• Duterte might still get to slap Roxas


    It’s strange, really, that the nuances of academic degrees get involved in who deserves to be, gangland-style, slapped. President BS Aquino’s boy, Mar Roxas, again made things worse, when he should have refused to be drawn into usapang kanto – a territory Duterte has lived in almost all his working life, where he could eat the Yellow Heir alive.

    This slapping episode started when Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte blurted out a risqué threat that he would slap Roxas if he saw him, for saying that Davao’s being a peaceful city was a myth.

    Roxas could have taken advantage of Duterte’s use of gutter talk – which I don’t think most Filipinos appreciate – by being gentlemanly, and replying with something like: “Slapping someone for telling the truth is what gangsters do, and we don’t do that in civilized society.” Or he could have been cute with a response like, “If he slaps me I will turn the other cheek and repeat the truth that Davao hasn’t been peaceful under Duterte.”

    When Duterte again taunted him that he was lying about being a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, he should have remained cool and just told him not to believe everything whispered to him, and just check the records, that he would even pay his plane fare to go to Pennsylvania to see for himself the official school records.

    But no, Roxas’ ego of course, was pricked, and no one could do that to the scion of one of the wealthiest clans in the country, destined to follow his granddaddy’s footsteps as President.

    He brought the conversation again to the spectacle of slapping: “Sampalan tayo. Kung hindi totoo ang Wharton degree ko, sampalin mo ako. Hindi ako iiwas o iilag. Pero kung totoo ang Wharton degree ko, sasampalin kita. O ayan. Ang bilis mong magsalita na hindi mo alam, eh. (“Let’s go on a slapping match. If my Wharton degree is fake, slap me, I won’t turn my face away. But if you see my Wharton degree to be true, then I get to slap you.)

    Mr. Palengke has become Mr. Palengkera.

    Like a kid whose ego was bruised, Roxas even added: “I will write Wharton today to produce official records.”

    So was Duterte wrong regarding Roxas’ academic records?

    kind of diploma Roxas probably has. Duterte would tell him: “Nasaan ang Wharton diyan?

    The kind of diploma Roxas probably has. Duterte would tell him: “Nasaan ang Wharton diyan?

    Well, he was in one way wrong, but in one way correct. Roxas doth protest too much, and he should have just let the issue pass. Instead, his threat to slap Duterte if he produces proof of his “Wharton” degree has, instead, exposed how much of an untruthful person he is, quick to put a spin on things for his benefit.

    You see, people who graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania – Roxas’ course – would just call themselves U-Penn grads. It is only Roxas who has claimed, as in his official bio-data in the Senate that he is a Wharton graduate, a term used to describe those who finish a masters’ degree in business administration or finance from the Wharton School of Business, a unit of U-Penn. Former Energy Secretary Vicente Perez Jr., for instance, and Trade and Industry Secretary Gregorio Domingo, accurately claim to be Wharton graduates, because they have completed the school’s MBA course.

    The US National Student Clearinghouse, a trusted source for verification of academic degrees, has confirmed that Roxas received a degree of “Bachelor of Science in Economics” from the University of Pennsylvania, but his school division was noted as “Wharton undergraduate.” So Roxas lied: He is not a Wharton graduate, but a Wharton undergraduate. (It reminds me so much of a staff I once got, introduced to me as a PMAer (a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy). It turned out he didn’t finish the course, so he couldn’t be called a PMAer, but a PMA dropout. Big difference.)

    The division, I was told, was designed to prepare its graduates for MBA courses at Wharton. But Roxas didn’t even enroll in an MBA course offered at the Wharton graduate school.

    Similarly, when somebody says he finished at Haas or at Kellogg or at Sloan, that means he holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Finance or other specializations offered by those graduate schools, and not just B.A. or B.S. degrees from the schools’ mother universities – University of California, Northwestern University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively.

    I had wondered why Roxas didn’t just show his diploma “from Wharton” and posted it on the internet, with which he could have taunted Duterte: “O, ito ang diploma ko, nakasulat: Wharton. Isampal mo sa mukha mo.” I’m sure he has the diploma somewhere in his residence, most likely proudly displayed.

    The likelihood is that his diploma may not even mention the name “Wharton,” but only the “University of Pennsylvania,” as shown by sample copies I saw of such diplomas for graduates of Bachelor of Science in Economics. This is because it is not the school that confers the degree but the University (see image).

    If Duterte, the wise aleck, saw such a diploma, I’m sure he’d say: “O nasaan ang putanginang Wharton diyan sa diploma mo?” And indeed, until this sampalan challenge emerged recently, most people had never thought about doubting Roxas’ MBA, since he had referred to himself so many times as a “Wharton graduate.” It turns out to be a clever spin, something I had been tempted to do myself if I referred to myself as a Harvard man, because I was fellow for a year of its Nieman Foundation for Journalism.

    Duterte might just have the right to slap Roxas, calling the Liberal Party candidate’s ante.

    I am starting to enjoy this elections, never mind that it is so depressing, as it demonstrates how so barren of real leaders our political landscape has become.



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    1. so funny sa mga blind followers ni duterte, alam natin mali siya sa claim nya na hinde wharton grad si mar. biglang naging academic expert ang mga followers nya, kinalat pa sa social media ang expert findings na “UNDERGRADUATE lng si mar, hinde graduate. under nga. kaya alam ni digong sinasabi nya.” now lumalabas na mga taga wharton mismo nag sabi na wharton alumni nya, biglang mga followers nag kambio ng battle cry, “ang issue kung competent leader ba si mar” . pathetic effort to save faces. ang issue ay mali si duterte, PERIOD. Tanga na lang ang maniniwala na tama pa rin si duterte sa statement nya.

      • Brent, agree. Yung mga nagkocomment na dutertards kahit mali ipipilit. Magbasa daw haha. I’m not even a Mar-pro, but after this sure akong NO TO DUTERTE na rin ako. Why? Jeez, a person who can’t even distinguished between the word GRADUATE as ALUMUS from GRADUATE DEGREE as COURSE is incompetent to do international dealings for our country.

    2. well, wharton school has already confirmed that mar is a wharton graduate and even published his name in their alumni magazine few years back. so stop this bs and let duterte accepts that he was wrong, and educate his followers that undergraduate doeant mean you are not graduate.

    3. Just a surmise: Kudos to the handlers of Duterte about the Wharton brouhaha which caught the handlers of Roxas off guard and sorely embarrassed the principal. Matagal ng palusot ang mga ganitong palusot ng mga culturang elitistang haciendero, ngunit sa pagkakataong ito, hindi lumusot sa mga ‘handlers’ nang Duterte. Bagsak iyong ‘handlers’ nang MR! Palitan sila! Sa mga ‘handlers’ mo, MR, ba’t pinakialaman ang Davao City at sabihing ‘myth’ ang peace and order doon? Ang taga Davao City lang ang sasagot sa inyo dahil karanasan iyon. Dapat mga ‘handlers’ nang Duterte hindi ninyo hinayaan na sagutin nang principal.

      Nauwi tuloy sa kwentong sampalan, suntokan at bandang huli, barilan. Nakakahiya sa mga dayuhan!

      Sa katunayan, ang ‘palusot’ ng burgis ay hindi lumusot, at ang matagal ng pag-sisinungaling ay nabunyag rin. Sa hindi mga ‘baduy’ pag-sinabing nagtapus sa Wharton School of Economics ang puno’t dulo noon ay meron MBA, ang mga ‘baduy’ naman na mga ‘handlers’ sasabihin lang baka sakaling makakalusot. Yes, it’s petty talk, but the elitists are fond of these things at the expense of the ‘madlang people.

      The article of Mr. Tiglao is deeply appreciated.

