Duterte not ready for the job – analyst


DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is not prepared for the presidency as indicated by his lack of a clear grasp of national issues and concrete plans on how to address the country’s problems, a political analyst said.

IMAGE OF DEFIANCE Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

IMAGE OF DEFIANCE Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Ramon Casiple, founder and executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reforms, on Monday said Duterte’s performance during the final presidential debate sponsored by the Commission on Elections showed the mayor neither had a clear grasp of issues nor a program of action on how to address various problems confronting the country.

The political analyst cited Duterte’s statement that he would just copy the platforms and programs of Sen. Grace Poe and Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

The mayor showed he had no concrete idea on how he would run the country if he won the May 9 elections, Casiple said.

Copying the platforms of other presidential aspirants is not a good indication of Duterte’s readiness to be President, he said.

“It would be easier for the mayor if he would just endorse Sen. Miriam [then], since she is the one who really knows what she is saying,” he pointed out.

Based on the mayor’s answers during the debate, Casiple said, it was obvious that he did not prepare to tackle the issues that were to be discussed.

Malacañang also on Monday criticized Duterte, saying the people expected more than mere “sound bites” from presidential candidates.

Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda denied allegations that administration bet Manuel Roxas 2nd had received “advanced information” that helped him during the third and final presidential debate held in Dagupan City, Pangasinan.

In a text message, Lacierda insisted that all candidates were briefed about the topics that would be discussed.

“The topics were given to all the candidates ahead of time to prepare,” Lacierda told reporters in a text message.

“Ang problema kay Digong at ang team nya, mahilig sa sound bites at tamad mag research [The problem with Digong and his team, they are fond of sound bites and lazy to do research],” Lacierda said, using Duterte’s nickname.

Roxas said Duterte’s answer when asked what he would do regarding the Philippines’ claim over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) was not realistic.

Duterte said he would talk to China and if China insisted on its claim, he would go to the nearest Philippine-China boundary and bring with him a Philippine flag to mark the country’s sovereignty.

“Then I would say this is ours and do what you [want]to do with me,” the mayor added.

“Sabi niya pupunta siya roon, alam ba niya na the Armed Forces of the Philippines is supposed to protect him e kung maraming mamatay? Yan ba ay responsableng kilos ng isang Pangulo, dahil lamang sa pa-drama, pa-hero [Is that a responsible action of a President who tends to lean on drama and portray himself as a hero]?” Roxas said.

Playing safe
Casiple said all of the presidential bets were unscathed during the debate because they appeared “tame” and played safe.

“I think that the candidates decided to play safe, and because of that, the undecided remains undecided after the debate,” he added in an interview.

When it comes to who among them have a clear grasp of issues, the political analyst said Poe and Roxas were the most prepared.

“They [Poe and Roxas] allotted time to study and prepare for the debate,” he added.

Casiple said there were no surprises because Vice President Jejomar Binay, as expected, evaded the corruption issues that continued to hound his candidacy.

But the Palace noted that during the debate, Roxas showed more knowledge of various issues than Duterte and Binay.

“So, sa mga undecided po na mga voters [So for the undecided voters], the third debate presented an opportunity to see who among the ‘presidentiables’ will be able to lead our country forward, not just sound bites, without corruption,” Lacierda said.

Despite drawing flak for his controversial joke on the rape and killing of a missionary, Duterte led his rival in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

The poll was conducted from April 18 to 20.

It was on April 17 when Duterte’s controversial rape remark went viral.
Duterte got 33 percent of the votes of the respondents.

He was followed by Poe, who received a 24 percent rating.

Roxas edged out Vice President Jejomar Binay, a former frontrunner.

He and Binay scored 19 percent and 14 percent, respectively, from 18 percent and 20 percent previously.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago got 2 percent.

The survey results, however, are not conclusive because the fieldwork for the survey ended on April 20, according to political science professor Edmund Tayao.

He said the mayor has since issued more controversial statements that drew heavy criticism after the survey was held.



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  1. Well … 28 years of experience as the mayor of Davao? Pero anong ginawa niya? How did he rule? The rule of fear … pag ayaw mo … pag ayaw mong sumunod … DDS kang bata ka … the least is sampalin ka or pakainin ka ng papel and the like .. di na kailangan ng any further discussion dahil sa kanya lahat ng tao sa konseho … walang magkakaroon ng courage na suwayin si Digonggong … or else … so sa ganitong pamamaraan, anong heavy and worthwhile experience sa pamamahala meron si Digonggong, eh di wala … yan ang inumpisahan na nya … pag lumabag .. huhubaran niya sa harapan ng mga tao … matinong solusyon ba yan? Ngunit … ibinoto siya ng 16M na mga Pilipino na mula’t sapul sumasang-ayon na sa lahat ng mga sinabi ni Digonggong during the political campaign. Pambabastos sa Santo Papa, sa babaeng ni-raped at pinatay na si Jacqueline Hamil, at marami pang iba … pinagtawanan at tumawa lang ang lahat ng kanyang mga tagasunod … katoliko man o hindi .. nakapanlulumo ngunit totoo. The 16 Million for Digonggong laughed, enjoyed, at nakiisa in toto everything and anything Digonggong had said… so sad but the truest … at hindi lahat ng mga taga-Davao sumang-ayon at approved and mga pinaggagawa ni Duterte … kaya huwag pong lahat-lahatin ang mga taga-Davao … takot lang ang mga tao sa SMART at sa DDS … lahat kasali na ang mga pulis, marines,AFP, and the like sa dahilang alam na alam na alam nila ito ngunit takot din sila sa mga buhay nila … LORD, TULONG PO!

  2. Greg Paniay on

    Whether you like it or not. He is now the President of the Philippines! For those who are saying that Duterte is not ready for presidency is merely underestimating his ability. Duterte is a veteran politician and there’s no way that a politician, with his on-hand experience in peace and order and economic reforms, would consider running for presidency if he have doubts about himself.

  3. ma sung sung on

    Walang magagawa si Duterte. Sinungaling din iyan. Siya at si Cayetano ang nagyabang na buksan ang kanilang mga bank accounts. Ngayon, may pagkakataon niyang gawin iyan, nasaan ang bayag niyan?

  4. emilioaguinaldo on

    Sino ba ang handa? Sino ba ang malinis at walang bahid ng kasalanan? Yung sinasabi nyong mga naging presidente na desinte at maayos kuno ang pamamalakad ang siyang lalong nagpapahirap sa aming mga pilipino. Masyado silang maraming sinasabi wala namang nagawang mabuti para silang asong kahol ng kahol di naman nangangagat!

  5. lahat ng naging president na who seems to be ready are all corrupt mr. politacl analyst, why not try someone who looks like not ready but can the job.

  6. I do not need an orator to be my President. I need someone who has the balls to implement the laws.

  7. Jose Mobo R. on

    There is nothing wrong with copying other people’s ideas as long as they are for the common good. What DU30 did not do was to mention specifically what are those things he would copy.

    And as a candidate he should have a clear idea of what he will do as president and would welcome better ideas or open to them.

    • eh baka nga tamad sya, then perhaps kakailangin nya ng dose dosenang advisers pag sya naging presidente. I dont see him as an effective leader just yet. He is a fraud wearing mask as how the masses would want him to be. I rooted for him several years back, na sana tumakbo sya for higher positions para magkaroon sya ng idea sa national level, legislatures, being in congress. Davao is far different to Philippines.So now he did, when the Philippines is actually gaining and has improved a lot since. Isipin nyo nlng ang mga nagawang tama, as compared to previous administrations, then request for a change kung kelangan pa, nandidito na tayo, we are to able to pay our debts already sa world bank.
      We always seek for a change, but you people are also unfazed of changing and protesting the government, from one party then shifts to another, then whats new about that?natural bandwagons?
      Analogy: we constantly building bridge halfway through, and instead of forging it to withstand any adversity we go back from our roots then build again, right back from scratch. If the only thing you want for Dterte is his plans on eradicating crimes, and corruption, it’s actually a good thing if he can do it (cleanly), if not, then that would likely lead us to another dictatorship.remember marcos regime? If hes the president with that kind of mind, no surprise if he will exercise his veto against to anyone who contradicts him, even those who are in congress. Then people can no longer impeach him?probably. Fight against crime, graft and corruptions doesn’t end with one leader,nor starts from the highest position, it has to be in sync from the poorest of the poor and to the lowest positions of our government then the highest ones. So start the change from your own city, town,and Province. the Change u want is the same thing you do if you just hold on and trust more on what is yet to come. #WagLangManaloSiBinayOkayNaAko #ROCA

  8. At my age and with some health problems, I can only Trust God and His nfinite Wisdom and Amazing Grace to help me and All my Beloved Family and Friends Who like me are all Hoping and Praying for the Best for Our Beloved Country and the coming future Generation. This could be my Last Chance as Voter to elect God’s Chosens to to lead our country from Chaotic and mayanlgUngodly Leadership…Hindi na dapat tayo dapat magkamali ! Iboto natin ang tunay na may malasakit parasa kapakanan nang Bayan at Mamamayan at sa darating pa…huwag tayong padalos dalos at maniwala sa mga palabok at maningning nga salita at pangako na may himig na pananakot. Gamltin natin ang ang ibinigay nang Diyos na Matinong at Puso na may kakayahang madama ang totoo at tunay na damdamin at kalagayan nang ating bayan. Huwag tayong palilito o palolokopaloloko sa mga paninira at tuligsa na walang sapat na batayan…Ibigay natin ang tiwala sa mag papatuloy nang tamang daan at magwawasto nang mga kamalian nang nagdaan…At higit sa lahat …hingiin na natin at angkinin, ang Basbas nang Dakilang Maykapal sa Pangalan Hesus…ang Tunay na Tagapagligtas…!

  9. Matalinong botante on

    May problema ang gumawa at naniniwala sa article na ito. Tsk! Maawa ka naman sa bayan mo, desperado at kailangan ng pagbabagong iisa lamang ang gagawa at nakagawa na. Think a little more deeper please. #PHVoteDuterte

    • >”Maawa ka naman sa bayan mo”
      >Iboboto si Duterte

      >”Think a little more deeper please.”
      >This article already stated a lot of facts about how shit Duterte is

      >”desperado at kailangan ng pagbabagong iisa lamang ang gagawa at nakagawa na”
      >Anong klaseng pagbabago gusto mo? Change for the worse or better? I think we’re heading towards for the worse of Duterte wins.

      You’re absolutely, positively and indeed a hypocrite. You don’t know what you are saying. Please reevaluate your choices.

    • Nag-Iisip Na Botante on

      If you really are a “Matalinong Botante”, you’d choose someone who has guaranteed intellectual thinking and political skills. Ang Pilipinas ay hindi isang action film.

  10. Ramon Casiple, founder and executive director of the Institute for Political and Electoral Reforms….for PRESIDENT. Better than Duterte

  11. Kaya pala natakot ang China noh. Galeng :D palakpakan. Pagdi nanalo si Duterte titira nlng kami sa Davao at tatawanan namin kayong mga nagtuloy sa “matuwid daw na daan”. Edi wow. Tuloy ang traffic, tuloy ang drugs na sumisira na ngayon sa mga “college students” na pag-asa daw ng bayan. Tuloy ang pag angkat ng droga galing sa ibang bansa papunta dito sa Pilipinas, at di sila matatakot. Sa ibang bansa death penalty agad pagnakitaan ang mga Pilipino kahit di naman totoo? eh dito sa Pilipinas. Pagnaktaan ang foreigner? wala lang. Abutan lang pera ayos na tapos gora na ulit. ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. WE WANT CHANGE! Kahit sino kina MDS, RD at GP. Para sa pagbabago wag lang yung dalawang sinungaling.

  12. A Filipino abroad on

    I meant only developing country that uses a presidential form of government.

  13. A Filipino abroad on

    I can’t believe what some people are saying here! Here are some of my thoughts on what’s being said.

    “We don’t need an intelligent president” really? Just how stupid do you want him/her to be? Even if you have a panel of experts to discus with, the president alone needs to discern what’s best for the nation and make a decision. That not only takes intelligence, but it also needs wisdom, and empathy.

    I for one believe Filipinos to be an intelligent, and creative people who fare better in a system or country that appreciates their talents. Dumb leaders surrounded by wise individuals equals a shadow puppet government. Just read your history!

    A man or woman of action is someone that prepares for said action. Not someone that copies their classmates notes.

    A president that promises to clean the nation, should lead by example. If you don’t have the discipline to clean your OWN mouth, how can you clean the country’s streets?

    Finally a president should represent what is good and moral about the Filipino people.

    Personally I think the presidential form of governance is wrong for the Philippines. RP is the only country that uses the very expensive Presidential Form of government.
    And we have a tendency of turning Elections into a popularity contest. We forget the best leaders in the world were faced with very unpopular but necessary choices.

    If you have a population that lacks the sophistication to choose the right leader for themselves, then the population must choose a wise representative to choose for them. We should learn from our neighbors and adopt a parliamentary system. Because it’s obvious we don’t know how to choose our own leaders.Our track record for voting them into power sucks!

    pinoy abroad

    • Loren C. Binay~an on

      how many refined and decent-mouthed presidents have we had? did their proper and refined speech prosper the country enough? were they able to stop corruptipn, drugs, and crimes? search the internet how many unpaid volunteers are testifying about what DU30 has done.

    • Very well said. I wish all those Bobotantes would read your comment and reflect about it. The scary part is some people are voting based on anger. Anger can cover our Wisdom and once wisdom is gone we will not be able to think and decide fairly.

  14. The candidate who can bring the Philippines to the status of Japan or Singapore is Mar Roxas. The Aquino administration has already established concrete foundations toward making the country not just a developing nation but a developed one. Mar Roxas can build upon the solid foundations of the present administration, make some necessary adjustments as he goes along. What are PNoy’s concrete accomplishments, you may ask? Here they are: (1) Economy – the Philippines is now the fastest growing economy in Asia with a GDP of 6.5 – 7.3% and growing; (2) Anti-Corruption – most plunderers and other corrupt officials are either in jail or have been charged in various courts. This never happened during previous administrations; (3) Poorest of the Poor – The cash transfer or cash for work program has alleviated the plight of more than seven million families; and (4) PNP-AFP have been modernized so rapidly in that the country can pursue criminals faster or defend our country from external threats with the help of our military allies like the U.S., Australia, and Japan; and lastly, but not the least (5) the PNoy administration had the courage and determination to bring the issue of South China Sea/West Philippine Sea to the international court of arbitration in order to peacefully assert the nation’s claim over her territories and exclusive economic zones. MAR ROXAS will and can easily build on these gains.

    • if you think its mar roxas eh dapat ginawa na nila ni pnoy iyan kita mo hanggang ngayon corrupt parin ang mga tao sa gobyerno tingnan mo ang best friend ni pinoy na si purisima, kahit mali pinagtakpan parin, ahay hindi natin kailangan ng isang matalinong presidente katulad ni marcos kita mo anong nangyari sa pinas, ang kailangan natin ang presidente na maka pagbago sa imahing corrupt at puno na mga drug user. ano ka ba

  15. I will vote for Roxas and Robredo..I will not vote for Pacquiao. We need a full pledge legislator, not an absentee legislator….

