• Duterte may have to reconsider a revolutionary govt


    [Published May 17, 2016]

    Zeal in excess?

    In my desire to be constructive, I may have bent too much to give the May 9 elections the benefit of the doubt. In this column, I will have to take back certain mistaken impressions I may have conveyed to the public, in relation to that process. I must now say that outside of the apparent landslide victory of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte, and consistent with the declared position of the National Transformation Council (NTC), we have to question the validity of the entire process.

    The Commission on Elections’ statement that there has been no cheating in the vice-presidential race, and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting’s dictum that it has “passed the anomaly test” must be totally rejected. Both the Comelec and the PPCRV are not the arbiters or judges in this case; they are the ones who are under scrutiny and must first pass the “anomaly test.” Have they not in fact failed their mandate?

    I am not and have never been a partisan in this contest. Throughout the campaign, I conducted myself as an independent commentator, uninfluenced by any political or professional alliance, personal animosity or friendship. I am committed to the NTC’s call for system change.

    NTC position
    This is what we did before May 9. On May 7, at a Quezon City news conference, I read a statement on behalf of the NTC, urgently appealing to the Filipino people “to reject the illegal and farcical presidential elections.”

    Present at that conference were some co-founding members of the Council, namely Archbishop Emeritus Fernando Capalla of Davao, former president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines; Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lipa; Protestant Pastor Arthur Corpus of Manila; former National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales; NTC friend and supporter Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz, archbishop emeritus of Lingayen-Dagupan and former CBCP president; and Antonio (Butch) Valdes, convenor of Save The Nation Movement.

    In our statement, we expressed regret that “even before the voting has begun, the elections have already turned out to be a defective, fraudulent, illegal and illegitimate exercise, which poses an incalculable threat to the security of the State and the well-being of the nation.

    “All available evidence,” we said, “shows that the principal cause and instigator of the ongoing electoral manipulation is President B. S. Aquino 3rd himself, in his overriding desire to dictate the results of the presidential and vice-presidential contest.”

    We cited efforts of the various parties, beginning with the Comelec and its Venezuelan partner Smartmatic, to rig the elections, and their failure to comply with the basic provisions of Republic Act 9369, otherwise known as the Automated Election (AES) Law, specifically with respect to the dependability and accuracy of the hardware and software to be used in the elections. We denounced the elections as illegal and farcical.

    We then called on the people to work for “a just, responsive and sustainable alternative” to the flawed process. We specifically called on the country’s Catholic, Protestant and Islamic leaders to enter into immediate consultations with the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), as the constitutionally-mandated protector of the people and the State, to determine what concrete steps to take to bring about such alternative.

    “We do not propose a military takeover of government,” we said. “We are firmly and vehemently opposed to it.” But we believed the Constitution and the rule of law have been totally subverted, and there was a threat to subvert them further still through a plot to install into power Aquino’s lackeys or worse, the ideological enemies of the State…We did not believe the military should be used to support any program or activity against the national interest.

    Only Duterte was not cheated
    Consistent with this position, none of us voted for any candidate for president, vice president or senator on May 9. But as soon as the voting ended, we began to see that the only thing that seemed to matter to most of our voters was Duterte posting an irreversible early lead in the unofficial count, and Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, followed by Mar Roxas, quickly conceding their defeat. Duterte’s landslide shielded from public scrutiny the illegal operations in the vice presidential and senatorial race.

    This was particularly true in the urban areas. In Muslim Mindanao, massive vote-buying, vote tampering, violence, terrorism, and other forms of cheating marked the fight for local positions, but the warlords were free to manipulate the results of the vice presidential and senatorial races. In the most notorious places, a handful of political operatives did the work of the entire voting population of entire precincts. For instance, in President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat, the mayor’s men took over two barangays and sent the voters home, according to witnesses.