    4. I am from Pensylvania, I send an email to University of Pennsylvania asking a question about undergraduate Business and Economics studies who finishes Bachelors degree.
      What Degree will i received from Wharton School.?
      The Answer:
      All student in the Wharton School’s undergraduate program recieve a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

    5. Mar graduated from Wharton Business School (of UPenn) in 1979. He finished his BS Economics there in 3+yrs. He is a graduate of an undergraduate course. Meaning may diploma sya. Even UPenn (or was it Wharton?) confirmed this.

    6. sa aking tingin, bumilib sila kay du30 dahil sa kanyang implementation ng justice system. sawang-sawa na kasi ang mga pilipino sa justice system natin na laging “in aid of legislation”. parami nang parami ang batas wala namang nag-iimplement.

      pero sa totoo lang ang kailangan nating lider ay hindi yaong handang pumatay ng masamang elemento. ang kailangan natin ay yung handang MAMATAY. kahit mga teleserye natin ay pulos kwentong nakaka-kilig, ibigan na lang nang ibigan. ubos na ang mga sine at teleserye ng mga tauhang gumagawa ng kabayanihan. Merong sine tungkol kay juan luna pero daang taon na ang nakakalipas.

      at sino naman kaya sa mga kandidato ang handang mamatay para sa bayan? baka para sa pamilya, meron. pero hindi para sa mga descendants ni juan de la cruz.

    7. It is incorrect and wrong to assume or suppose that when somebody says he is a graduate of “Wharton”, it means he is claiming that he completed a graduate degree from that school, like an MBA. The Wharton School of Business of the Univ. of Pennsylvania has both undergraduate and graduate divisions. One who completes a degree at either division naturally, logically, and rightfully considers himself a “Wharton graduate”. For example, the leading presidential contender for the Republican party in the USA, Mr. Donald Trump, frequently says at his political rallies: “I am a very smart person. I graduated from Wharton” because Wharton is considered to be the #1 business school in the USA, and it is not easy to be accepted, much more to graduate from that school. No political opponent, journalist or columnist has ever questioned Mr. Trump’s claim to be a Wharton graduate, and no one in the USA has ever assumed that he claims to be a an MBA graduate from that school when he makes his statement. It is common knowledge that he attended the school for only two years, and that his degree is an undergraduate degree. It is the same for two of his children who also completed their undergraduate degrees, but not MBAs, at Wharton. They are labeled as “Wharton graduates” in every newspaper and magazine articles written about them

      Of course, Mar’s degree certificate from UPenn will not show “Wharton”. UPenn is, after all, the “parent” of all the schools in that university, including the Wharton School of Business.

      There is also a difference between a BA in Economics at UPenn, and a BS in Economics at the Wharton School of Business. The former does not quite carry the cachet of Wharton.

      Mayor Duterte’s attack against Mar concerning this issue just proves his ignorance and his need for a minder. I suspect he’s just jealous because only wealthy individuals can afford to study abroad for undergraduate degrees at prestigious schools like the Wharton School of Business. UPenn is an ivy-league university. And even if Mar just says “I am a UPenn” graduate, it already implies that he’s wealthy, perhaps a bright student, and had, most likely, important connections.

      • Jealous of the Araneta money?? How so? With the money Duterte could possibly get from Davao, he could have made himself wealthier than Roxas had Duterte wanted to. Hindi naman patay gutom si Duterte, may millions din naman siya sa bangko and his life is more than comfortable. Mababaw ka for saying Duterte is jealous of Roxas being wealthy… Shows the kind of person you must be, naiinggit sa mga kaibigan mong may kaya. Malamang lang nakikipag unahan ka din makasuot ng branded things kahit nagkanda baon baon sa utang!!

        Ang mga nagtapos ng UP Rural High School ay hindi tinatawag na UP grad. So kung di ka naman nag MBA sa Wharton, hindi ka rin Wharton grad kundi Wharton Undergrad. Bakit di niya na lang sinabi ng UPenn grad siya? Ikinakahiya ba niya ang UPenn? Or is it because Roxas wants to paint a greater picture of what he really is?? Pogi lang ng dating diba?

      • To Leise Laban:

        Naku, try to educate yourself. Magbasa basa ka about Wharton. Your lack of knowledge is pathetic. Try “google search” para maintindihan mo and issue. Imagine, comparing graduates from UP Rural High School with Wharton!

        Kung hindi jealous si Mayor Duterte, why did he come up with that stupid claim about Mar’s Wharton degree? It was uncalled for and small minded. Akala nya siguro, and kanyang law degree from San Beda elevates him to a higher plane than Mar Roxas whom he says has no degree from Wharton.

        What is your proof that may pera si Mayor? Are you privy to his bank accounts? How much does he have? Siguro may pera sya ngayon, but not when Mar was a student at Wharton. That was a long time ago. Also, if your claim is true, who knows where his supposed money came from. Politicians have a way of accumulating money once they are elected. When he announced his candidacy, Mayor Duterte said that he is poor and cannot afford a big campaign. That is why he has some donors helping out to finance his campaign. Of course, all this help means he will be helping them out too if he wins. He talks big, but he will be a pawn of the donor class.

        You don’t know me so you are being presumptuous and a story-teller in claiming I am “naiinggit sa mga kaibigan mong may kaya. Malamang lang nakikipag unahan ka din makasuot ng branded things kahit nagkanda baon baon sa utang!!” You must be speaking about yourself. You seem so familiar and knowledgeable about “inggit”. Based on experience, huh? I understand. “Kawawa ka naman” Are you a poor bobotante from Davao City? LOL….hahahaha.

      • Great comparison of Trump to Roxas, not only do they both talk too much, they’re pretty much going to throw countries to the dogs if they get elected.

    8. Attention to all voters: Please let us be reminded that election 2016 is the most crucial event of our life as Filipinos who long for a “changed nation”. Furthermore, let also take this to heart that educational attainment should not be the basis of our choice in putting the person to the highest position of our land. We must choose the “right one” who is capable of leading our beloved country effectively, truthfully, honestly, circumspectly, etc. (Remember former president Ramon Magsaysay). Track record as public servant must also be given much importance. At this point may I request everyone to take this opportunity: Exercize our “Right of Suffrage” wisely, seriously and sincerely. Para segurado: Let us ask God’s guidance. GOD BLESS us all!!

    9. Just to clarify Graduate and Undergraduate…Graduate is a university student who has already a previous degree (graduated already) and is doing another degree; and Undergraduate is a university student without a previous degree usually fresh from high school. Terminology here overseas is different from Philippines’. Senior high school here which is 2 years aside from 4 years of lower high school refers to 1st and 2nd year college there. So mostly overseas education has greater number of years. This is why Philippine education is mostly not recognised.

      • katotong LL,

        maari bang susugan ko ang iyong paliwanag tungkol sa terminong “GRADUATE” at “UNDERGRADUATE”. Sa atin dito sa Pilipinas, ang pagkakaalam ng karamihan, pag sinabi mong “GRADUATE”, ibig sabihin, nagtapos o tinapos ang isang kurso – elementarya, high school at college man. Kaya nga sa mga diplomang nakukuha natin…may bold letter na nakasaad doon na “GRADUATE” O “NAGTAPOS”. Ngayon naman, kung ang isang estudyante ay gusto pang makakuha ng mataas na antas ng pinagaralan, muli siyang mag-eenrol sa isang kolehiyo o unibersidad para mag-aral ng Masteral Degree at kasunod naman nito ay mataas pang antas na PhD. Dito ngayon papasok o makikita ng mga college or university “graduate” ng Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, ang katagang “GRADUATE SCHOOL”. Ibig sabihin dito sila mag-aaral ng kanilang mga Masteral Degree or PhD. Kaya minsan meron mga BS or BA graduate na nalilito sa pag-filled up ng kanilang mga application form kasi tinatanong doon, “What is your undergraduate course or degree? Minsan ko ng naexperience na may nagtanong sa akin, ano yun undergraduate course or degree? Eh graduate na nga ako. Ang sagot ko naman, ang ibig sabihin ng “undergraduate course or degree” ay kung ano yung tinapos mong 4 or 5 years degree or course nung ikaw ay nagaaral pa sa kolehiyo, halimbawa…B.S in Accountancy, B.S in Civil Engineering, B.S in Political Science. At kung matapos natin ang kursong ito na kadalasan ay maximum of 2 years dahil ang usually kumukuha ng mga Masteral at PhD studies ay mga working at professional individuals na. Minsan kasi may mga terminology sa banyagang bansa na ina-adopt natin pero hindi masyadong naipapaliwanag ng husto sa ating mga paaralan. Kaya dapat paghusayin pa ng husto ang ating sistemang pangedukasyon.

