• Duterte is PNoy’s real legacy


    If recent poll surveys are any indicator, Davao City mayor and Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) presidential bet Rody Duterte might very well be the next occupant of Malacañang. And if that becomes a reality, Duterte has PNoy to thank for his victory.

    Duterte’s oft-repeated campaign promise to stop corruption, criminality and the proliferation of drugs within six months, even if highly improbable, has resonated loudly with many Filipinos who are angry, disenchanted and frustrated at PNoy’s vindictive, callous, and self-righteous governance.

    After six years in power, PNoy leaves no real legacy. His anti-corruption campaign has had little impact on corruption rates because it targeted mainly opposition leaders while most of his political allies enjoyed relative immunity from prosecution. PNoy’s “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” campaign promise has not curbed widespread corruption or significantly reduced poverty numbers.

    The much-touted economic growth and remarkable credit rating upgrades during PNoy’s term has not translated into a better life for most Filipinos. In fact, for many ordinary folks, things have remained the same, if not taken a turn for the worse.

    The gap between the have and have-nots, for instance, has continued to widen such that the country now has the highest income inequality rate among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). An Asian Development Bank study showed that the richest 10 percent of Filipino families were “raking in more than a third of the country’s total income.”

    Based on the Forbes’ 2014 billionaire list, the combined wealth of the country’s 50 richest individuals ($74.2 billion) accounts for 25.7 percent of the country’s full year GDP for the same year ($288.7 billion). Collectively, the richest Filipinos earned $8.45 billion, which equivalent to 51 percent of the country’s GDP growth ($16.6 billion).

    Meanwhile, the poorest 20 percent of the population only had a 4.45 percent share of the national income. Transposed into pesos, the poorest 20 percent earned P14,022 while the richest 20 percent made P176,863.

    Even as PNoy boasts of having transformed the Philippines into Asia’s rising tiger, the number of poor Filipinos has continued to swell. According to Ibon Foundation’s executive director, “since the start of the Aquino administration, the number of poor Filipinos has likely increased by some 2.5 million to reach 25.8 million poor in 2014, using the very low official poverty thresholds. This is despite P178-billion being spent on the 4Ps CCT program over the period 2010-2014.”

    Many Filipinos blame this pervasive poverty and inequality on rampant corruption in government, both national and local. PNoy’s “daang matuwid” has proven to be no more than a slogan and a mere front for a political power play to demolish his perceived enemies. In a sign of worsening corruption, the country ranked 95th out of 186 countries, together with Armenia, Mali and Mexico, in Transparency International’s 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index, 10 notches lower than last year.

    Moreover, despite police statistics showing a significant decline in the crime rate, many Filipinos still feel very unsafe in their communities. In the last Social Weather Station poll on crime victimization, some six out of 10 Filipinos fear robbers breaking into their houses while almost one of every two Filipinos is afraid of walking in the streets at night. The survey also revealed that one out of two Filipinos is afraid of drug addicts roaming in their neighborhood.

    These “neighborhood fears” are not entirely unfounded, especially with the admission by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Authority (PDEA) that 92 percent of Metro Manila’s barangays are drug-affected (i.e., has a drug user, pusher, manufacturer, marijuana cultivator or other drug personality in the area) and more than 8,000 out of the 42,065 barangays in the country (around 20 percent) are affected by the drug menace.

    Ordinary folks we’ve talked to say PDEA’s figures are far from the reality on the ground. They claim that even far-flung barangays in their provinces have now been invaded by druggies.

    So it doesn’t come as a surprise that Duterte has gained major traction on such a simple anti-corruption, anti-crime and anti-drug message. Whether by design or not, Duterte has struck a chord with a lot of people. The fact is many Filipinos feel betrayed by PNoy and ordinary citizens are pissed off at being neglected by their government for the past six years.

    It is obvious that our countrymen hate the Aquino administration enough to embrace Duterte. Right or wrong, common folks don’t really care what Duterte says or who he offends. The more the feisty Davao mayor highlights the ways in which Filipinos have been screwed, blued and tattooed by their leaders, the more supporters love him for his straight talk.

    So far, personal attacks on Duterte haven’t done much damage, and have even backfired sometimes. Negative publicity hasn’t made much of a dent against him.

    Duterte is clearly the product of the angry backlash created by a divisive, vengeful and sanctimonious President. A President who pretended to stand for uniting Filipinos for good governance but instead divided Filipinos with his “political trials” and his “you’re either you’re with us or against us” policy.

    There would be no Duterte dominating the political scene today if it were not for PNoy. This is why Duterte is turning out to be PNoy’s only real legacy.


