Duterte promises ‘metamorphosis’

    FROM RUDE TO GOOD? President-elect Rodrigo Duterte talks with reporters in a late night news conference in Davao City.  AFP PHOTO

    FROM RUDE TO GOOD? President-elect Rodrigo Duterte talks with reporters in a late night news conference in Davao City. AFP PHOTO

    Change is coming and the transformation will come from incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

    On Thursday night, the Davao City mayor said Filipinos, after his oath-taking (June 30), will see on July 1, his first day in office as President, a different Duterte.

    “I’m telling you I’m going to behave. I said there’s gonna be a metamorphosis in the mind. Suddenly from a caterpillar, it blossoms into a butterfly,” Duterte told reporters.

    He said he will transform from a “foul-mouthed,” “rude” person to a formal official.

    “When I become President, when I take my oath of office, if you want, I will conduct [myself]more in keeping with the dignity of the office, ibang storya ‘yan [that’s a different story],” Duterte added.

    “It will be a metamorphosis. Ladies and gentlemen of the media who are here, you know, when I get to be President, I have to tone down my own cursing. That would be the past, it’s going to be history. I have to concentrate more on what happens to this country and to develop it and make it progress along the way. And there’s a lot of things which I have to do, to complete,” he said.

    “And when I come back, I will address you in a very polite manner,” Duterte added.
    But, in the meantime, the mayor said he will enjoy what is left of his “rude” days.

    “I am not the President [yet]. Mamaya na, maghintay kayo [Just wait, that will come later]. I’m really a rude person. I am enjoying my time as a rude person,” he added.

    Cursing UN
    Duterte also vented his ire on the United Nations for failing to solve conflicts in other countries.

    He launched the tirade in reaction to the call of an international press group on the media to sue him over his statement on media killings.

    “Bullshit to them. I am not the president of the community. ‘Yan ang mahirap dito, puro tinatakot ka [That’s the problem, they always sow fear], there was a convention of this, convention of that, the UN,” Duterte said.

    “Pu*** ina kang UN. E hindi mo nga ma-solve-solve ‘yang patayan sa Middle East [expletive]UN, they can’t even solve killings in the Middle East] and others, killing people like rejects. You do not even lift a finger in Africa, butchering the black people there,” he added.

    “Tumahimik nga kayo [You better shut up].”

    Duterte said he did not sign any document requiring him to act in a certain manner.

    “Do not force your code of conduct on me. You’re not supposed to do that. I never signed anything which says that I have to behave in such, in this manner or in that manner,” he added.

    Show respect
    But a British diplomat said Duterte’s media remarks were uncalled for, noting that the Philippines has a “terrible” record of media violence that should be rectified.

    Ambassador Asif Ahmad pointed out that the United Kingdom is “totally committed to the elimination and condemnation” of the killing of journalists.

    A report from US-based Committee to Protect Journalists said the Philippines, where at least 75 journalists have been killed since 1992, is the second-deadliest country for journalists.

    The UK, according to Ahmad, expects a different tone from Duterte because he represents the whole nation.

    “There is a huge responsibility for any office holder to show respect for the office that they hold and respect for the people that they have the privilege to govern for,” he said in a chat during the celebration of Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s 90th birthday at his residence on Thursday night.

    “We expect a different tone because everything he says will be on behalf of the nation. This is not an issue where he is speaking personally,” the ambassador added.

    Ahmad was also displeased with the wolf whistling of Duterte as well as his rape joke on a slain Australian missionary.

    “We have very, very clear unshakeable standards of behavior and we would expect nothing less than that from any leader of this great country,” he said.

    “We have a great respect for gender equality and also on people’s sexual orientation. There is no space in our mindset any form of discrimination or any form of abuse,” Ahmad added.

    Incoming Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr., however, believes that Duterte’s controversial remarks would not harm the Philippines’ ties with other countries if these were not misinterpreted by the media.

    “There was a lot of misinterpretation and misunderstanding on what he was trying to say.

    Most of his statements were taken out of context and I am sure that our local media plays an important role to make sure that these concerns will not blow out of proportion,” he said.

    “This alarm or concern of our friends and allies in the international community will not be there if they fully understand [Duterte’s remarks],” Yasay added.

    He noted that Duterte’s statements should be not be taken as policy statements because he is yet to assume office.

    “He is just enjoying this time as a mayor to say these things that he has always been free in expressing. But he promised that when he sits down, he will be different because when he speaks at that point, he is already expressing policies,” Yasay said.

    Duterte will have relinquished his job as mayor of Davao City in southern Philippines after he takes his oath of office on June 30.


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    1. Nomer obnamia on

      Yes, Duterte is absolutely correct that the UN is an inutile body unable to solve anything. It is a waste of time and money. It should be dissolved. It is aptly called the United Nothing.

    2. additionally, what Yasay is basically saying, that this dirtbag’s enjoying his time being an asshole. Sorry, dear moderator, but vulgar language does have its place in Duterte’s Philippines.

      So to the massive congregation of Davaoenos that will gather at DU30’s “thanksgiving celebration” later, “Putang ina n’yo lahat.” Let me clarify: that means “congratulations”. You really do have to take things in context and be more “discerning”.

    3. ernie del rosario on

      Bakit ba kayo parang mga batang nakapila sa linya ng nagbibigay ng ice cream ? Di makapag-hintay ? At di aabutan ? You are asking Duterte to behave yet you yourselves are parang mga batang….

    4. the purpose of existence of the united nations is to avoid another conflagration. it cannot be blamed the way pres duterte does it because it does not enjoy the luxury of “police power” if ever there are erring states. it cannot put any erring president or prime minister to jail. Each head of state is a sovereign power. The best that the UN can do is to be a bridge of peace among nations or to “name and shame” a certain country for its violation of a certain convention or treaty. At least it can also pressure other countries to summon a certain perpetrator of genocide to the international court of justice. Because of this lack of police power of the UN it cannot even sponsor a death squad to finish a dictator or a president who is “engaged” in narcotics business.
      In the multilateral field of the UN, Pres Duterte knows and will know more that one comma or one short comment matters. It may mean stoppage of subsidy, trade, goodwill among other nations in the region or in the whole international community.

    5. Napakaingay ni Bugok Dutertre. Gumawa ka na lang bago ka manakot ng mga Pilipino. Hindi Davao City ang Pilipinas . Doon sa Davao City puede ang isang Dictador pepo sa Pilipinas uuwi kang luhaan sa Davao Cty katulad ni Noynoy Aquino

    6. DUTERTE will never change. Inf act he’s just going to get worse.Once he starts his
      job as the president, he will rule like a dictator in the name of the common good.
      Everything will be justified to suit his decision. He will not abide by any law – foreign or domestic. He feels an entitlement – much more so his family will have absolute power and authority to do what they want. This is the change that FILIPINOS were looking for when they voted for him recently.

      • Angelina Ang on

        Old Habits Die Hard

        “Watch your thoughts; they become words.
        Watch your words; they become actions.
        Watch your actions; they become habits.
        Watch your habits; they become character.
        Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. “