    Elaborate fraud
    In the beginning, the overriding concern was how to prevent the Vote Counting Machine from being used in the same way the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine was used to rig the 2010 and 2013 elections. This remained a real concern, but the cheating turned out to be much more elaborate and diversified. It was not purely electronic but a hybrid, consisting of manual and traditional cheating, and electronic and digital fraud.

    It started with the manual padding of the voters’ list, as exposed by the hacking of the Comelec website on March 27. This enabled the Comelec and the PPCRV to claim a phenomenal 81 percent turnout and to credit Leni Robredo with more votes than her presidential team mate Mar Roxas even in his own bailiwicks, and more votes than Marcos in openly pro-Marcos Muslim provinces, known for their traditional disdain of women seeking political office.

    In Sultan Kudarat, election lawyer Manuelito Luna reported discovering two files—-one correct, the other malicious—-at the precinct level. He said he spotted the malicious file, and was able to prevent its transmittal to the Municipal Board of Canvassers. But how many precincts had such files? And how many have been transmitted containing false results? Nobody knows. Luna believes the mere existence of such malicious file may have invalidated the entire electoral process.

    In Arteche, Eastern Samar, which has some 11,000 voters, Vice Mayor Linda Mejica, who was running for mayor, complained that when they opened the laptop and tried to connect it to the transmitter, they saw that all the data had been “totally transmitted” as of April 5, 2016—-more than one whole month before the election. It is not known how extensive this operation was.

    Former mayor and congressional candidate Annaliz Gonzales of Guiuan complained that more VCMs were continuously breaking down in places where she had more votes than her administration opponent. The National Technical Support Center, which Smartmatic finally won despite a much lower bidder winning it earlier, tried to fix the breakdown as soon as it was reported, but once this was done, the machine tended to produce data favorable to the administration, so goes the complaint.

    What happened to the intermediary server?

    The largest unresolved puzzle has to do with the “intermediary server” which deeply worried transparency analysts like Glenn Chong before the election. The purpose of the server was to “clean up” the votes from the precincts before they land at their final destination. It was clearly an illegal operation meant to favor the administration.

    It could have been used to rob Duterte of his apparent victory, but the cost would have been unthinkable. So they did not dare. But was it used to cheat Bongbong Marcos, and to ensure the LP’s hold on the new set of senators and congressmen? That’s as fair as any question one could ask, but we do not know the answer. Highly authoritative sources have identified two retired police generals involved in this operation, but nothing specific has surfaced in the public domain.

    The “ñ” issue
    The main controversy is now focused on the unauthorized action by Smartmatic’s Venezuelan representative Marlon Garcia in inserting a command in the PPCRV transparency server, purportedly to change a question mark into an “ñ”. Yen Makabenta’s excellent column yesterday asks the right question: If Smartmatic can instruct the electronic system to change a question mark into an “ñ,” can it not instruct the system to change Bongbong’s votes into Robredo’s votes?

    The answer is obvious. But Smartmatic’s explanation, which the Comelec and PPCRV are eager to accept, seems to take us for a nation of idiots or fools. The computer, as every expert will tell us, reads numbers rather than words; it cannot care and does not care one bit if Señeres or Osmeña is spelled with the Hispanic “ñ” or the simple “n”. It will probably ask a question if either name appears in a place that does not correspond to its predesignated place on the ballot.

    So why was the unauthorized command inserted? Was it not meant to make sure that at a particular point, Bongbong Marcos’ votes would migrate to Robredo, and her votes would cross-migrate to Marcos?

    Remember that from the beginning of the unofficial count, after the close of voting hours on May 9, Marcos led Robredo by as much as a million votes, until the wee hours of May 10, when Robredo overtook him and consistently led the way in a statistically unsustainable straight line. She now wants to be proclaimed vice president-elect on the basis of the questionable PPCRV unofficial count.

    One for the birds
    The most inane explanation offered by the Robredo camp is that she has much stronger support in 10 regions, whereas Marcos can only count on eight. This is of course based on the questioned votes. Even if true, the claim is non-sequitur: in 2004, Fernando Poe Jr. took virtually all the provinces, leaving Gloria Macapagal Arroyo with only Pangasinan/Pampanga, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod/Bohol. Nevertheless FPJ lost to GMA.

