Duterte presented his true self– a caricature of a leader


MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte topped the SWS survey of preferences for President in the 2016 elections. But that survey was conducted in the last week of November, way before he presented himself–his real self–to the nation, rambling about himself and his way of doing things, using expletives liberally throughout his long speech. He also heftily cursed Pope Francis and his mother for having inconvenienced commuters and motorists in January when the Holy Father’s visit caused heavy traffic.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte did not mince words at his proclamation as the candidate for President of the PDP-Laban political party.

Some say that Duterte’s remarks at his proclamation was a rant – an angry denunciation of everything that he detests.

We think that the speech is best described as an “in your face” statement to the nation.

This adjective and idiom best describes what Duterte set out to do, and what in the event he accomplished. “In your face” means behavior “blatantly aggressive or provocative; impossible to ignore or avoid” and “shocking and annoying in a way that is done in a bold, defiant, or aggressive manner.”

He did not want a polite response; he wanted an angry reaction.

His speech was not about the art of cursing and obscenity. It was meant mainly to present to us, frankly and honestly, who he is and what he believes in. It was a speech designed to project his character. And he succeeded.

He presented himself honestly, as his supporters have been saying over and over to persuade us that he is the best candidate for President. Because he is honest. The huge irony is that he honestly presented himself to be not a leader but the caricature of a leader–a guy projecting himself macho before his wide-eyed supporters.

A caricature, as people in the newspaper business so well know, is a sketch or a written description of someone in which a certain striking characteristic is exaggerated to create a comic or grotesque effect.

There are caricatures that indulge their subjects, and caricatures that criticize them. But what Duterte presented was his true self – a caricature of real flesh and blood that is truly both ridiculous and frightening.

This man, who seeks the highest office of the land, stood exposed as a man who disrespects all authority – political, ecclesiastical or moral – except his own authority in the office that he holds.

This man, who loudly proclaims himself as being on the side of the citizenry and the masses, stands revealed as a man who disrespects the family by boasting about having four women in his life, and disrespects human life itself by bragging about having killed scores of them as part of his public service. He also disrespects the Catholic Church and the Pope with expletives. He, of course, did an about–face and apologized to a Bishop and promised to change. But no one believes that he can.

Shall we entrust to this caricature of a leader the safety and welfare of our people and our country?

Must we allow him to put his finger on the trigger to keep the peace and defend the nation?

No, we won’t.


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  1. Mayor Duterte is telling it like it is, and he doesn’t care if we like his style or not. He is doing his mandate by protecting law abiding citizens. If he kills big time criminals, drug dealers, rice smugglers, or anybody that commits grave crimes such as corrupt politicians, I am all for it. There will be less prisoners in NBP cooking Shabu or politicians stealing peoples’ money, like the Binay family of Makati. I believe the only way we can achieve success as a country is to get rid all of these rotten people.

  2. Duterte is a very scary guy. Do we need a killer to stop the criminals? What we need are more police. Hire more young policemen triple their number and double their salaries. We need people that will enforce law and order and not criminals in the highest office. Let us do this right. Nothing illegal. Minors must be charge with their crimes. Corrupt politicians put to jail and not release them because of age. Remove all guns in the streets. Let us see the results. With God help we will win and be victorious .

  3. Marami paring hangal na tao,at marami pa rin nagmamabuti!
    Kapag English ang mura at imported ang nagmumura kahit sa music ginagamit ang pagmumura,masaya pa at ginagaya pa ng maraming tao!
    Palasak na ang salitang F,..k you! Wala itong isyu sa mga reliyosong tao!misan nagagamit pa nila!
    Pero pag pinoy at tagalog ang mura! Wow ka!! Napakasama muna!! Ipokrito di ba??
    Hindi lahat ng Filipino ay naniniwalang holy ang pope,at naniniwala sila sa sinasabi nito!
    Dito lang sa pinas,illegal ang magsalita laban sa pope! Hindi na ngayon nakakulong ang kaisipan ng mga Filipino,sa buong mundo alam nila,kung Sino at ano sila!
    Lahat ng media ay mukhang Sarado ang utak!

  4. i remember digong said that people in luzon are not yet ready for his leadership style.I say, do not judge the man thru his mouth,judge him thru his action;his leadership style is effective as far as davao is concerned.may nag rereklamo ba?.reklamo kasi ang iniuna ng mga tao bago ang gawa..