    10. Why did he claim something he is not? He is rich, educated and popular. Only somebody who has a deep-seated feeling of inadequacy would pull that stunt. This behavior is indicative of a bigger psychological problem. This reminds me of Hitler who projected himself as pure Aryan and hated Jews and had them slaughtered, just later to be found to have Jewish and African blood.

    11. Sa totoo lang po it doesn’t matter kung saan at kung nakapagtapos po sya ng pag aaral si mar roxas. The real issue was he an effective leader? Being the dti and dilg secretary has he done anything good sa ating mga kababayan? Ang mayor namin we know did something really great sa aming mga taga davao. And we felt it. I can say the davaoenos are more disciplined. Kung ayaw nyo kay mayor we dont mind.

    12. ang bugok!! mo talaga tiglao, ang ibig sabihin ng undergraduate school of business administration and graduate school of business administration is kung bago ka palang papasok sa university as freshman don ka sa undergraduate school kahit BS economics pa yan or engineering pa yan, pag ka graduate mo ng bachelor degree at gusto mo mag masteral don ka na naman papasok sa graduate school of business administration kagaya sa Wharton. ang bobo mo!! kupal pa’ tanga kahit sa U.P. ganyan den. tanga mo talaga ka level mo I.Q. ne duterte .. mga ingot!!

    13. El Tiburón Grande on

      Can we just get them to debate about the country’s economy? Yun naman ang bigger issue diyan, ‘di ba? Background in Economics.

      Sampalan, sapakan, barilan. The only action I want to see from them are action steps.

    14. I dont understand why people argue of degree of their political leaders, does it help the nation in any way? Does it uplift the poverty and stop corruption in the country? I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but degree never made America, it was War that makes nations free.

    15. Ayon sa wikipedia, sa USA, ang undergraduate refers to those who are studying for a bachelor’s degree. 4 yrs of study of BS in Economics for Mar Roxas. The Wharton School awards BS in Economics degree at the undergraduate level.

    16. There is a saying dont marry a MAN who always lies. Mr. Roxas is the copy cat of his Boss abnoy Aquino who is the KING OF LIAR…I would prefer Digong rather than Roxas who is simply honest , without hesitation to tell of his past experiences and his biography… hehehehe it sounds that these 2 contender were making drama itself….??

    17. Like it or not, these presidential candidates are the reflection of who we are as a people, and, as a nation. I find it hard to understand how Filipinos enjoy watching these clowns make a fool of themselves. Dark comedy in real time straight to your living room. What a shame.

    18. Omg, writer na to ha. Sir, your comparison (one who called himself PMAer, but was PMA dropout pala) is very wrong — it seemed you literally took the meaning of Undergrad as one who didn’t finish his study. Wharton is a business school of UPenn, and since Mar took a business course then nasa Wharton siya. Undergraduates and Graduates here pertains to a DEGREE. So when one finished his undergraduate degree, he will receive a Wharton graduation. One who commented above is correct regarding Trump, they both finished undergrad course and both graduated in Wharton. When they call themselves WHARTON GRAD it means “the one who graduated in Wharton” and NOT pertaining to a GRADUATE DEGREE.

      • Hi cris, mgkaiba ang phils sa usa. When you mentioned that you are a wharton graduate, meaning natapos mo ang mba dun. UPenn undergrad ang tawag kay Mar kasi hindi sya nakaabot ng mba. College degree sya sa UPenn and not a wharton graduate

      • you seem to be above average in written english, but your english comprehension is below average. In that school you are considered a wharton grad if you finished a MBA course. Simple as that. Now if you want to make your own definition of what a wharton grad is……… i dont know. Just admit that your boy mar got caught real bad!!! Now lets see if he is man enough to make good on his slap bet.

      • As i understand mar just finish university he graduated only in BS course at univerdity of pennsylvania but he dont finish madter degree not even enrolled, wharton is masters degree. Not a university degree. You can not call yourself wharton graduate if you didnt take masters degree

      • Wow talino mo naman. Pero namiss mo yung punto sa comparison. What the author was pointing out is someone claiming to be who they are not. Like the guy who said he was a PMAer but was actually a dropout. He did not say nor mean that Mar was a “dropout”, but was saying that Mr. Mar Roxas is saying that he is a Wharton Graduate which would automatically mean that you have a “MASTERS” degree in Wharton. Hindi po naabot ni Mar ang finish line ng Wharton which is the Masters degree kung saan you can categorically be called a Wharton Graduate. But instead he got a Bachelor of Science degree which is pag sa Wharton is considered as “undergraduate” dahil para siyang preparatory course. Its like School of Medicine where you have to take prep course first pag hinda ka nag proceed, hindi ka matatawag na Doctor or Physician . In Wharton you cannot call yourself a graduate kund di ka naman nag MBA or nag Doctoral course doon dahil yung mga course kagaya kay Mar ay undergraduate level lang. Yun ang Wharton. And yung comparison sa PMAer is the fact of in accurately labeling yourself.

      • Hi Cris, basa ka muna ha. Nakaugalian na in Pennsylvania na if you are a graduate of Wharton, actually ibig sabihin, MBA graduate ka. Kapag “Undergrad” ka lang, typically ang reference is always – UPenn graduate at hindi “Wharton grad”.

      • Sherryl Bernardo on

        Hmmm… Its like saying you are a graduate of the UP School of Law where in fact, you only attended undergrad degree from the college of Mass Comm. Thats the comparison. See the disparity. Thats why its a cunning misrepresentation.

      • Mariano R. Santiago on

        Ano ba pinagtatalunan nila eh kailangan lang namang qualification ng pangulo ay Filipino citizen, resident of the Philippines for at least 10 years at able to read and write. Mas mataas pa nga ang requirement para sa mga security guard, at least high school graduate! Sige, iboto natin ang security guard sa susunod na halalan!

