Duterte is not the problem…I am



NOW I must face it: Duterte is not the problem.

Forget the bad mouth, that’s his privilege. As it should be the privilege of every Filipino. As somebody from the thinking sector of Philippine society puts it quite amazingly, “putang ina” is the national language of the Filipino people – the biggest justification I ever heard of the President’s unbridled cussing spree. And, I realize now, Duterte’s predilection for badmouthing world dignitaries is too petty a matter to make a national issue of.

But just set Duterte on the balance of extrajudicial killings alone. He becomes a huge problem here. Why say, Duterte is not the problem? That’s what makes the statement sound crazy right off. Unless the nation is doing something about it. Which it is not.

Just last night (time reference being the hour of this writing, which is the morning after), as I was with some labor personalities discussing the projected DO (department order, of the Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE) and EO (executive order, of the President) in connection with contractualization, who should go on a CNN news broadcast on TV but President Rodrigo Duterte, declaring, certainly with his characteristic cocksure arrogance, that he will declare martial law anytime he wishes, the heck with the Supreme Court. Then immediately following that Duterte daredevil stunt was a statement from former senator Rene Saguisag, saying that a proclamation of martial law would just be a formality, since it–surely martial law–has been the rule of the Duterte administration already.

But after focusing on those two news accounts, what did I do? Listen again to accounts in the meeting regarding moves by certain workers’ groups wanting to upstage one another in cozying up to the despot. In other words, who is the labor leader Duterte should listen to and thereby be given the plum, whatever that is. While at the start of the discussions I was a militant participant, after those two newscasts and nobody seemed to mind them anymore, I gradually went quiet. I was not mellowing in my militancy, that was for sure. Rather, I was awed to speechlessness. Here was the despot unabashedly announcing to the nation his disdainful distaste for the law, contempt of constitutional processes, and deplorable disregard for society’s sensibilities, and here we are, trying to find the means of wiggling into the mad scramble for leverage in the Duterte regime.
In the battle between good and evil, it is no longer a problem to determine what evil is. It is there. It is given. It is not the problem.

So, it is no longer a problem to determine Duterte being the Evil One. He is given. He is not the problem. That he does evil is no problem, too. That’s his job, he’s only doing it.

The problem is, where is Good?

In my youth in the 1970s, such a derisive declaration by Duterte would instantly prompt people to rush out into the streets to condemn an imminent rise of a dictatorial regime. On the scale of brazenness by which the dare to declare martial law is made, Marcos pales much in comparison. In fact, Marcos scores zero. Not even once did Marcos ever dare to declare martial law, the declaration being actually made without warning. This explains why when it came, all his political enemies were ensnared and hauled to prisons, not the least of them being Ninoy Aquino.

Marcos declared martial law only after two significant events prompted him to take the necessary step: the bombing of Plaza Miranda – later proven to be the handiwork of Jose Maria Sison (I hesitate to brand it as an act of the Communist Party of the Philippines since practically only Sison and those directly participating in the Plaza Miranda bombing operation were privy to it, like the bombers themselves and those they got the orders from—and the MV Karagatan incident, the botched arms shipment to the CPP/NPA from China which the government discovered, and the arms cargo intercepted. The whole nation was caught unawares that evening of September 22, 1972, when Marcos went on TV announcing that in order to “save the Republic and protect society” he was declaring martial law. It was a similar phrasing Duterte used on TV that evening in making his dare to declare martial law.

Some quarters are prone to dismissing the reported threat of declaring martial law as another case of Duterte braggadocio: “noisy waters are shallow.” In a Manila Times story the day after, Senator Ralph Recto called Duterte’s stunt “all bark, no bite.”

But then other sectors would point out that during the campaign period, Duterte declared he will kill drug addicts and drug pushers—and as soon as he assumed the presidency, he went on a killing spree. The killings have not stopped since, and the Duterte murderous binge now counts over 6,000 victims; he brags about being out to match the record of the Holocaust or of the carnage in Kampuchea by the Khmer Rouge. This boast has prompted a concerned world to take strong notice, like an admonition from America and the European Union and a call for an investigation by the United Nations.

So, Duterte has already driven home his point: that on the killings, he means what he says. This should bring a closure to any speculation that talk of martial law is just an offshoot of his many-flowered tongue.
When Duterte says, he will declare martial law, he means he will declare martial law.

My impulse under this situation is the same as those of others whom I expect to react: expose and oppose. Meaning, go out into the streets again as happened in the First Quarter Storm and there fight the impending dictatorship. In our time, though, Ninoy had the foresight to warn about the Marcos dictatorship; Marcos on his own made no personal indication that martial law was forthcoming. Still we acted at Ninoy’s bidding as though martial law was already there. Quite the contrary now, though Duterte declares already his imminent proclamation of martial law—and in fact one quite knowledgeable authority on the matter, former senator Rene Saguisag, declares a de facto martial law already in existence–what does the nation do? Take its sweet, sweet time.

