kept in jail as his trophy of sorts President Gloria Arroyo, the person really responsible for the economic momentum built in the aftermath of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, before Aquino took over the reins of government.

After all, what can Aquino boast about when growth continues to be essentially due to OFW remittances, which directly account for 10 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP)? Their contribution is actually more than that, as the remittances have also financed the booming domestic trade and property markets.

The more familiar quote from Marx on religion, however, is that it is “the opium of the masses.” Our metaphor here breaks down a bit, and we have to amend it.

The difference with opium

Duterte is totally unlike the effect of opium on the psyche: drowsiness and dreamless sleep after a brief euphoria.

Duterte is more like shabu, or methamphetamine, and the Wikipedia description fits Duterte: “Elevated mood, increased alertness, energy in fatigued individuals, reduced appetite and weight loss.”

Translate that individual feeling to a political one, read his fans’ delirious Facebook postings praising him, and the picture that emerges: Duterte has stimulated an elevated political mood and alertness in the body politic, and a renewed sense of hope for people so sick of our political and social system.

But shabu is shabu and it is an artificial, even dangerous, chemical that creates illusions.
As shabu obliterates the past, Duterte totally obliterates civilization’s past with his boasts of killing kidnappers and rapists as soon as they are captured.

Duterte is a lawyer, but he is a case study that should convince the Supreme Court to require law schools to offer more classes in the history and philosophy  of “the rule of law.” These should etch in their minds that a crucial element of the the rule of law is that that  there  clearly laid-down procedures to determine who is guilty and who is innocent.

“Rule of Law” was invented a long time ago – 2,500 years ago – at least as far was we know, in ancient Greece, mainly by the statesman Solon and the philosopher Aristotle in the 6th century C.E., and then developed in Rome – although both societies merely paid lip-service to it with “might-is-right” as their dominant form of rule.

Rule of law

The notion of the rule of law was forgotten after the fall of the Roman Empire as barbarian tribes with the barest forms of civilization ruled Europe. What’s very interesting in this concept is that it is a value that had not been upheld by any religion. It, therefore, remains a difficult concept to follow as it goes against our vengeful, emotional reptilian minds even as no religious teaching requires us to follow it.

The religions of the Book (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have never advanced the concept. The Old Testament’s great King Solomon’s due process was a kind of psychological test: ordering the infant claimed by two mothers to be cut in half, to expose the liar who delighted in the faked decision. How can there be a rule of law emerging out of the Old Testament when even innocents – the first born of the Egyptians – were summarily executed by the Angel of Death just to convince the Pharaoh to free the Israelites?

There is no crucial 11th commandment that could have spared probably millions of innocent people from beheading or death by burning at the stake: “Follow due process to determine who breaks the above ten commandments.”

Christ didn’t ask the mob if the alleged adulteress had been proven guilty through due process, but instead, made them feel hypocritical when he reminded the mostly male members of the crowd that they probably also cheated on their wives. Even the due process in Christ’s “trial” was not Jewish but based on Roman legal processes.

Infamous of course was the Catholic Church’s “due process” under its Inquisitions during medieval times: torture. There could not have been a “rule of law” under Christian Europe for centuries since its monarchy was based on the notion that he represented God on earth, and therefore, could not be subject to laws made by men. The ISIS’ atrocities are really Islamic rule of law followed to its extremes.

Yet “the rule of law,” if you look at it more closely, separates us from chaos and the rule of the mighty.

The rule of law’s emergence was so contingent, even accidental: it emerged in England in the 13th century as the Magna Carta, or more precisely the Magna Carta Libertatum (Latin for “the Great Charter of the Liberties”).

It is an artefact of mankind, and when it was invented, even had a political goal: the unpopular King John of England promulgated it based on the thoughtful Archbishop of Canterbury’s draft to save his skin as it calmed down rebellious barons with the comforting thought that they would not be persecuted. While it was a crude form of the rule of law, it was the start of mankind’s development, helped by the rediscovery of Greek philosophical justifications, of the concept into the huge body of law we now know.

