Duterte is The Manila Times ‘Man of the Year’


DAVAO CITY: Because of his strong political leadership, President Rodrigo Duterte was given a “Man of the Year” award during The Manila Times 5th Business Forum here at Marco Polo Hotel.

In his speech, The Manila Times Chairman Emeritus Dante Ang said The Times 2016 Man of the Year Award was given to Duterte for capturing the imagination of the Filipino people and setting off a dawn of new politics.

“Without money, organization, political party and big business behind him, he routed the candidates of the establishment whose campaigns were powered by guns, goons and gold, not to mention cheating poll machines,” he said.

Ang said Duterte was recognized as “Man of the Year” also because he is a simple man with no pretensions.

“He speaks his mind out. He is the ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ type. He is a brilliant political strategist,” Ang said.

“Despite publicly announcing in early 2016 that he was not running for President, people did not abandon him. They kept their faith in him and voted him into office overwhelmingly,” he added.

Ang noted that Duterte, even before declaring his presidential candidacy, “had already caused considerable disruptions to the political arena and made the grounds shake and shift from under the feet of his opponents.”

“He is brash. He is politically incorrect. His private and public discourses are laden with his favorite word that begins with letter “P.” He has demonstrated the audacity to stand up to the superpowers in the name of an independent foreign policy that is pro-Philippines and friendly to all,” Ang said.

“Our Man of the Year is a man of integrity and conviction. Love him, hate him, he will do what he thinks is right and good for the Filipinos. His methods could be brutal at times but make no mistake about it, he has “pusong mamon,” a soft heart for the oppressed and the marginalized. He genuinely cares for the Filipino people and would offer his life in the service of the nation. Our Man of the Year is a true nationalist,” he added.


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  1. Congratulations Sir President you very much deserve it but there is something urgent you need to know.

    There is something not right here, PAGASA went though the long process of many budget deliberations at the lower and upper house to get sponsored by a lawful modernization bill, but how does project Noah magically become a national project when it is not even a mandated gov’t agency, yet get instant funding to the tune of 6.4 billion twice that of the state weather forecasting agency that patiently waited through the terms of the past three presidents. For comparison that’s like outsourcing the entire AFP defense budget x2 to a private security firm, it just makes no sense.

    A no nonsense COA audit needs to be conducted before any turnover to Pagasa because from the start there was issue with the national mapping agency Namria that already had sophisticated mapping technology, yet Noah opted to contract for Lidar spending unnecessarily an additional billion pesos of taxpayer money sourced from PDAF. It’s so mysterious how Dr. Lagmay a geologist suddenly became an expert on weather forecasting and instrumentation, questionable the projects meteorological standards are compliant.

    Lagmay even encouraged the lie that Noah’s budget was spent on Pagasa doppler radar up-grades, when all the dop-rad equipment upgrades were Pagasa’s projects from meager budget allocation augmented from bi-lateral foreign grant in aid, overseen closely by foreign science experts from donor countries thru JICA, KOICA, UNDP or AUS-AID. Unlike Noah a Pdaf white elephant that could not pass expert scrutiny to qualify for foreign funding.

    Throughout his term Pnoy oppressed gov’t weathermen and wanted the Pagasa replaced with Noah, three Pagasa heads were forced to resign and many forecasters too joined the ranks of OFWs abroad in disgust. While Pnoy gave both special blessings and budget x2 to Doc. Mahar’s project rather than the rightfully mandated gov’t service, but of course Noah could never forecast weather and that is why Pagasa still could not be abolished.

    Turns out on closer examination Noah has lots of technical and budgetary anomalies Dr. Lagmay has a lot of explaining to do.