Of course, the Yellows make little effort at hiding their plot to oust Duterte. Loida Nicolas Lewis, the Sorsogonian billionaire who is reputed to be the richest Filipino outside of the Philippines and silent kingmaker of both United States and Philippine Presidents, has come to be a favorite whipping boy by DDS for scheming to remove “Vice” from Leni Robredo’s official title. But as one reader has reacted to an article of mine on the matter, the yellows don’t have the, what Senator Kit Tatad would put as, gravitas. From the looks of it, the yellows really don’t have it the way they had it in 1986 when through US machination they deposed Marcos.
But the times now urgently call for ultimate damning of Duterte. And this is not to be taken to mean the yellows must do it again. Rather, make the people do it this time, and making the people do it this time means the workers taking the frontlines in the struggle against the impending despotic rule. When Marx said, “The proletariat can no longer liberate itself without liberating the whole of society,” he did mean the workers must be at the forefront of fighting oppression and exploitation. But in this all too glaring exercise of oppression and exploitation by Duterte, what do we get from the working class? A workers’ leadership that, from whichever in the working-class spectrum– i.e., whether left or right or center–is more concerned about ingratiating themselves with the rising despotism rather than preventing it from prospering.

So, Duterte has been enjoying a heyday. He continues to kill people. He breaks the law. He violates the Constitution. He trashes due process, throws civilization to the winds. Are these crimes against the people to be condoned all because he succeeds –granting he indeed succeeds—in bringing in billions of dollars in investments, which in any case are yet to be realized by way of achieving economic development for the country?

In the conduct of government, no leeway whatsoever is given a sovereign to commit wrongs in exchange for a certain amount of gains. The criterion is purity of service – a hundred percent adherence to, and resolute upholding of, not just one or two but the entirety of the principles and ideals enshrined in the Constitution and in the laws of the land. Moreover, the country’s leader is expected to hold high the Filipino heritage of honor and dignity which has earned for the race utmost respectability in the community of nations. That respectability is now increasingly getting tainted by a growing image of a people rendered pitiable for—by their inaction—allowing terror and tyranny to rule over them.

A popular perception among workers’ leaders in continuing to push for the DO and the EO is that chances are, Duterte and his DOLE will issue the orders in order to neutralize the workers into supporting the administration
in the event Duterte does impose martial law. What these leaders don’t realize is that in police lingo, “neutralize” means “kill”. So, before they realize it, Duterte could be killing workers as well.

I don’t quite recall the exact phrasing, but here’s this saying to the effect, “The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

I am good, but sad, I’m old. I can do nothing else than nothing.

I am the problem.


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  1. “Putang Ina” is not the national language of the Filipinos , it is in truth , the very sin of the whole world. It connotes the wisdom of whoredom , and that whoredom is the wisdom taught by Satan to the whole world.

    Satan’s tree of knowledge is , in reality , the fulfilment of that whoredom of all people , for the whole world is under the power of this evil one as biblically testified. So nobody in this world can escape being a harlot , a whore or a religious prostitute.

    Being a prostitute in one’s thinking is a grievous sin , and it is graver than being a harlot in the physical. For spiritual sins or sins that go against sound Wisdom are unforgivable.
    And that sin against the Spirit is encrypted in our very own cuss words , “Putang Ina”.
    That mother harlot is your own mind which conceives and gives birth to spiritual errors.

    Through your adulterated mind , you are able to give birth to adulterated beliefs and doctrines which The Lord detests.
    Now it is worth adding here that Christ has his own version of cuss words—YOU BROOD OF VIPERS ! HOW CAN YOU SPEAK GOOD WHEN YOU ARE EVIL?

    Did you know that these words of Christ which he used to condemned sinners is synonymous with our own cuss words?
    Christ refer to adulterous believers as vipers or serpents.
    In our own tongue an adulterous person is referred to as “puta”.
    So Christ’s own version of cursing is equal to our own cursing. Both indicate a whoring in the mind.

  2. Mind you , extra-judicial killing is not the doing of the president. You must first investigate the term , because the word itself is the crime , it is actually a killer. And it kills the president without him knowing it.

    Look at the definition given to it : extra-judicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process.
    So the definition is already given before the president assumed office.
    And it kills anyone even before he rises to the throne because the definition came ahead of him or he was already judged and condemned beforehand.