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    1. If Duterte is so good and PNoy is so bad, then why does DUterte view PNOy with such high regard?

      “If there is a violation, let the proper body act on it”

      “I worked with him in Congress and he was really honest”

      “The President is good, he is very clean. That’s why I supported him last elections,” he said.

      If given a chance to talk to the President, Duterte said he would tell him to calm down and “not be the savior of this universe because we are not. Leave it to the people to decide.”

      • mallory grace anne on

        the answer is politics. you just have to be euphemistic to a seated president. in the same manner that they awarded duterte for his accomplisments in davao yet now pinoy is lambasting duterte to the highest.

        daang matuwid did not translate to anything significant. in my opinion it translated to nothing. my stake on aquino government??? mundo ng kawalan… we went haywwire…..

    2. walangusername5026 on

      Ms. Thelma, humanity ba kamo? Where is the humanity in all the bloodsheds, Kidapawan, Mamasapano, Lumads, Hacienda Luisita, atbp, mga nabubulok na katawan sa Leyte nung Yolanda na pinabayaan na lamng ng ilang araw, na ipinagpipilitan nila na iba sa mga nakita ng mga foreign journalists, mga nabulok na bigas sa warehouse, na kung bakeeeeet hindi naipamahagi eh baka dahil sa humanity. Ang konsepto mo ng humanity ay ibang iba sa konsepto ng humanity ng mga kumakalam ang mga sikmura, ng mga may iniyakan at ipinagluksang namatay ng walang kalaban kalaban. At dun naman kay Chat, magkano daw ang naicontribute sa economy ng bansang mahal nating ng mga bilib kay Duterte? Kahit sino nagsasabi, ang bansang mahal natin ay may ekonomiya na based on OFW earnings. Dilaw na dilaw ka ah, idol na idol mo ang reasoning ni Pnoy sa pagtatanggol nya sa kapatid nya na milyones ang income tax return.

    3. Tanggalin ang lahat ng Social Communication like facebook, youtube, etc. Reduce mobile phone to 1unit / family. Let’s live a simple life. This is the best solution sa tunay na pagbabago!

    4. we will know when we get there!!! at least we tried something else, even if Duterte failed us there is nothing new, we have more than 3 decades embracing the failure of this administration anyway!

      • You mean the fact that PNoy broke the record for highest national budget in the government of the history of the PH?

        WHich is one half of the government debt (6 trillion pesos?)

    5. A society is as good as its citizenry. Such being the case, the Philippines needs a good Captain, Duterte is our last card. What he is doing in Davao is just a drop in the ocean, but imagine an ocean without a drop.

    6. We are becoming desperate to find a “hero” to deliver “Change” that we want not knowing that it should start within ourselves. Blaming outgoing administration is a cycle whoever is in the position. People will hail you after 100 days people reject you. Theres alot of things that needs to be done in order to improve our situation but we, ourselves should initiate this and not expect from somebody…just saying!

      • Let’s put it this way, all ordinary filipino are law abiding and our government official are corrupt. would there be a change??? Nothing…

    7. Kahit marami recepients ang 4Ps, yung mga tao talaga ang problema, Ipinang-susugal nila yung nakakuha nilang pera sa 4Ps. Kahit pinapa-seminar sila sa baranggay, mga pasaway talaga mga tao. Kasalanan pa ba ng presidente mga ugaling ganyan?

    8. economic gains under president aquino are not inclusive if this trend continues (high growth not inclusive) in the future the philippines will look more like mexico or india rather than taiwan or south korea, we need to make it more inclusive, we need to agressively fight poverty or else if we can’t lower it, it will be very very hard to iradicate in the future, just like india is experiencing because of population growth, daang matuwid is a failure when it comes to inclusive growth.

    9. Francis Dizon on

      Atty Dulay. Whatever happened to my comments? Dont tell me I failed to portray your real image and how misguided your conclusions are. There is no better motivation than money….is there?

    10. Manuel Galvez on

      Should Digong and Bongbong become the winning duo, it is likely a NEGATIVE vote against the current administration. It s not because many like Duterte or Marcos but because so much hate had been culled against this daang matuwad.

    11. Benjo Sevilla on

      Duterte has 35% or thereabouts accdg to surveys. Ibig sabihin 65% ng mamamayan more or less ay di rin sya ang pinaniniwalaan.
      Para sa akin hindi sapat na basehan na ang pagpili kay duterte ang masasabing legacy ng administrasyong ito.
      Wag din natin kalilimutan na ang mga sinasabing mga kalaban ng administrasyon ay puro maiimpuwensya sa politika at sa lipunan.GMA, Estrada,Enrile ang mga Marcos at yung mga nagnanais din pumosisyun. Du talaga nakatulong ang bawat kapalpakan na nangyayari sa lipunan. At bawat galaw ng administasyon ay kinikilatis kahit pa walang katotohanan ang pinakakalat.