    Now, if the Robredo camp’s claim is true, analysts are asking, why did her supposed strength manifest itself only in the last 25 percent or so of the votes?

    Robredo not a victim after all
    In my previous piece, I said Robredo might herself be a victim, like Marcos. Aquino and his minions were the only ones manipulating everything to ensure her election, so she could succeed Duterte after the LP impeaches and removes him as soon as he assumes office. All without her own involvement, I suggested.

    Reaer Marianne Bicolana (obviously an assumed name) has chastised me for making that statement. She points out that Robredo went to Gov. Toto Mangundadato of Maguindanao on the eve of the election to “procure” votes from the Muslim warlord. Manny Luna confirms hearing about this meeting while he was in Sultan Kudarat. This was just one of many incidents, she said.

    “Leni may not know or want to know how or why the administration killed her husband in that mysterious plane crash, but she is in the thick of the plot to grab the vice-presidency from Marcos and the presidency from Duterte afterward. That’s not the act of an innocent and helpless widow,” said this angry reader.

    I plead guilty and have to take back my earlier statement.

    Revolutionary govt reconsidered
    I have also said that Duterte, having obviously won the presidency, is expected to run a constitutional government; he cannot possibly declare a revolutionary government. I meant that in earnest. But with the illegal and illegitimate elections that have taken place at the level of the vice presidency and below, and the LP’s undenied plan to remove him from office as quickly as possible, he may have to reconsider establishing a revolutionary government.



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    1. Teddy Sevilla on

      “I am not and have never been a partisan in this contest. Throughout the campaign, I conducted myself as an independent commentator, uninfluenced by any political or professional alliance, personal animosity or friendship.”

      Thick-skinned hypocrite.

      Had Binay and Marcos won, you would be among those to claim credit for their victory. But since one had certainly lost and the other on the verge of it, you are now claiming non-partisanship.

      You compared Duterte to satan. You have been maligning the “yellow forces” since Edsa I. You fought Poe till her bitter end. All the while singing praises to Binay and Marcos. That is not partisanship?

      I am no Duterte or else minura na kita.

    2. Yes, I agreed that President Duderte declare Revolutionary Government to remove all government official are corrupt. In the SC, Ombusdman, Congress, Comelec and other offices with fixed term. By removing this corrupt official specially in SC we he can replace a new one that is not corrupt.

    3. Exit polls says Duterte won by 45%, actual 39%. where is the 6%? The real problem maybe is 6% were added to all LP candidates deducting from the poll leaders. Duterte was also cheated. It could be that 60% of the voters voted for Duterte.

    4. Basilio Fernandez on

      How can the an “Ñ” mistake in the programming occur when Venezuela’s official language is Spanish!

    5. Maribel A. Calanda on

      At least now, you have corrected your impression that Leni Robredo is innocent of the plan. Oh my, she is very much in the thick of the plan. Have you not noticed that as soon as she arrived in Manila on May 10, she explained the reason why Marcos was leading by a million. She had to read something and explain further. She is a hypocrite to the max.

    6. Amnata Pundit on

      Im all for it but you know that he will run smack against the formidable forces of the Church, the Makati Business Club and the American-led West. He must have the people, the military and the police solidly behind him. For a start, he must kick out all the local officials like Cory did when she appointed OICs, but this time he must let barangay officials select mayors and governors from among themselves. This way he acquires a local political structure that is firmly based on the grassroots that will be fiercely loyal to him, for a defeat of his revolutionary government will mean that these barangay officials will once again bow to these elitist politicians whom they secretly hate. The legislature must be rooted in the barangay also. As for the MBC, he can jail some of them for being parties to contracts that are totally lopsided against the government, this way he can gain public support for his drive against the oligarchy. He can meet the challenge from the Church by gathering all the non-Catholic churches and together they can attack teachings of the Church. I have always said that the best way to deal with the Church which has been a source of misery for the Filipino people for 500 years is to drive a stake right through its heart, and its heart is its totally indefensible false teachings. As for the American-led West, there is China and Russia he can run to as leverage against these imperialist forces. Its going to be a hard war to fight, but since the prize is our people’s liberation it will be worth it.