  16. Lahat naman ng kumakandidato ang kanilang mga plataporma ay maganda, maayos at tlaga naman napaka sarap pakinggan. Hindi ba’t ganyan din ang pangako ng Kasalukuyan administration, at nkaraan administration…at halos lahat ng administrasyon. Ang magandang tanong…may tumupad ba? May nabago b?..eh diba patuloy pa din ang bulok na systema ng pamahalaan..mula noon hanggang ngaun wla nman nag bago..naiiba lng ay pangalan ng Presidente ngunit pareho lng din ang systema…gumanda dw ang ekonomiya.. Oo sa mga mayayaman at negosyante, ramdam n ramdam ang pag angat ng ekonomiya kasi sila ang nakikinabang nito.Lumakas at gumanda ang knilang negosyo .pero hindi yan naramdaman ng ordinaryong mamamayan..patuloy p dn ang kahirapan…Hindi na importante kung sino ang may malinaw at magandang plataporma…Ang hinahanap ng sambayanan Pilipino ay kung sino s kanila ang tunay na magsasagawa at tutupad s knya ng mga pangako..ang tunay na mag bibigay ng pagbabago..aanhin mu ang maganda at malinaw na plataporma, pero wala naman kakayahan isagawa ito…

    • Hindi naman lahat ng plano ay may agarang epekto. Kailangan bigyan ito ng oras. Ang 6 na taon ay kulang lalo na kung may mga panggulo ang administrayon. Maganda ang nagawang paglilinis ng kasalukuyang administrasyon. Ang mga nakaw na pera ay ibabalik sa tao para maiayos ang Pilipinas. Kailangan ng magtutuloy nito upang maramdaman ang ginhawa. Diyan papasok si Mar at Leni ang mag tutuloy at magaangat sa atin lahat patungo sa mahandang kabuhayan

    • Totoo ka dyan Yumi. Ang bayan natin matangal nang naiingit sa mga katabing bansa. Kasi sa kanila kitang kita mo ang magandang pamamalakad ng pamahalan, ang maayos at malinis na kapaligiran, ang tahimik na lipunan, ang mga taong disiplinado. Matagal na nila sinasabi gumaganda ang ekonomiya. 6 years? Panahon pa lang ni President Cory nun sinasabi na yun. Hanggang ngayon tuwing may matatapos na termino ang presidente ganun ang laging sinasabi. Pero asaan? Araw araw nakakarindi na ang marining ang problema sa corruption, problema sa seguridad, problema sa serbisyo ng pamahalaan, ang mabigat na trapiko, ang kakulangan sa trabaho. Totoo yan ang nakikinabang lang ng sinasabi nilang ekonomiya hindi ang taong bayan kundi ang taong iilan lang ang may mga negosyong malalaki. Yung 6 years na yun sobra na yun para maiparamdam mo sa tao ang gusto mong pagbabago. Sabi nga nila simulan mo sa pinakamababa bago ka umakyat pataas. Bakit hindi ba pwedeng sa taong bayan muna nila ipakita ang tunay na paninilbihan? Hindi ba ang kanilang suweldo ay nangagaling sa atinng lahat.

  17. Kinopya din lang ni Mar ang plataporma nya kay Pinoy. Ang katunayan nito palagi nyang sinasabi na ang plano ng ibang kandidato plano pa lang. Ang sa kanya ginagawa na ng administrasyon ni Pinoy ngayon. Mangongopya din si Mar. Masipag lang syang magpaliwanag ng kanyang kinopya kay Pinoy.

    Baka akala natin mag aadlib lang ng mag aadlib si Duterte pag nahalal sya bilang pangulo. Inayos nya ang Davao hindi sa pag aadlib. Malinaw na si Duterte ay maraming kahinaan. Ang dahilan kung bakit sya gusto ng tao ay nakikita sa nagawa nya at sya kanyang pamamaraan na babaguhin nya ang maling patakaran sya pamahalaan. Si Mar ay ipagpapatuloy nya lang ang mabuti sa ginagawa ni Pinoy. Hindi ito sapat sa karamihang Pilipino.

    Ang pagbabagong nakikita ng tao sa gagawin ni Duterte ay pagbabagong hindi lang sa numero ng statistika, hindi pa-unti unti, kundi pagbabagong agarang madadama at mapapakinabangan ng karaniwang mamayan.

    • Marie Louise Manuel on

      Tama po! Sa aking pananaw hindi po isang trapo si Mayor Duterte. Natutuwa po ako na ginawa nyang sarswela ang debate. Hindi natin makakamit ang pagbabago sa debate. Tuwang tuwa po ako na aaksyonan nya ang 5-5-5. No to labor only contractors. Aksyon po, aksyon! Pinaaalam ko lang, matanda na po ako…pinasasaya po ako ni Mayor Duterte. At nababasa ko sa kanya ang tunay at marubdob na pagmamahal nya sa ating bayan. Mabuhay po!

  18. There is nothing wrong in copying as long as you are copying the best practices of each individual’s programs that is applicable also to your own agenda, objectives and programs. As long as it will benefit the many, I do not see any wrong with that. In fact I can sense that there are good practices by our current administration that will be continued by Duterte once he become the President.

  19. We dont need a leader who have a very organized platforms. But rather a leader who can put them all into action. Our laws are already there. We need someone who can implement it

  20. These debates are not the real barometer of the would be performance of these candidates; though from this exercise we can deduce who are very articulate, who seem to be very knowledgeable and who has a heart. But to the undecided, this exercise could be of help.

    The candidates’ answers will always be construed by a person as the best if it’s coming from his chosen one. The analyst himself is clearly a pro-Roxas. Put there a pro-Duterte analyst or a pro-Poe analyst and you will see an entirely different analysis. On the part of those who are giving their comments; also they are prejudiced, just as I am.

    What is more significant and needed to be done by us is to research carefully and objectively on all these candidates. Based from their previous performances, who really has delivered the goods? Who really has exhibited the right and strong leadership? You may say “My candidate is the one who has really performed the best.” But you have to ask yourself: if that’s true, why is it that so many are complaining and not seeing what you are seeing? Why is he/she not performing well in surveys? What is wrong or what is lacking? Therefore, to reiterate, we have to do a good research and finally come out with a very objective analysis and conclusion. Though obvious, may I still say, I’m for Duterte. I’m not afraid of his upcoming governance or of the people that he would appoint to help him in this governance because as I’ve analyzed from his videos and after asking many Davaoenos, I’ve found out that he has had a good if not an exemplary performance. There is really discipline and constituents’ approval of him in Davao and I believe he can do it to our whole nation as well. I think he can be our hope; all others will just continue the status quo: slow progress and almost no solutions to the real problems which are corruption in the government, drugs, criminality and poverty. Providing jobs is not the appropriate solution to our deeply rooted problems. So many has to be changed – our basic systems have to be overhauled. Of course, many would disagree with me; and not withstanding, black propaganda is now prevalent. I just hope and pray that we would have a clean elections; that the true will of the people will be upheld.

  21. Dear Mar,

    You have to thank GMA for your “pag-unlad sa Tuwid na Daan” movement. I’m no GMA apologist, but because of her economic reforms finally bearing fruit, PNoy was able to sow what she planted and claimed as his own. Yes, I know you will just continue sowing it, but no way in hell you will do some planting.

  22. Ang pagbabago ng bansa Ay Hindi kaya ng overnight it’s a long process at Walang perpektong leader Simula pa ng madiskubre ang pilipinas, Hindi tayo pwedeng umasa sa pangako lalo na sa 3 to 6 months that is tricks para kunin ang kahinaan ng Tao specially ung mga mahihirap na hindi pa nararanasan ang pagunlad at Hirap sa buhay, tanggap natin na maraming pagkakamali ang administrasyong Pnoy pero mas maraming pagbabago ang nangyari as ating bansa Kaya nabigyan tayo ng magandang rating ng World Bank dahil sa magandang paglago ng ating ekonomiya at halos mahabol na natin ang china at kapag nag tuloy-tuloy ang magandang pamamahala 2 or 3 presidente pa Ay maunlad na ang ating pamumuhay at Hindi na kailangan mag abroad para Lang maghanap ng disenteng trabaho, we need more patience konting-konti nalang aangat na tayo basta tulong-tulong po tayo. Ang Davao City indi po naayos ng 3 to 6 months yan morethan 20yrs. Napo nanunungkulan si Duterte at hindi rin po sya perpecto na hanggang ngayon may Droga at corruption din po sa Davao. Please isip-isip din po tayo pag may time, Kaya binansagan po tayong bansa ng mga Morrons (mga hindi nagiisip) ngayon natin ipakita sa buong mundo na ang Pilipino Ay marunong magisip at matalinong bumoto. God Bless the Phillippines…

  23. I totally agree with the columnist na hindi nakapaghanda si Digong sa Debate, however, i certainly disagree sa statement na hindi siya handa sa pagiging Presidente. Anong kaibahan nang plataporma nang mga naging presidente nang Pinas sa plataporma ni Roxas, Poe at Binay? Sweet talks, trapo talks and promises yan and naging pagkaka-iba ni Duterte sa kanila. Duterte is just being realistic and he knows that the root cause of poor situation of Philippines is bad governance, drugs and corruption. Itong mga ito ang palagi niyang ine-emphasize. This is the ultimate first step ” Sugpuin ang mga ito” and the rest will follow. Gaya nga nang sinabi ko about sweet talks, trapo talks and promises, ito ang lagi mong maririnig sa iba. Kahit may statistics pa silang sinasabi, kahit gaano ka-accurate ang figures nila, hindi ito ang nararamdaman nang masa. Duterte all the way!

    • Papaano ba patatakbuhin ni Duterte ang gobyerno kung sya mismo walang konkretong plataporma na ipinapakita? Lahat naman sila gaya ni Duterte gusto ng magandang gobyerno ang kaibahan lang walang plataporma si Digong

    • Totoo kabayan! Sweet talks from the other candidates! Pero si mayor Dodirty ninyo Hindi Lang sweet talks deadly pa! siya Lang naman ang mamamatay tao sa group! And you would prefer to have a killer, immoral, rude, impatient president than a thief one! Well, the good news is that there is! Why don’t you vote for them!

  24. Hindi political analyst napag tanungan nila haha. Kase sa political science tinuturo yung main problem sa pilipinas na bawat administration, local or national leader, hindi nila kukunin yung idea ng kalaban na party kahit maganda naman. Hindi pagpapakita ng kahinaan yung pagkuha ng idea sa ibang kalaban kung makakatulong naman sa pinas. :)

  25. Wayne Evangelista on

    Readiness to copy and build on the proposals of your political opponents for the good of the nation without taking 100% ownership of the credit is a sign of humility and statesmanship. Sorry, not impressed with that analysis.

  26. concerned filipino on

    kung pinaglalaban nyo po si ___ para lang mwala yung krimen sa bansa then he is not capable to run for president. .policeman/prosecutors are responsiple for that. .we dont need a kamay na bakal para tumino yung bansa. we need a more economic country to make people change. .ano ba ang unang problema ng bansa natin?. .dba kabuhayan?. pero meron nman tayo nyan eh. .marami. .kaya nga my mga empleyado na hindi suit xa kanila yung trabaho kac kailangan tlaga. .oo marami. .naniniwala din ako na pag mas umunlad tayo yun yung oras na mg babago yung mga taong gumagawa ng krimen. and i believe na nagawa ng administrasyong ___yun, yun lang hindi natpos. sa dami ba nman ng problema na naiwan pa ng mga dating nakaupo. .we dont need CHANGE. .kailangan natin continuous..bagong administrasyon na nman?> .babagohin yung lahat?. .edi mg aadjust na nman lahat?> .wla padin kwenta. .d padin tayo uunlad baka bumagsak pa tayo ulit . .at ano ba yung hindi nagawa ng administrasyong ___??. .lahat nman ata nagawa nya. .hindi lang ntapos. .mamasapano?. yolanda?> .yun lang nman lagi nyong naibabato sa kanila. .corrupt?>> .di ako naniniwala na corrupt c ___. .qng mahirap yung buhay nyo ngaun. .kasalanan nyo na yun. .nasa tao yun. bakt ko nasabi?> .my mga klla akong professional na hindi umunlad dahil sa katamaran. .my mga tao kasi ng mag aantay nlang xa qng anong meron. .mga parents ko hindi mayaman. pero npag aral kmi lahat na may degree. .two of us are already professionals. .but never q narinig xa kanila na nahrapan cla mg paaral samin dahil sa hindi maganda yung pamamalakad ng gobyerno. .ang point ko lang po is. .hindi natin kailangan ng president na mg babago satin. .hindi natin kailangan ng president na papatay. hindi natin kailangan ng president na matapang, astig at knakatakutan. .mag isip nman po sana tayo. .i know some of you nagtitigasan lng. .i know filipinos are like that. .my Prinsipyo may pinaglalaban. .kaya qng sino yung una nlang ipinaglaban yun na tlaga. .but try to think deeply. .is ___ really a good choice?. .is he really capable and the best to be the next President?> .then if he is. .I’ll just pray that he would be really a great leader. .

    • concerned filipino on

      i am referring to Duterte, Mar and the aquino administration. .sorry for those blanks. .i am for RORO and im against with DUTERTE.. .thank you

  27. I don’t believe that mayor duterte has zero knowledge on internationally relations… you watch his first interview with in Asia business forum then you will say that he does not know anything about foreign relations… for me ,my humble opinion is that mayor duterte is intelligent . He will not become a lawyer if he doesn’t have that intellect which i believe he acquired not only in law school but thru his experience in dealing with various kinds of dilemma .What is good with mayor duterte is he does not belong to corrupt government officials.

  28. Alam nyo ba kung taga saan si roxas, kung di nyo alam, ako alam ko, ngayon kung alam nyo kung taga saan sya alam nyo din dapat ang record nya sa lugar nya, kunting kaalaman si Mar ay taga Roxas Capiz , alam nyo ba na mga mamayan sa Roxas Capiz ay galit na galit sa kanya ha… Galit kasi sa mismong balwarte nya di nya matulungan walang nagawa, kung ayaw nyong maniwala bakit ayaw nyo akong tanungin taga capiz ako o tanungin nyo ang ibang taga capiz para malaman nyo (paalala wag lang kamag-anak nya tiyak na ipag tatanggol sya)

    • My wife is Capizeno (Pilar). She will vote for Mar. She thinks he’s the most qualified. And no, she’s not a relative of Mar’s. You should qualify your statement.

    • Antonio C. Atupan on

      he is not a mayor of Roxas City or Governor of Capiz, kaya di kayo direkta natulungan ni Roxas, pero buong Pilipinas naman ang nakinabang sa Cheaper medicine law lalo na mahihirap na natulungan sa Generi law na na esponsor nya sa Senate, 1.1 million naman ang nakinabang sa Call Center na nag ambag ng $22billion sa economy natin, wag namang short sighted sa mga acheivement ng kababayan mo
      my maternal grandmother is a Duterte from Danao..but I will vote for RO-RO….

  29. Nobody is ever ready for the presidency, esp the current one who keeps griping when the pressure is too much, as if he was forced to be the president. 6 years after the worst president we ever had, we need a true leader to unify us. Poe is too green, Binay too many promises and too tainted, Mar is too incompetent despite all the opportunities given him in the last 2 administration, and only Duterte has something to show with Davao as his centerpiece. He doesn’t need to use flowery languages to convince us, or ask the media to picture him while he distributes relief to Yolanda victims and the Kidapawan farmers. We want peace and order in the whole country. Pls give him the chance to show us that he can live up to the simple aspirations that common people hope for.

    • Antonio C. Atupan on

      worst President? how old are you? who removed a SCCJ perceived to be bias? did you hear any President before that send 3 senators to prison? magbasa ka naman ng mga business news di lang sa Pilipinas kundi sa Asia at ibang parte ng mundo kung ano ang GDP natin before and after in what you called the worst President? ilan ang nakinabang sa call center na inumpisahan ni Roxas sa Trade Secretary pa sya ni Erap, kun di ka masyado informed wag kang magbintang..then you will be the same with whom you will support..GOD FORBID..goodbye..Philippines…our Nation will sink deeper in the sepulchers of fear and uncertainty…

    • Totally agree.Research research po sana pag my time. I lived in US and am very proud of what we achieved in terms of economy and our credit trust rating. Corruption is an old disease of the society kahit dito sa US meron niyan. Kaya lang mas disiplinado lang ang mga tao but we don’t have a killer president here. Discipline must come from us. Disiplinahin din natin ang mga sarili natin na di mag-anak ng sangkaterba then kapag tayo nahihirapan, nagagalit tayo sa gobyerno. Hindi kakayanin ng economiya ng bansa ang sobrang population ng Pilipinas kaya ang nangyayari, tayo ay nahihirapan at dahil diyan some turned to commit crime just to fill the empty stomach. It’s the “Law of Supply and Demand”.