Duterte would have us forget this gem of mankind’s achievements that have been with us for 2,500 years, just as shabu makes one forget human values. There is no artificial quick-fix solution to our country’s depression. And Duterte’s do-dirty tack is a very slippery slope, lubricated by blood.



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  1. wilmer andrada on

    The Pope said that he would like to throw all the corrupt into the sea and Duterte said in Manila Bay specifically. The Pope said he does not want women to breed like rabbits and the Duterte said yes, I will give free tubal ligation to women plus monetary reward.The Pope said Cazzo which mean fuck in Italian instead caso in one of his homilies and it made headlines, Duterte said the same thing and it made headlines too. You see , it does not matter who the messenger is as long as we see positive results. Jesus said: if any of you did not commit any sin cast the first stone.. Judge not that you might not be judged..With our next President Duterte, what you see is what you get,,, an open book with , an open mind,and an open heart.He walks the talk , no self interest .no hidden agenda no hocus pocus , take him as he is because he is a real guy not plastic.He suffers with a slight case of tourette syndrome a medical condition called coprolalia which is the exclamation of obscene words or socially inappropriate or derogatory remarks but this condition does not affect intelligence and leadership.Usually these people are generally honest and trustworthy according to Psychologists.So nobody is perfect.


  2. wilmer andrada on

    The Pope said that he would like to throw all the corrupt into the sea and Duterte said in Manila Bay specifically. The Pope said he does not want women to breed like rabbits and the Duterte said yes, I will give free tubal ligation to women plus monetary reward.The Pope said Cazzo which mean fuck in Italian instead caso in one of his homilies and it made headlines, Duterte said the same thing and it made headlines too. You see , it does not matter who the messenger is as long as we see positive results. Jesus said: if any of you did not commit any sin cast the first stone.. Judge not that you might not be judged..With our next President Duterte, what you see is what you get,,, an open book with , an open mind,and an open heart.He walks the talk , no self interest .no hidden agenda no hocus pocus , take him as he is because he is a real guy not plastic.He suffers with a slight case of tourette syndrome a medical condition called coprolalia which is the exclamation of obscene words or socially inappropriate or derogatory remarks but this condition does not affect intelligence and leadership.Usually these people are generally honest and trustworthy according to Psychologists.So nobody is perfect.
    With Binay who is widely perceived as a crook but nothing but a crook, with Poe who faces extinction because she is too plastic anyway,and Roxas who is well educated and would be good in corporate setting only but devoid of Cahones in leading the multifaceted challenges of our nation, Miriam who gives us the best lip services but nothing to show ,then who would be the best choice?Duterte….

  3. Our rule of Law – Due Process is not WORKING! Wake-up People! from police, to prosecutor, to judge and even prison guard all can be bought. The criminals and the corrupt have made mockery on our Justice System, nakakulong na nga nakakabenta pa ng shabu. Maybe just maybe, after MRRD cleanse the government – esp the police and other govt agencies, and we have really functioning due process, then his brand of killing criminals is a bitter pill we need, kung gusto natin magbago ang gobyerno… sabi nga nya Exhibit A nya and Davao City, if people of Davao are just living out of fear, then the mayor will not be love by the people of Davao. They will not have Central 911 and smart city by IBM. He must be living on mansions like Binays.

    Nakakatakot? maybe… people of Davao can feel their government is working for them..

