• Duterte names priest-abuser

    HOLY ORDERS Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte listens as Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles gives him a lecture on Christian values and good manners. During their meeting, Duterte promised not to spew expletives again and pledged to fine himself P1,000 for each violation. Photo from Rody Duterte’s Facebook account

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte listens as
    Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles gives him a
    lecture on Christian values and good manners.
    During their meeting, Duterte promised not
    to spew expletives again and pledged to fine
    himself P1,000 for each violation. Photo from
    Rody Duterte’s Facebook account

    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night named the Jesuit priest who allegedly abused him and several others while he was a student at the Ateneo de Davao University.

    Duterte said a certain Fr. Mark Falvey molested him when he was between 14 and 15 years old.

    “It happened during our generation, two years ahead of us and two years following us,” he added.

    “It cost him some P25 million because other victims filed a case, it was a case of fondling–you know what–he did during confession, that’s how we lost our innocence early,” Duterte said.

    As a young boy, according to him, he was afraid, thus, no case was filed against the priest.

    “It was a sort of sexual awakening for each of us,” he said. “We realized quite early that ganun talaga ang buhay [life was like that], “Paano magreklamo [How to complain].”
    But he said he still respects some members of the Catholic clergy, particularly Archbishop Oscar Cruz.

    “That’s why, I respect Bishop Oscar Cruz, who is very frank and very brutal in his language, I respect him, kasi hindi siya [because it was not him]. It was an actionable wrong,” according to the mayor.

    He said he remains to be a loyal member of the Catholic Church.

    “I’m a member of the Catholic Church, I haven’t changed religion, I only have one God, “ Duterte added.

    Who is Fr. Falvey?

    A 2007 report of the Los Angeles Times said the Jesuit order paid $16 million to settle claims against a certain Mark Falvey who allegedly sexually abused nine children over 16 years ending in 1975.

    “Mark Falvey was accused of molesting four girls and five boys between 1959 and 1975 at Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church in Hollywood. Falvey died 31 years ago (1976) and “was never charged with a crime,” the LA Times report read.

    According to lawyer Raymond Boucher, one of Falvey’s victims was an 8-year-old girl who tried to commit suicide.

    “This guy brought a lifetime of misery to a group of young children. They’ll never get over it,” Boucher said.

    A blog post by a certain Rex Valmores said, a “Fr. Mark Falvey, SJ, was in Balingasag [Misamis Oriental] until July 1952.”

    Balingasag is about five hours away by land from Davao City.

    According to Duterte’s biographical profile, the Dutertes came to the Davao region in 1951 where his father, Vicente, would later become governor.

    The younger Duterte spent his elementary days at the Santa Ana Elementary School in Davao City, where he graduated in 1956.

    He finished his secondary education at the Holy Cross Academy of Digos in Davao del Sur after being expelled twice from previous schools, including the Ateneo de Davao University because of misconduct.

    Jesuits spokesman Fr. Nono Alfonso, in an earlier statement, said Duterte did not finish elementary or high school in Ateneo de Davao and was in fact expelled for misconduct.
    He, however, added that allegations of abuse against minors would be investigated as abuses by the clergy has no place in the Jesuit congregation in line with the mandate coming from Pope Francis himself.

    “We are an educational institution and there is no room for wolves in sheep’s clothing,” Alfonso said.

    Whether the mayor will file a case, he said, they will respect his decision.

    “But we certainly have to look into this because we are in the business of education and we could not tolerate something like this to happen within our institution,” Alfonso added.

    Christian values, good manners

    Duterte named the Jesuit priest a day before he met with Davao Archbishop Romulo Valles on Friday afternoon after a deluge of criticisms that the mayor received after his controversial speech last week where he cursed Pope Francis.
    With inputs from The Times News Desk

    “I got an admonition and a lecture on Christian values and a little on good manners and right conduct,” the mayor disclosed after the meeting at the Archbishop’s Palace.
    During the meeting, Duterte vowed not to spew expletives again and pledged to pay P1,000 for each violation.

