• Duterte OKs hero’s burial for Marcos


    FORMER President Ferdinand Marcos will finally be allowed a hero’s burial, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday, in what would be a huge win for the late strongman’s family as it pursues a return to power.

    Duterte also said he will pardon ex-President Gloria Arroyo, who is being detained at a military hospital while on trial for graft and vote fraud.

    The announcements by Duterte, who takes office on June 30, are sure to enrage critics who warned ahead of his landslide election win on May 9 that he was a dictator in the making with no regard for the rule of law.

    But, according to the mayor, he was prepared to risk nationwide unrest on the flashpoint issues surrounding two of the nation’s most controversial figures.

    “I will allow protests,” he said, when asked about the expected reaction.

    Duterte added that he will grant the long-standing wish of the Marcos family to have the patriarch buried at a Manila cemetery for some of the nation’s most revered war heroes.

    “I will allow the burial of Marcos in the Heroes’ Cemetery, not because he was a hero but because he was a Filipino soldier,” the mayor told reporters.

    Marcos and his family fled to US exile in 1986 after millions took to the streets in a famous “People Power” revolution.

    Marcos, who was accused of overseeing massive widespread human rights abuses and plundering $10 billion from state coffers, died three years later in Hawaii.

    His embalmed body is now stored in a crypt at the family home in Ilocos Norte province in northern Philippines.

    The late leader’s son and namesake has led a remarkable political comeback for the family, rising to become a senator in 2010 and running for the vice presidency in the latest elections.

    The Marcos clan has insisted the late ruler deserves to be buried at the cemetery, arguing he was a World War II hero for resisting the Japanese occupiers.

    American and local historians have disputed his military credentials, however.

    Duterte said allowing Marcos to be buried at the cemetery did not necessarily make him a hero, pointing out other soldiers without gloried reputations were also there.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd, whose parents led the democracy movement against Marcos, did not allow the burial, arguing it would be the “height of injustice.”

    Duterte said also on Monday that he believed Arroyo, who has been detained since 2011, should be free.

    “I’m ready to grant a pardon to Arroyo. Arroyo to my mind should already be released,” he added.



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    1. I believe the late Pres. Marcos should be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani, for being a world war 2 soldier and for being a president who fought against communism!!He deserved to be there as the Administrations under him were equally or more corrupt than his…I believed that all the corruption charges against him were unproven in court and exaggarated..It is about time to buried the Marcos-Aquino saga, something we should forget as Ninoy was just a yellow media invention, and Cory brought chaos to the country made it from bad to worst!!Let buried the yellow hatred and there false ideology if divding the country and prasing the oligarchs!!

    2. It will afford all those who want to pay tribute to FM and will also show how he is loved and supported by the Filipino people. This will kill the arrogance of the Aquinos and the yellow zombies.