Duterte more popular than media dare admit?


A HUGE throng of Cebuanos were animated as the convoy of Secretary Mar Roxas drove by on the way to the presidential debate at the University of the Philippines-Cebu campus. The still pictures could be a dream for Roxas’ drumbeaters who could use them to disprove claims that he’s unexciting. This dream could turn into a nightmare, however, if audio is used to accompany the stills. The crowd was shouting “Duterte, Duterte, Duterte” as Roxas’ convoy passed by.

I saw a video of this incident at the FaceBook posted by Tamaraw Riders (Even Demata?) but not on television. I may not have read a lot of papers but I failed to read any mention of this vociferous Cebuano pro-Duterte crowd in the broadsheets.

There’s validity in the numerous complaints of Duterte supporters on why Manila papers failed to show the big crowd attending his rallies. Their complaints are usually accompanied by photos of the banner crowd in attendance. Are the papers and even TV trying to create a bandwagon for a presidential candidate who’s not Duterte? Are they conditioning the mind of the voters that Duterte has a lot of catching up to do?

This reminds me of a tongue-in-cheek comment by Duterte when told that he was lagging behind in poll surveys: “Talo na tayo!”

The fact is, if we consider the militancy of Duterte supporters, his rivals wouldn’t be taking him lightly. He’s decidedly popular among Bisayans, the overseas Filipino workers and those who don’t want a clone of President BS Aquino The Last to sit next in Malacañang.

A dearest friend, former Chairman Tong Payumo of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority wrote last Sunday of his meeting with an OFW at the Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge. The OFW, Rey Loar of Leyte, said that OFWs in Qatar are overwhelmingly for Duterte.

“How about your family back home?” Tong asked.

“Of course, they’ll have to vote for Duterte or else I’ll stop sending money to them!” Loar replied, according to Tong, who concluded that this meant every OFW vote would be multiplied by at least three.

Loar said that OFWs are very angry at the “laglag-bala” MO and the opening of balikbayan boxes. Duterte alone gives them hope for a change in the country, according to Loar.

I still have some misgivings about Duterte although he has lately tried to tone down his fascist tendencies. His outbursts on heading a bloody administration still send shivers to my spine. Then of course, there’s his unrepentant “joke” of cursing the Holy Father Pope Francis because of the traffic his visit has caused. He also has to urge his followers to cool down and stop threatening those who don’t believe in him.

This said, I still consider a Duterte administration much better than an unalloyed continuation of the “daang matuwid” that’s nothing but a hypocritical catch-phrase. Among the presidential candidates, only Duterte, Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago don’t have any Aquino baggage to weigh them down.

Sen. Grace Poe is believed to be the “Plan B” of the administration as shown by the support given her by the Solicitor-General in the disqualification case against her before the Supreme Court. Why the SolGen supported her instead of the Commission on Elections that had disqualified her gave the game away. But Poe isn’t only beholden to Aquino. She’s also a public defender of industrialist Danding Cojuangco’s handling of the coco levy. No wonder, she’s now called Poejuangco.

Oh yes, she tried to tone down these criticisms against her by claiming that she didn’t sign the Senate report on the disposition of the coco levy. Well, try again. A netizen proved she was lying by showing a copy of the Senate report with her signature in it.

I remember her adoptive mother Susan Roces once said: “Ang sinungaling ay kapatid ng magnanakaw.”



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  1. puede po ba ninyong i-share sa networks: kapamilya, kapatid, kapuso, people’s television (ch 4), cnn phil, ang videong iyan?
    kakatuwa….at kakatawa…. right under his nose, at his face, mar-imar is being insulted by shouting the name of his rival, the cebuanos choice, duterte.
    salamat po.

  2. Certainly, nobody generates the energy and electricity that Duterte does. Duterte is the most dynamic and, possibly, most popular candidate for president. It isn’t just Duterte’s personality which generates the excitement, though. It is Duterte’s message of change. Federalism, peace and order, quick dispensation of justice resound much more than some people will admit.

  3. opinonated bum on

    Mayor Duterte is slowly moving up, needs to spend more time in Visayan Islands, and eventually, move up North to spread his Gospel- by not letting these hardened drug smugglers and criminals to live another day. People are just sick and tired about the drugs that have taken so many lives, and high crimes rates committed every where, and politicians as well as public officials stealing peoples money, and it seems like the whole country is beyond manageable and out of control. I would also mention the Supreme Court Justices, Court of appeals Justices, Department of Justice, high ranking military and police officers have their own “diskarte”.