  30. Erlinda D. Higwit on

    Mar Roxas showed us Filipino people and the whole world his mettle in all the debates held . We felt his honest and sincerity in his concrete platform of government . He can walk the talk as he has done in his 22 years in government service . Mar Roxas have the character , competence , integrity , credibility , decency ,and the faithfulness to GOD country and countrymen . President Aquino has lifted our country from bankruptcy ( which GMA plundered) , and we can not afford that the gains the country has made through the very hard work of President Aquino will bring us back to zero.We want all the instituted reforms of the Aquino government be continued so that our country will continue its progress ! Only #ROXASROBREDO are self less , have the heart and skill to continue good and honest governance and move our country forward ! GOD be with our country and all of us Filipino people !

  31. Sawa na ang nga tao sa puro pangakong magagandang platforms , kaya sabi ni Duterte he will deliver, he will just do it, lahat ng platform na sinabi ng ibang kandidato…at ‘yon ang edge niya sa lahat ng presidentiables. the promised of total genuine change and to fix this country…

  32. Henry Almadrigo on

    We need a president who is not manhid, who will do the job with thoughness and not protecting his cabinets and circle of friends in case of wrongdoing. Iyon handang maglingkod para sa kapakanan ng mga mahihirap at hindi para sa mayaman. Hind rin nagmamagaling and blaming the past administration. Iyon marunong magpatakbo ng gobyerno at marunong tumulong sa mga pangangailangan ng OFW iyon hindi naggrandstanding, honest or tapat sa bayan.Hindi corrupt at hindi rin vindictive, hindi sinungaling. This is my brand of a president. Mar Roxas is not fit to be a president, he knows the fact but he is poor in implementation, lacking in action. Each political analyst has their own opinion, they are biased but one thing we just wait for the result of this coming election. I hope Duterte will win this election for a change on our government to solve our problems like traffic,poverty,drugs,criminality.

  33. juan delacruz on

    Roxas is good only in talking,but not in implementation as what happened to his pevious post palpak.He is only good in numbers and datas to swaye the voting public that he is fit for the job,but how many post that Roxas held in the government all are inutile.We need an action man to solve the problems of this Country not a man of talking and cheating.Duterte change is coming 2016.

    • Antonio C. Atupan on

      palpak ba ang 1.1million na nakinabang sa Call center na inumpisahan ni Roxas, palpak ba ang mabili mo ngayon na gamut na mura, cgro palpak din dahil nagbayad ka pa ng buwis ngayon kasi minimum wage earner lang ang walang binayaran sa law na sponsor ni Roxas as Seanator…di kasi nagyayabang si Roxas sa mga ginawa nya, cgro maganda pakinggan sa yo na…marami na akong pinatay….kaysa mag create ako ng 10 million job in 6 years..kung maganda ang ekonomiya walang krimen..dahil lahat may opurtunidad..

    • Hindi nila alam yan na,siya Mar Roxas ang nagsulong na maipasok ang call center dito sa Pinas.Kasi hindi ipinagyayabang ito. At lalong hindi siya scriptwriter ng action movie na siya din ang bida.

  34. Duterte bangkay lover on

    Pag isipan natin top ng konti. Kung si Duterte ay mangongopya ng plataporma ng iba, ano nang mangyari sa pangako niyang 3 to 6 months wala nang krimen. Eh ang kay Mar at Poe na strategy to curb crime is through poverty eradication– tanggalin ang rason kung bakit maraming small time criminals ang nag simula sa krimen like hunger. At yan ay di magagawa in 3 to 5 months.

    Second if kokopya siya sa plataporma ng iba, ibig sabihin, inaamin niya na mas maganda nga ang plataporma ni Mar at Poe. At yung sa kanya eh obvioulsy basura.

    Parang niloloko lang tayo ng tao na yan.. Ayaw ko na kay duterte hanap na ako ng iba.

    Aaminin na natin na tama ang mga matatalino, delikado pag siya ang maging presidente. Dahil yang bibig niyang hindi mapipigilan ay makakasira sa relationship natin sa ibang bansa at ang possibleng maapektuhan ay ang mga kababayan natin na OFW’s.

    Siguro Mar Roxas na lang ako or Grace Poe. Alam naman natin ang totoo na karamihan sa mga pinag po-post natin sa facebook ay mga kasinungalingan, natauhan na ako.

    Sayang ang pagod ko pangangampanya sa kanya, wala pala siyang konkretong plano.

    • Melvin Dacanay on

      You better think before saying anything…If Du30 has no concrete plans, ano kaya ang nangyari sa Davao? Nagawa nya nag hindi nagawa sa manila which is our capital….Meron lang talagang mga taong di mahilig sa sat2x kundi sa gawa…Beware of “Sweet talks” and “Promises”….It’s about time for change to come..

  35. I just want to quote the last part of Duterte’s opening statement during the debate.

    “All that I can say is I HAVE MANY PLANS… I can even copy the plans of my good friends here, Grace and ma’am Miriam, for after all, it is a product of intellect which I can use. Sanay naman akong mangupya. Grade one nagku-kopya na po ako.”

    Either the analyst missed the “I HAVE MANY PLANS” part or he didn’t even watch the debate.

    Here are Duterte’s plans or platform:

    Wala naman seguro masama kung i-adopt ni Duterte yong magagandang plano ng ibang kandidato bilang karagdagan sa kanyang sariling mga plano, di ba? Madali lang gumawa ng kasinungalingan pero ang tototo mulat na ang mga tao ngayon para mapaniwala ninyo.

    • kung marunong mag-analyze ang mga presidentiable, it is an insult to poe, binay and roxas tuwing sasabihin ni duterte na mangongopya lang siya sa kanyang mga katunggali ng plataporma. paano kasi when duterte right after filing his candidacy una niya sinabi tatanggalin niya ang contractualization, itong buwan ng abril may ginawang political ads si POE, wawalain niya ang endo or contractualization, si ROXAS naman yong 2nd debate nila sa Cebu he was insulted by duterte by being a plagiarist dahil sinabi ni duterte na idea yong B.O.B. na pinagyayabang ni Roxas…sinabi rin ni Duterte na libre na ang irrigasyon sa mga farmers, anong sinabi ni Binay wala na rin daw babayaran ang magsasaka sa irigasyon, ngayon sino ang nangongopya ng plataporma?

  36. I just want to quote the last part of Duterte’s opening statement during the debate.

    “All that I can say is I HAVE MANY PLANS… I can even copy the plans of my good friends here, Grace and ma’am Miriam, for after all, it is a product of intellect which I can use. Sanay naman akong mangupya. Grade one nagku-kopya na po ako.”

    Either the analyst missed the “I HAVE MANY PLANS” part or he didn’t even watch the debate.

    Here are Duterte’s plans or platform:

    Wala naman seguro masama kung i-adopt ni Duterte yong magagandang plano ng ibang kandidato bilang karagdagan sa kanyang sariling mga plano, di ba? Madali lang gumawa ng kasinungalingan pero ang tototo mulat na ang mga tao ngayon para mapaniwala ninyo.

  37. I just want to quote the last part of Duterte’s opening statement during the debate.

    “All that I can say is I HAVE MANY PLANS… I can even copy the plans of my good friends here, Grace and ma’am Miriam, for after all, it is a product of intellect which I can use. Sanay naman akong mangupya. Grade one nagku-kopya na po ako.”

    Either the analyst missed the “I HAVE MANY PLANS” part or he didn’t even watch the debate.

    Here are Duterte’s plans or platform:

    Wala naman seguro masama kung i-adopt ni Duterte yong magagandang plano ng ibang kandidato bilang karagdagan sa kanyang sariling mga plano, di ba?
    Madali lang gumawa ng kasinungalingan pero ang tototo mulat na ang mga tao ngayon para mapaniwala ninyo.

  38. Hahahaha Di niyo nakuha yung sinabi ni Digong? Lahat ng mga programa ng ibang kandidato, kinopya sa kanya…early on the campaign, nilatag na nya mga programa niya and these were picked up by the other candidates who are now harping the same tune.

    He is the first one to say solving crime will be his priority and Federalism. His opponents later said crime also in their program and decentralizing the government functions.

    That’s how sarcastic the Mayor is. You need a good IQ to get his ideas Hahahaha

  39. After the debate, Mar Roxas and Grace Poe has good understanding of the situation of our country. I will decide which of them on May.

  40. Isa lang ang gusto kong mangyari after election. UNITY. Iisa ang ating bayan iisa ang ating lahi. Wag tayong maging emotion sa mga kandidato natin. Tigilan na natin ang mga masasakit na pananlita. Respect and Love lang po. Panatilihin natin ang pag kakaisa at sumuporta sa bagong president kahit hindi man natin siya ibinoto. Yan ang mahalaga para umunlad ang ang ating bayan. Kung sa palagay mo na hindi competent ang ating magiging pangulo wag mag alala maraming advisers ang naka paligid sa kanya.

    Naka guhit sa tadhana ang pag unlad ng Pilipinas. Nag umpisa sa yan sa mga economic reforms during GMA, sinundan naman ng administrasion ni Pnoy kung saan nag manifest sa mga datos and mga ratings ng mga International Rating Agencies at unitunti tayong na papansin ng mga international investors, at ngayon with our new president kung saan ang kriminalidad at corruption ang nagging mensahe na gustong masugpo ng mga mamayan, lahat ng ito ay katiyakan na ang bansa natin ay magiging maayos at hindi na mapipigil sa kanyang pag unlad. Ang kaylangan lang natin after election UNITY and support for the new President.

  41. sinong kandidato ang pwedeng ipakulong si Abnoy after his term… They should do that, because of incompent and irresponsible minds of this lunatic president.. Kaya ba ni Mar epal or Poe kung sila ang manalong Presidente. . rrememberAbnoy has a lot sins to our people and to our constitution.. Nilabag nya lahat ang batas at sinira niya ang supreme court ng dahil sa perang ipinamumudmud niya na panlagay. Kay corona impeachment lang magkano ang pinansuhol niya sa mga senador at congressman para maimpeach si corona…At si mar epal at si abnoy , sa mamasapano massacre, ano ang ginawa nila..WALA DI BA.. Hinayaan nilang I masaker ang mga ating kapulisan ng kalaban ng gobyerno MILF. Magisip naman kayo mga bobotante.. mayroon bang naipagawang bagong proyekto si Abnoy sa kanyang pnunungkulan… hanggang ngayon nga hindi pa nauumpisahan iyong sinasabing MRT to cavite…matagal na palang nakatengga iyong proj na iyon.. kaya walang siyan nagawa kahit isa.. mabuti a si GMA iyong MRT 3 kay GMA ito.. itong liberal party may nagawa ba silang proyekto sa kanilang respective districts… Puro pagnanakaw ng pera ng bayan ang kanilang inatupag.. What about the supply of electricity… Ang bukod tanging province ang hindi mawawalan ng kuryente at mura ay ang Ilocost norte. may self sufficient na sila sa lahat ng bagay pati sa rice production.
    paano inuuna ng mga marcos ang kapakanan ng kanilang nasasakupan hindi puro SALITA at pangako… sila marcos ay puro gawa at action.. Ganyan din si Mirriam Defensor Santiago,ipinamahagi niya ang lupa ng kanyang asawa sa mga magsasaka dahil sa lang reform program.. Pero ang Aquino family, nagawa ba nilang ipamahagi ang Luisita hacienda land. Instead they massacre the farmers at luisita hacienda…
    Is this human or what?/ kaya kung sino ang makakapagpakulong kay Abnoy pnoy ay iyon ang iboboto ko, si MDS lang ang makakagawa nito… after the terms of Pnoy.
    Besides, MDS is the most qualifited to become the president of the phils.. ZERO VOTE TO ALL LIBERAL PARTY…

  42. I think duterte doesn’t like to say anything in advance. Sabi nya kung ano ang interes ng mga pilipino gagawin nya basta makakabuti sa ating bansa.. D parehas jan sa ibangpresidentials may inilalatag na plataporma and empty promises pro d naman magawa or matapos2x.. Matagal ma implement.. Puro plano..Nasabi na halos lahat ny ibang presidentials kaya sinabi nlng nyang he will copy miriam and poe.. Halos magpareho nman eh.. Gawin lng nya if nasa mesa na ang issue.. I i believe in his capacity to do things as what he has shown in davao..

  43. Casiple is just an analyst to his own opinion and published thru this agenda.
    All of us has its own opinion also. Why did he singled out Duterte? is it because he is the frontrunner? Guys will you allow his thoughts to bore your mind? c’mon casiple is always their everytime there are elections but he never hit a concrete nail.

  44. jack reacher on

    Just my opinion and i don’t want to draw flak .. those type of answers like ” gagawayahin na lang niya ung nasabi ni miriam ..” and ” mag tatanim nang flag … gusto na rin nyang maging hero ” these are obviously (and he knows) that these are baseless answers and just probably sizing up the electorate that, despite, these silly answers siya pa rin ang gustong iboto.

    At iyan na nga .. coming from, the heels of that post rape reply na hindi nag-decline ang numbers niya at (bagkos) tumaas pa… the man can say whatever he wants and still the majority will still vote for him..

    Kung bumaba un (na hindi naman nangyari) he can always say — ” kung ayaw nio sa akin .. huwag … hindi naman ako mamamatay ”

    SO THE MAN CAN SAY WHATEVER HE WANTS … PRESENT HIMSELF .. TO THE MASSES AND HE WILL STILL BE ADORED. Nilalaglag na nga ung mga sagot .. gusto pa rin siya eh ..

    The question then is that if and ever HE becomes president and behind that MAN stating those baseless / silly answers CAN HE REALLY GOVERN the NATION. There should be a better way for resolving that sovereignty issue than magtatanim nang flag and proclaiming this is ours… KUNG TOTOONG GAGAWIN niya iyo dahil seryoso ang tanong sa debate hindi naman biruan yun debate.

  45. I am in full agreement with Mr. Ramon Casiple has said. Mayor Rody Duterte with due respect to him and his supporters, has no clear grasp or knowledge of national issues at hand. And, has no originality. Can you imagine that if he would be elected President then he would implement platforms of government borrowed from other candidates what would happen? The people would credit the other candidates to whom originated the platforms concerned. And to me, Mr. Duterte is not prepared for the final presidential debate last Sunday on all issues, particularly on the aspect of foreign policy.

  46. Pag nahalal si Duterte,tungo ba sa pag-babago o tungo sa kapahamakan ang ating pupuntahan?

    Mga kabayan mag-isip naman po tayo…nanggaling mismo sa bibig nya(Duterte) na hindi sya karapat-dapat na presidente o ni humawak man lang ng Cabinet post.
    Pag nanalo sya at walang nangyari after six months, hindi po ninyo sya pwedeng balikan dahil ang sasabihin nya sa inyo ay ganito “sinabi ko na sa inyo na wag nyo ako iboto, eh ibinoto ninyo ako. At saka joke lang naman iyon ah.”

    Tungkol sa corruption?
    Sino ba ang nagpakulong ka Pres. Aroyo di ba administrayon ni Aquino?
    Sino ba nagpakulong ka Senators Bong Revilla at Jinggoy Estrada? Di ba administrasyon ni Aquino?
    Sino ba ang nag-pa-impeach kay Justice Corona? Di ba Administrasyon ni Aquino?

    Mga kabayan, if ever you have any relatives working in DPH(Dep’t of Public Highways) eto ang tunay na pag-babago and we much praise what Secretary Singson did on this Gov’t Dep’t. Tinanggal nya po sa pwesto ang mga hindi qualified sa trabaho. Yung qualified ay promoted, a complete streamlining. Yan po ang tunay na pagbabago sa gobyerno na hindi nakikita ng mga kabayan natin. Nasabi ko po yan dahil may eng’r-friend ako nagtratrabaho sa dept na yan. Keep up the good work Mr. Singson under the administration of Aquino Gov’t.

