• Duterte preparing ‘explosive’ SONA


    YOU haven’t seen (or heard) anything yet.

    President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to deliver the most explosive State of the Nation Address (SONA) that the country will ever hear, administration sources said.

    In his first SONA, scheduled on July 25, the President is expected to drop a number of bombshells, including the identities of all local government officials, members of the media and other personalities believed to be involved in illegal drugs.

    “We expect it to be a no-holds barred type of speech. Already, he is gathering up all the information he [needs]. You want to know the real state of the nation? We will hear it from him that day,” a highly placed administration source, who spoke on condition that he not be named, said.

    “We saw it during the anniversary of the [Philippine] Air Force. We were all caught off-guard,” the source added.

    He was referring to the Air Force anniversary rites on July 4, when Duterte accused five police officials of protecting illegal drug traffickers.

    In his speech during the event at Clark Air Base in Pampanga, the President named two former and three active officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) as the top five coddlers of illegal drug rings: retired deputy director general Marcelo Garbo Jr., retired chief superintendent Vicente Loot, Director Joel Pagdilao, Chief Supt. Bernardo Diaz and Chief Supt. Edgardo Tinio.

    All five have vehemently denied the President’s accusation.

    Subsequently, the PNP chief, Director General Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa, claimed that other police officers with the rank of senior superintendent down to Police Officer 1 were on a list held by the President.

    De la Rosa also claimed a number of media personalities were involved in illegal drugs as users, pushers or protectors of drug traders.

    Duterte has set a six-month deadline to crack down on illegal drugs, criminality and graft and corruption, a key campaign pledge that helped sweep him to power.

    The President may already be “itching” to release the names of the individuals to publicly humiliate them, but doing so will be “anti-climactic,” The Manila Times source said.

    “Where else and when would be the best time for him to do this? The SONA is just a few days away,” the source added.

    But Duterte may still opt to release the names of the drug personalities in his “drug matrix” anytime he wishes, before or after the SONA, the source said.

    The Manila Times called Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar to verify the information but the official said he still had no idea on the contents of the President’s speech.

    Former military chief Dionisio Santiago, a former head of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency who ran for senator under Duterte’s ticket, said he does not know when Duterte would make public the names of personalities linked to drugs.

    “To be honest, I have no idea,” he said in a text message.

    The annual SONA is held every fourth Monday of July, coinciding with the regular opening of Congress. There, the President also submits the general appropriations bill to the legislature for scrutiny.

    Besides the state of “narco-politics” in the country, Duterte is also anticipated to disclose his administration’s plans for the country’s future.

    Cabinet officials have been asked to submit their plans of action based on the Duterte administration’s agenda.


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    1. This may be a sideshow to the more important affairs of the state, but Pres Digong please ban expensive designer gowns to be worn by the ladies and remind them to just wear business attire or formal but simple dress? The past SONA’s had turned the Batasan into a runway for the ladies to show off and pose for the cameras of celebrity-crazy media. With our country’s poverty index steadily on the rise, such lavish displays of extravagance by our legislators certainly gets the goat of our financially hard-pressed countrymen.

    2. Why not during his SONA those involved politicians, media and law enforcers in drugs should be invited to listen on his SONA then after naming them, to their surprise, here comes the policemen carrying or serving their warrant of arrests. That will be a very good scene, right? For sure, it will be have a big impact and applauses not only in the plenario but to us watching it live in our tv, mobile etc., and it will be very very very viral not only in the Philippines but to international as well.

      • De Lima was given a list of 20 senators and a hundred house members who gave their pork barrel money to her in exchange for kickbacks. De Lima arrested 3 opposition senators out of the 120 sparing all of Aquino’s allies from charges.

        Arrest all the senators who took DAP fund bribes to impeach Chief Justice Corona so Aquino could replace him and get a bigger payoff for Hacienda Luisita after installing his puppet Chief Justice.

        Arrest them all

    3. definitely, du30 will report the initial overwhelming success of
      oplan tokhang aka oplan yatap (yaya’ tapatan pakiusap).
      this initiative will become the template in
      fighting narco problem worldwide.

    4. I would not be surprised if Du30’s SONA revealed that Chinoy Abnoy and his Chinky yellow cabinet secretaries were top criminal members of the Chinese Triad!

      The last administration appointed Narco-cops to head the police, Narco-guards, to oversee Shabu-Labs in the jails, Narco-customs officials to import the chemicals and Narco-scientists to set-up the Meth-labs and Narco-lawyers and Narco-journalists to silence investigation and suspicion.

      Now they have the Kapal Muks to use the issue of constitutionality and legality to attack Du30 for making good on his promise to eradicate these scum.

    5. ernie del rosario on

      Firecracker makers of Bocaue, you now have you a new version of a labentador with the loudest explosive sound this coming New Year. Tabi na kayo bawang, pla-pla at iba pa. Meron ng “SONA” na aalingawngaw sa buong bansa ! ! ! BOOM !!!

    6. I have written in this paper, two weeks ago or so, that if there are PNP Generals who are Drug Lords protectors, I believe, that there are also MEDIA ( Print, televisions and radio ) personalities that are protecting not only the Drug Lords but also the Generals, drug smugglers and drug laboratories as they are receiving payola from these criminals.

      • I SO agree, investigative journalist are experts at uncovering any dirt on any political targets for a price, but most of the cowardly corporate media turn deaf, dumb and blind to the drug menace, and high profile organized crimes. Look at the PDAF scam, it was revealed almost accidentally, but half the time media spin tried to cover it up, and still try to condition the minds of the people that public hearings on it is a waste of time.