    Ayaw natin ng Corrupt – Meron bang nakurakot na si Mayor?
    Ayaw natin ng Epal – Walang mga pangalan ni Mayor mga project sa Davao
    Ayaw natin ng Crime and Corruption – Mayor Knows how to do it, and the even have 72hrs ultimatum for govet head to act on clearances etc.
    Ayaw na natin ng insurgency and Muslim Rebelion – Mrrd also have plan for it esp Federalism

    Lahat ng ayaw natin ayaw din nya, and he delivered in Davao…

    But just because he was brutally honest dahil gusto natin syang maging Presidente, e ayaw na natin… No one from the choices we have other MRRD have the track record of results- delivered without corruption. I’m willing to bet my future esp my child future for the change.. and just maybe like Davao City, we can also live in worry-free environment…


    • Duterte has to answer for his complicity with Misuari the man who is wanted in the Zamboanga City massacre and taking over. He knows where the man is hiding by asking his help to rescue the kidnapped foreigners forgetting that the Armed Forces is after him. Why didn’t he informed the military where Misuari was at that time so they could have captured him. It only shows that Duterte as claimed by Gen. Palparan is a man who cuddle criminals and the NPA’s for self promotion and existence. Being a lawyer and a government official he has the obligation to go after his friend by turning him over to the government for the thousands of people who suffered during the siege and the hundred of millions of pesos spent by the government as aftermath of the violent took over by taking care of those that were displaced for many months or year housing them in the grandstand of Zamboanga’s Sports facilities.

  4. in a nation where discipline comes as a matter of choice, it is important that there should be a leadership with a will to impose what has to be imposed – comprehensively and non-selectively, so that its people will learn inertly what the laws are and what it can do.

  5. pag babago ba ang nais mo at nang iyong pamilya?? DUTERTE CAYETANO ba kayo, Mabilis na aksyon, Matapang na solusyon, para sa pag babago nang bansa! #DuterteCayetano!

    • Just asking, since Duterte is not coy about exacting direct force/violence on suspected criminals,including corrupt politicians, which sound so good to the pissed off public, then if and when he becomes president, will he hasten the arduous and tiresome litigation of the Ampatuan massacre and kill all the suspects? And will he dispense of the Ombudsman in dealing with corrupt politicians and/or public officials? madali lang magsabi papatayin ko lahat ng mga kriminal at corrupt kung gagawin nya yan anong mangyayari sa mga processo natin. And another big question for me, if the rest of the local executives will follow his example, must we believe them when they would execute somebody and supposed that the executed were really criminals and not their opponents/rival in politics or staunch critics? the culture of impunity will become an epidemic, if not pandemic.

  6. dahil ky Duterte,bingyan nya ng pag-asa ang tao na magiging maunlad at mapayapa ang bansa…dahil sya ang totoong nagmamalasakit sa bayan,taong my paninindigan….

  7. Hindi kailangan ni Duterte mag bait baitan para magustuhan sya ng mga tao. Hindi nya kailangan maging perpekto para pagkatiwalaan sya. Pinapakita nya lang kung ano sya. Kelangan naten ng ganitong leader na hindi nagbabalatkayo. #DuterteCayetano

  8. Duterte is truly, as someone said, the face of impunity for admitting to extrajudicial killing and participating in adulterous relationships. Either that or he’s just a liar. I cannot place entrust my vote to a person who promises to kill outlaws when he himself is an outlaw. He says what he did is a good killing. I say there is no good killing, there is only lawful and unlawful killing. I cannot stress enough the importance of the rule of law and people who believe in a person who supports peace and order from a person who is outside the law are just contradicting themselves. My guess is, they don’t even know the meaning of “rule of law” and are just too lazy to do some research which is easy nowadays because of Google.

    If we’re going to elect a person without qualms in disregarding the rule of law then I guess we’re not that civilized after all.

    • Therefore, what is the “rule of law”? Please enlighten us since even the author of the article has not given the absolute explanation or definition of what it really is about.

    • Absolutely correct. Any proper government or even entity has established ethical behavior for their employees to follow for good reason. In many companies now a days, anyone caught swearing or cursing can be fired on the spot. A leader should not rule by fear but should inspire people by setting good example.