    I personally think that Duterte is the right choice for president because he once said in his campaign that he is not interested in MONEY, only Women. He might be the oldest among the candidates but the way I look at it, he still have a lot of productive years ahead of him because he knows how to keep himself healthy, by having 3 wives and 1 lady friend. Having all these assets will surely increase his sexual activities, and that would release all those bodily fluids accumulated that can cause stress, frustrations and mental imbalance. In Muslim world, a man can have 4 wives at one time. This would not impede him from thinking rationally and he would do his job as a President exceptionally well.

  4. Well, grace has not fully answered the accusation that she used two social security numbers in the US.

  5. jhon richard macaraig on

    but still she make an oath to another country to think she has a descent life in the philippines

    • Here is a copy of the oath she took when she became an American Citizen.

      I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

  6. arnel rollan on

    well of all the presidentiables, only duterte command the respect of the NPA, MILF, MNLF, PNP and AFP. With duterte on top, who needs war. he will be the unifying force if elected president. and we all know, that progress is impossible without peace and order. well with regards to killing, it might be true or not, as he says it’s all during operations. and besides, look who are killed, the criminals instead of the innocent people as what usually happen all over the philippines. the truth is his enemies are only talking about his negatives sides, none of his positive ones. to name a few, davao from killing fields to a safe city. central 911, best police force and many more. and they are not drama, they’re allreal things happening in davao. to

  7. The fact that she renounced her Filipino citizenship for an American , speaks loud and clear. Her Loyalty is not True to the Philippines but only to her personal gain !

    We must Vote for the Candidate who truly is a Whole Pilipino and will never abandon his country no matter what circumstances !

  8. So, is Susan referring to Grace the queen of lies and Abnoy the king of thieves as siblings?
    And I thought it’s Grace and BBM lol

  9. Mar via Hocus PCOS or Grace through the votes of the star-struck, gullible masa who are ready to believe that she is not only ” anak siya ng tatay niyang si FPJ” but Panday himself incarnate. Very clever plan A and B indeed for BS Aquino!

    We are seemingly caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    But we can extricate ourselves by uniting and closing ranks solidly behind either Binay or Duterte and eschewing all administration candidates from the Congress down to the LGUs.

    But first Duterte and Binay should not fall prey to the administration’s ploy through its minions in the media of pitting one against the other and in the process besmirching the image of one another in public eyes.

    There’s no other way.

    • teodoro m reyneso, i completely agree with you that binay and duterte should get their acts together or else the hocus pcos and the idolatry factor of movie fans will make them lose the elections. kaya lang mahirap mag bigay ang bawat isa by endorsing the other. who will be the surviving candidate in the merger of binay and duterte. mahirap para kay binay kasi malaki na investment nya. pero kung common sense ang patatakbuhin ni binay and both him and duterte agree to drop the charges against binay if proven that the evidence were manufactured by de limas and moral less, then offset na yung hocus pcos option and movie fans advantage of boy pickup and grace poequinp-poejuangco. just saying.

  10. Stephen Marko on

    Yes Grace Poe is a serial liar! She lied before the comelec plain and simple. She is not even a natural born filipino. Worst , who would want to have an american president for our country? By her own admission, she is clearly an oppurtunist! Have any of you read the oath of allegiance to acquire American citizenship? Dyos ko matatakot kayo! I would rather have Duterte as president despite his seeming sira ulo image rather than a fake filipino like Grace Poe! At least Duterte never renounced his filipino citizenship!

    • “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Friedrich Nietzsche

  11. As Grace Poe is under the tutelage of Escudero who is as cunning and deceptive as one can get, lies here and there for Poe are now easy to come. I am sure she does not have her adoptive mother Susan Roces in mind when she says those untruthful things.

  12. Hindi naman kasi totoo na Plan B ni Pnoy si Grace Poe e, wag na sana sila gawaan ng issue dahil hindi naman totoo. Sa palagay ko naiinis pa nga si Grace Poe na nakakabit parin ang pangalan niya sa administrasyon. Tingin ko kung talagang parte siya ng administrasyon e tatakbo na siya bilang vice ni Mar kaso hindi e kaya hindi ako naniniwala na Plan B siya.