    This shows that the term extra-judicial killing is a murderer in itself , and therefore it is extremely evil.
    Now do you observe your most holy “due process” by prejudging a person ?

    You see the term is an evil invention the purpose of which is to topple a leader they do not want—but they have an option of not raising the issue of extra-judicial killing if the leader in power is a Good Samaritan to drugs syndicates.

    Just like what happened to the previous administration the reign of which has produced the huge monster of the drug menace which we did not even dream of.
    And because this incumbent president is a hater of illegal drugs , the reason why he is being accused of a crime which is defined as government property as if all government are evil , and that all government must be evil.
    What do you think of the previous leader , is he good or evil?

    Come to think of it , the drug syndicates are the foremost beneficiaries of extra-judicial killings because they could manage to do the extra-killings without any repercussion because the incumbent surely absorbs the blame.
    Therefore they can kill as many as they want for they are duly protected by its very definition being forced as government-owned—CHARGE THIS TO THE PRESIDENT , so the jubilant killers would be so happy to say!

    Which do you prefer , an evil protector or an evil terminator?

  3. Please don’t refer to FM again when talking about Duterte’s version of martial law. As you admitted yourself, the communists gave Marcos the valid reason to declare martial law no matter what Ninoy was telling you about his dictatorship. Plus he made it constitutional no matter what the anti-Marcos groups thinking to the contrary. Had you communists bombed Plaza Miranda and blamed Marcos which everyone believed at that time and had you not asked the aid of Mao Zedong, then maybe Marcos would not have declared martial law and if he did without those valid reasons, then you can all accuse him of wanting to prolong his rule and rightly so. But with what happened historically, we cannot fault Marcos for declaring martial law. His long reign is another issue so the two should not be lumped together. As for Duterte, I have never liked his peace talks with the communists and his desire to double the salary of policemen who have always been corrupt and are actually the ringleaders in these crimes: kidnapping, hijacking, drug trade, jueteng and almost all criminal activities. The propaganda is there are more good cops than bad ones but I believe it is the other way around. The mere traffic enforcers force people to bribe them and these are at the bottom of the food chain. Imagine what the PNP generals can do. Same goes with a lot of military men and their officers. I don’t even wonder why the Abu Sayyaf can’t be suppressed. Yes, I am cynical after experiencing the hell the Philippines has become. I am glad that I am nearing my twilight years.

  4. ‘I don’t quite recall the exact phrasing, but here’s this saying to the effect, “The only way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”’

    It is not the case of good men doing nothing that evil has triumphed. Rather the whole world loves to do evil that is why Satan the evil one has also triumphed because of their evil deeds.

    The love of evil is the triumph of Satan. It is testified that men love evil more than good. The illegal drug command so much money , and most people love money more than anything else. And this is evildoing. The good is only a mask worn by evil men , for them goodness is nothing but futility.

  5. Mr. Samonte, Duterte is not the evil one. It’s the drug lords, the Liberal Party, corrupt politicians that he is fighting against who are evil. How can you call someone who will do everything in his power for the good of the country and its citizen evil? Take to heart what the Bible says about people such as yourself.

    Isaiah 5:20-21 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto [them that are] wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

  6. KAWAWA any PILIPINAS dahil yung mga sinusulat ng peryodistang katulad ninyo ang nag uudyok sa mga Pilipino na paniwalain sila na DIKTADOR ang Presidente! Ano ba ang naitulong ninyo na mabigyan ng solusyon ang talamak na droga sa bansa, ang korapsiyon sa sektor ng gobyerno at sa inyong mga taga-media, at kriminalidad?

  7. Alright now that youve realised that you are the problem, step aside so that progress and change continues unabated.

  8. Oddly enough, your information is STILL based on your bias, like all your yellow idols before you, and your arguments are based on one argument : that DU30 is bad, and you and your cohorts are good. Boohoo. Sorry, but your desperation does not exist on the ground level. not every government employee is corrupt, not every policeman is an evil murderer and not everyone ever involved in drugs looks like a south american drug lord. It is true, however, that the yellows have infiltrated EVERY sector in society(government, church, schools and OFWs included) are trying their best to oust this bad mouthing, church lambasting senior citizen who is incidentally doing his job and we, the actual citizenry who still WANT to remain filipinos, APPROVE of him despite the faults you and your lot keep trying to stuff down our throats and prefer he continue that way.

  9. “The drug war focuses on the poor
    and it is not a war on drugs
    but a vehicle to instill fear on this nation
    via a segmen,
    the majority
    don’t really care too much about..”

    You pause a while….

    then you said

    He demonstrates clearly

    Meaning you are absolute
    you are are sure

    just saying

    why not file a complaint?