  5. I think pinoys love the goody goody image of fake godliness and smooth images that are just pretenses to be liked. People are faked out by fake people. I would rather be with a person who would tell me “hey you are so ugly in that dress” than someone who would tell me
    “darling, you look so beautiful today” ./ But people get carried away with the pretense and flakiness of other people. Hypocrisy is a well like attitude, people never scratch the surface to see what is inside. Duterte admits he is human, he makes mistakes, personal mistakes, not mistakes in governance. He killed? who did he kill that deserves attention? If he killed people who deserved to be killed who cares? one less problem person in the world is what we need instead of going gaga on these politicians who are picture perfect. How naïve can you be to believe in the nicety of a person? And when one speaks words that are shunned by society it seems like the whole world fell apart. Grow up, duterte is just proving to be be who he is, a human being with mistakes but with good intentions and a good governance to boast his service to his countrymen. .

    • Oh you guys bitch about DU30 being foul mouth, etc…etc… But have you guys ever thought about your love ones especially women who have to go out at night to work. To friends & family who got stuck in the horrendous traffic & MRT? To co-workers who have mugged & robbed? To family members who have to go a dilapilated govt hospital? To seeing your surroundings dirty & foul?
      Hindi ko ma-gets ang galit ng tao for what?
      Hindi pa ba kayo sawang -sawa na sa mga kalokohan sa gobyerno? Sa walang paki-alam nila sa buhay ng ordinaryong tao?
      Lahat ba kayo milyonaryo? O gaya ko isang kahig – isang tuka lang?
      Kung kayo magsalita kala mo mas may alam kayo sa buhay ng Pilipino agaiunst a person who is 70 years old na at marami ng pinag-da-anan at tinulungan?
      Kung mag-salita kayo kala mo mas santo pa kayo kesa sa pari na gaya ni Santo Papa na mismong umamin na ayaw niya ng mga plastic na tao?
      Kung galit kayo sa tao – Tingnan muna ninyo ang iyong sarili… sa salamin.
      Masay ba kayo sa inyong nakikita?

    • Sorry Mei, I intended to post it down below and not as a reply to you. I love your piece….


    Why not choose the BEST EVIL rather than be contented with the LESSER EVIL to fight against the EVILS of Philippine Society?

    A non-corrupt Iron Fist (with Vision) is what our nation badly need before it too late.



    “Sometimes, the only way to stop Evil is not with Good. You must confront it with another kind of Evil.” — Aereon, The Chronicles of Riddick


    Best Evil=Mayor Duterte
    Lesser Evil=Mar/Binay/Poe/Miriam

    EVILS in Philippine Society

    1. Graft & Corruption in Government
    (Congress, Judiaciary, Executive BIR, Customs, DOTC, et. al.)
    2. Drug lords, pusher, abuse
    3. Gambling Lord,
    4. Human Trafficking, Prostitution, Rape & Violence against Women,
    5. Carnapping, Kidnapping, Theft & Robbery, Swindling
    6. War Lord, Private Arm Groups, Insurgencies, Rebullient, Military Coup.
    7. Extreme Poverty, unemployment, under employed
    8. Ignorance, Mediocrity,
    9. Exploitation, Child Labor/Abuse.


    I’m not trying to defend/speak for or against Duterte or anybody. I just want to share my observation or insights which you may agree or disagree po.

    “There is no such thing as bad publicity” – Phineas T. Barnum

    “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” – Oscar Wilde

    The idea that no publicity can do harm is a very useful gimmick to get free media exposure. TV advertising in the Philippines costs P250,000, more or less, for every 30-second spot on primetime. That means that if you see 5 ads while watching at night, the advertiser is spending P250,000×5. 

    Maybe DUTERTE took a gamble for free publicity?

    Maybe DUTERTE really does not want to win or be President and some people is merely forcing him to run?

    Maybe DUTERTE is really honest and not afraid to show his real personality?

    Maybe it’s one of DUTERTE’s strategy? To reach people, we need to use their language.

    NO such thing as CUSS Free Philippines/World, even our beloved Pope Francis also mistakenly uttered the word ‘f***’ in Italian before quickly correcting himself.


    “Well, I don’t speak profanity, I only allow it in the music I listen to, and it doesn’t affect me.”