    I’m not biased, pero yan ang tutuo.

  47. Neville Mijares on

    From this 3rd and last debate, it clearly showed Mar prepared for it. And Poe did the same, but the big difference from the two is that Mar showed clear grasp of the topics thrown at him. It’s much like a case presentation that you have to prepare for it diligently and come game time you can handle all questions. MDS is still MDS, no doubt about it, problem is her condition. Given the fact that she is receiving the latest in medical care, the stress of being a President will surely take it’s toll. Binay?…I cringe if he wins…Duterte?…sure the man personifies action..but the position of President is beyond his capabilities..this is the last debate but still I never heard what platform he will do…thus bottomline Mar is the choice. continue the positive gains by PNoy and rectify the snafus/blunders done.

  48. You dont need a debate to prepare you for the highest post in the land. You need sincerity, the desire to serve the interest of not just a few oligarchs but the working class and the marginalized sector of the country.We need change, not continuity.

  49. I am following the presedential debates since the very beginning because i want to be sure qho I am voting for…and after watching the 3rd presedential debate I know that my president is Mar HE is the only one who has sincere heart to serve the country in a decent, peaceful, and God fearing way…Duterte is no one like a dictator in his statement that we should obey everything the he ordered…where is the freedom that we fought for a long time ago?…we wanted to eliminate drugs, and criminalities and corruption but we are giving up our freedom in return to the future dictator if Duterte will win, HIndi kailangan ang karahasan o pagpatay ng tao para lng magkaroon ng malinis na bansa, noong edsa sa time ni Marcos hindi ba dasal at bulaklak ang nagpaatras sa mga militar na sanay handang pumatay?…If we want peace lets do it in a peaceful way…but if we want peace tru gun there can never be peace..remember what Jesus says Kapag gumamit ka ng dahas sa dahas ikaw rin ay mamamatay….

  50. Bakit sasabihin nila na may advance info si Roxas sa mga questions ? Basi sa mga previous debates makikita naman talaga na mas coherent ang mga sagot ni Mar.Damage control na lang sila dahil kandidato nila parang wala talagang alam.

  51. who is ready? No one is! plain and simple as politics, events and other situations are constantly changing. Mar had a huge number of years to do what is supposed to do but still, he said…programs are in place (oh yes, the programs that PGMA administration started and the credit was just grabbed by PNOY..) but again, a lot of factors might make this ineffective or irrelevant.
    Binay had a long experience of governance and the perceived misuse/abuse of power. Do you think in the next six years, the same situation will happen? of course not. External factors are showing a more sinister or darker path ahead.
    Miriam would look like ready but again… can we predict that she will be able to finish her term or even will she ever cope with the changes in the political climate? No one can predict, hence even if she is ready, she needs to be a master of events.

    So who is ready? No one isunless the events become stagnant and predictable…..

  52. A leader who can implement the laws of our land is what we need and it is Mayor Duterte who can do it!..we don’t need to reinvent the wheel..we have already good and great plans and programs and nothing’s wrong in copying that. If you will notice those you thought have good plans were just recycling past programs promising it all over again.

  53. o all anti duterte..ganito lang yan, in love na kmi kay duterte kahit ano pa ang inyong sabihin na masama sya, manyak, bolok, psycho at etceterang kwalang hiyaan… bulag na po kmi..prang mga parents nlang kau samin na saway ng saway na pilit itinutugma kay mar, o poe o binay, dont worry po mga mama n papa naghihintay lang sila sa min .. ksi in love dn sila sa min lalo na sa mga boto namin..si duterte po mama n papa …mahal nya kmi, hindi dahil sa boto namin, kundi ang gusto lang nya ay mging maayos ang kalagayan namin kaya npamahal na kmi masyado sa kanya, wagis ang hangarin nya ok?mama n papa?..(ganun po un mga anti-duterte .. at sa maga dutertenians kindly share this tnx)

  54. Part of being a good leader is knowing your limitations. I think his words didn’t do himself justice (copying from MDS and Poe) but the concept is correct.

    You don’t need to be the best at everything, you need to get the best people working for you while at the same time, knowing enough to make sure that these people don’t have tunnel vision or screw with the bigger picture

    • You expect the politicians to change YOU! IDIOTS!
      That’s not going to happen. YOU the PILIPINO people
      must change collectively, change your way of thinking & doing things, so you can make better choices; leaders that represent you. Not thieves, & criminals which mirror the collective PILIPINO IMAGE!
      “THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT SEAS” not with current Pilipino mentality.
      I’ve given up my hope. You are tribes still living in caves. Your overwhelming kaMAMGMANGAN is disgusting.

  55. palibhasa pati analyst and reporter do not know how to read in between the lines. transliterate pa more!

    • Ramil Arteta on

      Yes you’re right! The analyst and the reporter obviously don’t know how to read in between the lines. What they probably know is how to read between the lines. Bummers, the two of them, don’t you think?

  56. my dear friends,look at your surroundings now,illegal drugs and illegal gambling is very rampant even in the mountain provinces.Its sad to say that this illegal activities was definitely protected by local policemen or politician.so who among our presidential candidate has a potential to stop this? only digong. i hope we move forward.

  57. Pag c roxas ang pagagawain mo… Mamatay ka nalang Sa tagal na solution at ikocorrupt pa… Aside from calamity ang tacloban ay victims din Ni roxas..

  58. Sa huli mananaig pa rin po ang sigaw ng taong bayan…So lahat ng boboto kay Duterte eh mga baliw?Madami palang may sayad sa Pilipinas kung ganun?sawa na ang taong bayan sa walang humpay na pangako.Bakit kaya nagkaganun?ang naisip ko pong sagot eh baka siya lang nakitaan ng taong bayan na may malasakit sa kapwa Pilipino..Respeto po sa bawat opinion.

  59. Sa totoo lang duterte is really the best candidate.. Pls discern a joke from truth.. Yung sinabi nyua na kokopyahin , he was just trying to illicit laughter… Sa tingin nyo ganun talaga kabobo si duterte… Study federalism para malaman nyo ang gustong gawin nya sa pilipinas…Maliit na isyu pinapalaki nyo…

  60. ferdinand naboye on

    All people in the business district are going crazy on endorsing roxas and they all defend his program of incompetency and matapobre. inspite of the show of incompetency and being too selective in dealing with the economic programs I d onot understand why you still insnis on roxas are you paid by him to endorse him

  61. If all of you did your research , unbiased research or visited Davao before opening your wicked mouths you would see and feel the difference, a huge difference on how the mayor made that city an excellent city to live in.Duterte is the only candidate who has a ready solution to every problem of our society, not roxas, not binay, not poe. Even before the debates, when he was interviewed, he had the answers and you cant help but admire his grasp of the problems and the quick response as to what to do. He is the best person to lead the country and create change you would never expect, GOOD CHANGE FOR ALL OF US.

  62. Alfonso Deriquito on

    I agree with the article, except for one thing… The candidate did not “played it safe”, they (except D) just didn’t became selfish and intelligently used the time given to them to present their respective platforms. Why except D? First, D maligned “daang matuwid” and #ROXAS in which #ROXAS quickly turned the table on D by daring him to withdraw if proofs where given. Second, D’s program is still not clear, as the political analysts in the article also observed.


  63. Casual Observer on

    If readiness is measured by platforms, even my barber can discuss what ails the world and how best to solve them just as many barbers of my youth knew before him. Duterte is taking many for a ride, who gloated in his copying remarks. The laugh’s on them. Duterte may just be the wiliest strategist of them all. He only had to show up and let his opponents come to him. They did not, either because of the format, or they were themselves insecure of the response Digong might have thrown back at them. Duterte needed neither offense nor defense in that debate, while his opponents needed to let loose their entire arsenal. There’s a limit to articulateness and eloquence, especially if you are addressing a national audience on TV, the most cruel medium of all. The more polished the speech, when spontaneity is expected, the more sanitized, scripted, and fake it would appear. Connection, sincerity, and credibility will beat glibness any time.

  64. ganito lang yan mga self proclaimed POElitical analyst kuno, kita naman natin ang mga sagot nila like example spratly issue lahat ng sagot ng mga Kandidato except kay duterte ay mga GENERIC answer! alam mo po ba yung generic answer? Examplle bibiyan ko pamilya mo ng “livelyhood program!” “libring pa aral sa kolehiyo” libre libre libre! yu po ang mga geniric answer. Ilang dekada na ba naririnig ng mga botante yan sa mga kandidato tuwing halalan pero pag ka tapos ng halalan wala? Yan ang pinaka ka malaking blunder ng mga kandidato. Generic answer na maganda lang pakinggan in theory pero alam ng mga botante na pambobola lang isng pang Generic answer from Roxas sabi nya OO aalisin nya ang contractual workers pag cya naging pangulo klarong pambobola naman very generic kasi 6 yrs cyang nasa tabi ni pinoy bakit talamak pa rin ang contractual worker sa Filipinas? very obious na sinabi nya yan sa debate beause thats the generic answer for that kind of question kuha nyo po mga sir?, Alam na alam ito ni Rody that’s why he put a little twist sa tanong about Spratlys by saying na if needed kahit na cya mismo ang mag tayo ng bandila natin sa Spratly gagawin nya. Now if you are smart enough you will know na that remark should not be taken literally Rody is just trying to put graphic image into the public’s imagination how serious and sincere he is, na if needed he is willing to sacrifice his own life for the people and in fact nagawa na po na nya yan dati he put his life on the line just to save few persons.


    “You can not clean this government; unless, the people behind of supporting the presidential candidates are the cojuancos family, along with its allies, whose vested interest are primarily important than the interest of the common good.”

  66. Ang hindi nyo alam mga political analyst yong other side of those who speak their platform. Sawa na ang tao sa puro pangako. Dahil pag naupo sila hindi naman nila yan gagawin. Propaganda lang lahat yan. Hindi na tayo nadala. Ang kailngan natin ngayon ay isang aktibong presidente. Na handang mamatay para sa bayan. Sino sa kanila maliban kay Duterte na itinataya ang buhay para sa bayan. Sawa na ang bayan sa puro salita at pangako. Iyan ang dahilan kung bakit si Duterte ang gusto ng tao. Si Duterte lang ang bumuhay ng pagasa ng mga Pilipino. Si duterte lang ang sinusoportahan at ginagastosan mismo ng mga voters. Siya lang sa lahat sa kanila ang hindi kapit tuko sa pagkapangulo. Na kahit hindi siya iboto ok lang. He is the only candidate na hindi man pleaser. Na marunong manindigan sa kanyang prinsipyo at pinaniniwalaan. Bigyan natin ng chance na nagbago ang Pilipinas sa pamamagitan nating mga Pilipino. Sa atin mismo magsisismula ang pagbabago. At ito ang nililikhang damdamin at kaisipan ni Mayor duterte sa sambayanang Pilipino. Kaya nga sabi nya kung ayaw nyo sa akin ok lang pumili kayo sa kanila ng inaakala nyong karapatdapat. Sa atin magsisimula ang bagong pulitika. Pulitika ng pakikilahok sa pagbabago hindi ang umaasa lamang sa gobyerno. Sawa na ang bayan sa TRAPO, sa CORRUPTION, sa CRIME, sa MAFIA sa gobyerno.

    • Alfonso Deriquito on

      Trapo din si D. Pangako lang din ang sinasabi ni D, bulag at bingi lang ang di pa na rerealize yun. Also, Pollitical Analysts nga e, ina-analyze nila yung nangyare sa debate. Paano makakapag analize itong mga ito sa nararamdaman ng taong bayan? Isip isip bago mag komento. Na pag hahalatang fanatiko ko ni D, at di ka objective sa pag iisip mo.

      May panahon pa sa kinabukasan ng mga kabataan. May panahon pa para maging tutuong disente. Maypanahon pang isipin and kinabukasan ng mga kabataan… Ituloy ang #DAANGMATUWID. Kay #ROXAS na.

    • Merlyn Rodriguez on

      These were my comments too in the Inquirer.net during the debate. And I will also reiterate here that Duterte had high score when he even commented he will copy the programs of Maam Miriam and Sen Grace? Duterte clearly donot have a clear platform and he just think like a Mayor where people in Davao just bow and say Amen because theyre scared. I was awed and disgusted how can a President ride a jetski bringing a Philippine flag and dig it in China’s airport and just plainly say, This is ours and you can do what you want to do with me…really a big joke! He never is serious in considering the role and responsibilities of a President!

    • C du30 po puro pangako. Pag tinatanong kung pano nya gagawin eh imbes na sagutin yung tanong eh pambabastos yung isasagot. Kya daw nya wakasan ang crime at drug in 6 months. Tinanong kung pano nya gagawib yun. Ito sagot nya “Di mo kayang gawin yan kc bayot ka. Ako kaya ko kasi lalaki ako.” See.. tapos ngayun babawiin nya at sasabibing hindi possible yun. Hainaku.

    • He is SIMPLY NOT ready, Duterte is not ready…Copying Platforms? Pag pumalpak, sino sisisihin nya o ng taong bayan, ang author?

    • Heneral Artikulo Uno on

      Paano mo nasabi na siguradong itataya ni Duterte ang kanyang buhay? Dahil sa debate? Walang saysay ang pagkamatay sa ganoong klaseng pagtaya dahil hindi pinag-isapan, walang resulta. Kung may bandila na, sa atin na ba ang isla? Baka pagmamahal niya sa Davao doon makikita ang kanyang malasakit. Pero iba pa ang malasakit para sa bayan, sa Pilipinas. Mas mahirap, nakakapagod. Ang napanalo mong kabutihan hindi maipagdiwang dahil parating kulang pa sa mamamayan. Walang pasasalamat pero sisikapin pa rin maglingkod ng tama. Hindi pwedeng magkamali dahil nakabantay ang lahat at hindi pwde maging tao. Hindi isang syudad ang tinitignan kundi kasama pa ang panahon at himpapawid.

      Hindi mo makikita o mararamdaman ang parehong pagpapahalaga ni Duterte sa Davao sa buong Pilipinas. Kung ginusto niya, sana kinuha na niya ang mga ilang beses na alok na posisyon sa DILG para masimulan ang pagbabago, mas maagang mapuksa ang korupsyon sa ahensyang diretsong nangagalaga sa kapakanan ng mga tao, ng mga Pilipino. Tinanggihan niya ang mga ito at tinalikuran ang pagserbisyo sa mas nakakarami.

      Sana hindi siya nag.quit sa Congreso dati para malaman niya kung sino-sino talaga ang corrupt o gumagalaw sa sariling interest. Ngunit pinalampas niya ang mga ganitong pagkakataon. Sumuko at bumalik kung saan siya comportable. Paano ito magiging simbolo ng pag-asa? Hindi lang ba ito hudyat o pagbabala sa kahinatnan ng Pilipinas? Kaya ba niyang itaya o ibigay ang kanyang buhay sa isang bansa na karamihan ay umaasa sa gobyerno at madaling sumisi sa sentral na pamahalaan? “Mapa-bala (gawa ng walang hiyang tao)” o mapanahon (act of god incidences like earthquakes and typhoons) man ang ihaharap?

      Kawawa ang Pilipinas pero maswerte ang Davao kung si Duterte ang mananalo. Ang Pilipinas nga ang legal wife pero pero pumapangalawa lang ito sa kanyang puso. #digongpagibig #hindiPILIpinas

    • oo tama ka dyan ang daminang mga politiko may magagarang plataforma pero ano ang ng yari ng karoon ng magagarang sasakyan at bahay. ako gusto ko si duterte kasi sinasabi niya at ginagawa ang tunkulin mismo siya ang gumagawa kasi ang dami na sa ating mga tauhan ng pamahalaan puro palusot at walang kusa mag isagawa ang tunkulin. ako naniniwala ang pagkukulang ni duterte ay pupunuan ni cayetano. alam kong matanda na si duterte pero may dating at ang kanyang liderato at si allan ang magpupuno noon.