    • Matagal ng di sinusunod ang batas sa pilipinas, Lalo na ng presidente. Si Purisima naka suspende pero exempted parin ni p”noy at binigyan ng karapatan mamuno sa mamasapano operation. Tanim bala sa halip aksyunan paninira lang daw ng kalaban. Poe isinantabi ang batas at kumatig sa Iglesia Ni Kristo para sa pansariling ambisyon, pilit iniikot ang batas para lang mapayagan tumakbo NASAAN ANG BATAS? Si Binay binalewala ang batas maging mayaman lang. Kung si Duterte man ay pumapatay iyon ay hindi sa pansariling Dahilan sa halip para sa peace and order at kapakanan ng higit na nakakarami. Ang batas sa pilipinas ay matagal ng binabaliwala.

    • You hit it John! We cannot right a wrong doing by using a wrong way. Kaya nga may batas para ipairal sa mga taong hindi sumusunod sa tama. Gusyong gusto natin yong ngipin sa ngipin at mata sa mata pero kapag sa atin inaply yon galit tayo. We condemn the dirty Harry way of judgement and we must still uphold the rule of law. Maybe Duterte can do it in Davao as he wish cause he has his own privare army there. But how many people in Davao condemn his ways?

  9. Bobit Tiglao is too kind to Duterte. The real score is that Duterte was just way off his depth. Pang ‘little league’ lang ang mama na ito.

  10. As an ex-communist, you should know that man-made laws are meant to protect the ruling class. Laws written by man may momentarily bend Natural Law. but they can never stop the full force of nature. When the people express their rage at at so much hypocrisy and injustice, that is a force of nature that can drown the entire ruling class despite their so called rule of law, this is what makes this Duterte phenomenon very interesting.

    • I agree. With the law of the land favoring those who formulated it, so is the history to anoint themselves.

  11. Honestly, at first hindi ko gusto yung pagmumura ni Duterte. But I realized that its part of our expression right? (wag magmalinis, karamihan naman saatin nagmumura). Napakanatural nya. Di sya plastic. Yung iba kasi ang bait bait sa harap naten. Pero bat ganun? Ang bait nilang tingnan pero lubog na lubog ang Pilipinas? Kurakot dito, kurakot doon. So, I think Duterte is the answer for our country. kailangan naten ng change. Kelangan natin ng tagapagtanggol. He really hate crimes kaya nga super safe sa Davao di ba? Kelangan din ng buong Pilipinas yun. Wake up people! Kay Duterte at Cayetano tayo! Best tandem ever.. #DuterteCayetano

    • agree ako sa comment mo regine… Hindi natin maiiwasan ang magmura lalo na pag tayo nagagalit that s expresion wala naman nakakamatay ang pag mumura ng isang tao diba…..si mayor digong ay nagpakakatoo lang……kaya we are support duterte cayetano 2016…

  12. As they say, and i tend to agree…Duterte is self destructing. He may have won many if indeed minura den nya ang gobyerno at ang mga oligarkong nagpapatakbo neto. Sabi nga kaya daw bang banggain ni Digong ang mga to?

  13. Let me play another card. Why hasn’t Gordon been considered as presidentiable? He did a good job in Olongapo during his time as mayor, they said.

    • Gordon’s name is always on the table. But nobody, especially the masa, will take him into consideration for the top post. Why? Brand. His brand only reaches to only few, and mostly those who attained higher education. The “brand” to transcend various levels of society, it must take a universal form, to make it a commodity and not just a luxury.

    • Gordon was my bet for the 2010 elections. I believed in his leadership and vision. Pero wala eh, Filipino people are very sympathetic and subjective.

  14. Mr. Tiglao, I almost agree with your article but the fact is you make a conclusion that Duterte offering “artificial quick-fix solution” of this country is the most “hoax statement” you’ve written. I never heard such from his mouth nor from the PDP party… he even said “even you put somebody there for decades wont be enough to solve country’s problem” esp. traffic and others, apart from that Filipinos are not incline to follow and obey a simple law of traffic. How can you throw that accusation to him? I don’t know if you side somebody, but your article was simple as an attack without weighing if that is too bias or too shallow to read. Your research even amaze me that you’ve forgotten how everything in this world even the most advance country before has the history of “follow by force”…. but I’m not saying and agree to have a “bloodshed” in order to follow the rule of law.

