Duterte orders dismantling of unnecessary checkpoints


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday ordered the dismantling of all “unnecessary” checkpoints in the country, to prevent travel delays and abuses.

Duterte said checkpoints were an inconvenience to travelers in his speech during the launching of the Comprehensive Reform and Development Agenda for ARMM at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex in Cotabato City.

“Except really if it is necessary, only if there is a specific reason to do it, I am ordering all checkpoints dismantled,” the President said, adding that security checkpoints, particularly in Mindanao, were causing travel delays.

“`Pag walang purpose, pampagulo ng buhay ng Pilipino `yan, [If there’s no purpose, that will only cause inconvenience to Filipinos],” Duterte said.

In September, Duterte placed the country under a state of national emergency following the deadly blast at a crowded market in his hometown Davao City that killed 15 people and injured dozens.

Malacañang said the state of national emergency remains in effect until it is lifted by the President.


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  1. Finally a good thing now is happening!!! and approved rating by the road users that the non-verbal abuse of the people in uniforms or in authority or civilian authority blocking public roads with their barricade or road blocks, the sign of their arrogance or senseless pride, a non verbal abuse to travelers and residents no more. DU30 is right in removing these non verbal abuse the roads! :-) Thank you Mayor!!!