      • hahahahaha oo nga eh tsaka di ka ba nagbasa ng mabuti? naalala ngalang daw ng writer eh. shunga lang? pfft

      • Ang gulo mo naman Cris pinaliwanag na nga ” that Roxas BS degree was not conferred by Wharton but by UPenn” that Wharton grads are those who completed their Masters degree in Business Ad or Finance at Wharton……. sige ka pa rin ng sige

      • yes nagtapos si roxas sa UPenn but still not considered as “Wharton Graduate” he is a “Wharton undergraduate” ganun lng ka simple. mahirap ba intindihin yun? bat ang sinasabi ni Roxas ay Wharton Graduate sya kahit na alam naman nya na wharton undergrad lang sya? Dapat ni explain nya ng mabuti na nagtapos sya ng undergraduate course sa wharton at hindi “wharton graduate ako” kasi iba ang ibig sabihin nun. Just saying

      • haha…ay ang slow, hahaha…simple explanation di pa rin ma gets, pag BS Degree ay UPenn grad, pag nag pursue ng masteral degree (MBA) sa diploma lalabas ang Wharton School…pero kung underdrad studies lang ang natapos ang nasa diploma ay University of Pennsylvania, di mo makikita ang name na Wharton sa undergrad studies or bachelor…hayan ha tinulungan na kita Cris. haha

      • Haha, funny you people. Kakahiya sa Wharton at in-explain pa nya ang meaning ng “graduate” sating mga Pinoy. O, ayan ipost ko. At since may time kayong magcomment dito, pwede ring ibalik ko ang advice nyo ‘BASA BASA” din ng Google para dagdag knowledge din sa inyo. :):):) kohttp://www.rappler.com/nation/politics/elections/2016/116195-mar-roxas-wharton-graduate-duterte

    19. Para po mga ordinaryong tao na di ganoong kataas ang pinag aralan na patunay na mas nakararami sa Pilipinas, kapag narinig ang undergrad..ang interpretation po eh hindi sila nakapagtapos ng kolehiyo. Ngayon, kayong mga matatalino at mazyadong technical, hindi nyo po ba kayng umintindi ng common sense lang naman? Nasa Pilipinas po tayo! Kung kayo ba bago lamang nag aapply ng trabaho at walang graduate degree, ipapakilala nyo ba ang sarili nyo gamit ang terminong “undergraduate”? Di ba “i graduated from __?” Ayan po ay di na dapat pagtalunan..dahil sa mga matatali ong tao at edukado..understood naman na ang pagtakbo sa pagkapresidente ay di lamang servisyo para sa mga matataas ang pinag aralan at matatalinong kayang umintindi ng technicalities na yan.

      • Di pa rin pwede nya gamitin yun wharton graduates kasi nga hindi sya napabilang dun kundi ilagay nya na UPenn graduate sya… Misleading po yun kasi sa isang tingin sa bio nya na may alam sa wharton e akalain nakapag masteral sya doon kasi yun ang tawag sa mga nakapagMBA sa wharton hindi yun BS degree lang

    20. Wala ng PCOS sa elction2016, they now changed it, its not going to be cast your vote but SLAP YOUR VOTE!

    21. To Hector: Mar does not have a reputation for being a womanizer, but his dead brother did, the congressman who got caught with shabu in the airport many years ago. There’s a rumor that he adopted the boy to give him a father, and perhaps to dispel the image that he is not so virile like his friend Boy Sayad. I’m surprised that Roxas did not challenge Duterte to a SABUNUTAN instead as it fits his persona more perfectly. By the way, is Korina barren like Susan Roces?

      • So the choices for mar roxas are now:
        Dishonorable cad, or
        Impotent gay.
        But either way a fake/deceiver.

        Maybe lie detectors need to be used on politicians. That would make great tv. Jerry Springer meets Philippine politicians.
        I would look forward to the one entitled.
        ‘Lil’ cousins, big problems & a transvestite’ (real show title),
        My girlfriend is a pig – no, really. I just love pork, and porking Bessie’

    22. Que horror that haciendero from P Tuazon! Playing us sacadas as fools and a gullible lot by masking truth about his academic underachievement. Mapapamura ka nga talaga. Gen Luna would say “punieta!!!”, nowaday we would say “p——a!!!” Who is scandalized by these expression?

    23. Guys there are more important issues to discuss than Duterte’s killing, womanizing and Mar’s college diploma. Let them fight!. In the meantime let’s help the people who were affected by the typhoon.

    24. Duterte to Roxas:
      Bawiin mo sinabi mo na “davao city is the safest city in the philippines is a myth”. Bawiin ko sinabi ko na uPenn undergrad ka lang.

    25. The wharton thing-y per se is actually not the issue. The point of mayor Digong is about character. Because that character can make or break our nation

      • D na natin kailangan ng character ngayun death penalty para sa mga rapist at iba pang crimen ma rerape ka din pag dating nang panahon kung d aayus sistema ng pinas.

    26. This incident only further proves that Mar Roxas is nothing but a poseur and a phony. Mar brandished that ‘Wharton’ degree to fool people into thinking he was a Wharton graduate. That’s why Roxas was so piqued at Duterte. It’s because Duterte pricked the balloon of fakery that Mar was waving. That’s why Mar lost his composure unbecoming of a grandson of a former president and the scion of one of the most prominent families in the country. In effect, Mar just showed Filipinos that you can take a person out of the gutter, but you cannot take the gutter out of the person.

      • sorry, but Mar is indeed a Wharton graduate. Why don’t you check the archives of the Univ of Pennsylvania. There you will find a picture of the young Manuel Roxas, a statements that says he graduated with a BS Economics degree at the Wharton School, and that he is considered a “Penn Notable” – an illustrious alumnus of the university.

      • Thats it…. He is a graduate of UPenn under the wharton undergraduate course… To be considered or claim to be a Wharton graduate… He must take the MBA

    27. Atty. Ted Contacto on

      Thank you Sir for the well written article, but you missed something. The sampalan issue was not about WARTon. It was about how Mar was not able to handle the Yolanda disaster and how he cannot handle stress. Mar fell into the Duterte trap. You may want to review the 1st interview of Duterte, to verify.

    28. Why dont we just ask the administrator or anyone incharge from Wharton University or UPenn to clarify it… ? That would be easy dont you think? Rather than arguing each others opinion…?

      • Google the name of Bret O’neil Whipple and you can see that just like Mar Roxas he is a graduate of Wharton’s School of Business in BS Economics. The author owes an apology to Mar for his inadvertence.

      • You have to understand what the authors says mar is a graduate of BS economics university of pennsylvania but he did not finish master degree where in your diploma will shows wharton not university. Subukan nyo kasi muna alamin ano pinagkaiba na college, university, at MBA. Alam ni duterte at writer na tapos sya ng BS economics at din nila hindi sya tapos ng masters degree or MBA

      • I say just ask Mar to send us a photo of his diploma from UPenn.
        Tingnan natin kung mayron bang nakalagay na WHARTON. Palagay ko wala kaya pinakatago-tago yong diploma nya….

    29. Are you serious? Donald Trump graduated with the same BSc degree as Mar Roxas at Wharton School of UPenn. Despite of just having a Bachelor’s degree, he is called a Wharton graduate and this hasn’t been an issue in US politics! In fact, Trump is listed as one of the most influential alumni of WHARTON School: https://www.wharton.upenn.edu/125anniversaryissue/trump.html.

      I dare you challenge Trump just like how you challenge Roxas on the same issue!

      • Ano pakialam namin ke trump?sira ba ulo mo di naman sa Pinas kumakandidato si trump.u must be out of ur mind?…moron!

      • Because to run as President in US, you have to be at least 38 years old and US born.. That’s all, doesn’t matter what your degree, what school you graduated from.Even you did not finish college,doesn’t matter. There’s no discrimination here in the US.

      • Ohnoyourestoopid on

        Whatever it is. But how mar handled duterte’s taunting is just so gay. You can or cant prove the degree but the real palengkera already came out, so its too late for that.

      • Sino naman ang nagsabi sa iyo na si Trump ay huminto just like Mar after completing his BSc in Economics?

    30. Parehas silang hindi matino, nakakahiya, buti na lang nandiyan si Sen. Miriam, kahit sabihin nila na may cancer, survived naman siya. Ngunit itong dalawa Si Mr. Mar at Mayor Duterte ay kapwa silang slapping cancer. Nakakahiya sa madla…!Edukado man sila ngunit hindi sila sibilisado

    31. For the past 6 years I was flummoxed as to how a person who is a “Wharton Grad” ( someone with a Master’s at Wharton like Virata, MVP and a host of other business luminaries) could perform so poorly. (MRT and Yolanda and many other fiascoes) Well, well, Mr. Roxas. The chickens have come home to roost. Mystery solved. Mar Roxas, you were never a “Wharton Grad”. Just like me, you only hold a bachelor’s degree to which I regret up to now. At least, I don’t lie about it.