  15. no thanks, my standard of President is far from him.
    The children convinced their voting parents he is not a good person to lead the country.

  16. Vicente A. Lagura on

    The rule of law is not working and Duterte is not a chemical, he is a human being. People are suffering and the elite does not care. We want the suffering to stop, we need a Duterte.

  17. tibursyo mawrisyo on


  18. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Just too bad that Duterte immediately showed his class which earlier was a mystery in Davao City. Even Alan now would be hard up doing intensive research to regain ground. BongBong definitely gain from the situation. God bless the Philippines.

    • While I am an Ilocano and rooting for Bonget, I am having second thoughts now as he might be a Manchurian Candidate. Note that it was his father who gave the first money of tsayna after the Philippines recognized tsyana. Hence, tsayna feels a lot of obligation to the Marcoses. Thats the reason why they even sent a submarine to fetch the lady after her conviction fearing she might be jailed but the lady refused the offer. But then, if Bonget is there, he might also be the deterrent to any tsaynis invasion to get our gold forcibly. If tsayna invades, they can get the gold in two months and leave, giving them more than enough time before the US can provide support which can only come after six months since they still have to deliberate the matter in Congress.

  19. More than half a century of hubris, lies, bigotry and pretensions of greatness had reduced the elites into squirming maggots, even faggots, eating away what remains of the relics of the republic. The corruption of the spirit had taken a heavy toll on the life of the nation. Ours is a battered nation, unloved and abused by its guardians. Their punyetas and coños had cursed the nation into abject submission. Mayor Rody Duterte will try to revive a suffering nation with the help of the people, not the few.

    • That’s right! Once he said: He can do nothing without the help of the people for a change! If people will be with him this election, sure enough change will really happen.

  20. “when 20 of the 23 senators voted to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona from office on very flimsy grounds, in complete servility to President Aquino’s assault on an independent branch of government.”

    more fitting description is matindi ang pangangailangan ng mga senator kaya tinanggap nila ang P50 million pork barrel na in-offer ni Noynoy.

  21. well said… but situation in Philippines is different now… the fact is every Filipinos don’t feel safe even at home… what he has done in Davao is every peace loving Filipino ever dreamed of. So you can’t take that feeling of taking refuge to the one who can protect you. Our leaders of today are so much busy pocketing the peoples money and they forget their main duty. Duterte is compaired to a savior of our country that nobody else in from the other presidential wannabes…
    For Binay, the perceptions are so inept that if he wins the highest post he will continue corrupting the peoples money.
    For Roxas, while he have the education and may be experience he will be dictated upon by his buddy past president.
    For Grace, people will be affraid that there will be too many powerful individuals dictating every move she must undertake.
    For Santiago, while she is the most qualified to take the cudgels, she will look like a lepper in the open that no one believes in her for all we know that people don’t understand the laws she talking about.
    And lastly Duterte, from the lowly poorest of the poor to the richest of the elite, he can blend without a doubt. from the harmless to the beast he can deal with it.
    Although we can’t disregard the fact that he takes shortcuts of the law, still if you take the law into the hands of justice, they will find a way to reverse whatever result of any investigation and the moneyed one will be on the winning side. So the perception of the people will be like this… No material can cut a diamond except a diamond, a teeth for a teeth and seems to me that its true.

  22. I beg to disagree. Duterte is not a religion. Duterte is a devil-Lucifer. He is a CULT. He knows no legal laws except his. His “cursing words against the Pope will be Duterte’s waterloo. Hope this will be the end of Duterte.

    • Move on pag may time, yung putanginang obispo mo nga tangap pa din ng tangap ng donasyon sa drug lord at jueteng lord.

    • Maria Estrella Dee on

      Magbigay respeto naman.Mapapatunayan din natin na uunlad ang ating bansa kung may respeto ang bawat isa.