    • eltee mulawin on

      >>> Nakakasiguro ba ang si Duterte ay hindi kasapi o sumusuporta sa anuman grupo o organization similarly to a MAFIA or any form of syndicate??? Tulad ng Drug Syndicate, ito ay hindi simple local group only. Ok, nahuhuli sa mga police operations ang mga laboratory at mga handler nito, pero ang pinaka-ulo mismo ay hindi kailan man mahuhuli o malalaman. KAYA MALABO AT HINDI MAKATOTOHANAN MAWAWALA SA PILIPINAS ANG ILLEGAL DRUGS. KUNG SA U.S.A,…MAY DEATH PENALTY NA, HINDI PA RIN MAWALA ANG ILLEGAL DRUGS SYNDICATE. Kaya malay natin isa sa mga magagaling at maka-masa kuno na mga pulitiko ay isa sa mga pinagkakatiwalaan pinuno sa Pilipinas ng “Global Illegal Drug Syndicates”, kasi nga ito ay isa sa mga malalaking negosyo, katulad ng mga paggawa ng mga sari-saring armas at bala at bomba, na kung tutuusin ay masama dahil para sa kabutihan ng mga tao sa mundo, pero tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang mga gumagawa dahil nga suportado rin sila ng mga gobyerno sa buong mundo.

    • i will give you the benefit of the doubt na tama lahat ang sinabi mo tungkol kay duterte. pero hindi mo nabanggit kung paano aatakihin ni duterte ang mga issue na hinaharap ng pilipinas tulad ng kahirapan, kakulangan ng trabaho at oportunidad, pabahay, environmental issues like el niño, power shortages, fiscal issues like taxation, international relations, labor problems, atbp. sana maibigay niya ang side niya tungkol sa mga ito. madaling magsabi ng kokopya na lang. hindi apprenticeship ang presidency. sana hindi muling ma-disappoint ang pilipino kung sakali mang manalo si duterte.

    • Elena de Rosas on

      Si Duterte nga ang puro pangako, e! Susugpuin daw ang droga, krimen, & corruption in 6 months, at pag hindi nagawa iyon ay magre-resign siya. Ang dali-dali palang umescapo pag di natupad ang pangako. Iresponsableng sobra. Oo, may freedom of speech tayo, but with freedom comes responsibility. Halimbawa, puede mong iwasiwas ang kamay mo, pero pag tumama iyon sa ilong ng katabi mo at nagdugo ang kanyang ilong, mananagot ka na! Kayang-kaya niyang lokohin ang mga botanteng hindi na nag-iisip.

    • agree to this. depende sa klase ng analyst ang lalabas sa kanilang analysis pero kung biased nga sila, syempre focus on the negativ side almost always, so it’s now a one sided thing. minsan sobrang analysis not based on the concrete condition kundi minsan sa point of view nila or ‘for whom the bell tolls?’

    • Eh di wow! C duterte iboto mo! Baka magsisi ka sa huli? Prang Aldub ang ibonoto mo! Lahat tayo gusto sa liyamado tumaya ung kung sino ung pinakasikat! Isip2 ka rin pag my time! Lahat ng nanalong presidente ay puro matataas ang rating! Pero lahat sila walang nagawa ni hindi naitaas ang antas ng buhay ng mga pinoy! Sigurado ako sa huli madadagdag lng ang pangalan ni duterte sa mga walang kuwentang namuno aa ating bansa! Kaya ngaun p lng namnamin mo n ang lahat ng pantasya mo tungkol ky duterte pra kpg sumasablay n sya at least maski sa pangarap lng natupad lhat ng panaginip mo! At nga boy gudlak na lang!

    • Pls. Wag NA kayong palinlang ke Duterte… He’s totally ignorant of what’s happening in the real world. He’s really not ready for presidency.. Di pwede yun pagkatiwala Sa kanya Ang Pilipinas gay on Wala siyang concretong Plano at kokopyahin Lang. Ganun siya nuon, ganun din siya ngayon… Pls maawa kayo Sa bansa natin….

    • Bakit sigurado ka ba na magagawa ni duterte ang mga sinasabi niya? Kaya nya lang isang maliit na lungsod, na kayang ikutin ng kanyang motorsiklo…..

    • Tama ka Ding, I for one pagod na sa mga pangako ng politiko during election. Parang mga tupa magtalumpati sa kampanya. Ang babait nila makipaghalobilo sa mga mahihirap. Pag naka upo na, iba na ang pinag gagawa at kinalimutan na ang mga pangako. Si Duterte ay kung tingnan nyo parang hindi handa dahil lang sa kanyang mga sagot sa debate. I don’t think that’s fair. Si Poe at Roxas kasi atat na atat mananalo kaya good talker but track record wise wala silang sinasabi kay Duterte.

    • Hi Sir. I have nothing against you, neither with our Mayor. Lahat naman sila gustong baguhin ang bayan. They all want to change the world. Panahon ng eleksyon ngayon at panahon ng mga pangako. Hinde lang naten alam kung sino ba talaga ang sincere sa kanila. Mayor Duterte is a very effective Mayor. Maganda ang peace & order namin sa Davao. But this time I have to agree sa author ng article na ito. Remember that we are not looking for just an ordinary leader. We are looking for the next President of the Philippines! But I am not saying that I don’t agree with you. Tama ka, one issue na kaya niyang i-resolve is yung peace & order(crime, drugs, etc..). But this is just one of the many major issues na dapat tutukan at resolbahin sa bansa naten. And I don’t see nor hear kay Mayor yung concrete plans, specific details & detailed nila, and kung anu man yun, they have to be transparent about dun, kasi public officials sila e. HInde na tayo nagjojoke dito. Presidentiable siya & he knows it. He must be ready for the job. And kung paninira man sakanya, wala namang may kasalanan e kung hinde sa kanya na din. Kasi sa bigbig nadin niya nanggagaling yung mga napag-uusapan na mga issues sakanya ngayon. At alam niya yun. Hinde kasi siya nag-iingat. Nakita ko yung mga ganung concrete plans/platforms kay Madame Sen. Miriam. And eventhough ganun ang kalagayan niya sa ngaun, I see to her na she is really a fighter. I’ll go for her & support her. But if you really believe with your principles, then GO for it! Ang aking lang, hinde lang sa aten, kung hinde sa ateng lahat, we still have 12-days to think carefully kung sinu-sino ba talaga iboboto naten. Vote wiser lang tayo & smarter.

  67. In last debate happened, its so clear kung sino ang karapat dapat na sumunod na Presidente. Base on my personal observation, si Mar Roxas lang ang may planadong plataporma at tama naman sya na ang ibang project are already exist. Bagay syang presidente in and out. Desente, Matalino at may Pagmamahal sa Bayan. Di sagot ang pagpatay ng tao para mawala ang droga at krimen. Kung maraming trabaho, mababawasan ang krimen, kaya never kong iboboto si Duterte. For me Mar Roxas is my President.

    • well, ibig mo sabihin kung kami bilang supporters ni duterte hindi din kami desente na tao.. bakit ang desente at maayos magsalita in public sila na bah kdapat2 iboto para maging presidente? nakikita mo na ang result sa Davao as evidence but still mga tao ayaw parin maniwala.. Ano pa ba evidence gusto ninyo?

    • Haha di nga si marimar tumindig sariling prensipio do guys remember when erap told him noong no how who or what happened to saf 44 yan ba ang competent Pres nyo maski bayag wala sitahin why na outside kulambo sya sa saf44 operation to his inutil dotc regime that causes the massive failure spec lrts amd mrts hiha buti pa bigti nallang sya ala Gen REYES im sure dadami pa mag sympatize nya as patruot at nationalsitic….

    • BgkNumeroUno on

      Platforms has been used decades, from Cory Aquino administration until now. Bat ang trapik pa rin sa Edsa? Bat ang dami pa ring corrupt? Bat ang dami pa rin droga? Cnung matatakot kay roxas, ei mukha nga xang ungas nag ttrapik enforcer, naghahakot ng sibuyas? We need a leader like Duterte pag my batas dapat pinapatupad pag ayaw sumunod luhod. ganyan lang yan.

    • Jose M Oclarit on

      The best man for the job as president is no other than Duterte. He has a clear view about the problems in this country… 1. Economy 2. Solve systemic corruption 3. Crime and drugs..

      Only duterte had demonstrated his competence and clear flatforms of government.

    • Danel C. Itay on

      OO nga si Mar Roxas xerox copy lang ni Panot. TRAPO sa kampanya ang dami alam na gagawin pero sa tagal ng trabaho nya sa gobyerno DOTC, DILG ano nangyari puro PALAPAK. Sawa na ang taong bayan sa mga PANGAKO PURO NAMAN NAPAPAKO No way to Mar Roxas.

    • Pagmamahal sa Bayan? E papano ang mamamayan? Di ba uunlad ang Bayan dahil sa mamamayan? Aanhin mo ang Bayan kung walang mamamayan dahil maraming krimen na nangyayari dahil sa droga? Oh they called it Ghost town… Matagal na hangad ng mamamayan ang pagbabago na lagi na lang pinapangako at laging napapako.

    • I agree. I can see there were no substance sa mga words ni Duterte. I was a bit frustrated kase hindi malinaw at walang specific goal ang platform niya towards improvememt of our GDP which is the most important job of our president. After supressing crime after 6mos whats next for the Philippines? Economiya ng Pilipinas ang nakasalalay dito. ROXAS ako.

    • Planado talaga. Ikaw pa naman pupunta ng debate na alam na ang mga tanong. Good speeches does not equate to good governance.

    • Kasi si Mar ang Syndicate. No way Roxas! Kaya maluwag ang pagpasok ng DRUGS dahil dyan kay Roxas…tama na Duterte na!

    • Sus doon ka pa sa nangulimbat ng yolanda funds. Biro mo ang tagal niya naging sec ng dilg at dotc wala nangyari alam niya pala bentahan ng droga bakit hindi niya hulihin?. Kawawa naman ang mga ofw na nahulihan sa china tapos bibitayin ng walang kasalanan samantala ang mga chinese drug lords ang saya sa bilibid ang ganda ng buhay. Tapos hindi sagot ang pagpatay pano kung nawalan ka ng isa sa pamilya mo wag naman sana diba masakit gusto mo patayin ang gumawa ng ganoon krimen minsan sana isipin hindi sa sarili para sa protection ng lahat. Sawang sawa na ako sa balita puro patayan wala ng solution buti nalang nandyan si Duterte ang pangunahing solution ay krimen…

    • Not ready does not mean his not fit to become president. These are only promises. Do you think all of those will be implemented? It takes months to aim perfection of the plan. The important thing is the backbone of concept.

    • I agree with you! Sa lahat na candidates kay Mar Roxas ko lang nakita ang mga katangian na dapat sa isang Presidente. He is more prepared to become one. What the other candidates promised to the people is also his concern and I know he can do better than the rest. He is also working hard for the welfare of our country. He is really a leader. He has a good reputation as a politician and he came from a good family. I hope and pray that he will win and become our new President. Other candidates can extend help and support to have a better tomorrow if their concern really is for the good of our people and our country. Iboto si Mar Roxas for a better Philippines!

  68. At the end of the day, all of those platforms are just plans. No human being is 100% prepared all the time and is all-knowing. That’s why there are advisers. Question is, how many president’s do you know have fulfilled even half of what they promised in their platforms?

    Problem with the current administration is that it sought the services of incompetent and unqualified people, and many of them belonging to the President’s exclusive circle of friends. There are so many well-educated and experienced politicians out there, but what have they done for the country? They end up using their intelligence and experience for their own personal gains – to steal and to exploit.

    IMHO, what this country truly needs are patriots – mga lider na may tunay na pagmamalasakit sa taong bayan. That’s why we also need someone who has the drive and capacity to eliminate political dynasties. We don’t need a Mr-know-it-all, or a mass communication expert who knows so well how to please the masses with empty promises. Promises that decorate the facade of their so-called platforms with false hopes. We just need someone who can walk the talk. Period.

    • And we certainly don’t need to cling to desperation and false hope, wala ngang clear na plataporma…Magdepende lang din sya sa mga taong nakapaligid kay Duterte, eh paano kung ang mga cronies niya after lang din sa self-serving agenda? Anong mangyayari sa pinapangako niyang clean government from corruption and criminality? If he will win, it is doomed to failure from the start…Kung di natin ma take ang gobyerno ngayon, mas lalo na siguro sa pamamahala niya pag nagkataon…Hindi perfect ang present govt, andaming lapses, pero paano natin sila bigyan ng chance na itama yun kung ibigay natin sa walang plataporma?

    • Others say political platform is useless. I beg to disagree.

      Halimbawang may project kang gagawin; everything must be planned; preliminary drawings; costing; sourcing of materials/supplier; then comes the revision of drawings; then preparation of final working drawings. Aside from final working drawings you have to prepare detailed working drawings as well. Detailed working drawings ang kailangan dahil sa plano pa lang ay alam mo na kung may mga problema; then comes the project execution/construction phase.

      Wala ito kay Duterte. Wala syang maipakita na platform.

      Ang umasa ay hindi masama, pero sa pag-babago na sinasabi ng kampo ni Duterte …pag-isipan po natin ito ng husto tayo.We are electing the future President of the Philippines, who will represent us in international arena.

    • But i would rather have a plan than no plan at all hahahha…anu to sasabak sa giyera na walang plano hahahha

    • this i agree with. sayang ang term ni PNoy balut. dahil sa mga kaibigan, sinayang niya ang chances ni Roxas

    • neutralsupporter on

      I don’t know if you are pointing out Duterte from your statements but if you are, I will be just saying that Duterte is also running a political dynasty right here in Davao.

  69. I like Grace, but I’ve decided to vote for Mar Roxas. He is the Most Qualified Candidate. I want my kids to draw from him as their example of service and leadership. Granted, Roxas is not perfect. Who is? I will definitely not vote for the Davao Mayor because
    he is a bully. He said on the last debate, “Pag ako ang Presidente ninyo, pag sinabi ko, susunod kayo.” That was a threat, and a glimpse of his mental state

    • Para sa pagbabago on

      I agree with you. But who’s gonna listen to them? They’re gonna be dictated with all the corrupt people surrounding them. What we need is a change and a president that cannot be manipulated. Poe and Roxas will not change the country.if your are ok with that , then don’t vote Duterte

    • why are you so sure duterte cannot be manipulated? does he have mastery of all issues confronting the country, like fiscal and monetary issues, environmental problems, alleviating poverty, educational issues, debt management, power shortages, foreign exchange policy, industrial restructuring, trade management, etc? there will be an oversupply of so-called experts around willing to help him, of course. but what assurance do we have that they will be as sincere as duterte and not manipulative with their own vested interests?

    • Alfonso Deriquito on

      Elen… Your doing the right thing. Mabuhay ka. Itulong ang DAANGMATUWID.

      ParasaPagbabago… Una sa lahat, kung talagang bilib ka sa pinag lalaban mo, lagay mo tunay mong pangalan pag nag kokomento ka. otherwise para mong pinapakitang, duwag or traydor ka. Pangalawa, dapat mong isipin na maski anong sabihin ni D, puro lang yan “ingay”, di yan “political will”. Ang pagpapatakbo ng bansa e iba sa pagpapatakba ng bayan. Kaya kung hindi sya marunong makipag negotiate at pipilitin nya lang gusto nya, hindi “political will” yun. Diktador yun. Hindi lang “Kamay na Bakal” yun, iyon ay pamumuno sa pananakot. Gumising ka na, ka-bansa. May panahon kapang ituloy ang “daang matuwid” by voting for ROXAS. Yung lang ang magandang daan patungo sa magandang kinabukasan ng mga kabataan. Wag ka selfish. Isipin mo kinabukasan ng kabataan sa pagboto mo, di lang sarili mo.