  10. Human rights advocates are very much like Satan , the deceiver. Satan the evil one use as cover the good to make it appear that he is good. This is why the evil in his own tree of knowledge has a good companion.
    See it for yourselves : tree of knowledge of good and evil. What do you notice?

    The good serves only as a decoy to divert the attention of observers away from the evil. The priests are very much adept at this satanic wisdom of good and evil—they professed to be servants of The Lord , but they surreptitiously invade the land of the dark by taking side with the forces of darkness.

    They defend the criminals (addicts , drug lords , drug protectors , etc. ) instead of utterly condemning them. They are Good Samaritans to lawless elements. In this way , they both serve the God of lights and the God of darkness.
    This is religious prostitution which is an abomination to The Lord , deserving the ignominy of eternal fire!

    Likewise , human rights groups protect the same evil entities from being annihilated , they take cover under the good name of human rights to make it appear that they are really good.
    So , the Satanic wisdom of the good and the evil is very much alive in the minds of these damned deceivers!

    These kind of people are very dangerous to society because as you can see they are like their father , the devil , who is very skilful in hiding their evil motives by pretending to be Good Samaritans notwithstanding their evil inclination. These human rights defenders including the priests are EVIL PROTECTORS coming in the guise of loving fellows. They love to coddle heinous criminals most especially the ones involved in the illegal drug trade. They do not want them annihilated.

    Now the words of condemnation of Christ is aptly fit for these human rights advocates—you brood of vipers! How can you speak good when you are evil?

    In contrast with the president who is an EVIL TERMINATOR , being a tyrant to lawless , heinous criminals who are soulless in destroying the people by their golden poison.
    Ask yourselves , do you want to protect evil , or do you want to exterminate evil?

    Bear in mind that The Lord is the foremost TERMINATOR OF EVIL the reason why He appointed a day of vengeance for all lawless sinners—a day of retribution which is known in the bible as the END OF THE WORLD. It encompasses the termination of evil for all eternity!

    You should not wonder now why a man like Duterte appeared just in the nick of time to exterminate lawlessness in this country. However , as frail as a human being that he is , he will not be able to eradicate them all. Time comes when those lawless criminals shall resume their lawless deeds after Duterte.
    It is The Lord that will destroy them completely come the appointed time of the end!

    Yes , you were right in saying Duterte is not the problem : the blind human rights advocate is the greatest blunder for humankind.

  11. He is not going to declare martial law and people from the opposing party is making a fear mongering move to make the people go against him. He is driving home the point I’m his speeches that if any harm will come to the country and its people then the president would not be stopped even by the court or the Congress.

  12. A stunning factual account seeking an answer. The only real answer could be the long term effect of prolonged apathy that had its coffin closed during the Aquino government. Prolonged poverty with no way out and endless promises never fulfilled breeds apathy and depression.

    Duterte is not highly intelligent but has the pulse of the people and is riding on that wave on a jet ski. He realizes most of the spirit is already defeated before him ….and the hardcore remaining he now spends much time trying to appease… calming the angry rebels and establishing a brotherhood. Once they are onside there is little opposition to his tyranny.

    The drug war focuses on the poor and it is not a war on drugs but a vehicle to instill fear on this nation via a segment the majority don’t really care too much about. He demonstrates clearly he can and will kill you and put into context of leaders such as Adolf assembles all the pieces of the puzzle quite nicely.

  13. time for change then… aquinos had just multiply the corruption of marcos… your old and your stuck..

  14. Solution, do not listen to Dutertes speeches nor read it in the newspaper. You will get frustrated. This country is going down. I hope I do not be a part of the drowning. Boat is sinking very fast. When the leader goes down, so is the nation.

    • You should follow your own advice and not waste time reading this article. As for the country going down and whose boat is sinking, well just look us up when you hit the sea bottom.

  15. kale alaskador on

    Yes, you have done nothing! At least President Duterte is doing something! It is how he does it that is questionable. But is there a better way of doing it when all 3 branches of the government have been corrupted? We should all support the president in cleaning up the government! Unfortunately, the Filipinos have developed the crab mentality and try to pull down anybody to get on top! Filipinos do not love their country. They only love themselves! Look at our neighboring countries. All of our neighbors also have corruption in their government BUT the big difference is that they love and stay loyal to their country. The government projects are finished on time and there is no such thing as a Ghost Project! Take Vietnam for example.


    • Hes too loud abt drugs and his “supposed to be doing something” precisely bcoz it covers up corruption in this new administration. The marcoses, the arroyos and the villars are back in power and alas they are paying off trolls to hide the ugly truth behind duterte’s govt. oh bfore i forgot, duterte’s own corruption are enveloped under this loud war on drugs at the expense of the poor filipinos.