• Duterte questions use of intelligence funds by mayors


    President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his dismay over the inability of mayors and governors to manage garbage in their areas. Last Friday, the President vowed to create a special body to look into the intelligence and discretionary funds of local officials that may have been misspent. “Many localities in the country are so dirty and yet the mayors are not doing anything about it,” he said. “There is trash and garbage around and if you have to wait for the plastic to go inside the drainage every time there’s a downpour and excessive rain water, nagka-clog [it gets clogged up],” he said. The President stressed governors and mayors could effectively manage their garbage well because they have their respective discretionary funds. He added added local officials who have beautiful offices and who use expensive vehicles should be ashamed of themselves.



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    1. Amen Mr. President, the government is truly for “the people; by the people; and, for the people.” The problem with many politicians is that they manage the government “off the people; buy the people; and, poor the people”. They parade like peacocks with their ill-gotten wealth and have no shame at all.