    Philippine Politics (Showbiz Government) is actually full of Showbiz personalities, popular celebrities and name recall is key to being elected. So most of our Politician po use various gimmick (good or bad) just to gain publicity and free media exposure:

    By somewhat projecting notoriety, seeking a bad boy image, and keeping a scandalous reputation.

    2. GRACE POE
    Disqualification case against POE for lacking 10yr residency, not being natural born Filipino, U.S Citizenship issue, Sympathy for FPJ and foundling.

    3. MIRIAM
    As Stage-4 cancer survivor.

    4. MAR – EPAL pictures here and there.

    When Is Bad Publicity Good?

    Negative publicity can increase sales(vote) when a product (candidate) is relatively unknown simply because it stimulates product (candidate) awareness.

    “Either they’re trying to figure out how to get the public to think their product (candidate) is a good one, or they’re just trying to get people to know about their product (candidate). In some markets (Election), where there are lots of competing products (candidate), they’re more preoccupied with the latter. In that case, any publicity, positive or negative, turns out to be valuable.”

    (ex. Duterte, Mar, Mo Twister, Tio Ralph,)

    Philippines is predominantly a Catholic country, so in a sense vulgarity or uttering a taboo word is a BIG NO. But I would still choose to be, or be associated to, hang with, befriend, listen/talk to, believe, follow, and vote for:

    1. The world foremost expert on profanity & swearing, rather than someone who is full of rhetoric and pretend (facade only) to be good, a saintly, and godly or Filipino term “Santong Kabayo, Banal na Aso”.

    2. Feared/Respected but not close or well like by peers/people rather than be abuse one’s kindness, used by everyone or always influence one’s decisions.

    3. Win Golden Foul Mouth award rather than forever mute or suppressed my real emotions (anger/despair/protest/frustrations). It’s our expression of contempt for any abusive authority or even the most benign.

    Profanity, swearing and cussing, if used by common tao (powerless) is normal and acceptable. But when powerful figures like politicians (e.g. Presidential candidates) use obscenity in public, people begin to think that power itself has become angry desperate.

  8. In Davao, only petty criminals were executed. How about the big time criminals, drug lords, gambling lords? Have you heard anyone of them executed by Duterte in Davao? Nope because he wont, coz he cant. Some of these are his financial supporters. Ever wondered why illegal gambling activity such as last 2 is now fast spreading in Davao? I challenge the press to dig a little further on this illegal gambling activity, and you will take a whiff of who is behind it. There are a lot more, I challenge the press to do a lot more digging.

    • The big time gamblers and drug lords are not living in davao They are hiding in manila. we need duterte to go to manila to kill these criminals.

  9. I have been doing a tally of this Manila Times Column and here is the verdict out of 19 responses plus 2 reply of 2 respondents:

    8 for Duterte
    3 for no-Duterte definitely
    6 for undecided

    There you go, Mr. Editor. Even your column is pro-Duterte and you didn’t even include my own comment for Duterte which made the count to 9. Maybe you should be unbiased so more people pay attention to your column. I invited you to see the on-going survey about the veracity of Duterte leading the latest SWS survey via the Inquirer’s on-line survey which must be 60% A. Yes for Duterte. by this moment. Be sport and true to yourself, Mr. Editor of Manila Times..

  10. Well all of you have made up your minds. But Reality will knock some sense into your lives.

    All of the things listed below did not come of thin air or flowery imaginations.

    1) 9th Safest City in the World. 2nd Safest in the whole of Asia !
    2) 6th Most Efficient Airport in the World. Eat that NAIA.
    3) A World Class Integrated 911 system. No other city in the Philippines has this.
    4) From Killing Fields of the late 80’s to the 5th most richest city in the Philippines.
    5) The 1st government official with out any publicity responded to Tacloban without any prodding. Not only Tacloban but all other cities these past decades.

    Men will be judged by their works and deeds. Among all the other candidates, has anyone among them, seriously speaking, anyone among them has even achieved that level of Competence & Integrity ?

  11. him? OMG, just subject him to psychiatric test and brain scan and youll know what i mean – may tama din sa ulo, a sexually abused aging vigilante killing crims who he see as the abusive priest, a classic sexual victim that went nuts.
    i will never vote a bisayang lolo brandishing a machine gun with prune loving kabitz (chimays?) who enjoys how many viagra pills he took……

  12. He is a breath of fresh air from the multitude of gentle speaking dishonest and corrupt politicians … The bottom line is can he uplift the life of the common man? …. He is the best answer in this times

  13. Must we allow him to put his finger on the trigger to keep the peace and defend the nation?

    Yes, we must! i would prefer for a sheep in wolf’s clothing…rather the wolves in sheep clothing.