      • to which election do you expect a 100% votes for one candidate? Kahit walang kalaban nga na candidate may mga voters na nag abstain.

      • well the 65% are combined to 4 part of candidates and 1 part to undecided. which means they have more or less 13% equal shares. This means mas marami talaga ang galit sa adminstration and indeed a legacy of Pnoy to duterte. even without Duterte in the equation a doubt the administration candidate will be on top!!!

    12. I really do hope that these are not the only reasons (shortcomings of the current administration) why many people choose Duterte. I hope they like him because of his track record. But i agree with this article, these are the main reasons why Duterte is on top of the survey and you cannot fault the people.

    13. Pano naman naging monster ang pinup ust or binubiwis ang buhay para sa mga tanong wlang kamalay Malay sa mundong Ito,masama bang pumatay ng mga kriminal para mailigtas ang mga inocente?

    14. Rizal Sychitpin on

      Your article is very very good and makes a lot of sense. However, it’s also necessary to give credit where credit is due. Duterte has an exemplary character & track record too.

    15. reynante bestudio on

      for many years we gamble our trust to those people whom we knew are descent, formal, diplomatic, educated and had high rank in political race…. we chose them because we thought they’re of a big help to uplift Filipinos from poverty. YES!! they contributed something and helped us in a very little sense… but if we try to look, listen the loud cries of the generations today, what would be your conclusions and assessments to those several leaders who led us to what we are now today? are those leaders whom we put our trusts enough for us to uphold and steadfast their legacies? who really are deserving to be benefited of the gov’t services? those people who disagree with the sentiments of the many?,or those many who feels like they’re lost their hopes to survive and asking for a better leadership? People nowadays are clamoring for a change and significantly rooted their hopes and support to Duterte. Are we not sympathetic enough to listen their voices? I am a teacher, a gov’t employee, and i am not against with our government today but i am listening also the cries of the poor because I myself cried many times too. situations as of this moment is like a menu served on the table…. Pag pa-ulit-ulit mong inihain iyan, maghahanap at maghahanap ka talaga ng panibagong menu to satisfy yourself…. ganun lang din yun… these thoughts of mine do not show any anger to anyone but pity to the undeserved poor Filipinos. I am not angry with the current administration nor to other parties, nor to those people who kept on bashing or whatever. i just show how i fell right now looking and listening to those people where I belong… THE POOR!

    16. Atty. Dulay, you hit the nail right on the head. I’ve made several comments in your paper that there are only two candidates best qualified in this election and they are Sen. Mirriam Defensor Santiago, the president who was never been, and Mar Roxas, the president who will never be.
      MDS run too early and she claimed she was cheated but now she is too late a president. And Mar Roxas, who gave way to Nonoy and was cheated by NoyNoy’s Samar boys for vice-president by supporting NoyBi. Now he is again being double crossed by the same group in Malacanang who supported NoyBi. And worst is with Pnoy’s unseen support. I believe, his secret candidate is Sen. Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe Llanmanzares MORE THAN MAR ROXAS as shown by the full support extended on her by PNoy’s Solgen and CJ Sereno and eight AJ mostly appointed by Pnoy.
      I will vote Duterte not because Mar Roxas will be a no good president but because of Mar blind support for ” Daan Matuwid ” as you said Atty. Dulay, many like me, are against.

    17. Why is this hypocrital administration exempt from the rules ?
      Nepotism is rampant, fresh graduates with family names of ABAD and GAZMIN get
      Undersecretary jobs !!
      Public work bans , government appointment bans, midnight deals dapat di na pwede kasi election period, they have no decency, walang delicadeza, bakit sila exempted ??
      Can’t blame people from fighting back, the only way they can , on May 9 !

    18. Filipinos have been openly embracing womanizer’s, rapist, theives in government.. You have Estrada, Jalosjos, Binay to name a few… How is Duterte different from them? I guess at least with Duterte it is already an open book. Not something covered or hidden for the purpose of a clean facade.

    19. Thelma a product of elite mindset. Our readiness to embrace a simple-living and frank leader is because of our desire to end the traditional corruption, incompetence, elitist control, dynasties and hypocrisy of the other candidates.

    20. there is truth in that dudirty is the real leagcy of bs aquino. but is it not idiotic for bobotantes to choose a more incapable candidate. dudirty is not only old and nearing senility but his character personifies evil and even looks it. i hope his followers get what they deserve.