    • Except for the citizenship issue which people keep hurling at Grace, I don’t see anything else they can hurl against her. During her stint as MTRCB head and as senator, she was the only one that fought for principles. Given a larger task, she may be able to do better. As for Roxas, while he is qualified, I am afraid the sinister friends of Aquino will stay – Abaya, Garin, etc. They are unqualified and their main qualifications are that they belong to a circle of friends. We all deserve a fresh start – with no friends as baggage.

    • So you call following the law a threat? That’s why the country is in the toilet because of people like you who think the law is optional. If you like the same service in NAIA, MRT, DBM, et al. Please vote for roxas.

  70. Lorna Baguinto on

    Dont look at how they wise to speak nor how they have a good answer to the question. That is what happened when we choose Noynoy Aquino. We looked at him that he the most potential to be the President because of his answer but look waht happened to the Phillipines now. Where are we? Its the first time ever there’s a laglag bala…riding in tandem…and a lot of crimes.

    • Still Aquino has better than macapagal arroyo on corruption issues,, open your eyes s ibang nagawa ng pmmhala nya,,, kslanan b ni Aquino ang laglag bala,,, sya b nag utos?? Ang kasalanan ng iba ibinabato mo s presidente,,Kung ikaw mahirap o myaman isisisi mo din b s pangulo klgyan mo ngyn?

    • Presdient si aquino he could have had thatbissue investigated and replace his people sitting in NAIA kung ganun pa din nangyayari..

    • Agapito Bagumbayan on

      Lame logic. Yup, hindi nga sya (Aquino) ang dahilan ng mga isyu sa bansa pero ASAN SYA KAPAG KAILANGAN SYA NG NAKARARAMI? Kung heto ang “daang matuwid” na sinasabi nyo, well ano p ung daang baliko pra sa inyo?

    • Tama hindi nga nya kasalanan.. pero sana gumawa sya ng aksyon. Sisante nya ung general manager ng naia na walang ginagawa sa mga pangyayari.

    • Merlyn Rodriguez on

      Where are we now? The Philippines is recognized internationally as the Rising Star of Asia! We have the highest economic growth unprecedented, low inflation rate, successful 4Ps program, Universal Health Care for poor families, 180,000 classrooms built, BPO industries booming, expanding road network, bridges and other infra. These are some gains of Aquino adm you cannot deny and most important, fighting corruption and jailed Senators, you know them! It is not perfect government and no one is in the past! We need change among us Filipinos and Continuity of our good programs and improve on the weak ones and expand those that works well. We have the
      already and we need competent, experience, decent leaders to run the country! Leaders who have comprehensive understanding of our problems and have better grasp of solutions to these problems! Not tough talk leader but is shallow, not a leader who advocates violence and fear! We deserve decent, marunong, marangal, matakot sa Diyos, sincere and one who can face with pride and honor at the international arena!

    • Excuse me lang po. You surely don’t know what you are talking about. Sa dinami daming mabuting nagawa ni Noynoy, wala kang makita. Isa lang ang ang ibig sabihin nyan, wala kang pakialam sa mga nangyayari sa ating bansa. Tapos rereklamo ka kasi wala kang alam, Mas marami ang mabuting nagawa si Noynoy at yon ang ipagpapatuloy ni Mar. Tanong tanong muna po tayo bago magsalita dahil ikakapahamak ng buong bansa yang ganyang ugali.

    • Ang “LAGLAG BALA” on my opinion ay kagagawan ng plano ng ayaw sa gobyerno ni AQUINO, to be specific, ang OPPOSITION.

      Ikaw ang lumagay sa katauhan ni Aquino, ipag-uutos mo ba na gawin ito for your own sake? This is done only to discredit the government. Be sensible.

    • but being the prsident,,he has all the power to stop those crimes and irregularities,,he as all the authority to do some corrective measures,,the senate has done with their investigation? what has he done,,NOTHING…he is always missing in action? but yet he has still the sweet words and abrupt answers to all the issues..actoin is better than empty words…

    • The aquino govt has a weak leadership given the recent blunders that this govt been doing. He may have no direct involvement to these blunders but it reflects the of leadership that he has.

    • Theresa Serato on

      Lahat ng mga kandidato ay puros promise. Kahit si duterter he is showing a superhero effect. Like the others, he is also promising to do this and that. Obvious naman na magaling sya sa Davao. Local government yes action man sya, maliit lang naman ang davao i compare mo sa buong pinas, national? Kakatakot, he can’t be acting and behaving like that. I consider mo rin ang repercussion of your actions and how you will be perceived by the international community. You can’t behave as if kaya mong mag isa. “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. Kahit ano pang sabihin ng mga supporters nya, tackless si duterte kasi yun ang nasa puso nya puros pagyayabang. That is his practice already. We dont need violence to tackle our country’s problems. Matigas na pamamalakad? Ang disiplina ay nasa ating mga sarili. Ang hirap sa pinoy pag may issue sa gobyerno lahat sinisisi at ang bilis maka limot.

    • Di naman po kasalanan ni aquino ang laglag bala na yan. Kung tutuusin.. aguino is a lot more better than the previous president.

  71. Just another Millennial on

    The problems of our country is obvious and so the answers. I don’t think there is something wrong with copying the platforms of other candidates especially if it is a sound one. All of the candidates wanted to make the Philippines better and whoever wins will not become a one man team. I find Duterte humble for always telling “I will copy the platforms as long as it is good.” To make the Philippines great, we need to have unity, it’s a cumulative effort. It’s not about getting the credits. It is obvious that the other candidates are all visionaries, they all have concrete plans of what to do, however like what Miriam said “I can give you promises from here to there”. The bigger problem of the Philippines is IMPLEMENTATION and DISCIPLINE. Accept it! That’s why I’m rotting for Duterte because even though he is not the ideal President (at least to the vague and ridiculous standards) he is a man of action. For a sick country like the Ph, we need a tough leader to implement the law.

    • lolita r. asuncion on

      yes, you will rot with duterte as your president…he is as sick as you are…

    • Daniel Matsunaga on

      No presidentiable candidate can change the Philippines except the leadership of Mayor Rody Duterte! Mayor Rody Duterte has a clean remarkable government service record. Mar Roxas failed the filipino people. Binay is a corrupt leader! Grace Poe has no track record. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is qualified but has health issues. You cannot destroy a man with good integrity and performance in the government, Duterte has proven that!

    • Then I think you’re a sick woman, the post was stating an opinion in an unoffensive manner, you replied with an attack. Ill mannered.Should you want to disagree, just say it without offending the other commenter.

    • I think mali na sabihan nating baliw ang tao. Kung Hindi ka interesado iboto Si Duterte, That is you choice , pero nd tama na siraan mo pa.

    • Alfonso Deriquito on

      (Implementation and discipline)
      Let me respond about this in two parts…

      First: Implementation is not the bigger problem. It’s importance is just equal to the importance of having a clear and doable PLAN (OR PROGRAM). If you don’t have a plan, what are you going to IMPLEMENT? If you JUST copied a plan, how can you KNOW that you are implementing it as planned? Most importantly how would you know if your doing it as “planned”, if your not ABREAST AND KNOWLEDGEABLE about it?

      Second: Though discipline is truly an issue, its an issue not only in the PH but in every society or nation that’s in the development stage. We are in the development stage (after the vicious cycle of changing political directlon, every election) and we as a nation, are striving and are making huge improvement in socio-economic reforms in the last 6 years, compared to the previous 10 to 12 years. Discipline is one of those, improvements. Yes, there are still some corrupt officials down to an undisciplined driver on the road, but there are more honest officials now and more disciplined drivers than the previous 2 or 3 administration COMBINED. Also disciplining a city is very much different from disciplining a whole country. Different mechanics or methods yan.

      (Man of Action)

      All candidates claims that they are a Man (or Woman) of Action, so why do you believe D is the only one that has that or capable of being an “Action Man”? Because of Davao? BUT Davao is just a city/local, PH is a country/national? What did D did for PH in his last 20 years in service that proves he is going to be an action man on a NATIONAL SCALE? None. Also, before anyone can say that he is a “man of action”, he / she has to be given an opportunity to act. D was given that opportunity. What did he do (or not do)? From his own mouth, “I declined the DILG, DOTC positions because I am not QUALIFIED”. Roxas, accepted and did a great job on it and facts and number proved that (whether you believe that or not). Yes, we need a Man or Woman of Action and a leader with a strong political will BUT equally Important, the nation NEEDS (not just WANT) a compassionate, intelligent and morally aligned leader as Mirriam, in essence, mentioned in the debate, too.


    • I dont care who is your president!! sa mga positive plataform dapat lang inaaply yan because this is for us kahit kinacopy yan kung maganda maidulot kabutihan saatin lahat. why not? may mali ba yon? kung sinabi ninyo walang originality however, ang plataporma para sa republic of the philippines. Anyway, good luck nlng saatin. kung sino man magiging president sa pinas im sure lumalabas parin ang negative issues sa bansa natin.

    • Rooting for Duterte. Naintindihan naman ang ibig ipahiwatig at sasabihin kaya mas mainam na maihatid sa madla ang saloobin sa kapwa botante. Pinoy lang po at hindi amerikano.

    • Please listen everyone. Do you know what’s the real issue we have right now in the Philippines? Before you vote answer that question. Years had passed by, many president give us “too many” promises but what happened? We still have have poor distribution of services to poor people. Laws lack of implemention. I do not want this to happen again and again. If you want to vote a president with a lot of promises, then do it. The problem of Filipinos are they always believed on promises. I’m sorry that made us an idiot. I was surprised that many people here judge the readiness of a person to be a President by its words. If you just look on words, then, lets see what will happen. You will suffer from your vote. I rather choose a President who is firm and strong. A president who doesn’t always give promises. I need action.

    • Jose Samilin on

      Yes, lolita r. asuncion, Duterte is known widely to have a psycho-narcissistic personality disorder but by the research made on leadership with psycho-narcissistic personality by Harvard University School of Business, this is found out to be advantage for Duterte, similar to those known leaders, scientist and great thinkers and politicians, like Albert Einstien, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Mahatma Ghandi, Napoleon Bonaparte,US President Roosevelt, etc., etc. possessing narcissistic personality.

    • It’s called political will. I rejected Duterte in the beginning because of the way he speaks but when I looked at the other candidates I reconsidered my decision. There are bigger issues than Duterte’s mouth such as graft and corruption, drugs, crime, and discipline. There seems to be disorder in this country.

    • lolita,

      Look at the Philippines now. It’s already rotting with people like you in it. You want a president who talks nice but will rape the entire country, then elect Roxas or Binay. If you were born yesterday, then vote for Poe. Duterte is our President and he will crush corrupt people like you.

    • If duterte becomes the president, he will be the president of all filipinos. It would not be like the “YOU ARE A ROMUALDEZ AND THE PRESIDENT IS AN AQUINO”. Unless you choose to migrate somewhere else.

    • Discipline, Duterte should first discipline himself and his followers, how much disinformation has spread on the internet, he justifies bringing a gun to school and shooting at a bully, how’s that for discipline? The problem with implementation are resources and loopholes, there are programs already set, but you have to create the funding, CCT, scholarship programs, infrastructure, all of these require massive fund outlays, at the national level is Duterte qualified to address these concerns. How about foreign relations to improve trade does Duterte possess the statesmanship necessary?

  72. Teddy Sevilla on

    Ang plataporma at programa ng gobyerno na kinopya lamang ay hindi pinag-isipan. Many grave issues face us as a people. Do we want an administration that ad libs its ways in policy matters that require serious study and thought? Do we want an administration that only promises quick fixes? Do we want an administration that offers no vision and no long term governance strategies?

    We have an alternative to the trending sentiment. RORO may be boring. RORO does not offer heroic soundbites. RORO does not set short deadlines for issues that have long pestered our nation. RORO is not a single-issue campaign. Hindi “bahala na” at “ako na lang ang sagot sa iyo” ang RORO.

    Ang RORO ay “sama-sama tayo”, “hindi kaya ng iilang tao lamang ang mga problema sa lipunan.” Ang RORO ay hindi isang pangako lamang – ito ang pagpapatuloy ng pagunlad na tinamasa natin. Mag-isip tayo – kumpara sa mga nakaraang mga administrasyon, mas maigi ba o mas masama ang ating kalagayan? Sa tingin niyo ba ay talagang naging inutil ang ating gobyerno – dahil natrapik tayo, dahil madami pa ring terrorista sa bansa, dahil madaming addict, dahil sa tanim-bala, dahil sa Yolanda at kung anu-ano pa?

    Madaming problema pa ang kinakaharap – kahirapan, trapik, corruption, terrorismo, atbp. Talaga bang “bahala na” lang ang sagot natin?

    RORO na po tayo!

    • Im frpm roxas city where ur chosen president once our congressman. You better forget it and choose other candidate. Just imagine i choose duterte because i believed he can do better than anyone else.

    • Kaw na lang Mr Teddy.. Try to accept truth pagod na Filipino puro pangako special sa admin nato… Tangapin nyo na po Presidente ay isang ordinaryo tao.. Na handa pumatay and mamatay para sa bansa pilipinas….para sa tunay pagbabago….

    • Isntvit alarming how big roxas networth is? He might have done things butvforbhis personal gains. I dont think a politician can earn that much..

    • ismael getubig on

      Very well said. The problem with Duterte is he does not have a clue how to run the country as President except to say he will kill all the criminals, druglords, and the corrupt without regard to the rule of law and due process. The problem with many of us voters is we fail to see this problem and the danger Duterte poses if he (God forbid) becomes our President.

    • ang lahat ng cnabi mo ay ang mga problemang d naaksyunan ng gobyerno..at paano nyo nasabing bahala na pag c duterte anfg nanalo? lahat kayo ay may political interest,,kakaunti na kayong makaRORO..ang kapayapaan at kalinisan ng gobyerno ay nakay DUTERTE lang,,hayaan nyo,,kasama nmn kayo sa pag unlad ng pilipinas,,lahat kayong ayaw kay mayor ay kakain ng lahat ng iniluwa nyo,,sure ako jan,,ang hirap nun..sabi nga,,hindi nmn nagsaing eh una pang kakain…wait till election is over..

  73. roxas may be knowledgeable on what this country needs but base on his work in this administration can he deliver? all candidates offers the same platforms on mass transport, agriculture, jobs, health etc everything they said their is already a given you only need commonsense, but the question is to all candidates who has the most political will? who offers leadership? the president don’t need to be very intelligent he has groups of secretaries and economic managers on his back and can help him in planning what he wants to do, what we need is a STRONG LEADERSHIP who can tell to his guys GET YOUR JOB DONE AND NOT GOING TO TOLERATE INCOMPETENCY AND CORRUPTION OR ELSE YOUR FIRED! unlike this administration is doing Duterte is the only candidate who can offer this kind of leadership we need a tough man at the top to discipline this inept government

    • Alfonso Deriquito on

      (Implementation and discipline)

      Let me respond about this in two parts…

      First: Implementation is not the bigger problem. It’s importance is just equal to the importance of having a clear and doable PLAN (OR PROGRAM). If you don’t have a plan, what are you going to IMPLEMENT? If you JUST copied a plan, how can you KNOW that you are implementing it as planned? Most importantly how would you know if your doing it as “planned”, if your not ABREAST AND KNOWLEDGEABLE about it?

      Second: Though discipline is truly an issue, its an issue not only in the PH but in every society or nation that’s in the development stage. We are in the development stage (after the vicious cycle of changing political directlon, every election) and we as a nation, are striving and are making huge improvement in socio-economic reforms in the last 6 years, compared to the previous 10 to 12 years. Discipline is one of those, improvements. Yes, there are still some corrupt officials down to an undisciplined driver on the road, but there are more honest officials now and more disciplined drivers than the previous 2 or 3 administration COMBINED. Also disciplining a city is very much different from disciplining a whole country. Different mechanics or methods yan.