  14. In his own words and admission by killing thousand of his own people, he is liken to the late SADDAM of Iraq.

    He has no respect of the law and life. Caricature of the DEVIL..!

    Again, I’d rather select an Atheist, but she respect laws and valued life, than a religious man, his words cursing humanity, no respect of laws and no valued of life.

    Thanks Manila Times..!

  15. 3rdworldsavage on

    All I have read so far about Mayor Duterte is his advertised penchant on fighting crimes and his uncontrolled bad mouth including his disrespect for women. What about nationwide poverty, decent jobs, clean housing and other issues affecting every day citizens?? You figure it out. A lot of everyday issues affecting Filipino families. You decide more diligently if he is the right person to lead the country. Also, would you like Little Peter to lead the country in case it comes to that???

    • Have you bothered to Google his platform? It’s so wide in scope it covers all you mentioned. Remember, he’s a socialist and pro-prople. Have you been reading the news and what he’s said about the death penalty, “contractualization” of workers, how he and Cayetano plan to solve the traffic problem in Metro Manila, and federalism? It’s the Information Age, for crying out loud. You can get news anytime online. If you have Facebook, ‘like’ the pages of the news outfits so you get their articles in your newsfeed. Huwag tamad.

  16. Saints do go to politics so don’t look for them in these ocean of lies and corruptions. It’s better to be led by a self-declared womanizer but responsible. It’s better to be led by a leader who can exterminate criminals of any kinds in anyway and every way not for pleasure but to ensure that peace and order is kept properly. Remember this. “he who looks to a woman with a lustful eyes already
    committing a crime of rape in his heart and mind” leaving long time with your partner is not a measurement of honesty. You, yes you. In your entire life have you not look any woman with lustful ogling eyes.it’s just the same as womanizing?

  17. Duterte for all his uncouthness and boorish behaviour leads the polls because of only one issue he always mentions: Runaway crime. This is what matters the most. The economy, health and hospital care, the madding traffic are all valid issues but it is not the main concern of the citizenry. I am not for Duterte’s Al Capone vigilante style of running the country but if the other candidates insist in running on PNoy’s laughingly “Da-an Matuwid “, or Grace Poe’s “legacy”of her Dad(???), Binay because he is “Poor”like the masses I fear we shall see a crude, rude boor ascend to the Presidency.

  18. SWS is a TRICKSTER and not a pollster it’s too early to rely on their surveys Mangahas is Grace Llamanzares adopted uncle and he will not leave his adopted niece be left behind come weeks before election day mark it!

  19. One of the five presidential candidates is a dead woman walking. We’ve been down the road w the apparently intelligent, pious, upright, proper. And look where it led us.
    Pray tell, who should we vote then?

  20. Claro Apolinar on

    Thank you, Manila Times, for being consistently pro-Rule of Law and against the gangster vigilante mindset of Rodrigo Duterte and his admirers.
    Makes me wonder what kind of a man Cayetano is. A caricature of his father the great comnpanyero?

    • sus maryosep! andyan si Miriam! walang pinagmayabang kundi mga tunay na accomplishments nya. lahat ng ahensiya ng gobyerno na hinawakan, nalinis na daig pa si Mr. Clean.

