‘Duterte open to working with Robredo’


President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is open to a cordial working relationship with Vice President-elect Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo, his incoming spokesman said on Thursday.

In an interview with ANC, Ernesto Abella added that he is confident that Duterte and Robredo will meet soon and start a working relationship.

“I don’t know about the exact date or plans, but I’m sure that the President, being President of the entire nation, is quite open to having a cordial relationship with the Vice President. Or at least more than cordial, but at least they have a working relationship,” he said.

“But as to the nature of it, I cannot say so,” Abella added.

Duterte and Robredo will have separate inaugurations on June 30, as decided by the President-elect.

Christopher “Bong” Go, Duterte’s executive assistant, said the “limited slots” in Malacañang, where the President-elect wants to be inaugurated, will not allow Robredo to invite as many guests as she wanted.

Boyet Dy, transition team head of Robredo, said in a television interview that the incoming Vice President plans to hold her inauguration on the same day, June 30, likely in Quezon City.

The President-elect has not committed a Cabinet post for Robredo, even if Philippine Vice Presidents traditionally become part of the Cabinet.


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  1. Duterte definitely has an attitude problem. My only prayer is for his ego not to spill over. It will because it is going to be a long 6 years. Why is this nation voting for presidents that carries a lot of baggage. Our prison cells might be occupied by our ex presidents. It is the voters not the candidates who is at fault. He did not hide his bad manners but Pilipinos are so stupid in voting for this guy.

  2. wag na PRES DUGONG– wag kangmagsali ng di mo type sa cabinet mo.

    i think teh bset spokesman for teh Presdient is hinself– PURE, no hype or hypocrisy.

    u are diluting the Dugong that teh people voted for

  3. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Incoming President Duterte has an ego bigger than the palace and his whole group is still in confusion stage. As the working relationship of Duterte and Robredo, it will remain to be seen. As to Ernesto Abella, the spokesman for the incoming President said “I’m sure that the President, being the President of the entire nation (duh!) is open to having a cordial relationship with the Vice President. Or at least more than cordial, but at least they have a working relationship”.

    Ernesto Abella probably could pass as his driver, but not as his spokesman. The reason being, is the quality of grammar he uses, run-on sentences at tinagalog na lang sana, para hindi nahihilo and kanyang mga audience. This guy needs to sharpen his public speaking skills and learns the rule of grammar. This would help him, in answering questions from foreign media.

    My grammatical errors in writing this comments can be easily accepted and forgiven, because I am not a public figure, kundi asungot lang. di ba?

  4. Mayette Akehurst on

    It is sad for us Filipinos to exclude Vice President Elect Leni Robredo in your New Inauguration, what a pity! for a strong man like you and having an attitude like this as head of the Philippine government!!!!! Your attitude is like a child!

    • Leni Robredo was not elected and was only the product of cheating committed by his party! she knows that and still trying to accept it as a truth! Ambisyosa!

  5. Josemakabayan on

    Kung ayaw mo, Ayaw ko din!!!!!
    No need to push somebody to do things he does’nt want to!!!!