      Wharton is the Business College of UPenn. Mar Roxas finishes his BA or BS in EConomics so Wharton hraduate siya. Bakit napaka ignorante ninyo na akala niyo schools like Wharton MBA lang ang courses?

      • Mar Roxas is a UPenn Graduate / Wharton UNDER Graduate. To be a Wharton Grad, you must finished Master in Business Administration not Bachelor in BUSINESS ADMIN

      • Roxas is a graduate of UPenn and undergraduate sa Warton. Kasi po ang mga tinarawag na graduate ng Warton are only those with masters degree po. Maliwanag po ba sir? Have a nice afternoon …..

      • You call people ignorante dahil sinabi na si mar nagkatapos ng bs sa university pennsylvania. Paano sya naging wharton na hindi naman sya master degree? Idiot ang wharton is for masteral course only. Paano nakapos ng wharton ang BS graduate and never enroll for masteral? Tell me now sino ignorante

      • Before anyone has a heart attack on thjis Wharton issue, why not focus on the other school credentials Roxas is touting. “Graduate of Ateneo de Manila”. Roxas is making the impression that he graduated with a college degree from Ateneo, and then moving forward for his “Wharton Masters”. The fact is, Roxas graduated from Ateneo for his high school, not college. And then he took his BS from the University of Pennsylvania, which is the undergraduate school of Wharton. Yes, Roxas was given a diploma for his BS from UPenn, but never enrolled for an MBA at Wharton, so he can not claim to have a Masters Degree from Wharton.
        Just like if Roxas graduated from Ateneo for a college degree. Then he is accredited with a BS degree. Now, if he went and enrolled, in say, Asian Institute of Management and graduated, then he can be conferred an MBA. The point is this, Roxas tried to make a spin to appear that he graduated from Ateneo and then took his masters at Wharton.

    32. Roxas did not show signs he got LEARNINGs from Wharton. Maybe he got diplomas but learnings no. Just take a clue to his solutions to Youlanda calamity, mahihiya ang wharton sa kanya; notice his thinking on the Mamasapano mis-encounter, thats not Wharton. You see how he solve Traffic jam? OMG pinoy na pinoy yon, hindi wharton. Sobra ka-showbiz…nagpavideo pa, corny naman? Did he learned those from wharton?
      Mali si Pinoy nang ini-indorso siya.

    33. Another often mislooked spin Roxas has made to lead (i.e. FOOL) the public to think that he has a economics background from Ateneo. Why would he include it in his resume when he only got a high school diploma from Ateneo?

      By stating that he came has background in economics from both Ateneo and Wharton, people will think he has an undergraduate degree from Ateneo and a master’s degree from Wharton.

    34. mr tiglao, baka hindi rin totoo na naging investment banker si boy pickup sa new york. baka nagtrabaho sya sa isang investment company pero hindi sya yung tinatawag na investment banker ang posisyon. baka naman sa accounting dept lang sya o baka sa hr dept. e anong pinagkaiba nya kay llamanzares na isang pre-school teacher sa boston??

    35. If Roxas professes to be well schooled and intelligent, how come he allowed himself to be BS AQIUINOS CUR? BS Aquino confirmed retard brainless, vindictive and a compulsive liar.

    36. Come on, we know Duterte made a mistake and I assume you are just quick to defend him by finding something technical from it. He accused Mar Roxas not to have graduated from Wharton School of Economics (not Business or Finance) and said he didn’t even finish even a 4 or 5 year degree. Wharton is a division of UPenn so technically he graduated from Wharton from an undergraduate degree. You’re just making an argument he didn’t graduate from a a graduate degree but we all know Duterte didn’t mean your point of discussion. He was only referring to school of economics. Nice try defending him!

      • tama naman ang sinabi ni duterte na hindi sya nag tapos ng 4 or 5 years course kasi ang bs economics na undergrad ni mar ay 3 year course… at tama naman si mar na nagtapos pa din sya sa UPenn Wharton school kanya nga lang di nya dapat nilagay sa biodata nya na “Wharton Graduate” sya dahil di naman sya graduate ng “Masters Degree”…. panlilinlang naman na yun…. ang dapat kung gagamitin daw ang Wharton, undergrad ang ilalagay kung di pa naman masteral ang tinapos…. halimbawa ako, kasalukuyang nag aaral ako ng masters ko… puede ko nang ilagay sa biodata ko pero dapat lalagyan ko ng candidate… yung kay mar maliwanag na panlilinlang yun… baka yung lolo nya ang manampal sa kanya nyan!

      • Yes!nagkulang si duterte sa research niya at mali yong paratang nya. But somehow na exposed din si roxas na dapat ang dala nya ay Upenn grad sya at hindi wharton. Kasi matatawag ka lng na wharton grad ka kung MBA pero kung BS in economics tawag ay UPenn grad look at the certificate/diploma above wala ngang WHARTON na nakasulat.

      • Mar’s undergraduate degree in Wharton is only 2 years and 18 months so hindi umabot ng 4-5 year course

      • Allow me to pick your brain. So, you’re saying if I’m a Navy graduate I can be called a Navy Seal? Because Navy Seal is a division of The US Navy. I don’t know how you guys think but those are not the same.

      • Sa mga news nabasa ko, si Mar naman yung nag start ng gulo, about sa Davao, kaya binalik sa kanya ang sinabi nya tungkol sa davao na Myth daw, e eto naman Mar sobrang yabang, sa sarili ko kung alam ko na hindi ako dapat tawagin Wharton Graduate kasi hindi ako nakapag tapos nga MBA course eh bat ko ilalagay sa Bio Data ko, diba panloloko yun, sana sinabi nalang nya na UPenn graduate sya. atsaka dapat hindi na sya satsat ng satsat,

      • The simplest explanation regarding his Wharton/Upenn affiliation is this. Lets say U-Penn is UST and Wharton is UST’s college of medicine. Kung graduate ka ng UST pero b.s. biology kinuha mo as pre-med, ust graduate ka pero hindi ka college of med graduate. You need to actually pursue medicine in ust to say you are a ust college of medicine graduate.

      • Mar is not a graduate of Wharton School of Economics, he is a BSc in Economics graduate from UPenn.

      • UPenn is the undergraduate school. And Wharton is the MBA school. They may be as one school, but offering two distinct learning degrees. UPenn is where you need to graduate first, before you can be enrolled in Wharton. Sana maliwanagan kayo dito.

    37. Roxas lies about his education and now is mad that someone questioned his lies.

      Typical trapo. Roxas is supposed to be some kind of tough guy now ?
      Lets all wait for the degree that he never earned and will never produce.

      The Philippines really needs better people to choose from.
      Neither of those guys should ever be president unless there is a opening for a president at a school for clowns.

      1. A lying incompetent Aquino clone
      2. A womanizing (2 wives, 2 girl friends) who kills people he thinks are guilty.

      Some choice.

      • I still choose the #2 because mas matimbang pa rin yong track record nya as leader. Yong kasalanan nya si God na lng bahala mag judge sa kanya. Kesa nman sa #1 na same pa rin ang dadanasin natin.

      • Then who? Those policians that steal peoples’ money or the person that don’t steal but a trash talking prez hopeful and maybe change the course of Philippines’ image? You choose.

      • Having two, three or more women in the Philippines is normal. Many Filipinos are enjoying the practice of polygamous even their Christian religion and the law of the land prohibited it. Having more women in ones life is a sign of strength above desire for flesh. Only hypocrite will object at Mayor Duterte for being womanizer but never Erap.