    When he left the Palace, he said he gave a P2,000 donation to the Caritas Foundation.
    Valles, he disclosed, told him to “stop talking anymore.”

    “To atone for my sins, I was told not to cuss. Magastos din [It’s too costly],” Duterte said.


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    1. i salute him.. bec his a real man, a womanizer, a killer, bad*ass wala syang paki kung mawalan man sya ng BOBOtante.. its not about religion.. it about our country.. mga ibang catholic (not all) square shape ang utak hahahaha.. hypocrite.. #dutertepadinkami #DC2016

    2. This explains Duterte’s behavior especially on sex. I hope it is out of his chest and he can move on and be a better person and leader.

    3. Ang labo ng sinasabi ni Duterte. Maraming inconsistencies. Investigative reporters should fact-check his allegations. Did he even meet this priest? For all we know, the name was given to him by researchers in his campaign staff. Very conveniently for Duterte, the priest is already dead and cannot defend himself.

    4. Call it for what it is. At least he dares to tell everyone the truth. let’s not be naïve about it, Church and priest has to teach moral value, but they are the violators and hide behind the clothe. They should be accorded with the same judgement that everyone has too.

      Honestly, the Catholic organization messed up with Philippine Political system, and yet they don’t pay any tax for all the income they made.

      Let there be a true separation of the church and the state Church should follow the same rules that every citizen follows.

      Go Duterte, get rid of this corrupt society, clean the house , use bulldozer if necessary to get rid of those corrupt official.

      They have been tolerated for many centuries. We would like to see the first head to roll from the Governmnet Institution like BIR, CUSTOM, Bureau of Prison, DPWH even military and police. It will be painful for others, but just do it, If you received that mandate as president., clean the house the way you did in Davo City.

      On foreign policy, please don’t bow to the Chinese, fight for the spratly and uphold the UNCLOS process and result.

      Pag sinabing Mabuhay si Duterte, lagot kayong mga smugglers, drug pushers,corrupt politicians, policemen and military general. Your days are numbers once Duterte sit as President of the Republic of the Philippines.

    5. Even in this limp-wristed apology, if it is one, Mayor Duterte shows he does not the good character that must be that of the president of our Republic–unless we want to continue the downward slide of our state and nation.
      He does not have the logical and rational mind that a good leader should have. He is childish!
      He said some days ago that he was the kind of person he is, God made him that way. He might as well say that criminals and corrupt people who do DAP and use PDAF money not for the pooe buyt to line their pockets are absolved because God made them that way. What a crappy brain he has!!!!

    6. Now that all the brouhaha is all done and settled hopefully we can now go back to the real issues besetting the country.Things like corruption,wastage, incompetence, national sovereignty (i.e. VFA), insurgency and peace talks, etc.

      All these has been nothing but one big distraction !!!

    7. you didnt take it as a hindrance yet you take it as a power so that no one can get abuse again

    8. michael santillan on

      It doesn’t matter right now, we have to move on like mayor duterte and he got a lot of stuff to do to bring change in our country #DuterteCayetano

      No, sir, Duterte has notmoved on. That is why he cursed Pope Francis and his mother! He has an unjust mind. It was a Jesuit priest who fondled his thing and he hates the whole Catholic Church and Pope Francis who had nothing to do with his being fondled. What kind of mine is that to be made president of the PHilippines–worse than the present one that we have!
      Now he has talked to a monsignor. But does that make his mentality different? To him the good Archbishop Cruz is the only one who is good. How about Bishop Arguelles, Bishpop Soc, the late Cardinal Sin, the late James Reuter, Bishop Capalla, and thousands of others? Masasama lahat sila dahil yun ang judgment ni Duterte.
      Unjust and crimional mentality yan!

    9. The Ateneo administration must investigate this case of Fr. Falvey. The timing of the accusation of Rody Duterte must be checked very carefully especially that this alleged abuser is already dead.