• Duterte names Chinese in drug trade


    President Rodrigo Duterte bared on Tuesday a list of Chinese nationals and judges allegedly involved in the narcotics trade.

    Speaking before soldiers at Camp Elias Angeles in Camarines Sur, Duterte read the names of some Chinese from his “narcolist.”

    “The Chinese are our friends but there is about one page here,” the President said as he read their names.
    He said the list also contains the names of about 40 judges with links to the drug trade.

    He mentioned Diana Lagman of Pampanga. Duterte said he will give copies of the “narcolist” to the military and police. “Bahala na kayo (Now it’s up to you),” he said.

    “The war on drugs has reached the government. How can I address this? I can’t just pick it up and kill it. And I don’t want to declare martial law),” he added.

    He then asked soldiers to continue the fight against drugs if it will persist.

    “If that problem outlasts me for whatever reason, if I die, I am telling you, do not abandon your country. Resolve this problem because it will destroy the Philippines,” Duterte said.

    “This [illegal drugs]will destroy your children, your grandchildren and the next generation… They are not safe anymore,” he added.

    Since assuming power on June 30, Duterte has rallied security forces in an unprecedented crackdown on drug suspects.

    He also earlier named five police generals and several local executives as alleged protectors of drug rings.


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    1. So it has gotten this deep into the roots of the government. How do you weed them out? Following the crooked justice system of the country? You’d be luckier than winning the lottery if this gets resolved in a lifetime.

      The Judiciary needs an overhaul, unfortunately the President cannot do a thing about it as they would claim separation of the branches. :) How odd this democracy is, due process, equal protection and parliamentary immunity. ahhh the bureaucracy.