• Duterte: Presidency is a mission from God


    DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has assured Filipinos that if it is God’s will that he become President of the Philippines, he will “humbly obey.”

    Speaking before a congregation of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ that gathered in Davao City to celebrate the 64th birthday of its leader, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, Duterte said he believed that the presidency is a mission from God.

    “I have never coveted the presidency even up to this day, but people are saying that I should run for President. That is not for me to decide. It is something which comes from God,” he added.

    Quiboloy, who had been a friend of Duterte since the day he put up a small chapel near the Davao City Airport to start his religious congregation Kingdom of Jesus Christ, which now has over 6 million members worldwide, exhorted the mayor during his address to the thousands who celebrated his birthday to “listen to the voices of the people.”

    “You cannot turn your back on the people. You have to remember that the voice of the people is the voice of God,” the pastor told Duterte.

    The mayor, who last year flatly rejected the idea of even considering a run for the presidency, is ranked 3rd in recent surveys that asked people who they prefer to become the next President of the Philippines.

    His 3rd place ranking came as a big surprise to political observers especially so because Duterte has continuously denied any intention to run for President.

    While he has been moving around the country over the last few months, the mayor said he is only advocating a shift to a federal form of government, which, according to him, would lead to the creation of at least 12 highly autonomous federal states all over the country.

    Duterte has maintained that the federal system would result in the establishment of a Bangsamoro Federal State, considered both an excellent option and an alternative to the beleaguered Bangsamoro Basic Law, which he expects to be spurned by Congress.


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    1. Atin To Pres on

      Kung walang kurap, walang Veloso na nagsusumikap!
      Sa sobrang kurapsyon daming dumami ang drug mule.

      Stop drugs now!

      • Atin To Pres on

        Hahaha. Bakit Hindi mo sabihin sa Lacson mo yan!
        You are barking in a wrong tree.

    2. Hi there!

      Allow me to share my side on the issue. you are all correct, whatever you call Duterte or any other politician a “Trapo” that is your opinion. But we need to consider also the performance of a certain political leader. Duterte has been serving the people of Davao for more than 20 years and he made a huge improvement in Davao City and he is not tag as corrupt politician, he lived simply, compared to some newbie politician who served only for at least five (5) years and were able to build a mansion worth more than 50M with elevators? how can you justify that? how much is the monthly salary of a political leader, a mayor for instance even a president? If a person/mayor will earn P100,000 per month monthly salary and save everything he will not buy anything he will not eat, he will save all the P100K per month, after one year he will have P1.2M and after 5 years he will only have P6M. HOW CAN SOMEBODY BUILD A P50M MANSION if he is not a businessman, he depend only from his salary as politician. We hope all of us will vote a right leader, a leader with political will to implement the law and most importantly NOT A CORRUPT LEADER! Thank you.

      • “every election is corruption and hypocrisy.” all politicians then are corrupt and hypocrites. du30 has been into politics for so long. it’s time for him to retire in 2016.

    3. Atin To Pres on


      Potential presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was expected to get his biggest national exposure – and farther push his survey ratings up– when he attends as a special guest of the City Government of Manila during the celebration of Araw ng Maynila on June 24.

      We will invite him to celebrate with us the Araw ng Maynila, said Manila City Vice Mayor Isko Moreno..

    4. Not everything that happens is God’s will.
      But all that happens, he allows.
      Whatever happened to free will?

      Duterte, kung gusto mo, gusto mo.
      Just say it and go for it.

      Kung ayaw mo huwag na, baka mag ala PNoy ka later – parang napilitan daw!??

      • Atin To Pres on

        Malayo si PNoy sa kalingkingan ni DUTERTE.

        Example Lang po. Si PNoy kulang sa hands-on while DUTERTE have too much hands-on.

    5. Ze almendras on

      SOUNDS LIKE TRAPO. I admire mayor duterte principle as a politician before. He walks the talk. When he says and renders his decision, that’s it. Recently, he seems to be eaten by personal interests and has change his mind. That is where the problem starts and his credibility crumbles. Duterte has been toying with the idea of running for president by making excuses or reasons to qualify such statement. If this is the case, he now belongs to the same breed of trapo who says i will not run for this and that office then thereafter change his mind and run for that office. I can still vividly recall how ping lacson said he hate politicians when he was chief pnp but in the end embraced the position for running for public office. That is clear and simple deception to me as a citizen and voter. A word of honor means a lot to the people. Even without written documents. It goes along with trust. It provides peace of mind. This is what makes australian different from us. Words coming ounof their mouth is taken seriously and considered honor and reputation or you wil go to jail. In the philippines, its the other way around. I thought duterte was the last breed of reputable politician. I was wrong. Now what makes you think duterte will not lie to you or when he becomes president in the future? He has now shown his bad example. Sayang si mayor duterte kinain ng maling prinsipyo at sistema. I had the highest respect for him. Now i’m left wondering and shocked.

      • Atin To Pres on

        And you are wrong. He is a lawyer by profession turned politician and he knows what he is doing.

        DUTERTE is playing safe, he cannot declare now that he will be running for president because it may cause him for disqualification by Comelec and his contenders.

        Remember, DUTERTE will not be like the other Presidents.

      • That is your opinion, but you should consider the performance of a political leader. Duterte is the right person needed to cure the cancer of our society, the CANCER OF CORRUPTION. Duterte has been serving the people of Davao City for more than 20 year and he was able to transform Davao City tremendously, he lives simply, he don’t have record of corruption, he is a kind of political leader with political will to implement the law and impose discipline. THAT’S THE LEADER WE NEED FOR THE PHILIPPINES TO IMPROVE! Sana matoto ang mga botante. WE MUST SUPPORT DUTERTE for the benefit of the entire Philippines and the Filipino people! MABUHAY KA DUTERTE!

      • Bad example? Just because he doesn’t want to disclose yet his presidential political ambition if there is? Don’t be so naive, black and white does not work in Philippine politics…you will be eaten alive by your opponents.

      • Asuncion Soriano on

        Hi Ze,

        There is a right time to declare, and that time will come. Just be patient and have trust. We still have until October 2015 for filing. Give him a chance, in the meantime we will do our bit campaigning for his advocacy of federalism, help other people to understand, because I believe the country, PHILIPPINES needs it. Of course, we need R Duterte there too!


      • You mention Ping Lacson, did Sen. Lacson received PDAF when he was a senator or did he received DAP monies that was given by Pnoy? Was he involved in any corruption when he was a PNP Chief? So, to you when a person changes his or her mind no longer have a word of honor? Better have yourself examine there is something wrong w/ you I’m very very sure.

    6. Go go go please run! Run for President. PH needs a man like u as overseer of the country

    7. Mayor Duterte, heed the call from the Filipino people. We are whole-heartedly behind you. This is it. The country can’t go on with the kind of government we have. We need from top to bottom change of government and the kind of people we are.