  21. Duterte a loose canon and criminal in a political public official’s Robe.
    He is not just a caricature of leadership but a poster boy of a loose crazy person aiming to,get more power to treat his insatiable thirst to kill!
    SThe rampaging herds of criminals all over the country and the untamed city of crimes indeed is the proper venue for Dirty Harry DUTERTE to pound the beat or patrol and eradicate these criminal malaise and undesirable elements of society. Give back the streets all over country to the peace-loving citizens to stroll freely without fear! These lawless elements comprised not only of the unknown poor uneducated and oppressed criminals who cling to robberies, thefts. Drug dealings, carnapping, kidnappings and other killings for hire to hurdle the poverty and hopeless economic condition they are confronted in their day-to-day survival to the danger and sufferings of those law-abiding citizens, and must be truly eliminated to improve the peace and order predicament of the society. But there are also corrupt elements in our community and society who are subtly operating behind the facade clean living when in fact they suck the financial juice of the wealth of the country. These are the corrupt politicians, bureaucratic high officials in position of handling funding government projects, the officials of the Bureau of Customs and Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bu. Of Forestry and Minings, Fisheries and Agriculture, which must be fired, prosecuted and jailed. Duterte must focus not only on the hardened criminals but most of all on corrupt government officials. National discipline on garbage/sanitation, traffic driving behaviour and inter-personal courteous interaction promoting respect of individual rights must be enhanced.
    Duterte must abide and adhere to Constitutional “due process of law” in enforcing his “vigilantes law of the jungle”. Otherwise , he will be just like Dictator Marcos, who became abusive and plundered nation’s wealth for being too powerful and unchecked on his political governmental power.
    Although a benign dictatorship is a welcome political change
    if only to inculcate discipline of the people and eradicate corruption and criminals, these will redound to the welfare and eventual upliftment of the Philippine social behaviour and economic progress and well-being!
    If,this is so, then I recommend DUTERTE for the Presidency!
    But if he renege on this leadership parameters and he evolve as an abusive and corrupt President, then DUTERTE himself must hang and put in jail for fraud and criminal opportunism!
    But after Duterte cursed Pope Francis for his mere traffic exasperation, Duterte lost substantial support for his uncouth manners. What if he becomes President? Duterte will a dictator and will probably shoot his police escorts for the traffic mess! Duterte’s abusive, unpresidential manners, and mood upswing shows he has. loose screws in his brain and will be a crazy ruler like Idi Amin of Africa who eats human entrails of people he killed. He will be like Duterte who declared same crazy tendencies by saying he needs only salt to eat his victims! Wow! Duterte is a savage animal after all!

    • My gauge is not what he has spoken for only a few days. it is what he did to a city for more than 20 years of public service. It is his action not his words. You associate him with the likes of Idi Amin. Tell me do people in Davao city feel and experience a brutal rule from Dictator Duterte? they say that killings by the so-called death squad were rampant in the city.. have you heard thousands of people evacuating to neighboring provinces because of the death squad?


  22. You cant keep peace and order and defend the nation against greed,ineptitude,criminals such as robbers who kills and rapes, illegal drug manufactures and dealers and pushers who kills the entire nation gradually. You cant keep peace and order and defend the nation against corrupt politicians,plunderers, robbers,dirty liers who should be considered as TRAITORS. Yes, you cant keep peace and order and defend our nation by “handing them flowers of any kinds,colors scents and sizes.”

  23. No way. If Duterte gets elected, surely his daughter will become abusive and like her father will make all expletive remarks against anybody because they think they are always right. Telling the whole world of having two wives and two girlfriends is not a display of being “macho” but arrogance and “kabaklaan”. NO to Duterte.

    • Mayor Sara Duterte slapped a sheriff for defying an order in a demolition incident in defense of poor slum dwellers. The sheriff rather obeyed the chinese land owners than the city hall. was that an abusive act?… maybe for the rich and mighty like you. not to the Dutertes.


  24. Yes we will vote duterte for president. He honest to goodness statesman.do you know among these incumbent politicians who doesn’t have extra marital activities? You are you honest with your wife? You; yes you! Have you not been looking a woman in your entire life with your lustful ogling eyes. By your heart and mind you had already covered your neighbors daughter,sister,wife,auntie,mother and grandmother. Shame on us all who pretend to be a saint but enjoying committing sins. Don’t point your finger on duterte. He might be better than you or anybody else.

    Yes, Mr or Ms stones steel. I, who wrote the editorial, have been honest to my wife of almost 60 years, and to all my children, and to God and my Roman Catholic Church. I have never pretended to be a saint. But we should look for saints, not killers and womanizers, to lead our Republic.

    • Popes, Priests, are not good examples of pure and righteous life. Investigate history and read the current news and tell me if all of them are lily white pure.
      Digong is Roman Catholic Church parishioner too.

  25. Duterte principles of himself are self serving ! He will be a very dangerous man given a powerful position. Evil is looking and provoking us in the face. Just like ISIS !

    We the people have a choice to elect a Leader that does not have HATE in their WORDS, HEART & MIND. He is just like Aquino who has been VENGEFUL all his term!