Duterte probing ‘detailed’ drug list

Peter Lim

Peter Lim

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is now in possession of a more detailed “drug matrix” showing the extent of the illegal drug problem in the country.

The list contains the names of personalities who are either operators or protectors of illegal drug syndicates, Palace Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said on Sunday.

In an interview over state-run Radyo ng Bayan, Andanar added that he had seen the drug matrix, which he described as “unbelievable.”

“I’ve seen the matrix and the drug matrix of those who are highly, allegedly involved in the sale of illegal drugs. What I can only tell you is that if you see the matrix, you’ll probably say that it is really unbelievable that ganoon kadami [it’s that many],” he said.

Andanar added that seeing the matrix made him want to “throw up.”

The magnitude of the drug problem is evident in the statistics of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, which has conservatively estimated the number of people into drugs at 1.8 million, he said.

The Cabinet official added he could not say when the President would make the matrix public. He also did not say whether it would be done before, during or after Duterte’s State of the Nation Address next Monday.

Duterte earlier publicly announced the names of several personalities involved in the drug trade, including three active and two retired police generals, local chief executives and inmates at the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila) who are considered to be big-time drug traffickers.

Last Friday, Duterte met with businessman Peter Lim of Cebu, who was earlier named by the President as one of the top drug lords operating in the country.

The President threatened to execute Lim if it would be proven that he was involved in the illicit trade. Lim promised to help the government in its anti-drug campaign.

Andanar said it “pained” him to see some names in the drug matrix.

“At makikita mo po ‘yung mangilan-ngilang mga personalidad na involved po sa pagbenta, paglalako ng droga, ay napakasakit po tingnan. Kakaunti lang po ‘yung involved pero ‘yung halos milyun-milyong mga kababayan natin, kabataan ang nasisira ang buhay [It’s hard to see the names of some personalities involved in the sale and trafficking of drugs. They’re only a few, but they are destroying the lives of millions of our countrymen, the youth],” he added.

Last week, Andanar said about 60,000 drug dependents had surrendered to the government since Duterte assumed the presidency.

Malacañang said the growing number of those saved from drug addiction far outweighed the number of drug pushers killed in various police operations.

“We can see that the President has even named the Level 5 drug lords. Level 5 drug lords or alleged drug lords are the highest that you can get in the hierarchy of those who are selling, pushing, peddling illegal drugs,” Andanar said.


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  1. He should first gather the evidence thru intelligwnce then have them detained with no bail then prosecute them then execute them.

  2. We salute the new governments effort and accomplishments even at this early stage that Pnoy never had and even started during his term. Obviously Pnoy, Roxas, De lima are aware of these intelligence reports but did not lift a finger. Then what do you call them if not protectors of druglords?

  3. Being in the drug matrix is different from being proven guilty. However, just to think that the previous government just slept on the list and did nothing is so incredulous for supposedly elective officials whom the citizens of this country had entrusted the helm of government so that our society would be peaceful and orderly.
    The present moves by Sen De Lima and her objection to transferring high profile prisoners at NBP to an island is so puzzling that the only reason many people see for such moves is that she herself is either a protector or a beneficiary, or involved in the crime by being a cohort or an accomplice or all of them. I just hope that she would maintain her silence to help erase any doubt about her supposed complicity and just let the present government do what it is doing now to contain and then eliminate the drug menace which has grown out of unbelievable proportion.

  4. Nick L. Azul on

    All I am wishing is every Filipino must be vigilant and cooperative in protecting the President, I suggest all of us must inform the proper authority if one witness or suspect someone is planning to harm him ( Pres. Duterte) and all must include him in our daily prayer.

  5. How about public hanging for this Chinese drug pusher, Peter Lim? I think it’s most appropriate and high time.

  6. All involved will come out and be punished dead or alive………Good……President Ferdinand E. Marcos executed the drug king in his time and drug no longer exist in his time……..If Duterte can do it ……The better….Drug kill many in my partner province and my friends was died of drug addiction…
    I wished Du 30 a good luck and blessing to elinate such crimes…..DRUGs……

  7. How many more names are in the PNP, House and Senate? And former high government officials specially from the last administration? They should all be named, shamed, prosecuted and punished.

    • It’s high time to really punish this menace in society considering the extensive harm it has caused the Filipinos .mr president execute them and show that you are serious .they might think you can be swayed thru their denials and sweet talks lime joining you in your war against drugs .

    • I agree wtih you para maramdaman naman nila kung papaano ang maging Balisa, Takot, Himahinasyon nakakapraning at bago masiraan ng Bait kahit hindi sila mag take ng Bawal na Gamot!

  8. ferdinand naboye on

    catch the protector and the suppliers not only the small fish. Pnp show and clean your ranks of drug protectors remember you are paid by the peoples tax money. if your pay is not enough do not stay and act as protector.

  9. Matino na Pinoy on

    The Drug Matrix that DU30 has only listed the hierarchy of Drug Lords? Were the previous directors or superintendents of NBP were included in that matrix as well? It can be assumed then, that De Lima, also had a share of the “payola” for quite some time, as the secretary of DOJ, because she did not do anything during her early years and NPB was under her jurisdiction. In Pinoy’s terminology, siyempre naman naki nabang din, and my reliable informant (lol) says that her campaign was bankrolled by the people serving life sentences in maximum security in NBP, freely cooking “SHABU”. Is there another matrix listing politicians such as senators, congressmen, judges, or former cabinet members that were involved in protecting the drug lords? If there is, I can bet anybody (ten pesos only) that Escudero and De Lima names are in it. Anybody?

    • De Lima did nothing against drugs in 6 years while head of Department of Justice. Not a single drug lord investigated or arrested. How or why she did this is a major concern to all. Her great eagernes to immediately
      conduct Senate investigations against police and ….conflicts with here past actions of

  10. Duterte should probe the pork barrel list and arrest the Aquino allies that De Lima refused to charge and arrest.

  11. Aking Pangulo, huwag po ninyong tantanan ang laban ninyo sa mga drug lords. Kayo po ang pag asa ng mamamayan at ng ating kabataan para mabago ang takbo ng ating lipunan.