    38. Duterte is a decent man. If he speaks tough and rough, he is just being a Roman when in Rome. The great majority of the Filipino people are clamoring for TRUE change, the realization of which the people have only seen in Duterte from his straight-from-the-heart manner of talking, though rough and tough. The rough-and-tough style is one which has made him better understood by the great majority of the Filipino people To my mind, I really do not think that Duterte would go the extent of actually slapping Roxas. He is just engaging in euphemism so as to make himself better understood by the people.

    39. Now this SOB and aquino factotum roxas is showing his slip by being “pikon” like his benefactor in malacanang, the inutile president….The Filipinos has a saying that, “:ang pikon talo” and this early he is already TALO insofar as the presidential election is concerned…

    40. It’s very clear now that DUTERTE is right… Your article clears everything after that post from GMA where it implies that MAR was a graduate of WHARTON…

    41. How can Mar Roxas live with that lie yet challenge Duterte for exposing the truth. I have been following Mar and ready to support him for his Presidential bid but sadly I now changed my mind already and rather support anyone running against him. It doesn’t need a non-Wharton graduate to know what he’d do to the country if he wins. Now I can understand why Alfred Romualdez cried. Now I can fully sympathize with all the cry of justice the families of the Mamasapano massacre victims are begging. All this pretensions he says he knew nothing about must all be products of lie and deceit.

    42. Mari Carandang on

      Wharton is the business school of UPenn. UPenn is one of the most coveted ivy leage schools here in USA.

    43. I searched in the internet and this is what i found- “The Wharton School of the Univ of Pennsylvania (also known as the Wharton School of Business, or simply Wharton) is the business school of the Univ of Pennsylvania, a private ivy league university. The Wharton School awards Bachelor of Science in Economics degrees at the undergraduate level and Master of Business Administration degrees at the postgraduate level”. Therefore, there is a misconception that Wharton only offers post graduate degrees whereas its very clear in their prospectus that they offer undergraduate degree which is BS Econnomics which Mar Roxas has taken in that school. What’s the big fuzz about it? They say that his character is based on lies. Name me a politician that did not lie. Beside the above explanation shows the connection of UPenn and Wharton.

      • Dakila, there is a big difference between an undergraduate course and a graduate course. Ever heard of a technical jargon? This is an example of it.

        The real issue here is character. Duterte is tough, brass and foul mouthed but you get what you hear or see. Roxas projects himself the heir to a “tuwid na daan” system of governance. But as this issue unravels, it tells us of a character of a person to make a spin of the truth to make things appear to be what they want it to appear even if it is clearly not what as it seems.

        No. 1 trait of a Machiavellian politician….. Be virtuous or if you’re not, pretend to be. These kind of persons always tell lies with an aspect of truth in it.

        In the end, we will have to make a choice between somebody we know will do the things we might not agree to or someone who we think will do the right things but hides to us the things he does that he knows we don’t agree to.

        It’s our choice…….

      • to what I understand. duterte’s concern is roxas not a masteral degree graduate of wharton. there is no question that roxas has finished his undergraduate course at UPENN or is it Wharton school. the issue is graduate of wharton graduate school. Mr. Tiglao specifically explained that difference.

      • Name one politician? …Duterte! Which is why you people don’t like him right? Because he told you he has killed to restore order, he is in love with 3 women and that he is a drinker.

      • It’s the same as claiming a masters degree but didnt even took it, so he Mar Roxas should properly address himself as a UPenn graduate or Wharton undergrad (BA) not a graduate of Wharton (Master of BA). He really deserve a slap grande.

      • tama! siguro takot si mar that if he claims that he is an undergraduate, people would perceive him as an underachiever which proves that he would cheaply twist the truth just like all his ka-epalan.

      • boogie del rosario on

        He finished his BA and not BS. The BA degree is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences while the BS is in the Wharton School of Business. I just checked the FAQ of Upenn last night just to confirm.

      • Whats the big fuzz? Roxas claimed he is a Wharton Graduate when he should have claimed he is a Wharton UNDERGRADUATE as you pointed out yourself. There is a whole lot of difference between the two.

      • That is how I understood when you are graduate of a Business School. Mar Roxas not to defend him is a graduate of Wharton Business School period. Some people want to pursue higher and become PHDs.

      • Its like this:
        example my case im graduate of a school from batangas(Upenn) but im under SICS(wharton). In this case, im graduate only of that school in batangas but under SICS department and im not graduate of SICS Masters Degree.

      • n the United States, an undergraduate or an “undergrad” is a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree (usually 4 years) at a college or university or a 2-year associate’s degree program at a college, community college or vocational/technical school. A graduate or a “grad student” is a student who, having obtained a bachelor’s degree, is now pursuing a master’s or “graduate degree” in a 1-6 year graduate school program that is typically completed in 2-3 years.

        These concepts are often confused, because the terminology in much of the rest of the world is different. What’s known as undergraduate studies in the US is referred to as graduate studies in most other countries like Philippines. And the equivalent for graduates (graduate students, graduate studies) in the US are known as post-graduates (or post-graduate students, post-graduate studies) in most of the rest of the world.

        What makes Mar misleading about his education is he uses “Graduate” at Wharton School instead of University of Pennsylvania. He attempts to create an attractive impression by citing only half of the truth designed to candy-coat his image.

      • Dakila, please read it properly. You have a very big misconception of what you read and understanding.

      • If I may clarify further, UPenn has undergraduate academics and graduate academics. There are four schools in the undergraduate academics, namely: college of arts and sciences, school of engineering and applied sciences, school of nursing, and wharton school. The Wharton School confers BS Economics to all its undergrad students who finish the four-year course and they are classified as Wharton undergraduate. The diploma they receive is given by UPenn. Wharton has an MBA program for its graduate academics. It also has a doctoral program. I will not vote for Mar but to say he is not a Wharton graduate is false. He is, under the undergraduate academics. Hope this helped in settling the issue para wala nang sampalan.

    44. Ang pumatol daw sa sira-ulo, ay mas sira-ulo.

      Unless Mar can post a scanned copy to prove he graduated from Wharton, then Duterte wins this round.

      For a fleeting moment, I was seduced to choose Duterte’s “force” as an alternative because none of those seeking to lead this country offered a sense of hope to a hapless nation of 100 million.

      Yet, the more I read about Duterte’s style of creating name recall, the more I slip back to cynicism.

      Half-a century of existence is enough for me to conclude that “choosing the lesser evil” never worked.

      • Dominador D. Canastra on

        Nakahiya naman ang logic ng “Unless Mar can post a scanned copy to prove he graduated from Wharton, then Duterte wins this round.”
        Roxas did not have to print a scanned copy of his transcript or diploma. Wharton itself released a statement saying Roxas is a graduate of that Business School og the UPenn.
        I am not voting for Roxas because he will only perpetuate the mendacious and hypocritical Daang Matuywid of his BOSS Abnoy Aquino.

        But I hate it when anti-Roxas pro-Duterte people talk nonsense.

      • Think back…
        When Rice Smuggling was inquired by the senate, Duterte himself went there to testify against a certain “Banggayan” who is said to be the link between the bigtime smugglers and the buyers. Duterte style is “If he unloads his smuggled goods in Davao and fight it out, I will kill him. I don’t care if I rot in jail for the sake of the Filipino farmers.”

        About the fallen 44 “I do not want to offend the President but somebody has to tell him that he has to stop this blame game by taking full responsibility for what happened in Mamasapano,” Duterte emphatically said. This is because he takes full responsibility on whatever operation he operates just like when the CHR tries to file a case against the PNPs who gunned down the kidnappers with high powered guns which resulted to saving the chinese businesswoman kidnapped victim, Duterte assured the PNP that he will provide a good lawyer for them and thank them for doing a good job.