    • I believe you are still young to understand Philippine politics today. She has been tagged as the “Manchurian Candidate” by leading newspapers if you know what it means. She never criticized the president as other candidates have done (save of course Mar). She was the only presidential candidate outside LP invited to his birthday at Malacanang. Grace even mentioned if get elected she would give the incumbent president a position in her administration.

    • Emmanuel Yap on

      Yellow keyboard warriors after this month’s survey started supporting Poe. Hindi lang si Mar may fans sa Russia, China at Korea.

    • Grace Poe Llamanzares is definitely Noynoy’s Plan B and here are reasons why:
      – Danding Cojuangco n San Miguel Corp are bankrolling Poe’s campaign. As everyone knows, Danding is Noynoy’s biggest supporter and he also bankrolled his presidential campaign in 2010.
      – SCCJ Sereno, a Noynoy appointee, was Poe’s strongest defender on her DQ case along with 4 other Noynoy SC appointees.
      – SolGen, PAO, CHR and even Dept of Justice supported Poe in her DQ case.
      – Poe was quoted as saying she will appoint Noynoy as her Anti-Corruption czar if she wins and will re-appoint some of Noynoy’s cabinet.

    • Kc nasulsulan cya ni chiz escudero kc pag tumakbo si poe ng vice pres. Alam ni chiz na hnd nya kya talunin si poe

    • Killing criminals is not a crime, is not immoral and perfectly legal when done in the line of duty and when done by civilians in defense of property, self, family and strangers. But if killing criminals is a crime, di hamak MAS KRIMINAL ang taong nagpabaya kaya hindi na nailigtas ang SAF 44, ang maraming biktima ng Yolanda, Manila hostage crisis, Zamboanga siege…etc etc etc.

    • Wag mo sanang maranasan maging biktima ka o ang pamilya mo ng karumaldumal na krimen. I don’t think you’d have the same sentiments if it happens to you.

    • charlie castro yap on

      morally bankrupt ba ka mo? eh sino ang morally upright? si Poe? dios ko day!… hindi pa nagde declare ng candidacy si duterte, nakapatong na sa ulo ni grace poejuangco ang pagiging morally fit as presidential candidate. napakasinungaling, manloloko! yan ba batayan mo tol? we filipinos never learn. dalawa birth certificate? yun isa hindi alam kung sino magulang, yun isa naman si susan roces? dna ba kamo? eh baket kung sinu sino pa gago pinipresent niya, baket ndi mismo si susan ipa dna nya para magkabistuhan na ang tunay nya nanay eh si rosemary sonora? who cares kung sino tatay niya? si marcos ba? na matagal ng matunog na tsismis? who cares? pa morally bankrupt ka pa jan… naring mo ba sagot nya secong debate sa tanong ni duterte? (na pinakamatinong tanong sa debate na yun). sus patawarin! babangon daw siya, ano ba raw yun 4 o’ 5am in the morning? tatawag siya ng emergency planning? nakakatakot pag nadisgrasya tayong mga pinoy na siya nga maging presidente? gobyernong may puso? depende kung san nakalagay puso nyan… baka naman puso ng saging. then, are we ready yet for another 6-years of banana republic gaya ng inupo ng mga gagong yellow maniacs? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    • Nakupo ang mga national heroes natin mga morally bankrupt pala. Kung duwag ang kandidato mo na pumatay / mamatay ay wag na lang.

    • Yung mga ninuno MO na nakapatay sa paglalaban sa kalayaan at kapayapaan sa Pilipinas morally bankrupt pala.

  13. There is a difference between signing a committee report and approving the bill. I think the author is misinformed.

    Poe is smart and is morally upright. I doubt she is anybody’s puppet or Plan B.

    • Efren L. Danao on

      Tim, as far as I know, signing a bill or report without making reservations is equivalent to approving it – and the lady senator had made no reservations

    • Emmanuel Yap on

      Just an FYI, in social media after this month’s survey Yellow keyboard warriors suddenly shifted to support for BOTH Mar and Poe. So hindi nalang si Mar ngayon may fans sa Russia, China and Korea. They realized Mar will not win.

    • Problem is, She is not a Natural-Born Phil citizen nor does she meet the ten-year residency requirement come May 9, 2016, unless the eligibility requirement for the presidency in the present Constitution is amended. The “judicial legislation” that was done by the 7 pervert SC justices, effectively amending the Constitution was unlawful – a culpable violation of the Constitution – an impeachable offense. #VoteDuterteCayetano