    7. tony de leon on

      I don’t care if he install a revolutionary govt, if that is what is needed to restore honesty, integrity, professionalism in the public service and to eradicate lawlessness and terrorism so be it. sometimes we need to sacrifice in order to succeed. if you are to chose between limited freedom with peace and order versus all freedom with lawlessness, drugs and terrorism, which do you chose? I chose limited freedom so I can walk middle of the night in my neighborhood or anywhere unmolested. or keep my windows open at night when I sleep.

    8. Totoy Reyes on

      Mr Tatad wants the public to nullify the 2016 election. Except for the presidential result. Uhmmmn. Everything is possible with rhetoric including this idea which is like fetching water with a container full of wholes. Mr Tatad, the presidential water can remain in the container. What a logic for a revered writer !

    9. It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
      _ _ Joseph Stalin

    10. ecclesiastes on

      With the devious conspiracy of the yellow brigade led by the outgoing inutile president in malacanang, this early they are trying very hard to undermine the incoming Duterte administration by manipulating the win of Robredo in the vice presidential race. An LP vice president will be like a sword of Damocles to cow Duterte to submit to their machinations or else he will be remove from office through impeachment, hence, their eventual return to power….

    11. Leodegardo Pruna on

      This president and cohorts are out to make the Filipino people like themselves- fools and crazy. They think that power and money can move mountains and that is what they are doing. But the Filipino people has other than those, it is faith in God’s mercy and compassion. God save the Philippines.

    12. Naa, Duterte will not need to consider a revolutionary government. Contrary to his simpleton hip and gun slinging image he seems to be a guy who knows which way the wind is blowing.
      He seemed to realize that the electoral winds were not in Bongbong’s favor and thus did not run with Junior even though he held Marcos Sr. in high regard.

      Duterte, a no-nonsense kind of guy (except when it comes to womanizing, the possible handling of criminals and the voicing of foreign policy), will accept the results of the election from the National Board of Canvassers and the explanation of any anomalies by Comelec and possible panels of IT experts who are finding no evidence of cheating or malicious tampering by Smartmatic and others….
      The country will accept the results of the elections as given by the NBOC without much of a hiccup (a few protests here and there) and most everyone (the majority) will move on.
      The election for president was the real pageant, the one that mattered the most to people. Now that the president elect has been decided with no vote controversy people will basically move on and rightly so. Get real – The vice presidency does not warrant a mass protest or revolt because the evidence does not call for it. Bongbong seemed to know this as revealed by the resigned look on his face while sitting in the church with Imelda in tow following the election.

      • “…He seemed to realize that the electoral winds were not in Bongbong’s favor and thus did not run with Junior …”

        And that is why he chose Cayetano instead?

      • I think Bongbong was already paired with Santiago when Digong finally decided to throw his hat in the ring.

      • Yes, that is why he chose Cayetano, the smart non-controversial more moral choice to balance/smooth out his very rough edges. I figure that Bongbong looked like way more of a liability than Alan. Seriously, would you want the son of the country’s most brutal dictator and thief on your team – someone who says his father (and mother too) did nothing wrong and did only good for the country?

        And how could he endorse someone who, if somehow elected his VP, would be constantly nipping at his heals, looking for ways to undermine or trip him up in his own quest for redemption and that of the family.

        You can’t pick all the winners now can we, but Du30 had to pick someone who was at least viable and not from the Liberal Party – someone other than Bongbong obviously. Cayetano was his only viable choice.

