• Duterte to Pinoys: Be assertive vs corruption


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has called on the public to “be assertive” in fighting malfeasance in and out of government, telling the people not be afraid to curse at corrupt people.

    Speaking before typhoon victims in Isabela, Duterte said the public should not be cowed by errant public officials, saying tolerance would only allow the spread of corruption.

    The President cited the cases of those who had planted bullets inside passengers’ luggage at the airport, taxi drivers who demand huge tips instead of following the meter, police who ask for money at checkpoints, and rebels who collect “revolutionary tax.”

    He urged the public not to give bribes to personnel of the Land Transportation Office, Bureau of Internal Revenue and Bureau of Customs, among others.

    “If these are done to you, you should create an uproar. Slap them even! Hit the son of a b****h. Tell them I told you to say ‘I will kill you.’ You should be assertive,” Duterte said.

    “If you tolerate these sons of b*****s, how can we achieve progress? You should be able to muster some courage. Anyway, a lot of people are dying nowadays. If you’re one of them, sorry,” Duterte added.

    The President was alluding to his administration’s bloody war on drugs, which has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 suspects, about half of them killed during police operations.

    “Don’t be afraid. You should tell these crooks, I am a Filipino. Son of a b****h, don’t you dare fool me in my homeland … These are things you pick up from a Duterte seminar,” the President said.


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    1. Duterte – read the bible, shut up and stop the killing. You are the most corrupt leader since Hitler.

    2. What is TheDirty doing to prosecute the political plunderers? Nothing. He is afraid of them. His mouth is full of farts

    3. If you tolerate these sons of b*****s, how can we achieve progress? You should be able to muster some courage

      Like Duterte tolerates the pork barrel thieves still in congress ? No charges at all during Aquino’s administration against his allies and Duterte continues the winning traditions of letting the thieves get away with it.

      40 past and present senators stole the pork barrel funds which amounts to billions of taxpayers money that no one is ever going to charge. We all know why De Lima didn’t charge them since they were mostly liberal party or allies but in comes Duterte and what a surprise his big talk about fighting corruption is just big talk.

      • if you are the president what will you do to congress? abolished it then ipakulong mo agad-agad silang lahat?…sobrang galing mo naman

    4. good. salamat po Mr. President. about time. can the government seriously conduct and enforce lifestyle checks of BoC and BIR personnel? There are still a lot of them out there. corrupt.