        Day 2 after Yolanda passed Tacloban when Duterte brought the 911 search and rescue team along with 20 Doctors just because he felt the need for us Dabawenyos to help because it is our moral obligation to our fellow countrymen. He was there on site while Roxas was busy saying “bahala kayo” to the Mayor of Tacloban.
        He ordered to build houses for the women in prison which was way more livable than the houses provided by the administration to the victims of Yolanda.

        After the Laglag bala was revealed in the media, Duterte assured us Dabawenyos not to be afraid because he bought more than a million worth HD cctv cameras and already installed it on the airport premises. He even offered to be a lawyer of any victim of the laglag bala.

        The list could go on sir/maam…. Just try to research more about what the other candidates have done in their public service and make Duterte as a last option if you are not satisfied with their track records.

        Duterte may have a foul mouth and he is crude but he is a lawyer with a good heart. He is a SERVANT LEADER. He has a brilliant mind and soft heart for the meek and the poor. He is Rodrigo Roa Duterte. A filipino who loves his country and his countrymen.

    45. yes, what i know is that a Wharton Graduate was conferred an MBA Degree that is for sure, being in the Wharton it only means you are taking an MBA but the degree of Mar was issued by University of Pennsylvania. Therefore not an MBA but a college degree major in economics.
      If that is true all this years Mar has been lying to his teeth and therefore he do not deserve to be elected as President, just like his endorser always lying and harping about fraudulent statistics.

      Please stop peddling an error. Wharton also has courses in Bachelors degree economics.

      • Tesboy, graduate po si Mar Roxas ng Wharton, pero ang course nya is BS Economics if im not mistaken, hinde lang MBA ang inooffer ng Wharton pati undergrade degree. Mali ang nagsasabi na Masteral lang pag sa Wharton at University of Penn kapag undergraduate.


        Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao, manunulat ka pa naman. Pero mali ang binibigay mong information. Nag compare ka pa ng ang isang PMA kapag d tapos hinde PMAer, natural hinde sya tapos ng course nya. Si Mar tapos po. Ano bang logic yan? Hinde ba dahil tuta ka ni GMA?

      • boogie del rosario on

        He finished BA in Economics and not BS. There is a difference between the two, BA is in the College of Arts and Sciences while the BS degree is in the Wharton School of Business.

    46. Mar Roxas – the great pretender

      D for Dynamic
      Mar Roxas is as dynamic as a sloth painting a wall, and as exciting as then watching it dry.

      D for Dull
      Mar Roxas has a type D personality – Dull, – so no surprise that in the testosterone fuelled corridors of Wall Street, replete with type A high-achievers, Roxas remained stuck near the bottom of the pile throughout his whole career at a small boutique bank, far removed from the rainmakers, and ballbreakers.

      Always an assistant, never the main man – he didn’t even make it to Vice President, which after 10 years is unheard of on Wall Street.

      Asst. VP job spec:- Do as you are told, and just say ‘yes’. – sounds ideal for Mar Roxas.

      Overall an underwhelming CV.
      Asst. VP wouldn’t even impress a drunken nymphomaniac with rent to pay.

      Roxas likes to embellish and exaggerate to make up for his lack of substance, and also to ride other people’s bandwagons of achievement, or ideas. A cuckoo in the nest of opportunism.

      D for Dogsbody
      Roxas’ natural ‘yes man’ character also served Pnoy Aquino very well, and his main benefactor, – the Ayalas – very profitably.
      He even fawned over Janet Napoles, acting as servant and driver.
      When money talks, Mar Roxas listens, but if you are poor, you don’t exist.
      When the Ayalas say, ‘jump’ – Roxas says, ‘how high sir?’
      When Korina barks, Mar cowers.
      When the ‘common man’ speaks, Roxas turns deaf.
      A natural born factotum, and brown noser.

      Another lapdog.

      D for Drifter
      Roxas is devoid of passion, or conviction. He has had no advocacies in his life, or any volunteering/philanthropy – apart from himself, and helping impressionable beauty queens!

      A political butterfly who has followed Erap, Arroyo, Aquino, but never had his own ideology, or ideas.

      Another opportunist

      D for Disconnected
      Notes of a conversation between US Ambassador Kenney and Mar Roxas:
      “The key to victory, Roxas said, would be convincing the lower classes that the person running had
      their interests at heart. Roxas confided to the Ambassador
      that he was not sure how he personally would tackle that
      problem, given that his Wharton MBA and ten years on Wall
      Street as an investment banker did not “exactly call to the
      common man.”
      US Ambassador Kenney – Embassy cable of meeting.

      Roxas no doubt wishes he was of MBA calibre, and clearly likes to pretend he is, and to give the impression that he does have an MBA.

      Another narcissist.

      D for Deceit.
      He likes to either embellish the truth, or be very economical with it.
      He even had the affrontery to claim to be father of BPO! – he absolutely was not. (To set the record straight – it would be President Arroyo who could actually take the credit as the mother of BPO’s, since she actively supported the call center/BPO initiative in the Philippines, and facilitated its birth in the country. The key player at the time was Arthur Andersen (now Accenture), and it was a part of their global expansion strategy in support of their US multi-national customers as they sought to reduce costs via back-office outsourcing, ‘follow the sun’ data centers, etc.
      Roxas played a role as the technocrat/co-ordinator at DTI.)

      Another credit grabber, and very low class to try and claim credit for the work/creativity of others.

      His deceit is exposed.
      MBA, high flying Investment banker, father of BPO – a load of BS!
      A nasty little person, who is clearly not to be trusted, and has no sense of honor.

      D for Despicable
      Whilst not the father of BPO, Roxas is the father of an illegitimate child, and his real character was revealed in a sordid episode when he rapidly abandoned his beauty queen girlfriend after she became pregnant with his child ( his mother no doubt went ballistic, and would not accept her) – she was not ‘of the right class’, – one of the ‘common women’ -, or a suitable future ‘first lady’ (is his ‘wife of political convenience’ Korina!) – and he only acknowledged his illegitimate son years later when it was about to be exposed in the press when he was running for the Senate. Very cowardly and ungentlemanly behaviour. A true cad.

      Anyone who can desert their only child and pregant mother, and show such little regard for women, can also readily sell out their country, or anybody else. No loyalty.
      Think Jesse Robredo!

      Roxas is a user of people, and an abuser of the truth.
      When your soul is black, then so are your tactics.

      The country needs an innovator who is true to themselves, and to the nation – not a boy blunder, or a gay crusader.
      Batman and Robin need to ride off together into the sunset in their twatmobile.

      • Sir Hector, your insights were articulated to the level of academic discourse. Manila Times should hire you as one of their Opinion writers, the novelty of your inputs should not be wasted. You should have your own byline in this Newspaper. Thank you for and have a merry Christmas.

      • Thanks, but i like to be an equal opportunity offender, and not constrained by any limitations, but i do laud MT for their free speech and perspectives.
        I am grateful for this outlet, and also to Yen Makabenta who has graciously given me some of his valuable space on occasions.
        As an independent observer/analyst i rate the level of opinion writers in MT as the best in the country. I learn from them.

      • I like this, very entertaining and imaginative, a lot comical and hard to believe but rings true in other things. Is this man/boy/? Roxas for real? I still doubt that this guy wants to be president or is he just pushed by people stronger than himself like his mother or his wife or somethings in his dreams urging him to run for president and gives him sweat and fears and lots of sleepless hours in bed? Go look for that video in the Yolanda meeting in Leyte when he was in meeting with local officials-listen to that thin tremulous voice like he is forcing himself to impose himself on those helpless people before him. He was just being made to float by a supposedly good family name, family wealth and the then strong popularity of his president. That was not enough to shore him up then and surely not now.

      • Kaya nga kailangan pang bayaran ng ina ang babae ng P30M para pakasalan ang anak thinking that the popularity of the babae is transferable. How stupid to assume that popularity can be conveyed.