      (Man of Action)

      All candidates claims that they are a Man (or Woman) of Action, so why do you believe D is the only one that has that or capable of being an “Action Man”? Because of Davao? BUT Davao is just a city/local, PH is a country/national? What did D did for PH in his last 20 years in service that proves he is going to be an action man on a NATIONAL SCALE? None. Also, before anyone can say that he is a “man of action”, he / she has to be given an opportunity to act. D was given that opportunity. What did he do (or not do)? From his own mouth, “I declined the DILG, DOTC positions because I am not QUALIFIED”. Roxas, accepted and did a great job on it and facts and number proved that (whether you believe that or not). Yes, we need a Man or Woman of Action and a leader with a strong political will BUT equally Important, the nation NEEDS (not just WANT) a compassionate, intelligent and morally aligned leader as Mirriam, in essence, mentioned in the debate, too.


    • Heneral Artikulo Uno on

      Duterte’s platform doesn’t really emphasize such competency on getting the job DONE. If he did then he would have highlighted the importance of implementing projects benefiting the society. He, however, placed premium on doing the job RIGHT. We might see all these impeachments and filing of cases (have no idea how he will do it, he never seems to give an inkling or better details) but I really don’t expect better services or programs pushing for poverty eradication, employment, environment and health care.

    • Asuncion Maghopoy on

      Marami pa ring tao na naniwala sa promesa Ang kandidato na walang Alam Kung paano hawakan Ang bansa.

    • Strong? Dahil lang ba madumi ang bunganga ni Duterte? What a tragedy mga kababayan na iasa natin ang 6 na taon ng ating buhay sa isang tao na walang respeto sa mga kababaihan. Kung siya ang pipiliin ninyo maging president you must expect RAPE cases to multiply because he made it look like RAPE is alright. Parents, if you have a daughter this is something you must be concerned about. A president who laughs at the pain and misery of a rape victim, gusto po ba ninyo ? This is SCARY!!!!!

  74. Harsh Reality on

    In all honesty, when a presidential hopeful goes to a debate, he must ensure that he is prepared out of respect to his supporters. One thing clear here is if he doesnt even care enough to prepare for a debate, he doesnt really want the job.

    As an ordinary citizen, when you go apply for a job, you fret and research on tips how you would impress the interviewer and hire you. if you mess up the interview, the interviewer will decide that you are not suitable for the company to fill up the position they are looking for. Simply put, if you care enough. You will prepare. And if you are prepared, you will be hired.

    Kaya nga sinasabi nya sa commercial nya, wag sya botohin kung hindi rin bobotohin si Allan. Kailangan daw nya si Allan para magsabi sa kanya.. In short, Duterte is just a dummy but really, Allan will be the one who will run the show. Allan will be the one acting as the President.

    • When the president is absent with valid reason then the Vice President will take over job. The Vice President is already an acting president from the moment the elected president can no longer perform (in death) for whatsoever reasons there may be. Duterte needs Allan Cayetano to continue his program of government for the people.

    • ang pagbabago on

      Mr. Duterte needs a Vice President that is not a traitor, that is why he also wants Allan to be his V.P not what you are thinking as “Dummy”

    • You said it right! The sad thing is many people do not see it that way. For now, the only thing we can do is pray that the deserving candidate wins. And for me, that is no less than Mar Roxas and len robredo for vice pres.

    • pure imagination mo lang yan harsh reality. bakit di umangat sa rating si mar o di manalo kait kay binay? ayaw ng tao sa bulok na istilo nya. magaling sa debate pero ngagnga sa gawa. unless employee ka ng dotc o naia kaya makapal mukha mo magstay sa gobyerno.

    • I agree, if a candidate is full of himself (Dutarte) he will not care because he knows there’s a lot of dumb people who likes his “SIGA” attitude. That alone Filipinos believed a ticket to Philippines success in all aspect. I am appalled of this kind of thinking. He clearly admitted Santiago to be selected as President and will not contest. Is he for real? People did not see that he’s really in there to stir and make our kapwa’s future uncertain.

  75. Why hy hate what you so-and-so call intelehente? In the isn’t the one that will save this nation is a well thought of method, accompanied by good character?
    Kung kahit nga sa school, yes barkada mo yung cool guy na nagmumura kasi nakakatuwa sya at para syang bodyguard mo, perk ang lider parin ng grupo ay yung masipag,matalino (kahit tawagin mo mang GC at epal), at responsableng classmate.

  76. Manny Monarca on

    Those talkings are all empty promises. It was said over and over again since the time of immemorial, a repeat history of election promises, until now we’ve grown old but the same old rhetoric we’ve heard from them. Once they sit in power those words will be put into oblivion and throw the book to us. We cannot do this and that cause it must pass thru congress for approval, so what happened then wala ring mangyayari kung hindi pabor sa presidente ang kongreso. What we need is a leader with less talks but more on action. As what Duterte said we can do it!

    • Heneral Artikulo Uno on

      Are you saying Duterte is supported by the congress? Doesn’t make sense. Unless you are implying that Duterte will declare Martial Law to bypass the congress. Congrats, Philippines! We are back to the Lost Decade (if you are a millenial, please read up).

  77. Lets just be real here, duterte and mar are decent candidates not great but decent. People who works day by day, working there ass off and comes home tired as hell will vote for someone who is like them, who feels the same way as them,(being duterte) and I truly understand that, while those who works in a corporate office, stock exchange, international relation, etc. will vote for someone who knows what there doing for the best in terms of international economy ratings, etc. (being mar). So our candidates has there strenghts and weaknesses but we (as filipinos) should choose wisely (and i know you will since we want what is best for us and our country) we should pick the one who would TRULY benefit our needs and our nations needs. A president can only do much (he is not God) and he/she cannot immediately fix all the nations problem in his/her term but our next president can start fixing those problem one at a time and by the end of his term (lets not be arrogant and expect too much since we are a third world country “lets be realistic” but thats not a bad thing, it means that this is just the beginning for us and who knows what the future beholds) who knows we might be a first world country in the future. So, in conclusion, we need to vote the right leader to lead us not because he gets us or he relates to our problems but someone who could do GOOD. P.S – please be realistic, the next president cannot just fix things right away, there’s a lot of poor people in our country but with patience and hope, little by little they will flourish. Please don’t expect them to do much as by the end of his/her term we’ll be a first world country, again, a president can only do much. Thanks. (This is purely my own opinion and I am not here to bash or support these candidates, I am simply a reminder to whom we should choose as our next president)

    • si roxas plastic na bading.. nag traffic enforcer ba naman, ung kanin nilagay sa baso.. yan ata ang may mental disorder.. antatanga nyu puro kau pa as if matalinong botante.. di pa kayo nadala..nananatiling hunghang mga utak nyo!

  78. Who ever won in the upcoming election without the cooperation of the Filipino people, our country will not be grow. What we need is active participation to build our government to be strong. If we wanted to become a great nation, we need to participate actively. A great nation comes on a unity of the people.

  79. Kawawa ang Maliliit na tao ke Duterte.
    1. He was and he is a Bad Mouth IMMORAL Psychotic Loose Cannon. As per Medical Record
    2. Pero ang Mas NAKAKATAKOT – He Never Admit Nor Apologize for his Mistakes
    3. Pero ang PINAKANAKAKATAKOT ay he will not rationalize why he is always right, but instead Attack his Critics as Enemies!

    God, Pls Save the Philippines!

    30 years namahala sa Davao. Lalong dumami ang Mahihirap. Ni isang Ospital ay walang Naipatayo!

    No.4 sa Pinas ang Davao sa Pinakamaraming KRIMEN. No.1 sa Murders & Rapes.
    Pati anak nya naRape!

    Mga Kasambahay, Disabled, Kababaihan, Tambay Addict at hindi kayang lumaban lang ang kinakayakaya nya.

    Pero pag Malalaking Tao na Corrupt at Lumalaban ay Tiklop sya, at nakikiBagay pa; tulad nina Marcos, Binay, Arroyo, NPA, ABU, AMPATUANs, SmugglingLords, DrugLords & CHINA!

    Duterte is a Clear and Present Danger to our State!
    For Sure, the People, the AFP & PNP won’t Take it Sitting Down!

    • mallory grace anne on

      ok fine. sana lechon ulam araw araw mo to say that mayaman ka sa administration ni aquino. and just forget the people who cannot even put food on the table.

      i dont even think alam ng mga magsasaka meaning ng OMG. may computer sila? wala. ulam nga wala eh.

      ewan ko sa pinagsasasabi mo at pinagkakakalat mo.

      to start with, are you a boy or girl? dani or danny.

      im really startled with you . seriously. mag aaddict na lang ako kesa manalo mga kandidato mo. period.

    • ang pagbabago on

      hahaha nakakatawa yung mga pinagsasasabi mo dani tan,walang sense at siguro nakapikit ka habang nagpopost ng comment o hindi ka lumalabas ng bahay nyo kaya di mo alam ang nangyayari.

    • Leonardo Castillon on

      The first 3 bullet points you raised in your post reminded me of your President Noynoy Aquino (Hindi lang niya ipinalabas ang mental records niya noong last election in 2010-Pag wala na siya sa pwesto yayaman ang may hawak nun kasi pwede niyang ipa auction sa ebay).

    • Kung ganyan sinasabi mo about duterte pwede ba pumunta ka ng davao hindi ka pa nga nakapunta satsat agad atleast hindi corrupt.

    • Isama mo na si quiboloy na pastor sa davao na kaibigan nya. Try mo tignan mga isur ni quiboloy sa google.. pati daw mga alalay nya na mga batang babae inaasawa nya.

    • kain ka kamote on

      nakakatawa lan tlga…may OMG at GOD save the Philippines? pati Diyos idamay? desperado?

      at nagtatawag pa ng kakampi..”the People, the AFP & PNP” daw…sulsol?

      be real!!! if you have problems with anything, take a stand by yourself and wait for other people to follow you, nd ung pati nananahimik e idadamay mo. bakit may official statements ba ang “the People, the AFP & PNP”?

      Tiklop? kay Binay? e nung last debate tinanong xa kun ipakukulong nya c duterte puro “HA?” ang sagot? if i’m not mistaken, three times xa binagyan ng chance sumagot.

  80. Duterte from day one did not really want to be president but it seems that it’s in the can so I’m just praying that he decide at the last minute to withdraw and tell his supporters to vote for Miriam Santiago as she is the only one among them that has genuine knowledge of almost everything.

    • alam nyo,,dapat ay noon pa naging president c merriam,,d na sana nanalo c fvr,,before,c merriam ang bet ko,,pero c digong ang lalaking miriam, ang may kamay na bakal at may mas matigas na paninindigan,,and worse,,wat if manalo c miriam and maging instant president c bongbong dahil sa health ni miriam? kawawa nmn ang pilipinas,,d pa nananagot,,nariyan na naman,,

    • Philippines face worst threat from duterte so it is really be important NOT TO VOTE FOR DUTERTE
      No to lunacy, No to Genocide , No to Misery

  81. My first choice before was Poe. I even considered Duterte. Pero itong bandang huli, Roxas is most prepared for the job. Tignan sana natin ng mabuti ang pagpili. Lahat ng kandidato may mapipintas tayo. Pero hindi naman damdamin ang gagamitin natin, dapat tamang pagiisip. I’m voting Roxas & Robredo.

    • I agree. Mar Roxas is the most capable and deserving to run the government. However, his blind loyalty and seeming subservience to PNoy and the LP is pulling him way, way down. If not for this, I would vote for him. I’m still undecided. But definitely NOT Duterte. And I will vote for Leni.

    • No, Roxas is not fit for presidency, either. His record can speak for himself. yes, he’s a UPenn graduate, a Wharton graduate to be specific, so we can’t really doubt his intelligence. If there’s someone who has the hoghest chance of beating Miriam in a debate, it would be Mar Roxas.

      But in public service, you need three things: Intelligence, Actions, Heart.

      As I’ve said, we can’t doubt Mar’s intelligence. Actions? Look at his records. MRT. Yolanda relief efforts. You know, it’s easy to say that “We will improve the mass transit system by buying more trains, etc.” but does Mar easily translate it into actions? NO. MRT breakdowns will speak for himself. Yolanda efforts. It’s easy to say that “I did everything, the government did everything, we prepared well, etc.” but like the first one, was he able to translate it into action? NO. Chaos all over the affected provinces. The foreign journalists themselves were abel to witness, and they said that the gov’t’s efforts were not enough.

      Heart. Sorry, but he doesn’t have the heart to serve the people. Laglag-bala and his answer to this issue “it’s not the problem of the gov’t, it’s the problem of the passengers.” Being the apologist of the current administration. Never you will hear him criticize the current government.

      If there’s one thing I learned in UP, that is to ALWAYS QUESTION EVERYTHING, EVEN YOUR BIAS. I am for Miriam, but I always try to question her platforms, stand on issues, etc.

      How about Miriam? Intelligence. Well, her awards will speak for herself. Actions. Well, the thousands of bills she authored and her laws that were passed will speak for herself. Heart? The fact that she’s not an apologist, always criticize all the things around, her laws and bills, is a manifestation that she has the HEART to serve the people.


    • Harsh Reality on

      Miriam was good alright. But her current condition right now will not allow her to function to her full capacity. Didnt you see how she was during the debate? She gets tired easily. The pare-pares portion was a gave away for Mar because Miriam approves of him. She gave him the spotlight to be able to shine on and you clearly missed that part.

      And for the record, a lot of your issues were answered already. I suggest you look wew for answers. They are everywhere. Information right at your fingertips.

    • yolanda tradgedy,mamasapano incident,mrt etc. all failures panu naging ready si mar/? mabuti pa balik na lang sya sa wharton mag aral uli sya hindi nya kaya maging presidente bank executive pwd wag lang bank president baka ma bunkrupt ang banko. si leni naman another cory in the making walang alam,

    • Filipinos should realize the best to serves us is team Roxas-Robredo team
      Roxas as the father of BPO – Call Center Office had already given so many jobs, even in many ages
      Theres more jobs to give.

  82. sa lahat ng nagawa ni Duterte na walang bahid ng kurapsyon, you dare say that he is the least ready?????sinong mas ready sa iyo? si poe na magaling sa rhetorics? si binay na magaling sa salita, magnanakaw naman sa gawa..or si mar na ang daming data ang laman ng ulo pero palpak palagi sa implementation.

    obvious naman masyado sa lahat ng interview kay casiple na anti-duterte sya…eto ba ang objective analyst? hindi mo ba nakita ang mga sorties ni Duterte kung saan inilatag nya plataporma nya…regarding the train system, sinabi na nya yan during his proclamation rally…baka nga ganun ginawa ni duterte para kung nag-research ang mga tao, makikita nila ang kabuuan ng estorya at ang dami ng taong naniniwala kay duterte na hindi kelanman ipinakita ng bias na media outlets.

    • Well said Dani Tan
      Duterte pose danger for the Filipinos
      Worst scenario maybe Civil War

      “For Sure, the People, the AFP & PNP won’t Take it Sitting Down Duterte’s Insanity & his physchological disorder
      So the country should be unified to say No to Duterte

    • Wala sa tamang katinuan si Duterte, di ba may physcholical disorder sya
      Kaya hindi sya pwedeng Presidente, hindi nya kaya

      May ghost employee sya sa Davao, anu sagot nya sa COA,. none of your business – matino ba’ng sagot yun
      Bastos sa mga kababaihan, sa rape victim, sa may kapansanan,
      Anu plano nya puro kagaguhan, – jetski sa West Philippine Sea, 2 tanke pasabugan Kongreso,
      Kakampi ng NPA – Terorista namemerwhisyo sa mga Negosyante at mamamayan
      Di namn nya napaayus ang Davao, marami natakot
      Marami din krimen, drugs, smuggling –
      Sa Davao na lng sya, pwede pa,
      Pero hindi pwede sa buong Pilipinas

    • Objective analyst si Casiple, nakikita nya kawalan kakayahan ni Duterte
      May physchological disorder sya , di ba
      Hindi nya kaya
      Sa Davao na lang sya siguro, wag sa buong Pilipinas

    • I agree with you, casipe is for mar and i respect his opinion, the thing that i dont agree is his comment that Duterte is not ready to be president for he will just copy the good platforms from other candidates. Isn’t Duterte a good example of a leader to be an open minded man and not being so selfish that doesn’t accept good ideas from his oppositions.