      • You are senile, you can’t see the actions he speaks in Davao. You only notice the lack of appropriateness in his speech. Well, listen to your decent speaking political criminals. I am happy people like you will not dominate this election.

    21. This election will show where the morals of the Filipinos are.
      Let us hope that thy choose a leader that can be Respectable and will uphold the rule of Law and the Constitution!

    22. Edgardo Bertumen on

      Sir Atty. Dodo Dulay, I totally agree with you. You explained it very well and we have almost identical point of view. Let me thank you as well for being the voice of the masses. And to Thelma, your claim is so premature and unfounded. Let’s give Mayor Duterte the benefit of the doubt. At least he will do his best in the housekeeping.

    23. In other countries, any coach/manager/leader of even the roughest sports organizations is given tantamount consequence (warning, fine or termination) for uttering a statement (even just once) even half as repulsive as Mr Duterte’s repertoire of profanities in public. The organization usually issues a statement “His/Her comments do not reflect what we stand for as an organization.”, followed by a tangible punishment.

      Why are many Filipinos suddenly willing to lose some of their humanity (and by such examples maybe the humanity of the young generations as well) to vehemently prop up Mr Duterte? Are all his promises which are supposedly guaranteed judging by his performance in Davao, worth each of his supporters’ soul?

      What happens if he fails at this level of game where it is a lot more difficult and complicated, a different and a lot wider terrain to navigate, highly energised and very fast paced? In any game or competition, a perceived success in level 3 or 4 does not guarantee success in level 10. All the stresses of running the country are more likely to make Mr Duterte’s lack of humanity even more horrendous.

      If Mr Duterte fails, will he blame the people who voted for him and curse them to his heart’s content- in public of course- where he is in his most glorious? After all, he might say, “You knew me through and through and/yet you happily chose me.”

      In most countries there are more poor than well off people. But most of the poor ones will not surrender their humanity to grandiose promises and ill-conceived means to an end. We might still be a poor country, (although compared to previous decades, a lot has already been achieved nationally) but must we now also be poor in manners, ethics and values- fundamental principles which are the basic foundations of every civilised society that has endured and prospered? And if we all got materially well off through Mr Duterte’s dogmatic style, can we deeply and honestly savour it with a clear conscience?

      Filipinos might soon become infamous as the first civilized, religious and well-educated society that willingly and wholeheartedly (eyes and ears wide open) embraced an openly foul-mouthed, promiscuous and what not as their top leader towards their quest for a decent, better life.

      • simple – because we’ve had enough of this bull-crap system where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer and gets additional beating because they get robbed – on broad daylight.

      • ‘What happens if he fails at this level of game where it is a lot more difficult and complicated, a different and a lot wider terrain to navigate, highly energised and very fast paced? In any game or competition, a perceived success in level 3 or 4 does not guarantee success in level 10. All the stresses of running the country are more likely to make Mr Duterte’s lack of humanity even more horrendous’ — that’s the thing..it’s all what ifs..we’ll never know unless we try.. more or less i know what would roxas, poe and binay have to offer..so why not try the guy from the outside?

      • you are so mar roxas honestly. wow. you just revealed your true colors through saying the word decency. #biased

      • they are not surrendering their humanity for believing DUTERTE…

        they want to regain it after being molested and even raped by the Aquino’s government of FAILURE….

      • The Filipinos have had leader after leader turning a blind eye to corruption. They have had ENOUGH, Enough is Enough. Im proud they are getting behind Duterte. Yup he is foul mouthed at times and he not your usual leader BUT DONT YOU UNDERSTAND FILIPINOS HAVE HAD ENOUGH. STOP CORRUPTION Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! just STOP. There is huge divide between the rich and poor a very unjust divide and the rich treat the poor like SH!T. Duterte is better than another term of the SAME SAME SAME

      • The writer only explain some reason why Digong is popular to voters and why despite his negative antics he remain popular. Dont get me wrong I am not for Digong but I believe with Atty. Dulay assessment. Definitely, people have different opinion whether it is right or wrong, majority rules and that is the essence of democracy. For your fears on what if, Digong win and fail to fulfill his promise during his term is another story to be told since it may or may not happen.

      • Your “humanity and morals” will not feed the hungry stomachs of the poor Filipinos.

      • Good point. On the “perceived negative side” of a Duterte country. Why not try writing on the good side? I would love to read, then.