      • Good reparte but void of facts and full of hate. Once you run out of good arguments you resort of telling big stories based on lies.

    47. Judith L Cebedo on

      Wharton School has three administrations – the basic or undergraduate, the masteral and the executive. When you get admitted to the business or economics it is automatically the Wharton School, whether it is basic, masteral or post-graduate and the executive.It is not the same when you get admitted in engineering or medicine. After you graduate with a bachelors you are a graduate of Wharton School with Bachelors. When you get admitted to the masters you are a post-graduate. That’s where most Filipinos or international students apply for post-master studies. It is more difficult to enter the undergraduate because the requirements are stricter. When Duterte said he could not find Wharton University, (check the ABS-CBN news clips), there is no such thing as Wharton University, it is a part of the UPenn College. I knew you know that. So he is already erroneous in such assumption. To consider the graduates of Wharton School as undergraduate even as they finished and earned their bachelors because they didn’t take masters is erroneous. Master’s studies are post-graduate. Executive studies are for those who cannot take continues long studies and be absent from executive duties. I hope we don’t split hairs just to prop up an argument and discredit honest earned honors and foster acrimony and rancor. For me, the journalists always have the honor of probing for the truth and that includes valuing it. In the hierarchy of values, peace should be valued if it honors justice. For me, your piece dishonors justice and peace and promotes acrimony. Siimply splitting hairs does not promote truth, nor justice, nor peace. I am sorry but I am disappointed. Thanks.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        But where in the sample diploma is the word Wharton? From all indications the Wharton School of Business fruns under the fold of the University of Pennsylvania God bless the Philippines.

        Yes, Mr or Ms. impruna. Wharton is the Business School of UPENN. Rooxas earned a BA or a BS from there.

      • If only Roxas just say what’s exactly written on his certificate, then there could be no problem at all. Klarong klaro sa certificate nya na wharton undegraduate sya, yon nalang sana sinabi nya kc yon naman talaga ang na earn nya from that school. Nagtataka ako bakit hindi nlang Upenn ginamit nya eh alam naman nya na yon talaga ang tama. So clear now na gusto talaga nya iangat sarili nya kahit na sa ganung mga bagay lang….tsk tsk tsk….kung ngsinugaling sya sa mga ganung bagay for no reason, anu nalang kaya ang mangyayari kung syay maging presidente natin? It’s not an excuse na kung mgsinungaling ang ina eh mdsinungaling na rin sya!!

      • The University of Pennsylvania has 4 undergraduate schools, namely College of Arts & Sciences, Penn Engineering, School of Nursing,The Wharton School. The undergraduate diplomas do not show the colleges or schools, only U of Penn.
        Roxas graduated with a BS degree from the Wharton School of the U of Penn (not from Penn Enginnering, College of Arts & Sciences or School of Nursing). Thre is a Wharton Gradutae School but not a Wharton University.

    48. Ang galing talaga ni Mr. R.D. Tiglao pag katotohanan ang nais kong hanapin. Journalist na mapag katiwalaan.
      Si Mar Roxas ay walang masters degree mula sa Wharton skul bukol. Sinungaling na Roxas. Ang sinungaling ay kakambal ng magna nakaw. NO to Roxas na nag Wharton Wharton pero hindi naman pala. Nasupalpal siya ni Duterte ….. yeheyyyyyy……

    49. An undergraduate is a student who has not yet graduated. If you hold a degree, you are a graduate. If Roxas claimed a graduate degree (Masters or Doctorate), that would be inaccurate, but he hasn’t. Duterte’s confusion seems to stem fro a failure to realize that Wharton is a unit of the University of Pennsylvania.

      Not a huge Roxas fan, but in this case Duterte is wrong and should be man enough to admit it and apologize.

      • Degree levels 101. A Bachelor’s degree is called Undergraduate. A Masteral degree is called Graduate and a Doctoral degree is Post Graduate.

      • upon graduation in college ang tawag sa course na tinapos mo is undergraduate course. kaya ang tawag sa school kung saan tyo nagtapos ng college is undergraduate school. pag nag-masteral ka at natapos mo, ang tawag sa course na tinapos mo is graduate course. kaya ang tawag sa school kung saan mo tinapos ang masteral mo is graduate school. now kung hindi ka nakatapos ng college ang tawag syo is college drop out hindi po undergraduate.

      • You’re more confused than anyone in here sir. Much better if you research more about those terms.

        BS, AB courses are undergraduate courses
        Masters are graduate studies
        Doctorates are post-graduate studies

    50. Actual experience, result, work accomplishments, common sense, observation, creativity and imagination (Vision) is more important than your school background or educational attainment.

      Spoiled rich people have limited experience in the field and actual execution or application of knowledge (IDLE or LAZY). Thus, the tendency is to rely on talents/skills of other people, theories from books and concerns only the aquisition of knowledge in a pariticular field, experience or situation.

      Stupidity is the deliberate or unitentional poor application of knowledge, rationality and social common sense to life, an activity or situation.

    51. Setting aside the issue of whether Roxas claim of being a Wharton graduate and if Duterte peace and order claims in Davao City are both myths. What I see here is Roxas unable to control himself and reacted foolishly. In another paper, he also mentioned he hate bullies. He is dangerous. Imagine if he becomes the president and will be bullied by China, he may lost his temper again and bring the Philippines to a war with China.

    52. Rosauro Feliciano on

      What’s the big thing about having a Bachelor’s degree in Economics? There are countless of Filipinos who have BS degree in Economics; however, it is true not from the University of Pennsylvania. One of the problems in the whole world is that, some people are easily taken for a ride into believing that simply because a person is related to a famous wealthy family that person is considered to be the best choice to lead them regardless whether the person has the quality of a leader. But don’t misunderstand me. I have strong faith in the leadership of Mar as I have as well strong faith in Digong. Now, who will believe me that I will cast my vote for the two of them at the same time because I believe Mar is an alumnus of Wharton School of Business Administration, a unit of University of Pennsylvania?

    53. Roxas should have challenge the arrogant Duterte to an IQ tests on whoever is smarter. I am pretty sure 100% that the IQ of the San Beda college graduate has a lower IQ.

      • Really now? Former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has a high IQ. Did Philippines flourish? Were you satisfied with the result? The issue is not the IQ or the degree. This issue is about integrity which is the best offense and defense of Mar Roxas. Where is that said integrity if he claims something he did not even achieve? Wharton graduate? He is a Wharton Undergraduate for heaven’s sake! This is a slap to those few people who toiled to finish their Masters Degree! Mar Roxas has been lying to the Filipino people for a long time. Many people voted for him because of his “integrity” and educational background. Now that both reasons are crumbling down, voters should research more about the other candidates and ditch Roxas.

      • Well Digong may have just graduated at San Beda because he was poor and cannot afford to be enrolled at elite schools or much more at Ivy league schools, but I will place my bet on Digong because he was a graduate of Law for 10 years. What about Mar? A graduate of BA in Economics for 2 years and 8 mos at U-PENN. hmmmmm ..wanna bet?

    54. Perhaps u could show too a diploma or certificate for mba in wharton school of economics to see if there is any difference or whether the wharton name will be there.
      Its disgusting to these 2 presidentiable acting like kantoboys on national tv. Even mar’s website has his “background on economics” as graduating from ateneo de manila university and wharton school of economics. Seemingly implying having graduated college fr ateneo n postgrad fr wharton when in fact its his graduating high school fr ateneo n bs eco from univ of penn.
      chk out wikileaks https://wikileaks(dot)org/plusd/cables/08MANILA2311_a.html. Read #2 wherein mar told us ambassador kenney thatdespite his wharton mba n 10yrs wall street investment banker, he “did not call to the common man”.

    55. My they all pretend to be something that their not. The Art of deceiving people is Mar’s
      Mantra! Another Aquino Clone .