Duterte pulls away


DESPITE his controversial “joke” about the rape-slay of an Australian missionary in 1989, Davao City Mayor and presidential contender Rodrigo Duterte maintained his lead in the latest survey conducted by Pulse Asia.

The poll, held from April 16 to 20, used face-to-face interviews with 1,800 registered voters. It had a ± 2.3 percent error margin at the 95 percent confidence level. The survey was held the same week Duterte was bashed for his remark on the circumstances surrounding the rape and death of Australian missionary Jacqueline Hamill in Davao.

Duterte garnered 35 percent, a lead of 12 percentage points over Sen. Grace Poe, who received 23 percent.

Former Interior secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd of the Liberal Party (LP) and Vice President Jejomar Binay of the United Nationalist Alliance were statistically tied at third place with 17 percent and 16 percent, respectively, while Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago got 2 percent.

The survey results also indicated that undecided respondents comprised 5 percent of the total respondents.

On Sunday, a Pulse Asia survey done between April 12 and 17 was released hours before the final PiliPinas Debates 2016. In that survey, Duterte enjoyed a solo lead with 34 percent.

The survey had 4,000 respondents with an error margin of ± 1.5 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

In the April 16 to 20 survey, Pulse Asia said Duterte led in Metro Manila with 40 percent, Mindanao with 58 percent and all socioeconomic classes (43 percent in ABC, 32 percent in D and 40 percent in E).

It added that the mayor shared the lead with Roxas in the Visayas with 32 percent and 27 percent, respectively.

Poe, Binay and Duterte led in Luzon with 28 percent, 23 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

Duterte’s camp expressed confidence that no amount of black propaganda could persuade the people not to vote for Duterte.

The mayor said he was unfazed by reports that his rivals were forging a tactical alliance to bring him down.

“I am not scared and I shouldn’t be scared. If they will pull me down, they will also be pulling each other down — just like crabs. No different from the crabs that I know,” he added.

Duterte expects more attacks against him in the coming days.

“It is understandable. This is politics. These attacks will be very, very toxic,” the tough-talking mayor added.

Leoncio Evasco Jr., Duterte’s national campaign manager, said the reported alliance between two presidential candidates is the least of their concerns.

“Rody is not frazzled by this at all. We are not affected. This is something that we have been expecting because they are desperate with the unstoppable surge of Rody to the top of the race,” he added, using the mayor’s nickname.

“They can campaign together against Duterte and intensify their attacks, but in the end, we are confident that Duterte will be the last man standing.”

Meanwhile, Poe on Tuesday said results of the latest Pulse Asia survey made her more determined to go around the country and bring her message to the people.

The senator believes in surveys that show her declining numbers because it makes her focus on her campaign, she said.

“It is important for me to accept those surveys where my ratings are low so that I will not be complacent and will make me more determined,” Poe said in an interview.

In the end, according to the senator, it is the people who will decide on who deserves to lead the country.

Roxas echoed Poe’s statement, saying the only survey that will matter is on May 9.

“I am at peace that the one who will win is the one who is deserving, has plan[s]and is competent to execute these plans,” he said.

“I call on our voters who are decent, who are seeking a decent future, decent education, decent housing, [all]who are for competent and honest governance. Under our administration, we won’t just give you fish. We will teach you how to fish so that you can fend for your families. We should not put our future in the hands of someone who doesn’t listen,” Roxas added.



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  1. Filipino people are desperate, feed up and prostrated to the old dispensations’ promises to be broken again and again. That’s why they opted for Mayor Duterte who seems there is an honest promises and determinations for a great change.

  2. Filipinos are not stupid, they know Duterte’s performance as a public servant that is why he is leading in the surveys. Poe lack experience, Binay corrupt, Mar inept so who’s left is Digong. I should know because I grew up in Davao. I don’t like his mouth but I love his leadership style. Just wait until he takes his oath and you will start to feel and see the real change.

  3. Robb Empredo on

    Filipinos now are not stupid enough to vote for traditional politician. Trapo’s have been promising something which they cannot do when they are elected. I though PNOY would change the lives of every Filipinos, however, what happened, rich became more richer and poor became more poorer. In majority, there’s no significant impact on PNOY’s administration to the majority of Filipinos, more drugs, more crimes, more oppression, etc. The only candidates who has the will to lead and fight against oppression to the Filipino people is only Duterte. We have been elected an elite politician, but nothing change, it was all the same. So Duterte all the way to malacanang!

  4. biak na bato on

    the class ABC of the filipino society are stupid? they are now supporting duterte

  5. What is the attraction of Duterte? The Pilipinos are attracted to the bad boy image of men. Look at Joseph Estrada, the Asiong Salonga image. Look at Clint Eastwood, the Dirty Harry syndrome. Pilipinos do not care about Dutertes platform, they are looking at his character as a bad boy, sanggano image. The more kanto boy actions, the more Pilipinos like him.

  6. Surveys being put out there are just manipulators of the minds.

    Surveys does not Make the President or vice President .

    Knowledge/ Character &Experience should be the basis of who would be elected as President!

  7. Pumapangalawa man si Grace Poe ngayon paglabas ng resulta sa election alam ko nana si Grace Poe parin ang mangunguna at mananalo bilang presidente, tiwala ako doon dahil ilang araw pa naman e marami pa ang maaring mangyari at magbago.

  8. Based on the survey, Filipino are really desperate, low inform or just plain stupid.