    • I’m sorry Ed. Everyone is a devil here :) I mean, everybody has that tendency of being devil and even you and me has the curse of sin to become like one. ….. How can you say ” he has no legal law except his?”… tell me then, if you are at a police force then caught in the middle of the situation wherein the criminal resist the order and want you to kill? Of course, by defense and it is legal defense to kill the criminal. Did the Criminal has due process? or end him by applying law of “gun”. You have to think of your country where criminals are free to kill and victimize your love one. Hope it wont happen in your family.

    • Well, Ms. Bashang, as far as I know, you can correct me anyway, he did not said he is an Atenista but he said he did study in Ateneo de Davao, but does not claim to be an “Atenista.”

      And Ed, you are no ‘judge’. It’s too harsh of you to practice your religion, if ever you have one, to call a person by that sordid name.

  23. Eloquent article. I totally concur that there’s no quick-fix solution to the country’s ailing problems right now. In fact, it is extremely embarrassing that United Nations for the first time in November 2014 issued a warning of dis-membership to the country if the corruption won’t stop. At the rate Philippines is standing right now, we are only going further down hill.

    I have to say that none of the presidentiables offer a solid choice to the electorate. Every single one of them has their own inadequacies that could further bring our country down the deep pit. Mar Roxas is nothing but an inept official. He is very weak and cannot hold its own. As the Filipino saying goes, “under the saya” of his mother and connected to Pnoy’s umbilical cord. He’s not simply able to connect to the general mass. Binay’s obvious plundering is nothing short of abhorrent. It is repugnant, to say the least! Llamanzares is 5 times below the level of Roxas’ competency. Her experience record has not given anything substantial to put on the presidential table, and that is very alarming especially when dealing with the critical global terrorism. She’s going to be eaten alive. Santiago’s health will be a risk not worth taking. That leaves us with Duterte. While Duterte has a lot of “open” skeletons, and by no means come with a lot of baggage, I still firmly think and believe that he is the most capable and best option of all.

    I agree that the rule of law has a political goal. In the Philippines, it is always illuminated by political goals as evidenced by the way how our system is manipulated. That goes also for the justice system. None of the current administration’s corruption issues have been fully addressed in terms of accountability and punishment. Did anyone ever serve jail time for the pork barrel considered as Asia’s biggest corruption scam by United Nations? None. For 3 decades, this country has endured the “more of the same” predicament. Are we that stupid enough to allow the same blind herding?

    As far as I know, of the almost 150 chapters OFW overseas, majority are voting for Duterte. They know he’s not a saint, and has less than admirable trait on the character issues, but at the end of the day, character becomes a secondary place when it comes to country’s future at the country’s present crisis. He has proven himself something in Davao, and that is irrefutable no matter how the opposition paints it in a different manner.

    I am a Catholic and I believe in my faith. However, when it comes to the country, I must separate myself from my faith. I have to look at things objectively especially in light of the quagmire this country is in right now. I don’t understand why the Catholic priests in the county are strongly involved in the political arena. They need to focus on their mission instead of meddling with politics.

    I am willing to take my gamble on Duterte because of all the presidentiables, he is my best option despite the risk of “slippery slope”, as you say it.

    Best of luck to us all because our countrymen needs it.

    • I agree with you michael. In a situation like this, Criminals is at high rate, ISIS, West Philippine Sea, Drugs and more…. How can I called my self “free” of my country when I’m afraid of my place to do what i want. I too willing to gamble for duterte among all presidentiables because I see him has the will to offer the country for a change, unlike the rest are all TRAPOS who will just set for 6 years and do nothing, nothing but just MONEY MONEY MONEY…. without taking care of his people. I will remind the readers here, many of the officials in the government just don’t care about the people they serve. Duterte nevertheless has the “malasakit” and the will to do for his people.

  24. Since Aquino became president. there has been no rule of law in our country. Maybe we need to shake up the people so that they become aware of its lack. As vulgar as Duterte’s words are he does give people hope that at last lawlessness will not be tolerated anymore. All the complains just happened on facebook. No protests ever materialized.Hopefully he can awaken the people to be active once again.