• Duterte is The Manila Times ‘Man of the Year’


    DAVAO CITY: The Manila Times on Friday conferred on President Rodrigo Duterte the Man of the Year 2016 award for overcoming the odds and changing the political landscape.

    Close up of the caricature of the President as a revolutionary man of the masses.

    Duterte said he was honored to accept the award.

    In his speech during The Manila Times’ 5th Business Forum held at the Marco Polo Hotel, the President
    admitted that he refused the offers of several organizations to give him awards.

    “I made it a matter of personal and official policy not to accept awards all these years.

    I’m relating this to you, all the Davaoeños know I do not accept awards except this one,” Duterte said.

    “I could respectfully decline it and I would always say, you do not give me an award or reward for the things that I have to do because I am paid to do that. But ngayon kasi (But now), maybe because it’s high time, at least before I go beyond, I should have one award,” he added.

    The President said one of the reasons why he declined awards is because of media’s reporting, particularly on his controversial remarks about the 1989 gang rape of Australian missionary worker Jaqueline Hamil.

    “It was uttered in anger, as an insult actually. So I was relating it because somebody was here looking for the footage during the last election. And they were offering that clip there sa RPN, because somebody was piggy back while I was advancing to the side of prison. An enterprising journalist was also behind me, and so he got everything, what I said. But all in a day’s anger ‘yan. Para hindi ako maunahan (so they will not jump the gun on me), I related the story during the campaign sorties. Because I knew that if they could get it at the last minute, I would have a hard time, you know, how to temper and how to explain to the public that this is what happened. I would have a hard time explaining,” he said.

    Duterte then enumerated what he called the “template” of his inspirations and achievement in life.

    “I was just a prosecutor. I was a trial prosecutor for nine years. And in 1987 I was appointed as OIC vice mayor but the agreement was that after a stint… because they placed the name of my mother, “Soledad Duterte” in the list of persons who are going to take their oath of office because Cory Aquino was coming. But at the last minute, my mother balked and said she doesn’t want a life of politics. So ako ‘yung nilagay nila (So they put my name instead),” he said.

    Duterte said he did not aspire to be a politician since all he wanted was to be a judge.

    “My ultimate target was to be a Sandiganbayan judge but along the way, I had this ruckus with the OIC Mayor and I found myself running in 1988 as mayor. And I have been the mayor of this city up to the moment I ran for (the) presidency for 23 years. I was once upon a time a congressman and the vice mayor of my daughter. I do not know if you know her but she is the one who mauled the sheriff in front of the public,” he said.

    “But Davao then was at the crossroads of the events of our country. Katatapos lang ng martial law and of course the communists were very active. Sometimes, life is really strange. I come from a poor family and we are just migrants. And when I was a prosecutor, I was also at the same time handling the Nationalist Alliance for Justice, Freedom and Democracy and that is now what you would call the “Karapatan.” The modern day Karapatan. Hindi alam ng gobyerno that I was reversing the ideological border,” he added.

    The President said he leans on the socialist side but he was never a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

    “I was one of those few who would go to the mountains and my passion is hunting and so I was also under the privilege who can go inside the forests of Davao region to hunt wild boars,” he said.

    “I knew that all I could offer was my homegrown talent of persuading people just to go in peace. And so when Davao was seriously affected with drugs and crime, I was just new but I had this warning to everybody and with no apology. It was like this: “Go out of my city, do not do drugs, do not rape people, do not kidnap people, because I will kill you.” “Do not destroy the youth of my city because I will kill you.” and that was the rule of the game. How many died and for what reason, I really do not know,” he said.

    “But when I became President, I already knew that there was a serious disorder in society because of drugs but it was not until I had the full access of the information and of the intelligence input did I realize that the drug problem had already engulfed my country. I realized that five years ago before this election, we were already in narco-politics because 40 percent of all the barangay captains of the entire Republic of the Philippines were into drugs,” he said.

    Duterte again attacked Sen. Leila de Lima, saying she was “corrupting everybody” during her term as justice secretary.