      • We are already infamous Ms. thelma I think you’re just Blind and Deaf thanks to your President and Presidential Bet Mar Roxas, we are warned by U,N that our membership will be striped because of the Donated money from various countries that is unaccounted, and how about the laglag bala, the kidapawan massacre, Maguindanao SAF 44 massacre Luneta Hostage Massacre and so on, you can see and hear all of these not unless you are Blind and Deaf.

      • Bud cudiamat on

        In most countries there are more poor than well off people. But most of the poor ones will not surrender their humanity to grandiose promises and ill-conceived means to an end. We might still be a poor country, (although compared to previous decades, a lot has already been achieved nationally) but must we now also be poor in manners, ethics and values- fundamental principles which are the basic foundations of every civilised society that has endured and prospered? 

        Because the poor people in other countries are still well off if we compare it to our poor. That’s why. A homeless man in USA and in Europe, or even in some parts of south east Asia can have a full day’s work and be able to earn enough to feed himself and maybe a family of 4 for 3 days. Unlike in the Philippines were you toil for days on end doing hard labor and your week’s pay is not enough to feed a family of 4 for day. Poor families AND some middle class families in the Philippines are constantly in survival mode, and you wonder why they are willing to forego manners over hope that someone might finally hear their cries for help?

      • We are moving in this unsure world full of challenge, i am not against any candidate and i think they were all capable for the duty as pesented to comelec,,, and if ever who will be the president all we need is to support him/her with due respect cause it will rise up our dignity and i doubt philippines will fail.

      • You nailed it Thelma. And to those kapit-sa-patalim ni Duterte followers, examine yourselves also. How much have you contributed to the economic and moral progress of our nation? Corruption that leads to poverty can not be addressed from the top aĺone; each of ud have to do our part. It has to be from top to bottom and from bottom to top. A good leader alone can not solve ourcountry’s miseries. We all have to work on it. Leading by example should be everyone’s advocacy. Hindi kailangang kumapit sa patalim. Do not vote for Duterte because you are tired of Pnoy. Examine carefulĺy each candidate and choose who has the moral integrity and knowledge to lead this country. And doyour share.

      • we will know when we get there!!! at least we tried something else, even if Duterte failed us there is nothing new, we have more than 3 decades embracing the failure of this adminstration anyway!

      • daddykool50 on

        open your eyes and be fair enough,,, crimes, drugs and corruptions… ?quo vadis Filipino?saan tayo patungo?time is running out….actually mas gusto ko pa nung Martial Law kesa ngayon….

    24. Sir, I do believe you’re the only one who truly explained the sentiment of the masses and even the many higher-ups of our society of why they are choosing Mayor Duterte. Thank you for being the voice of the masses.

    25. Duterte is also the product of the media. The more heinous crimes reported, the more Pilipinos feel insecure. Duterte is also a product of poverty. The more poverty, the more crimes. We do not have any choice but to vote for a strong man even if he is a lunatic. Fear is Dutertes biggest ally in this presidential race.

    26. It’s true that “he much-touted economic growth and remarkable credit rating upgrades during PNoy’s term has not translated into a better life for most Filipinos.” This will be true for all future Presidents, too. That the rich has bulk of the country’s wealth is true for most countries. Is there a country where this is not true? The rich will continue to become richer and the rich poorer, unless the rich squanders their wealth in gambling and other vices. The poor people carry to big a handicap to even improve their lives.

    27. Right on! Atty. Dulay, you hit on the head! What a true thesis. I would print this and save it for my young children to read. Thank you!

      • Be careful of what you say, Bongbong Marcos has proven himself pro-poor and service to the filipinos was, is and will be his priority. Do not include him in your monster list. That is so unfair.

      • After 30 years still no light in sight in the dark tunnel.
        Thus we don’t need to go back. We might employ another
        way to really see the light at the end of it. Duterte might have the
        means to lead us to see the light.

      • Another self righteous comment. A lot of Filipinos have been inside this long tunnel of despair that you speak of for the past 30 years.

      • what long tunnel of despair. you are dreaming. Duterte is not a monster but a human being who has an unusual character. BBM is good in governance. his chink in the armour is his being a marcos who is being demonized by the aquinos’ yet he is by far the best president we have. duterte and BBM will complement each other.

      • Aaaahh… here comes Arlene, anti-Duterte pro-Marcos… I bet you are pro-MDS+Marcos… or pro-Roxas+Marcos? (Odd)… or pro-Poe+Marcos? (weird)…

      • Manuel Comota on

        I didn’t believe criminality, corruption, drugs, will be stop within 3-6 months sounds familiar from the mouth of politicians during election period but, after the election their promises gone away like a wind…”they will do their best to recover their expenses instead…”