  83. anonymous101 on

    these so called political analysts based their comments on their own personal perspective. no study or any evidence to prove their statements.

    • The prove is incapacity of Duterte, He has Physchological disorder.
      You have seen his action, you have heard him
      Mind direct the body to move
      But if the mind fails , the body fails, as well as what he handles

    • Mas magaling na debater & speaker pa dyan ang kapit bahay ko, di lang nakasali dahil nuisance candidate daw. Pinili ng comelec ang foreigner kaysa Pilipino.

    • Scripted….. Debate by the brain not by the heart. Whom of the 5 candidates using his/her heart to conquer masses? it for you to think since its very obvious for me..You are yet not a robot.

  84. Ng ngdaang mga administrasyon wala syang sinabi n isa man sa kanila ay d handa maging pangulo pero tingnan nyo kung ano ginawa ng mga handa.iiwanan at iniwanan tayo ng mga problema.kya cno maniniwala sau casiple!!!!!!!

  85. juandelacruz on

    Casiple,better you retire being an analyst. You why because most of your statement or analysis did not match the way it used to be like for instance you said after Duterte rape joke the Mayor rating will go down,but it did not happened on the contrary his rating soars high so in other words you are a palpak analyst.Better not to comment there is a saying that goes a wise man keep silent with in his heart while the wicked man keep exposing his bad words.

    • Merlyn Rodriguez on

      Ok ikaw nalang ang mag political analyst! The problem with you guys, if you donot like someone’s comments especially if it’s against your candidate, you despise, you curse, you judge, parang kayo lang ang tama! C’mmon…

    • Surveys are not credible .Aside from SWS, Pulse Asiam there are other more like Inquirer, Smart and they have different result
      So do not expect that surveys reflect the election

  86. Obviously the writer of this article is a Mar supporter. Just look at Davao how it is now. Other cities are nothing compared to that city and to think it is in Mindanao. If it were somewhere far more potentially progressive then it will beat Manila or Cebu. Federalism is the one most importantly adopted if not it will just be an endless cycle. I am very confident Duterte can beat the drugs, criminality and corruption. I don’t mind being thousands of bodies of those people especially corrupt officials. They are the hindrance of progress and should be equalized. It is time for change. The people are sick and tired of it.

    • Harsh Reality on

      Stop saying “just look at Davao”, because really there is nothing much about Davao except durians. Heck, Davao City doesn’t even have a city-owned hospital, useless lang yang 911 nyo dahil basic emergencies lang ang kayang i-handle. Davao City doesn’t even have a city-owned university. You don’t even have a city-owned science highschool. Anong ginawa ni Duterte sa DAvao for 22 years, nag-ronda lang? Kung masaya sa Davao at masagana ang buhay dun since you claimed that Davao was so good, why are there so many Davaoenos still leave Davao? I knew someone who told me that she has to transfer here in Manila, because there is no job for her at Davao. Yan ba ang asensadong syudad ninyo? Maybe you should try voting for another Mayor not connected with the Dutertes. Baka mas maganda pa ang naging buhay nyo.

    • I am from Mindanao, specifically from Dipolog City. Davao City is big and in good management. But to say that the other cities in Mindanao is nothing compared to it may be an overgeneralization. Dipolog is small, but it is clean and competitive. And we have officials that don’t kill, but our locals are still disciplined.
      Comparing Davao to any place in this country is kind of illogical.

    • Duterte’s logic is he put Davao in order and investments came in. Two decades ago, Davao is a waste basket case. Now, it is metropolis composed of 1.5 million people making it the 5th city in the Philippines with the highest revenue next to four Metro Manila cities.

      Unfortunately, the increase in population did not come from the Dabawenyos. It was the migrants coming from Luzon, Visayas and some parts of Mindanao who came down to Davao to start a new life. Foreigners also found a niche in the city and also began assimilating themselves with the populace.

      Schools? They have the Davao City High and SPED who has the curriculum the same as the science high schools. No wonder, schools from the NCR like Mapua, Lyceum and La Salle are putting up their campuses to compete with the already establish universities in Davao like the Ateneo de Davao University, UP-Mindanao, USEP to name a few.

      In this age of mobility, you cannot prevent people from living Davao and work somewhere else. The same is true with the people in the north who go down to the South to work.

      If you feel safe to walk around without being mug and harassed, that is gauge of a safe city and Davao has it.

      Can Duterte do it on a nationwide scale? Yes! Because the Filipinos wanted genuine change. It has been one generation that two feuding families (Marcos 20 years and Aquinos 30 years) had this country. We need someone to take over to give back the Republic to the People.

      People are tired of traditional politicians and this is the reason why they are looking for someone else. In the first place, they do not owned the Philippines!

    • Harsh Reality,, can you post your evidence before you say bad things.. we dont admit hearsays..or else,,it would be libel..

    • Harse Reality, talagang di mo alam ang Davao and malamang hindi ka pa napunta doon. Definitely its not a paradise. Pero the big difference is may kaayusan ang ciudad compared to other big cities in the Philippines. The no smoking to public places, the speed limit, pag despose sa basura, etc etc. Those small things makes Davao different from your city. Bacause corruption in Davao is at the minimum if their’s any, ang kanilang budget ay napupunta sa tamang pagka gastusan. Yong sinabi mong walang government hospitals meron naman kaya lang hindi ganun kalaki katulad sa city mo in Metro Manila because halos 1/3 ng national budget nasa Metro Manila na. And to think nung Nakaraang Admin dine devolve na ang Administration pati budget ng Government Hospitals to the LGU. So halos lahat ng government hospitals na nasa pangangalaga ng mga LGU ay hirap to maintain at hindi lang sa Davao yon. Sana naman maliwanagan ka…

  87. Each of the Presidential Candidates are ready for the job. The question is who among the presidentiables can deliver the job to the masses. Maybe economy is his weakest point but he has proven it in his backyard. Once a no mans land became one of the competitive city in the country. Businesses are all over the Davao. The secret is Peace and Order for the economy to grow.

    • Davao business grows because of Private Businessperson and not because of duterte.
      Search for that for your enlightment

  88. John Peter Santos-Bee on

    I think Casiple also made the same analysis on Noynoy when he ran for the 2010 Presidential race. But he was proven wrong. At most, Casiple’s statement is unconstitutional as anybody can become President if you qualify with the basic requirements.

  89. john dacanay on

    Are you basing political readiness based on debates? Duterte was never good with words but he’s a man of action and he has one thing that other candidates dont have, that is love for country.

    • Harsh Reality on

      Seriously? If he loves his country, he will not be in cahoots with the NPA.
      A lot of people in Mindanao suffered and did not lead progressive lives because of NPA’s presence. Eh yung binibigay nyang tax sa NPA, mas malayo ang mararating kung napunta sa taumbayan.

    • Any proof that he cahoots with the NPA? That doesn’t mean he talked with the leader he is a supporter. Did you went to Davao? If so how long have you been in there? Be realistic and don’t rely on media, media usually sensationalize issues to benefits them.

    • Dear HARSH would you mind researching why the New Peoples Army was created? They are not terrorist they are just an ordinary people whom in poverty line which the outcries was not heard by our government, it’s just like a son/daughter being a rebel whom just need an attention to their parents. That’s the solution to achieve peace in Mindanao by listening to them as one Filipino people. Research before making some immaterial comments.

  90. Nila cabarron on

    I prayed ,still praying .help me decide RoRo in my heart until may 9.poe is so appealing.

    • Hi Nila. I have always been a RoRo supporter and I have once considered poe as well. These two are comparable in terms of knowledge and will to serve the country above self. Although what strengthened and assured my vote for RoRo even more was the mastery and experience they showed throughout the campaign period. Grace may be good but she lacks the experience, and experience is the best learning platform there is. The most important thing tho that really set Roxas apart for me was the idea of CONTINUITY. Our present administration may have its flaws but you cant deny the progress it has made, our economy palang has grown so much. People may say na galing kay gloria yun but thats exactly my point, continuity. Roxas admitted na the present admin isnt perfect but again if no one continues the good things being done then the constant change, as appealing as it sounds, would just slow down the process. You cant fix everything in a country in a single term, not even in 2 terms, development takes A LOT of time but with the right programs and steadfast continuity, i do believe we can just keep going further. You may not be a fan of the present administration but you cant deny that continuity is important for our country. Roro assures this and more, this is why they are my vote. :)

  91. I tend to believe the assessment of this political scientist and the survey does not mean that much anymore comes election time. Fairly intelligent voters have noticed as well, that Mayor Duterte has “ZERO” knowledge in Foreign Policy, International Relations, National Security, and have not been exposed in meeting other leaders of the world. He probably be getting some instructions from his advisors how to act and behave like a head of state, before he goes to the world leaders gathering to discuss issues that affects the whole world. Of course, Filipino people would not want him to get angry and say “pesteng yawa, saba diha” , whenever things do not go his way.

    • Linis muna tayo ng bukuran po ano? bago isipin ang sa iba. yun muna dapat ang gawin ng isang presidente. at kapag malinis na, alam muna siguro ang susunod na mangyayari.

    • talk about foreign policy, international relations, national security are all components of local governance. you can never say duterte has zero knowledge becuase they have to deal with it everyday. he is a lawyer and newly appointed ambassadors usually pay a courtesy call to mayors or governors.

    • Duterte in Diplomatic Mission in other country will be a laughing stock and shame to Filipinos
      He just had make 2 enemies US and Australia

  92. Primer Pagunuran on

    While it may indeed appear that Roxas is the most knowledgeable and abreast of the issues given that he is directly or indirectly involved in the affairs of the Aquino administration, it is likewise a reality that he is not fully aware on whether or not the programs are implemented in a way that achieve 100% success.

    In most of these cases, he is not aware that something wrong has gone loco and yet Mar was the boss who should know. This explains his forever poor ratings in survey and there seems to be no tendency for a surge up since people’s belief, attitude and behavior is based on poor implementation of programs supposedly under his watch.

    • I agree. Mar Roxas is the most capable and deserving to run the government. However, his blind loyalty and seeming subservience to PNoy and the LP is pulling him way, way down. If not for this, I would vote for him. I’m still undecided.

  93. Common guys!!! We need a new Pres that will lead our country. Do you want to suffer another 6 years under the Trapo?

  94. Jaypee Rodgan on

    Sorry… without cheating, it’s game over for LP.

    Words are just that…words. People see what’s in Duterte’s heart and that’s all they need to know.

    • Harsh Reality on

      heart? meaning to kill? be an executioner?
      and then what do we do with our economy? does even know what GDP is?

    • Ang mga govt vehicles, pede bang gamitin sa pangangampanya ni Roxas? Paki explain po mga intelehenteng tao…

      Kung walang mananagot sa mga gumagamit ng mga sasakyang pang-gobyerno na ginagamit sa pangangampanya, eh…asahan po natin na may mga tao na hindi makukulong pag naging presidente c Roxas.

    • Survey says he got 33% supporters. How about the 67% who are against?

      He may win the election, but he will not get the mandate of the people

    • The majority is the majority. Would the candidate/s voted by the other 67% get the people’s mandate then? If it were a single candidate, yes. But, that’s not the case. Right? Don’t let your emotions get ahead of you. After all, one ought to think before one speaks.

    • ang pagbabago on

      Harsh Reality hey wake up!!! magkano ba ang binayad sayo at hanggang ngayon e bulag ka pa din sa nangyayari sa bansa.. Try to walk outside tingnan ko lang kung di ka matakot sa paligid mo.. Killing is just for the people who already killed innocents.. So mas gugustuhin mo bang may pumapatay ng inosente?

  95. mallory grace anne on

    trying so hard to be objective after the last debate, I actually think grace poe is not least ready. We cannot rely on diligent students. The presidential position is not up for practice. Experience is a must. WE know that experience is the greatest teacher. Just to be a president of a small organization is a tough job. We cant rely on practice. She needs to be backed up by very long experience. I dont like Mar or Binay. But seriously, she is the least qualified for the job. End of contract abolish niya? Dali sabihin. Bagsak economy and mga negosyo , so easy to say.

    • yan nga ang mahirap dahil sa experience kaya na nila bilugin ang ulo ng mga pilipino d na bago ang problema sa pinas at yang mga sinasabi nyo na experience sila ang nandyan sa pwesto at walang nagawa. may maganda na may bago baka sakali pang may mangyaring maganda sa ating bansa. compare mo sa idang company yung matatagal na sila yung may mataas na sungay ma at yung mga bagong na hire sila yung mas nagtratrabaho at dedicated sa work nila. pag matagal ka na sa gobyerno yan na ang ugali ng isang tao relax relax nlng. maybe its time to give way sa bagong mamamahala sa atin lahat. l

  96. Fulgencio Salvado on

    Were the questions of MDS to Mar asked also to all the others, Mar would still be tops. The effect of the debates for viewers or readers may not be as deep as what the groundwork in campaign proper thus far accomplished. Yes, thanks to multi-media, we were entertained. True to form, Mar said it: the debates brought out the best and the worst in us. It became the mirror of awakening our political consciousness. The essence is democracy growing well, with restrained passion for us and demagoguery for the candidates. And choosing a candidate for the highest post in this manner is one marketing strategy, with advertising spiced by the mob to make him or her as pleasant as possible, followed by a forced sale, a hard sell or a soft sell. After all is said and done, albeit with a high cost for the COMELEC, let us all be grateful to all stakeholders, there is plenty of room for our political maturation. Thanks be to God, we did not end up with any fisticuffs. Our brains ruled our brawn. May it be more so in the end game, back to the basic grounds. For this I say, Roxas clinched it. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

    • Marie Louise Manuel on

      Roxas clinched what? Losing in the vice presidential election against Binay some six years ago? C’mon…only a few like him. He said he graduated from Wharton, great! But he was made a fool by the same guy backing him up now, right? I am not underestimating his intelligence but please he should use it add some courage and couple it with dignity. I am losing what little is left of my respect for him. I am so sorry to say this. I will keep my peace now and vote for who I believe is worth it. Never Mar.

  97. Naku naglitawan na naman ang mag intelehentong palpak…
    Ang kailangan natin DOER hindi bunganga…

    • Harsh Reality on

      We need a thinker, before the doer comes in. Buti sana kung tama.
      Kung puro gawa at walang halong pag-iisip, Uulit-ulitin ang gawa.
      Sayang lang ang resources.
      Do it right the first time ika nga.

    • Ibig po bang sabihin na ang Davao ay hindi pinag-isipang mabuti? Tinanong ninyo po ba ang mga tigaDAVAO kung pulpol ang mayor nila?

      Pinag-isipan din po bang mabuti nila bago dumating ang bagyong Yolanda? Nandon po ba ang member ng PAG-ASA sa meeting nila?


      Isip isip din po pagmay time..

    • Exactly! It’s a good thing Duterte has Davao as Exhibit A. Wag yung gawa nang gawa na di naman effective kasi di pinagiisipan (i.e. Mamasapano, HK hostage)

      Think before you act pero if one can never act, then why think in the first place. It’s a waste of energy. A thinker needs to also be a doer.

    • he can do it right by thinking it right, pero paano naman ang mga financer? wag na lang,,d nmn malalaman ng taong bayan na lumihis ako,,gagawan ko na lang ng paraan para d masyado halata,,kunwari nagawa ko….ganyan pag matalino….dahil walang love of country and patriotism..ikaw harsh reality,,bakit hindi nagawa ang dapat gawin sa mga yolanda victim gayong anlaki pa ng balanseng pera,,?