    “She was the highest official to be corrupted and she was corrupting everybody as the secretary of the justice department,” he said.

    Duterte reiterated that he would not repeat the mistakes of ex-Colombian President Cesar Gaviria in his brutal war on drugs.

    “This ex-president of Colombia, he said, ‘Duterte is committing the same mistakes.’ We can never [make]the same mistake because I am not [as]stupid as you are,” the President said.


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      onkers, New York
      11 February 2017

      My angry question is, ” Has the management of The Manila Times gone off its rocker by honoring this blood-thirsty Little Tyrant as “Man of the Year?”

      You honor him for having inflicted a REIGN OF TERROR on the Filipino people through his warrantless genocidal extrajudicial killing of those suspected of being involved one way or the other in his speciously justified Drug War, a brutal and barbaric drive which has netted for him, so far, some 7,000 hapless victims? You could not have conveniently forgotten that his boastful goal is 3 million.

      I am terribly disappointed in your!


      • aladin g. villacorte on

        In 2001 the editor of Time Magazine was asked by a reader: “How could TIME even consider bin Laden for Man of the Year?” To be sure, there had been unpopular picks over the years – Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Ayatollah Khomeneini, to name a few.

        The choice was not meant to honor the person – man or woman. The main criterion is that he is the person who most affected the events of the year 2016. Arguably, President Duterte represents the news of the year. And he has since made a huge impact on the Philippine scene, and on our lives, for better or worse.

    2. Sorry this sounds like a** kissing. A cowardly act by a major media player along with congress, senate and the judiciary. He’s semi officially condoned the murder of approximately 7,000 of your countrymen, turned a blind eye until recently of the criminal acts of your principal law prevention/ investigative agency, the pnp.

    3. President Dueterte should aim to be ” Man of the century” like Ho Chi Minh. The President need an army of professional fighter continue the political battle long after he left office . The American and European want to turn Asia into sex slave, drug and gambling for the benefit of western countries. The president already 70 years old, he got nothing to lose. he can take on the European and American the same time, he can speak perfect English. I guarantee that the US will be on their knee asking Philipine for forgiveness. The 20 century,they deliberately turn country into slave for Middle east and sex slave for western tourist. It time for the Pinoy to stand up and show them The Pinoy is A New street fighter of Asia.

    4. jaime lagapa alviola on

      Even just for the reason that he was elected President against all odds this man for the masses deserves the award. It is in fact a validation of the majority of the Filipino people’s trust in his Courage (Tapang) and Compassion (Malasakit) for the good of our country and our generations to come.

    5. Leila de Lima committed great crimes against the country. President Duterte is right in giving her the notoriety of being the great criminal she is. As Secretary of Justice, she was part of the shabu cartel that killed our youts and their families. For Dante, the lowest place in hell was for people n authority, like previous popes, who abused or did not perform them. She deserves this lowest place in hell. And yet the church supported her. St. Scholastica, Ateneo, the CBCP, all gave her venues to express her hypocrisy. She and they have no consciences. When will she be jailed-soon, I hope. The Jesuits and Benedictine nuns can go with her and smoke shabu in prison.

      • aladin g. villacorte on

        “Leila de Lima committed great crimes against the country. President Duterte is right in giving her the notoriety of being the great criminal she is.” Whatever happened to the principle of presumption of innocence? Whatever the President says is the law? Hindi naman tama yon.

    6. Congratulations Mr. President ! We have many things to be thankful to you for. We thank you for being so obstinate and hard-headed in you war against drugs. We want you to remain that way. The drug menace is truly a scourge and you are the only one who can rid the country of it. We ask, however, that you personally supervise and monitor the drug operations of those who are in charge of it to see to it that they are being made within the bounds of the constitution, the law and due process. There are people around you who desire only to promote their own self-interest and aggrandizement. There are also people who really share your goals and aspiration. We belong to the latter group. Hooray Mr. President !

    7. this validated the real honest perception for the philippine president by the majority of their own citizen. he may turn the country in the right direction peacefully and economically in spite of the uncooperative support from other nations.