      • ernie del rosario on

        Agree ! Kaya ang deliberately crafted “trending” ng news from the yellow trimedia is to frustrate the ongoing war vs drugs, criminality and corruption and bring down the Duterte admin. Ang designated champion nila ay si Delima, Drilon, ang konyong CHR idiot at ang tarditionally out-of-touch Catholic Church leaders na si Tagle, Villegas at mga obispo at mga pareng abusado. . Tingnan natin kung kaya nilang igapi ang mahigit kalahati ng populasyon ng Pilipinas na kampi sa ginagawang laban ni Duterte. Nakikita ng media and mahigit isang daang napapatay sa laban at di nakikita nang tama ang libu-libong users na sumusuko at nagngangakong magbabago. Get out of the way you ….!

      • I believe so–because all works towards the propagation of DRUGS –so much so that it is almost out of control–but as the saying ends–may katapusan din and this is that time and season–evil has its end and good will prevail–we are a country destined for greatness –God is on our side-the winning of Pres Duterte is a miracle and by destiny–we must pray for wisdom to guide his steps–evil is still trying to get in many forms like Sen De Lima but at the end of it all—-We will survive and our nation now have a chance to be great!!!Let us not lose hope but continue to believe in us and our nation–

    7. Is Duterte President or Executioner? Sikat daw siya, dahil sa drug war niya. Pwe. Cult followers niya lang ang bumibilib sa kanyang pag ka psycho. Mahirap itong munggo ang laman ng utak – puro patayan, no rule of law. Swine mentality.

      • Miss MARIA, hindi kaya maka-dilaw ka?

        Parang ikaw lang ang matalino, ayaw mo ba na maging m,alinis ang dati ng nalulubog na PILIPINAS?

        Nalulubog sa DRUGS, Nalulubog sa ADDICT, Nalulubog sa MAGNANAKAW at PUMAPATAY, Nalulubog sa RAPIST, Nalulubog sa CORRUPTION at napakarami pang iba… ngayon isipin mo mabuti ang munggong utak na meron ka rin…

      • tumigil ka nga dyan kung sino ka mang Maria…. sobra talino mo para sabihin na mga utak munggo ang mga naghahangad ng pagbabago. Kaofficemate mo ba ung si Rousel Tan ng Immigration at ung Belinda na taga Customs. pare-pareho kayong mga matatalino. corrupt ka rin siguro? pruo kayo utak-500/1000…kung matalino ka dapat alam mo ibig sabihin nito…

      • BagonDimasalang on

        BITTER…ptakbuhin nyo nalng uli ung binoto, at ibabaon uli namin sa boto..so anong tawag sa mga binoto nyo na pinabayaan ang talamak na droga sa bansa..milyon milyon na ang naapektuhan at bilyon bilyon ang nawawala sa kaban ng bayan dahil dito

      • Pres Duterte is not an executioner–the drug menace is destroying our country in full force to wipe out our nation as a people..Do you think if other candidates won, these things are happening, how many people surrendered for a better life–let us focus on how we can eradicate this evil and sometimes, even in history , evil must be destroyed!!!We must pray for our Pres, he won by destiny and purpose-if you don’t believe in that, I do. his winning is miracle and that being said GOD is with us!

      • Campo luningning on

        Excuse me butting in butwhen did you see thousands of our kababayans young and old voluntarily surrender themselves from drug activities, when was the time throout the coverage ng proclamation nia ay zero crime rate as the tv reported, first day in action agad sya pati mga militant leaders ng mendiola pinakinggan jia at inamerienda pa sa malacanang ..and all his cabinets are in all gears for the nation’s problems..d ka ba nagtataka bat sya landslide sa election coz the people are tired if due process na yan katulad mg pinafsiaigawan ni “dillema” red tape lng ang mangyayari at witness ng napapatay ..aino bangnpresidnte d pa umuupo may curfew ..rationalize better kulangnpa tongbainsabo ko sa mga ginagawa ni duterte and may God protect and guide him through sabi nga ni suterte read between the lines now u tell me kung wala kang gingawang labag sa batas matutuwa ka at nagkaroon tayo ng ptesidenteng ang puso ay para sa tao at sa common good ng mga Filipino ..he is not perfect d jia lahat malulutas pero kumpara sa ibang nagdaan andami ni ng ginawa at pinakita two weeks regime pa lang

    8. Looking forward to Duturte’s Sona unlike Aquio’s Sona of non stop lies with members of congress clapping like wind up toy monkeys every time Aquino lied.

      Hope he includes his plans or better yet have the police raid the Sona and arrest all the pork barrel thieves live on television. That would be truly Epic…

      • If ever members of the legislature would be named, presence of court orders and the police would also be “anti-climactic” (borrowing the term above).

        I would prefer seeing some lawmakers on TV staging FASHION SHOW-styled WALKOUTs as they are tagged by Duterte as Magna-nakaw cum Droga while the rest appearing SURPRISED, DISCOMBOBULATED, and IGNORANTLY POINTING TO THEMSELVES, as if INNOCENTLY CRUCIFIED IN PUBLIC.

        Mahaba-habang usapan na naman ito sa canteen.

    9. Watch out Politicians, Media, Police, Bar owners and drug dealers in Angeles City and Subic! Your illegal money from drugs and human trafficking is about to be stopped… maybe..