Duterte maintains ‘very good’ satisfaction rating


President Rodrigo Duterte has maintained a “very good” net satisfaction rating for the first quarter of 2017, according to the latest survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS).

The poll, conducted from March 25 to 28, showed that Duterte received a net satisfaction score of +63, unchanged from December last year.

In the survey, 75 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with the President’s performance, 12 percent were undecided and another 12 percent were dissatisfied.

The SWS noted that Duterte’s overall score was buoyed by the “excellent” +87 rating he received from Mindanao, his bailiwick.

The President, however, suffered a significant decline of nine points in Balance Luzon to +51 in March from +60 in December. He logged a “very good” +62 in the Visayas and +64 in Metro Manila.

Duterte also maintained “very good” satisfaction ratings across all socioeconomic classes—a +56 from +52 among class ABC respondents, +64 among class D or the masa, and +60 from +61 in class E.

First published on the BusinessWorld, the survey, conducted through face-to-face interviews among 1,200 adults, had error margins of ±3 points for national percentages, and ±6 percent each for Balance Luzon, Metro Manila, the Visayas and Mindanao.

In a statement, Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said Duterte was inspired by the survey results.

“Although surveys are not his priority, it inspires the Chief Executive and the national leadership to continue its top agenda of ridding Philippine society of drugs, criminality, and corruption, or building a trustworthy government; prosperity for all; and peace within our borders,” Abella said.

“We value this public trust, and will continue to work hard to serve the best interests of the people and fulfill the vision of a nation worthy of the Filipino people,” he added.


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  1. He was the only candidate during the campaign period who analyzed the woes of the Philippines and how to escape from it. He shocked the voters how his mind works. Spewing “colorful languages” against criminalities, drugs, corruption, oligarchs, meddlers from religious groups, and the very Philippine government system itself. He is a maverick, never such a kind before. Instead of saying vote for me, he said don’t vote for me if you don’t like what he is about to do if he becomes the president. Opponent candidates turned their attention and started throwing bad marks on him. They even tried throwing the devil himself against him! Unfortunate for the other candidates, their tactics didn’t work and Duterte won by a landslide.

    Most of his opponents admitted their defeat but some are still in their denial state. These few but rabid personalities are using influential and powerful people here and abroad. Major newsprints and even hostile foreign governments who foresee him as a threat are doing no letups to look for cracks and weakness on him.

    He is in his mid-seventies. He knows his time is short. His love for the flag and country is undeniable. He shows it through his words and actions.

    Let’s help by giving him constructive criticism. Of course, there will be errors. Time and situations are dynamic and always changing. Give him and his team space to think. Guide him to arrive in the right course.

    Right now, aren’t we feeling the legacy he is building?

  2. John Chameleon on

    The Philippines has all the resources to become a very rich nation. From gold to natural gas, tourist attractions and environment, culture and arts and intellectual capability.

    But each time the country seem to unite to rise, insidious forces suddenly emerge to bring it down. Any uniting leadership will come to meet subterfuge. A coordinating powerful (because of money) group launches opposing actions just to keep the country in trouble.

    Oligarchs, elites, unscrupulous politicians, crime syndicates, and the catholic church combine to destruct the government or any unification symbol that would eventually redound to a continued poverty of the masses. Visibly, poverty offers them great gains and power.

    Right now, the drug lords incorporate with a covert group of politicians, religious people, media (or presstitutes) and the oligarchs are moving the mountains to oust the duly elected President. The very popular President who is providing an inspiration to the electorate, fighting a war on drugs, eliminating corruption and reducing crime faces a multitude of threats from this group. Despite his excellent record in implementing economic infrastructure, tourism programs, trade initiatives and regional politics for unity and peace, his ouster remains the goal of the company.

    Drug lords and drug protectors aren’t happy because, despite their campaign to taint the war on drugs with additional killings of their members and enemies, they still continue to lose. The masses approve the killing termed by the subversive group as EJK just to stop the drug trade that proliferated in the past administration.

    Together with the unscrupulous combination, they strategize to oust Duterte by impeachment or maybe by other means. One politician even bragged to retire from politics if Duterte will not be impeached.

    After all the intramurals of the oust-Duterte movement of the covert forces, we the country are the ones suffering. Protect ourselves like we protect our families. Let not the catholic church, the drug lords, the malicious politicians run by the oligarchs and elites, the media hacks and foreigners succeed in their nation-destructive adventurism.

    Join together our strength and destroy the malicious forces out to obliterate the future of our nation and our children.

  3. pablo sanchez on

    for the past few months only duterte’s approval rating are being showed to public. how about the approval rating of the vp? do they keep the negative rating from the public?