Duterte-Marcos? It’s possible, says senator


SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday said that he is open to teaming up with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte even if he has entered into a “loose coalition” with Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Marcos issued the statement following the admission of Senator Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, president of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), that the party is considering him to be Duterte’s running mate.
Pimentel said there are some members of PDP-Laban who want Marcos to be Duterte’s vice presidential candidate.
“If somebody supports me, why will I turn that down? Of course not. I will always welcome anyone’s support,” said Marcos, who is running as an independent.
The senator admitted that he and Duterte have discussed several issues, including politics.
“So I will be talking to him again and ask him what his plans are,” Marcos added.
“This election has turned out to be unique and there are many, shall we say, arrangements that are not traditional. So, we will have to find and make our own way with Senator Miriam to define exactly what our coalition will be,” he added.
Duterte on Saturday announced that he will be joining the presidential race because of the decision of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) junking the disqualification case filed against Senator Grace Poe.
Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, one of those who convinced Duterte to run for president, is also hoping to be chosen as the mayor’s running mate.
Duterte has until December 10 to file his certificate of candidacy as a substitute candidate of PDP-Laban replacing Martin Dino, who recently withdrew as standard bearer of the party.
In a separate interview, Pimentel confirmed that there are members of his party who are for Marcos but there are also others who want to support Senator Francis Escuero, Rep. Leni Robredo and also Cayetano.
Asked it is possible for the party to support the Deterte-Marcos tandem, Pimentel said that all combinations are possible but the Duterte-Cayetano combination is the most preferred in the PDP-Laban.



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  1. people are smart enough to choose and vote for a candidates who really cares for our country , who really foot teir foot on our situation .. people who will give our country a better future #DuterteCayetano2016

  2. Yang ang bagay na magkasama DUTERTE-MARCOS in 2016. Si Mayor Duterte ay galing ng south, Si Bong Bong Marcos naman ay galing ng north. Kailangan ni Mayor Duterte ang boto ng SOLID NORTH. Kaya mainam at makabubuti kay May Duterte na maging VP nya ay si Senator Bong Bong Marcos.

  3. The Rody-Bonbong tandem will the the team to reckon this coming 2016 election if it materializes. The Rody-Alan team-up will not be accepted by the voting public because Alan is involved in corrupt practices as senator and he is a PNoy lackey. If I were the PDP Laban, the Rody-Bongbong team should be their priority.

  4. You’ve all been brainwashed to the core and that will make our country continue to go down the drain. Marcos leadership is unquestionable..he’s brilliant, disciplinarian, pro poor and follows the constitution to the letter. Simple minded Filipinos are scared of these traits especially the discipline side…this is why we are in the gutter because we are so “mayabang” like we know everything but the truth is we are so damn stupid and we refuse to accept it. Imagine nagkahirap hirap na sa kamay ni Cory, pumasok pa yung anak..hindi pa rin natuto…what do you call that? Tanga na bobo pa!

  5. Ilang beses na sinabi ni Digong na si Cayetano ang bet nya for VP kaya si Kuya Alan ang pipiliin nyang running mate! #DC2016

  6. Duterte-Marcos not a good idea, because if D wins he will be using a dictatorial style of leadership which is what most Filipinos are clamoring for; but the underground syndicates doesn’t want to happen since they will suffer the most. This dictatorial style will be used by his enemies to brain wash the people that the day of Marcos Martial law is back and encourage another revolution.

    This comment will get buried, but for all Filipinos out there please accept this leadership style this is akin to Noah’s flood to washout all the unwanted criminals. D’s leadership style will be tough for us to swallow but this is a bitter medicine to save the future generations. Democratic leadership doesn’t work with most of the stubborn Filipinos, if D wins we will not be following his wishes but the law/constitution including the rich and the poor.

  7. Camille Padilla on

    Gusto lang makiride ni BBM kay Duterte dahil madaming supporters. Magkateam na sila ni Sen Cayetano wag ng umepal pa dahil sila ang tamang team. #Parasapagbabago #DC2016

  8. we nid a president who will not following STEP of anyone else instead he will make his own path of a honest and fair ryts of his country.. #DC2016

  9. kahit gusto ni marcos na maka tandem si duterte, kaso ayaw ni duterte sakanya, kasi ang pamilyang marcos ay mga corrupt..

  10. hindi yan mangyayari kasi si duterte ay galit sa mga magnanakaw, ang yaman nila marcos ay galing sa kaban ng bansa, kinurakot ng ama niya sa bayan.

  11. Duterte Marcos would be the best tandem for a change for the better. Not widstannding a Mariam Marcos that will wipe the three presidential and Vice Presidents to shame. Any of these two will make the three eat dust.

  12. big “NO” to marcos, baka lalo pang bumagsak ang bansa natin jan kay marcos, baka ibalik niyan ang martial law sa bansa.

  13. wag na kay marcos kasi baka lalo pang mabaon sa utang ang bansa natin dahil jan kay marcos, at napupunta lang ang pera sa bulasa niiya. BIG “NO” to marcos..

  14. it will never ever be posible for marcos to be running mate of duterte. i disagree for that. the right running mate of duterte is only sen. alan cayetano. dahil nakalaan an kanilang tambalan para sa pilipinas at magaganda ang kanilang plataporma na ikakaganda at ikakabuti ng ating bansa at maraming pilipino ang matutulungan. di ba nila naisip yon o sadyang wala silang isip.

  15. Yeah I agree Sen Pimentel! Marcos regime is over though he is the son of Ferdinand Marcos, there are many issues about hidden wealth, yeah mere speculations but there’s a truth in it…Imelda is always there behind him, anything can happen. She absolutely ruined his husband for being materialistic! No way Marcos….enough!

  16. marcos is open for VP of duterte, what is this? is this a joke, even duterte will run for president he will never ever choose marcos for his running mate, because duterte know’s that what marcos did before. corruption. martial law, and etc. duterte don’t want to happen this again that’s why he will choose a better running mate like cayetano for a better future for our country.

  17. lahat tayo maaalala ang kwento kung ano ang sinapit ng martial law, kung papano bumaba ang economiya, pano ngkanda baon baon sa utang ang pinas na kung saan itinago sa swiss bank.. lahat ng kayamanana ni marcos ay galing sa nakaw! sana matauhan na tayo sa bagay na to di man siya ang ama niya nsa dugo naiya pa din ang pagiging isang marcos na minsan ng ngpahirap sa sambayanan natin!

  18. hindi kami magiging pabor sa duterte-marcos dahil alam namin na gagamitin lang ni marcos si duterte para siya ay makapangurakot at magpayaman gamit ang pera ng bansa, we will never tolerate this situation.