    13. Knowing Duterte being firm, I think he can manage a revolutionary govt. unlike cory. Nevertheless, I pray to God that will touch the heart of these people behind all these cheating. If this continue this is likely the reason for another destabilization in our country.

    14. Tataf is insinuating that Duterte install “a revolutionary government” just to put Pnoy in jail and undo what he has done. Not only Tatad is giving Duterte moral support for what Duterte himself had declared to install a revolutionary government if Congress will give him hard time to implement his program of government, as he had vowed to shut down and padlock Congress.
      Duterte is inclined to,put up a “police stat” if his fight against crime and corruption are derailed as he stated to appoint and designate a civilian militia. This will be the inception of violation of civil rights that will escalate into a one-man iron rule of a dictator. Much as I wish to eradicate crimes of all nature, it must be done under the rule of law, due process and human rights considerations. This can be done via strict enforcement of existing laws using the security forces of the state adhering to the proper police procedures and protocol. Duterte must also seek to check and put pressure on the judiciary to cooperate in his crime drives and work with Congress on reinstating the death penalty as deterrent. Zero crime tolerance is achievable without installing a police state or dictatorship. Close and hands-on strict enforcement of the law is the more acceptable way of eradicating crimes. Safe environment and crime-free society is conducive and enhance economic growth like Japan.

    15. Aimee Narciso on

      You are already old and you are still a rumormonger. If you are so sure of your statements, go to the COMELEC and formally file a complaint. Sour losers!

    16. A revolutionary government might be the right thing for Duterte if only to rid us of undesirable officials who have fixed terms and were appointed by Aquino in the various constitutional bodies such as the Supreme Court, the COA, the Ombudsman, the AMLC, the Comelec.

    17. Think back what you have done in the past Marcos era. If you can swear to God you did all good and no sins committed, I will start to rethink your nationalism here. But even that is murky, isn’t it? Agree? God Bless you if you think right !

    18. The manipulation of the results in the vice-presidential race is so glaring, that it could not escape being noticed by the man on the street. The LP and Robredo have systematically made a mockery of the electoral system, jut like what the majority of the members of the SC did in the case of Grace Poe. Their latest plot has completely decimated what’s left of the republican system.

    19. Maharlikang Pilipino on

      Fantastic! Well, the writer of this article can not be the Information Minister of the Philippines’ Greatest President His Excellency Ferdinand E. Marcos for nothing. Senator Tatad should have joined the senate race in order to help President Duterte craft a meaningful laws that will help the Filipino People.

      The senate nowadays ha lost its eloquence. Seldom to see legislated quality and excellent laws that will alleviate the life of the Filipino People.

      President Duterte, I suggest you to preempt those evil planners at your back, close congress and establish a revolutionary government and close all media outlet and make Facebook as the National Newspage. Give your self 3 years to rule to clean up the government before calling for a National Election in 2019. Since in your campaign sorties, you have profound the good benefits of Martial Law then rule the country with Presidential Decrees, you may use the PDs of the late President Marcos and bring back our peaceful and soulful sleeps at night.

      I suggest Mr President to convene the a National Historical Commission to re-write the history of the Philippines accordingly to properly judge those true heroes of our pages of history. In this note, please bring back Social Studies as whole subject in order for our younger generation to know the truth of our history. Be the Father of Philippine History Mr President!

      • Bravo!
        Love the sarcasm..
        Wish all the victims of the Marcos dictatorship could LOL along side you.

    20. If it will be apparent that the yellow or LP is going to do what they did to Erap back in 2001, I am for it “Duterte’s revolutionary government”. With LP still in power there will be no justice for the Filipinos who are being deceived for 30 years by the yellow oligarch and LP. Noynoy and his cohorts will avoid going to jail. They corrupted the government totally and stole billions of dollars worth of funds from 2,000 missing container from the Bureau of Customs to giving government contracts to their supporters whose works are substandard because big part of budgets went to their pockets. Filipino people must see to it that these kkk will go to jail or to the bottom of the sea.